burnt out?

Not sure if it’s the change of clocks



Darker evenings 

Or the new season of Hands Maid Tale keeping us up past our bedtime…

But lots of people I’m speaking with are feeling 

Run down 

Burnt out 



some of the ladies that we work with have come to me with challenges like 

Feeling low



And guess what?

This is normal. We are human 

And it’s part of the change process. 

Now the question I LOVE to ask… 

“On a scale of 1-10, 10 being AMAZING… where is your energy?” 

Now wherever that is?

I want you to move it one up. 

So if you’re a 4?

How can you get that to a 5 today?


Well, when your energy is low 

Everything is harder.

Getting up for that workout in the morning 

Saying “no thank you” to that biscuit with your tea (even though you don’t even want it)

And stress feels more stressful..

So what could you do today?

To protect your energy. 

Because the truth is? 

If you want to FEEL BETTER 

We have to treat ourselves to self care.. 

The things that make sure feel better.

After all, FEELINGS are the language of the body 


If you want to kickstart your energy with us on our next Kickstart?

Message me with “Kickstart” and I’ll get you the details 

It starts with you.. 

Matt “Duracell bunny” Fruci

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