We had our Quarterly Fruci Fit event on Sunday…

And of course

a Christmas theme

from dance

to a magician

to a buffet, of course ..

Whether we are outside in the fresh air in the Spring and Summer, or like we were on Sunday in Marlborough

The Fruci Fit event does something which – I must say – we were super proud of at Fruci Fit.

And that is – levelling up the support, peer group and accountability.

Together, doing what we said we would do, smiling, feeling good, energy

And surprised that ‘I DID IT”

^^^ love hearing so many people surprise themselves and prove themselves wrong

You see, community is a big part of what we do

I mean, when you look at the research,

Whether you do keto, low carb, low fat, shake diets, Fasting, SW, WW,

I could go on..

The level of support is nearly always the underpinning factor in whether someone succeeds or gives up…

And it makes sense.

I have been there too.

Tried to do things on my own.

Tried to learn more..

But if I can’t implement it and do it?

What’s the point?

As the saying goes:

“You are the product of the environment where you spend your time”

And I get it can be difficult when perhaps family and the working environment does not fit with who or what you want..

But ignoring the problem does not make it easier.

How long can we stay the same for?

Be it with your health




And these are things we see change when working with people.

Sure, people come for the fitness, the mobility, the health, the weight loss..

But it always amazes me how this impacts

The confidence to go for that new job..

To go out more

To improve relationships

I could go on. 

Matt ‘buffett?” Fruci

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