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Boredom eating and “feeling fat”

So I caught up with Katie this week to do a podcast 

(Katie does our stretch and cardio sessions)

To talk about a blog she wrote recently about her “feeling fat”..

Katie is in recovery from an eating disorder 

And what she said, despite the differences in her situation (gaining weight),

seemed to resonate with a lot of the ladies so we decided to go into a bit more detail about this,

Along with,

Boredom eating, 

And the BBC documentary about the restaurant that had people burning off the calories being in eaten in the restaurant…hmmmmm🤔

We had some great feedback from ladies feeling a bit down in this lockdown

Who feel like they’ve eaten too much.

With some ladies saying how it made them look at their thoughts differently 

Making them feel more positive.

Here’s what we discussed:

the foods to look for to fill your physiological need to help you control your snacking habits

✅ why now is the single best time to get a handle on boredom eating 

3 simple questions to ask yourself when you go to boredom eat

✅  why it may make more sense to NOT see exercise as a way to create a calorie deficit and lose weight 

how changes in your fitness can lead to you having a better relationship with food 

✅ the real reason we “feel fat” and what it could actually be telling us 

And much, much more.

Here’s the link to watch

Or if you’re busy and want to listen to it whilst doing something else  

Listen in on the podcast here: 

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