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Can You Naturally Increase Your Testosterone (and libido)?

Libido / sexual function





Physical performance ​

Overall health​

^^^ These alone are good enough reasons to want to ​keep up our testosterone levels...not forgetting that low testosterone levels may be linked to diabetes and heart disease...

After the age of approx​. will generally experience a slow decrease in testosterone.

​Now if you're currently not doing the following, they COULD help to increase your testosterone especially if it is low in the first place...

1. Ditch your love handles...

Body weight loss is associated with an increase in testosterone. Visceral fat (the fat around the gut) is also associated with low testosterone. Use this free guide to master the easiest way to lose fat without switching to boring, restrictive food plans..

​2. Sleep more...

I'm guilty of skipping sleep and not resting enough...this FREE undervalued thing called sleep could boost your testosterone levels if you're currently not getting good quality sleep. And by this I mean is you sleep broken? Are you sleeping less than 6 hours per night?

Believe it or not...I've actually been chucking on a meditation podcast before bed (wife hates it) which sends me right off into a deep sleep!​

It's also massively relaxing and helps you DESTRESS which is another factor affecting your testosterone...​

​3. Get your sunshine vitamin...

By this I mean vitamin D3. Long working hours, office jobs and terrible summers mean we can be low in vitamin D3 which may play a role in testosterone. It is naturally found in oily fish and eggs, but only in small amounts. This is why it's often supplemented, particularly in winter months or by those who only get to pop their head out of the office window for 15 minutes per day...

​4. Consider zinc

A zinc deficiency can result in a decrease in testosterone. Natural sources of zinc include seafood, red meat, nuts and seeds. Using a multivitamin / flavoured effervescent in your water with sufficient zinc can be used also. 

​5. Eat your essential fats

Of course, too much fat will increase your chances of eating too many calories and putting on fat...which could decrease testosterone levels. 


Some fats are essential for health​...namely Omega 6 fats such as olive oils and nuts and omega 3 fats , such as oily fish.

As I said...these are SIMPLE methods. Not "never seen before". Not groundbreaking.

Just like everything else, do the basics​ and do them very well...

Speak soon,


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    Her dirty little secret

    So the debate continues...

    Is Maria Sharapova a cheat?

    Or is an "honest" mistake going to take her tennis career?

    If you don't know, Meldonium (which she tested positive for) was NOT banned until 1st January 2016. It has been shown to increase performance.

    I'll be honest, I'm no longer shocked when stories like this come out.

    Did she cheat? Would a high profile athlete really risk if for (probably) the slightest performance enhancing benefit?

    Who knows...

    But we can all take something from the reaction of fellow tennis player Madison Keys..

    "I do not want to see her career end on an honest mistake"

    ^^^^ "honest mistake"..

    And this exactly why I don't work with any Tom, Dick or Harry and that all clients HAVE to go through a strategy meeting and movement analysis.

    ^^^ not willing to do this? Well we won't be a good fit for each other...

    You see, this stuff is so important for

    A) myself (me determining whether you're a good fit / whether I can even help you / whether I can recommend you to someone who can)


    B) you (do you even want to work with me? Is this the right programme for you?)

    Analysing the way you move plays a big part in selecting the right exercises and programme for you.

    Past injuries

    Injury prevention

    Maximum results for minimum time / effort


    ^^^ All key ​things we consider...otherwise...

    be it by injury, boredom, LACK OF RESULTS...our "honest mistakes" cost us and could be career ending...

    You can build on your technique and make an exercise work for you.

    Be it learning to embrace your core, contracting the right muscles and / or controlling the weight and not letting gravity do the work for us...

    Consistency pays off. Stop stopping. Master the basics. Just like Paul is, improving every single week...

    Here he is deadlifting with two different bars to see what works best for him: 

    Want to see for yourself? Apply online:

    Speak soon,


    PS. I saw Messi say that Barcelona should be wary of Arsenal "coming back" tomorrow night...where's the honesty in that????

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    “I lied”

    So this weekend I had the luxury and the honour of watching...




    With the main man himself...Dwayne Johnson (accompanied by his enormous biceps) saving everyone​

    The Mrs wanted to watch some romantic film BUT I stayed loyal to Dwayne and co and actually WON. I got to choose the film...WIN

    ^^^^ and it probably won't ever happen again

    What does this have to do with me (and you) being a liar?

    Well despite not really having much to it​...apart from earthquakes, biceps, Apple Macs and Pepsi <<< great product placement...

    ​I kept justifying the film...focussing on the good bits (if there were any). I didn't want to be wrong. And you especially don't want to admit that you're wrong to friends and family as they really know how to push your buttons...

    I even fell asleep (yep, Dwayne Johnson couldn't save me) but still justified it..

    And it's a bit like you pretending that you're not bothered about your body and fitness levels.

    Pretending that you're not bothered about how it can reduce your libido, stop you wearing the clothes you want to wear, have more confidence, more energy, and be more productive. 

    Deep down it affects us. We're humans. Unfortunately, we DO care what others think. Sometimes we need to ignore them but other times they might actually be right 

    ^^^ a bit like the time I did one of my first public speaking events when I was so nervous that I got a lot of (constructive) criticism in FRONT OF EVERYBODY...Swallow me up type of moment.

    BUT these experiences can make us understand what we want. 





    And there's one GOOD message from San Andreas:

    "TRUST THE SCIENTISTS"...or you'll all be doomed by the earthquakes

    So what now? Well as Dwayne says himself...


    Stop lying to yourself and ask yourself what YOU actually want and whether what you're doing is getting you any closer...

    Because if it's not...why you doing what your'e doing?


    PS. ​Watching San Andreas probably won't help you ditch the love handles any quicker...

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    Want a free nutrition and training programme?

    So I just got back from eating out with the Mrs last night about 8pm (nope, it wasn't Indian...I'm as shocked as you)

    I went for a "practically illegal" sized salmon fillet...unlike any other I've seen. It was no sliver.

    It was at The Waterfront in Pewsey if you're wondering. Dressed to kill in cajun and other spices...the salmon and portion justified the trip..although having the football on the radio didn't quite set the mood for a candlelight dinner with the Mrs

    ^^^ I was keen to find out the score...and that Diego Costa will be trophyless this year!

    So I got in and I had a missed call from a number I didn't recognise. I wouldn't usually call it back on date night BUT I kind of had a feeling who it would be...

    It was a client ringing just to say "thank you" after he got in the best shape of his life...entering a competition and placing second!

    What's this got to do with the freebie training and nutrition programme I'm offering?

    Not much so lets get to it..

    Although I couldn't help but hide my delight at how well Payum had done throughout his journey.

    ^^^ and a strong community. 24 /7 support. 24 / 7 accountability IS KEY!!!

    Which is why I'm working on a new programme for my clients who currently see me in person once per week and use the Fruci Fit 24 / 7 Accountability System Online to help them get even faster and longer lasting results

    Most of these guys are super busy. Run businesses. Work full-time. Have a wife. Want to spend more time with their kids so it's easy for them to:


    lack motivation

    Not see the point

    put it off and beat themselves up about it. call themselves a failure...even though they work hard in life!

    That's why I'm developing the Fruci Fit Community with customised nutrition and training programmes for intakes of 3-5 like-minded guys at a time who'll experience the journey together.

    And I have a quick question for you.

    If you answer it I'll stick you into a draw for a zero cost freebie programme to help you shed some fat

    So... if we launched a basic entry level "Plump to Pump" Fat Loss Programme (guys only) @ £150 per month (90 days programmes) would you be interested in being one of the 1st to test drive it @ £97 per month?

    Simple that's it.

    Just reply A, B, C (with comments) or even D

    A: Yes, definitely interested in the entry level Plump to Pump Fat Loss Programme

    B: No Thanks, my current workouts and diet get me all the results I need

    C: What I really need is a proven training and nutrition system in place for faster and better results

    D: I'm not interested in investing in myself and only replying for the free prize draw

    1st 25 replies go into the draw for the Free Training and Nutrition Programme.


    Speak soon,

    Matt "craving a curry" Fruci

    (Want the blueprint for ditching the love handles? Click the BIG button below:
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    37 SIMPLE (Yet Effective) Ways To Lose Weight And Keep It Off!

    So you want to lose weight and 'tone up', right?

    I get it...this 'toning up' game can seem CONFUSING...

    You're fed up of giving up your favourite foods (including the chocolate and the wine)

    ^^^ I tried that too​

    ​Annoyed by the celebs in shape telling you it's easy...

    ^^^ the same people who don't understand that YOU have a busy life, enjoy eating out, don't have 24/7 child care, barely get time to SLEEP,  and DON'T WANT TO SPEND HOURS IN THE GYM...

    And what's worse is all the mags telling you that all you have to do is eat 6 times a day, drink a green smoothie for breakfast, and NEVER eat too close to bedtime...

    ^^^^ NOT FOR ME EITHER  ​

    So how do I lose weight and not pile it back on again?

    Before I go on, just consider that:

    • 99% of readers will do NOTHING with this information
    • These same people will wonder why they're not losing weight, getting toned, and fitting into their favourite clothes.

    Losing weight and keeping it off (once and for all) does take some effort.

    You might get frustrated at times, especially when starting out. ​

    But like anything that have to be consistent!​

    You don't just do it for 2 days and say "it didn't work"

    So anyway, let's GO:

    1. Don't go from ZERO to HERO - ​Gradually build up your exercise routine overtime. Haven't trained for a while? Don't expect to just pick up where you left off.
    2. Don't go from HERO to ZERO - don't just drastically cut your calories. If you can get away with doing less and eating more then why not? 
    3. Get away from the "no pain, no gain" dieting and training mindset
    4. Set a goal and set mini goals to build momentum - Where do you want to be in 90 days? Where do you have to be in 30 days to get there? Where do you have to be in 60 days to get there? What's stopping you getting their? What made up fears are holding you back?
    5. ASSESS don't just guess - track your training. Track your nutrition. If you don't know whats working, why are you doing what you're doing? Learn to be flexible!
    6. Lift weights - you'll fit into your clothes better and boost your metabolism, which will help you get and keep the flat stomach!
    7. Do high intensity interval training - not got much time? Get your training done in minutes with short bursts of high intensity. Try 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off for 1 minute. Build this up. Sprinting on the spot, jumping, static bike, brisk walk whatever...
    8. Do low intensity exercise - enjoy walking? Like jogging? Find it destressful? A good time to think clearly? Incorporate this into your day. Walk to work, park further away, get off a stop early
    9. Wait 20 minutes before going for "seconds" at the dinner table.
    10. Understand that crawling out of the gym, dripping with sweat doesn't necessarily mean you're doing it right...especially when you then head for a bit of Chunky Monkey Ben and Jerrys and beat yourself up for having the whole tub...
    11. Eat more protein - it's the most filling nutrient you can eat...making it a simple way to keep you full, get toned, stop you 'picking' and burn more fat
    12. Don't like veg? - boil, steam, fry, mash, grill any vegetable and see what you like. Try using carrots and swede mixed in with your mashed potato? Make chips with sweet potatoes? If all else fails, chuck some gravy, passata, mayo, balsamic vinegar or whatever you like on top..
    13. Don't just ditch your carbs - Carbs can help to keep you full and help you PERFORM better in your training to help you burn more calories. Plus carbs can also help you sleep!
    14. Sleep more - Sleep reduces your hunger and can help you better control your blood sugar levels...which can prevent those mid afternoon crashes!
    15. Take progress pictures - use the same time, location and lighting every 2-4 weeks to see how you're getting on. This is a great way to keep you motivated and see your progress...alternatively it can be a great way to tell you that your strategy needs to be "adapted" <<< notice how I didn't say "changed" (don't jump ship too quickly)
    16. Stop stopping - Just because it's "not working", it doesn't mean you need to throw in the towel. Make a small tweak. Perfect it. Try again. ASSESS. 
    17. Make yourself accountable - tell a friend, a family member, Facebook, tweet Joe Wicks...I don't care what you do just write it down and live up to it!
    18. Notice STUFF - how often do you graze? why are you snacking? Convenience, boredom, emotion? Replace them with better options or...put all of your snack foods away in one cupboard and not on the side. At least then you have to make a decision to actually open the cupboard and say "it's time for a snack" 
    19. Understand that eating late at night DOESN'T mean you put more fat on - in fact, going to bed on a full stomach can help you sleep! It's overall intake that is key!!!!
    20. Don't be scared of "diet" drinks and sweeteners - If they sort your craving out and prevent you binging / lower your overall intake...they've done the job!
    21. Get a workout partner - we're social creatures (sounds hip, I know) but we'll be more motivated and more accountable if we train together
    22. ​Drink more water - NEARLY FORGOT THIS SIMPLE BUT SO POWERFUL TIP - we often confuse thirst for hunger. After all, "volume" / "weight" of our meal (including water) dictates how full we feel! Try drinking water before during and after your meal!
    23. Eat out, enjoy yourself, have a curry - NO, not for the "fat burning" effect of spicy food...just because it's good to do. After all, wine drinkers live longer. Why? probably because they destress and have a good social life
    24. Remember there are NO evil and NO magic foods - the key is context. Only bad diets exist. Get a nutritional strategy and you'll never "diet" and have a boring restrictive cookie-cutter meal plan again
    25. The more food groups you give up the harder it'll be - We're humans. We want what we can't have. "No more chocolate from tomorrow" what are you going to crave tomorrow...
    26. The more foods you give up, the MORE LIKELY you are to be be nutritional deficient in something - this could make you feel TIRED and suppress your immune system
    27. Learn to incorporate your favourite foods into your nutrition strategy! the devil is in the dose!
    28. Don't just do more burpees...
    29. Enjoy your cup of Joe - Coffee can help keep you full. It's also great to have before a workout to increase performance and help you burn more calories. It's social too...
    30. Eating on the go doesn't have to mean McDonald's - too often I hear "I was out so just got a McDonalds". Now, there's nothing wrong with this from time to time but if you're doing this often you're probably going to struggle to hit your goals. Find a supermarket. Go for a wrap, sandwich, whatever...there are alternative to those golden arches...although that 55-year old Science teacher did lose 56 pounds eating nothing but Mcdonalds...
    31. Look for these key words when eating on the go - grilled, sauteed, steamed, oven-fried, marinated, baked <<< they'll probably have less calories!
    32. Sneak popcorn into the Cinema - yep, popcorn is a great snack. It's basically, gram for gram, identical to oats <<< which are marketed as a "magic" food. Swapping some crisps for popcorn when snacking can reduce your calories and help keep you more full. 
    33. Get a dog - (or borrow mine...she needs walking at least twice per day...)- they sure get you moving. She'll pinch my food, chew my favourite shoes and bark at me for watching ANOTHER episode of Come Dine With Me... OR I agree to take her for walk...
    34. Don't think you HAVE to eat breakfast - it's not magic. Eat when you want. I personally prefer to sit down and eat more late at night when I can enjoy my food, relax and catch up with friends and family...rather than chuck down a load of food at 5am when I'm in a rush. I might still eat some breakfast but "something" isn't always better...make it fit your lifestyle
    35. Chew slowly - take your time <<< I get excited too but try eating slower. Sit down at the dinner table when you can. Chat, socialise and take your time. It'll help you know when you're actually full!
    36. Have to get your workouts in early before work? Go to bed in your gym gear. Leave your gym shoes by the door. The depressing feeling of getting out of your gym clothes without having actually worked out is tough one to swallow...
    37. Remember that the best DIET is the ONE YOU'LL DO!

    ​So there's a few things to get you going (notice how I didn't say "get you thinking?")...

    Don't just do this stuff "once" and say "I'm different, it doesn't work for me". BE CONSISTENT!

    Want to learn more?

    See below:​

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    It caused an “earthquake”…

    It caused an "earthquake"...

    5 points clear at the top of the Premier League...

    Newcastle and Sunderland to play in their next 4 games (I know there's no easy games...)

    Mahrez and Jamie Vardy proving themselves at the highest level... 

    The Leicester City fans causing an "earthquake"​ (measured by geology students) after Ulloa scored an 89th minute winner against Norwich last month (it's been named the Vardy Quake)


    A little nervousness creeping in perhaps?

    Mahrez and his hamstring? "just tired" apparently.

    A Leicester fan cashing out on £72k​ when he could've won £500k if they do win the league? (I don't blame him at all by the way)

    United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton still to play...

    ​Is it over yet?

    ​All it takes sometimes is ONE defeat and the wheels come off...

    ​And just like your attempt at ditching the love's over!

    Or at least YOU think it is. <<<< BIG DIFFERENCE

    You see, my client Paul would once see something like pizza as a "bad" food that should ALWAYS be avoided.

    ^^^ And I thought this too...before I looked up the word "CONTEXT" in the dictionary!

    ^^^ and there's your answer right there. 

    ​If you balance your food intakes AKA have a nutrition strategy for the day / week / month...almost like you're give a pot of money to spend...and you also have a progressive resistance training programme that focuses on PROGRESSION and NOT WASTING TIME (just like I teach in the Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme)...

    You can have some PIZZA and STILL lose your gut!

    ​But isn't pizza bad?

    ​Pizza is high in calories. But theres not "bad" foods...only "bad" diets. It depends on the context of the whole diet.


    ​You can restrict restrict and restrict your favourite foods all you want but at some point you're going to come across it and probably eat your body weights worth!


    Which is pretty awful relationship to have food....​

    Thinking back to when I would have a blowout once per week reminds me of my labrador scoffing down her dinner in a record 0.43 milliseconds...​


    You can incorporate the foods you enjoy into your NUTRITION STRATEGY

    Just like I do and the rest of my clients do. 

    Because you CAN enjoy life, have a few beers, eat out AND DITCH the love handles. 

    You just have to be flexible with your daily intake just like I do with my beloved curry nights....

    Perhaps I'll choose more filling options at breakfast and lunch so that I eat less earlier in the porridge for breakfast and a good portion of meat, veggies, and potato at lunch...whatever.

    I've already tracked what I'm having at the curry house and it's within my plan!

    So rather than cause an "earthquake", get stressed, cash out on your battle to ditch the love handles and bottle the title...

    Think that you're a failure...

    ​That it's "too hard"

    because you don't want to give up your favourite foods..

    You learn to be flexible with your nutrition. No more dieting. You have a strategy, just like I explain in The Lean For Life Starter Kit.

    And just like can get your nutrition strategy RIGHT and feel less bloated even after 1 week!...just from hitting his targets!

    Speak soon,


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    Can I choose where I lose my fat from?

    Can I choose where I lose my fat from?

    I was doing 50 sit up, 50 leg raises, planks YOU NAME IT...all to help shed the fat from the stomach and get those abs rippling for my summer holiday.

    ​The magazines said to do some of my heroes on the front cover said they did this too.


    ​Little did I know that they were also:

    • Tracking their food intake...
    • Eating sufficient protein to increase muscle mass...
    • Progressing with their training and getting stronger over time
    • Lifted weights CONSISTENTLY - long enough to fill their T shirts with muscles and actually look better with a higher body fat level than you think!

    ​So can we choose where we lose our body fat from?

    Short answer...NO...But there is a BUT...

    It generally depends on genetics...​so yes you can probably blame your parents for that "blocky waist"...but  I wouldn't go as far as blaming them for not being able to see your toes...

    ​There is some good news for us guys though...although we tend to store more fat around the midsection, when we shed fat we generally lose more of it from our stomach area compared to females.

    So here's the "BUT':

    We may not be able to choose where we lose fat...BUT we can choose where we build muscle to helps us create that "illusion" that we have lost more fat from a body part than we actually have...


    You want to ditch the love handles right?

    Well build the muscle in your back and shoulders to make you look wider. This will give the "illusion" that your waist is smaller.

    You see, building muscle will make you look LEANER!!!​ Simple as that. 

    So lose fat the right way, get lifting weights and GET STRONGER...

    Speak soon,


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    Worm Porridge anyone?

    "Worm" porridge anyone?

    Although I've heard that insects are the future sustainable source of protein, one of my clients daily accountability check ins had me worried... Anyone for worm porridge?

    Ok, so it wasn't "worm" porridge, but rather "warm" porridge...

    the key message here?


    Not only am I on your case for daily accountability but also weekly accountability with the Fruci Fit Lifestyle and Training Trackers, videos, and 24 / 7 email!

    In fact, I can see exactly what clients are doing regarding their nutrition and training 24 /7 to ensure they break through sticking points and keep progressing and reach their goals.

    A bit like Big Brother...

    Speak soon,


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    Smacked by the truth…

    Smacked by the truth...

    Turns out, I've barely put on any LEAN muscle since January. Ive maintained and put on about a 1 lb of lean muscle. I'm "quite" happy with this.

    BUT hearing something I didn't really want to hear has helped me reassess my plan for the rest of the year.

    I'm taking ACTION. I've rewritten my own plan. Had a meeting with a coach (always helps to get another persons perspective - also makes you accountable...which means you actually DO and don't FANTASISE).

    So anyway, here's a few training MISTAKES that you need to STOP DOING if you want to build LEAN muscle and drop fat:

    1. NOT TRACKING PROGRESS - Yes something is better than NOTHING...but if you're not assessing you ARE GUESSING. And if you're not progressing you need to ask yourself why? Sleep? Diet? Stress? Work? Not training properly? Wasting time in the gym? Not EATING ENOUGH? These are all things I assess in the Fruci Fit Lifestyle Tracker with clients
    2. Ignoring proper exercise form - Yes you're in the gym, but do you even know what muscle you're working? You could be increasing your risky of injury too by using weights with incorrect form. Dodgy back and knee from the old squash and football days? Trigger them back off and get injured for a sure fire way to derail your progress...
    3. JUST doing cardio - Yes, cardio burns calories and if you enjoy it keep doing it by all means. BUT if you're already LACKING THE TIME because of your busy lifestyle, fed up of wasting time on the treadmill and just WANT may be better off focusing on progressing with some weight training and doing some high intensity cardio. Not only can this be done in LESS TIME - making it easier to get it done - it will also promote muscle building and COULD increase your metabolism and help you lose fat and KEEP IT OFF LONG TERM!!!!

    So we need to STOP being "average".

    Average is for Liverpool FC..

    We need to create change.

    Because something has to change if you want to lose your belly fat FOR GOOD...

    My client Luke hit the nail on the head:

    "Einstein is often quoted as saying 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'. From experience I can tell you this is true! How many years over did I waste my time and money joining the gym every January, only to have made no progress and lost motivation come March? I made more progress in 3 months with Matt, than every year before combined. Can't recommend him highly enough!"

    You can easily do that too.

    Check out the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit and try it for yourself...

    Speak soon,


    PS. After beating Crystal Palace, all I'm hearing is that next year is Liverpools year!!! Just like last year was meant to be...Oh and the year before that...

    PPS. Don't be a Liverpool...DO what you SAY!​

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    Those who can’t do…

    Those who can't do...

    "How to manage calorie intake and how to plan meals around a busy schedule"

    ^^^^^ Read that again..

    Because if you nail this I GUARANTEE you success, be it sports performance, ditching the love handles and / or filling out your T shirt with some ammunition (AKA muscle).

    And I don't mean preparing chicken and broccoli.

    In fact, some of the meals we did were kind of PREPACKED (cooked chicken etc), some were home cooked..

    Why? Because what's the point in making all this STUFF if NO ONE does it.

    Sure we could make one of Gordon Ramsays quinoa salad with haloumi, courgette and herb cakes...BUT how often will these be made?

    Some of the dishes we made included:

    Scrambled egg on toast

    Porridge with raisins, honey, chocolate flavour protein powder <<< so good by the way and a great meal before working out

    Chicken and salsa wraps --- Again can be adapted for breakfast (eggs) and on-the-go dinner (chicken, egg, beef, onion, peppers, balsamic vinegar).

    PLUS one of the great things about wraps is that you can put your leftovers in there.

    Have a roast chicken on Sunday? Well lunch tomorrow is sorted with the leftovers. Chuck it in a wrap, red onion, tomato salsa, peppers, balsamic vinegar, wrap it in foil and you're good to go!!

    FINALLY, we made some homemade KFC style chicken and chips...yes athletes eating chicken and chips. All made to fit their nutrient needs pre and post training / working out / playing a game.

    And this is exactly the same for fat loss!

    Swindon Town FC Programme Vs Blackpool

    Despite being inspired by the likes of Mark Walters and Iffy Onoura to one day play for Swindon Town, this dream was soon over...although I did have hope when I saw Danny Invincible banging in the goals...It did make me wonder if I could make it again after all...

    But as they say, those who can't do...teach others how to eat and train. And I've had the pleasure of helping tons of BUSY guys get more energy, perform better both in their workouts and in their jobs, drop body fat, and BE MORE CONFIDENT!

    Just like my client Paul said on on Facebook after his session on Saturday:

    "That was great morning session with Matt Fruci personal trainer who is great motivator , with amazing knowledge in Nutrition . I am feeling more confident .... cant wait for next training Marlborough Fitness & Performance Centre"

    Because that's sometimes all we need. The tools. The knowledge. All to feel more confident that we CAN do it.

    There's no's doing the BASICS. And doing the BASICS VERY WELL.

    ^^^ Because you're not DIFFERENT to anyone else REGARDLESS of what you've tried in the past.

    The BASICS WORK. Just like I explain for FREE in the Lean For Life Starter Kit here.

    Speak soon,


    PS. if you haven't tried a chicken wrap with some salsa, red onion, peppers and balsamic vinegar, what are you waiting for...that's lunch sorted!

    PPS. a simple quick one, 1 scoop of chocolate / banana/ vanilla whey protein powder in your porridge with some honey and raisins / blueberries...