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It caused an “earthquake”…

It caused an "earthquake"...

5 points clear at the top of the Premier League...

Newcastle and Sunderland to play in their next 4 games (I know there's no easy games...)

Mahrez and Jamie Vardy proving themselves at the highest level... 

The Leicester City fans causing an "earthquake"​ (measured by geology students) after Ulloa scored an 89th minute winner against Norwich last month (it's been named the Vardy Quake)


A little nervousness creeping in perhaps?

Mahrez and his hamstring? "just tired" apparently.

A Leicester fan cashing out on £72k​ when he could've won £500k if they do win the league? (I don't blame him at all by the way)

United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton still to play...

​Is it over yet?

​All it takes sometimes is ONE defeat and the wheels come off...

​And just like your attempt at ditching the love's over!

Or at least YOU think it is. <<<< BIG DIFFERENCE

You see, my client Paul would once see something like pizza as a "bad" food that should ALWAYS be avoided.

^^^ And I thought this too...before I looked up the word "CONTEXT" in the dictionary!

^^^ and there's your answer right there. 

​If you balance your food intakes AKA have a nutrition strategy for the day / week / month...almost like you're give a pot of money to spend...and you also have a progressive resistance training programme that focuses on PROGRESSION and NOT WASTING TIME (just like I teach in the Lean For Life Fat Loss Programme)...

You can have some PIZZA and STILL lose your gut!

​But isn't pizza bad?

​Pizza is high in calories. But theres not "bad" foods...only "bad" diets. It depends on the context of the whole diet.


​You can restrict restrict and restrict your favourite foods all you want but at some point you're going to come across it and probably eat your body weights worth!


Which is pretty awful relationship to have food....​

Thinking back to when I would have a blowout once per week reminds me of my labrador scoffing down her dinner in a record 0.43 milliseconds...​


You can incorporate the foods you enjoy into your NUTRITION STRATEGY

Just like I do and the rest of my clients do. 

Because you CAN enjoy life, have a few beers, eat out AND DITCH the love handles. 

You just have to be flexible with your daily intake just like I do with my beloved curry nights....

Perhaps I'll choose more filling options at breakfast and lunch so that I eat less earlier in the porridge for breakfast and a good portion of meat, veggies, and potato at lunch...whatever.

I've already tracked what I'm having at the curry house and it's within my plan!

So rather than cause an "earthquake", get stressed, cash out on your battle to ditch the love handles and bottle the title...

Think that you're a failure...

​That it's "too hard"

because you don't want to give up your favourite foods..

You learn to be flexible with your nutrition. No more dieting. You have a strategy, just like I explain in The Lean For Life Starter Kit.

And just like can get your nutrition strategy RIGHT and feel less bloated even after 1 week!...just from hitting his targets!

Speak soon,


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Can I choose where I lose my fat from?

Can I choose where I lose my fat from?

I was doing 50 sit up, 50 leg raises, planks YOU NAME IT...all to help shed the fat from the stomach and get those abs rippling for my summer holiday.

​The magazines said to do some of my heroes on the front cover said they did this too.


​Little did I know that they were also:

  • Tracking their food intake...
  • Eating sufficient protein to increase muscle mass...
  • Progressing with their training and getting stronger over time
  • Lifted weights CONSISTENTLY - long enough to fill their T shirts with muscles and actually look better with a higher body fat level than you think!

​So can we choose where we lose our body fat from?

Short answer...NO...But there is a BUT...

It generally depends on genetics...​so yes you can probably blame your parents for that "blocky waist"...but  I wouldn't go as far as blaming them for not being able to see your toes...

​There is some good news for us guys though...although we tend to store more fat around the midsection, when we shed fat we generally lose more of it from our stomach area compared to females.

So here's the "BUT':

We may not be able to choose where we lose fat...BUT we can choose where we build muscle to helps us create that "illusion" that we have lost more fat from a body part than we actually have...


You want to ditch the love handles right?

Well build the muscle in your back and shoulders to make you look wider. This will give the "illusion" that your waist is smaller.

You see, building muscle will make you look LEANER!!!​ Simple as that. 

So lose fat the right way, get lifting weights and GET STRONGER...

Speak soon,


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Worm Porridge anyone?

"Worm" porridge anyone?

Although I've heard that insects are the future sustainable source of protein, one of my clients daily accountability check ins had me worried... Anyone for worm porridge?

Ok, so it wasn't "worm" porridge, but rather "warm" porridge...

the key message here?


Not only am I on your case for daily accountability but also weekly accountability with the Fruci Fit Lifestyle and Training Trackers, videos, and 24 / 7 email!

In fact, I can see exactly what clients are doing regarding their nutrition and training 24 /7 to ensure they break through sticking points and keep progressing and reach their goals.

A bit like Big Brother...

Speak soon,


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Smacked by the truth…

Smacked by the truth...

Turns out, I've barely put on any LEAN muscle since January. Ive maintained and put on about a 1 lb of lean muscle. I'm "quite" happy with this.

BUT hearing something I didn't really want to hear has helped me reassess my plan for the rest of the year.

I'm taking ACTION. I've rewritten my own plan. Had a meeting with a coach (always helps to get another persons perspective - also makes you accountable...which means you actually DO and don't FANTASISE).

So anyway, here's a few training MISTAKES that you need to STOP DOING if you want to build LEAN muscle and drop fat:

  1. NOT TRACKING PROGRESS - Yes something is better than NOTHING...but if you're not assessing you ARE GUESSING. And if you're not progressing you need to ask yourself why? Sleep? Diet? Stress? Work? Not training properly? Wasting time in the gym? Not EATING ENOUGH? These are all things I assess in the Fruci Fit Lifestyle Tracker with clients
  2. Ignoring proper exercise form - Yes you're in the gym, but do you even know what muscle you're working? You could be increasing your risky of injury too by using weights with incorrect form. Dodgy back and knee from the old squash and football days? Trigger them back off and get injured for a sure fire way to derail your progress...
  3. JUST doing cardio - Yes, cardio burns calories and if you enjoy it keep doing it by all means. BUT if you're already LACKING THE TIME because of your busy lifestyle, fed up of wasting time on the treadmill and just WANT may be better off focusing on progressing with some weight training and doing some high intensity cardio. Not only can this be done in LESS TIME - making it easier to get it done - it will also promote muscle building and COULD increase your metabolism and help you lose fat and KEEP IT OFF LONG TERM!!!!

So we need to STOP being "average".

Average is for Liverpool FC..

We need to create change.

Because something has to change if you want to lose your belly fat FOR GOOD...

My client Luke hit the nail on the head:

"Einstein is often quoted as saying 'insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'. From experience I can tell you this is true! How many years over did I waste my time and money joining the gym every January, only to have made no progress and lost motivation come March? I made more progress in 3 months with Matt, than every year before combined. Can't recommend him highly enough!"

You can easily do that too.

Check out the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit and try it for yourself...

Speak soon,


PS. After beating Crystal Palace, all I'm hearing is that next year is Liverpools year!!! Just like last year was meant to be...Oh and the year before that...

PPS. Don't be a Liverpool...DO what you SAY!​

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Those who can’t do…

Those who can't do...

"How to manage calorie intake and how to plan meals around a busy schedule"

^^^^^ Read that again..

Because if you nail this I GUARANTEE you success, be it sports performance, ditching the love handles and / or filling out your T shirt with some ammunition (AKA muscle).

And I don't mean preparing chicken and broccoli.

In fact, some of the meals we did were kind of PREPACKED (cooked chicken etc), some were home cooked..

Why? Because what's the point in making all this STUFF if NO ONE does it.

Sure we could make one of Gordon Ramsays quinoa salad with haloumi, courgette and herb cakes...BUT how often will these be made?

Some of the dishes we made included:

Scrambled egg on toast

Porridge with raisins, honey, chocolate flavour protein powder <<< so good by the way and a great meal before working out

Chicken and salsa wraps --- Again can be adapted for breakfast (eggs) and on-the-go dinner (chicken, egg, beef, onion, peppers, balsamic vinegar).

PLUS one of the great things about wraps is that you can put your leftovers in there.

Have a roast chicken on Sunday? Well lunch tomorrow is sorted with the leftovers. Chuck it in a wrap, red onion, tomato salsa, peppers, balsamic vinegar, wrap it in foil and you're good to go!!

FINALLY, we made some homemade KFC style chicken and chips...yes athletes eating chicken and chips. All made to fit their nutrient needs pre and post training / working out / playing a game.

And this is exactly the same for fat loss!

Swindon Town FC Programme Vs Blackpool

Despite being inspired by the likes of Mark Walters and Iffy Onoura to one day play for Swindon Town, this dream was soon over...although I did have hope when I saw Danny Invincible banging in the goals...It did make me wonder if I could make it again after all...

But as they say, those who can't do...teach others how to eat and train. And I've had the pleasure of helping tons of BUSY guys get more energy, perform better both in their workouts and in their jobs, drop body fat, and BE MORE CONFIDENT!

Just like my client Paul said on on Facebook after his session on Saturday:

"That was great morning session with Matt Fruci personal trainer who is great motivator , with amazing knowledge in Nutrition . I am feeling more confident .... cant wait for next training Marlborough Fitness & Performance Centre"

Because that's sometimes all we need. The tools. The knowledge. All to feel more confident that we CAN do it.

There's no's doing the BASICS. And doing the BASICS VERY WELL.

^^^ Because you're not DIFFERENT to anyone else REGARDLESS of what you've tried in the past.

The BASICS WORK. Just like I explain for FREE in the Lean For Life Starter Kit here.

Speak soon,


PS. if you haven't tried a chicken wrap with some salsa, red onion, peppers and balsamic vinegar, what are you waiting for...that's lunch sorted!

PPS. a simple quick one, 1 scoop of chocolate / banana/ vanilla whey protein powder in your porridge with some honey and raisins / blueberries...

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Still waiting for the SECRET fat busting recipe?

You're stranded on Mars. You've got months to live (at best), yet you're friends at home who are supposed to be helping you are just "hanging around" waiting for the "secret recipe".

That best time.

That perfect situation.

^^^^^This (nearly) happens in the film, 'The Martian"...which I watched for the second time this weekend (good film, may be one for Mothers Day to go with the flowers if you haven't bought a present yet BUT I'm hoping you have!)

Anyway, the film has Matt Damon in. He's stuck on Mars. NASA are planning all sorts of missions to save him.

But people have doubts. "What if this happens?" "You can't put that into space.."

Fear begins to grow. Why? Because FEAR is fed by time. The longer we leave things. The longer we put things off…the harder it gets. How long can he really survive on Mars eating potatoes?

But the thing is, if they'd kept waiting any longer. Waiting for that "secret recipe"…it would have been too late.

They'd have wasted so much time "aiming" and not enough time "firing" OR GETTING STUFF DONE!

Just like your job. You only get paid for the stuff you get DONE. Thoughts, ideas, and to-do lists are all great. But DONE = PAID.

You've either done the work or you haven't!

And it's exactly the same with your body.

No one will care if you get to your holiday and haven't got the body you wanted because you didn't get the workouts in. OR you didn't stick to tracking your food intake (for 5 mins a day).

You've either done the work or you haven't.

Where you blame it on the following or not:

"I'm going to wait until after my birthday"

"I'll start after I've moved house"

"I'm busy with work so I'll get back to it when things settle down"

^^^ And I said that one just last week...

You can wait for "the perfect time". But if the work isn't done YOU WON'T GET CHANGE. Simple as that!

And the consequence?

You don't ditch the gut and get lean. You don't do what you said you would do and you're still frustrated by the lack of results that you're seeing for the time you're putting in.

And the thing is, you shouldn't wait for the perfect time.

Because it doesn't exist.

"Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion" – Parkinson's Law.

Check this >>>>

No matter how busy you are right now with work, if you book a holiday for 2 months time…you will be on the holiday. Work will be sorted and your decorating will be done or put on hold at worst (things could be worse, you could be stuck on Mars).

^^^^ Crazy right? We say we're "too busy" with work to do 40 minutes in the gym a few times per week but can then take a 2 week holiday?

So if you commit to going to the gym once per week, 2 times per week, 3, 4 or even 5 times per week. You write it down. Book it out in your diary. I guarantee you can make time for it.

The key?

It has to fit your LIFESTYLE.

The "secret recipe" doesn't exist. In today's "to-do list" society, we need to do less aiming and MORE DOING!

So you can keep putting things off. Wait for that "perfect" moment


Take action. Make yourself accountable. Write it down. Download the FREE Lean For Life Starter Kit by clicking here. Tell your loved ones. Be the change you want to see.

Because DONE is all that matters…be it for losing belly fat OR being rescued from Mars.

Speak soon,


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Is tomato ketchup OK?

Is tomato ketchup OK?

"Can I add tomato ketchup?" ..."are sweeteners OK in my tea and coffee?"

2 questions I got this morning from clients...

Simple answer...YES!

We have this idea that if food is bland or boring it must be good for us.

Truth is, a dollop of ketchup adds so little to your daily intake but can actually offer so much and HELP people get the right nutrition in, be it protein, veggies, fats or carbs.


One of my client finds it difficult to eat enough protein UNLESS he has some ketchup on top...

So ketchup on top of his meal means he gets more protein in and the right overall nutrition in for his needs to help him get fitter and stronger in the gym, build some muscle and lose more fat...

Add some flavour to your food and enjoy it...salsa, mustard, ketchup, balsamic vinegar, chopped tomatoes, herbs, spices whatever

Just account for it in your daily intake and you're good to get results and enjoy your food!

Have a great weekend,


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Should You Really Be Doing THIS More Often Than Arsenal Bottle a Title Challenge?

Should You Really Be Doing THIS More Often Than Arsenal Bottle a Title Challenge?

“I need to get in shape…Which protein shake should I buy?”

Me: strawberry, chocolate or vanilla….

Choosing “the type” is really that simple and won’t have much impact on your fat loss!

BUT the supplement industry has us chugging down protein shakes and sports drinks more often than Arsenal bottle a title challenge…(I hope I don’t eat them words…)

All to get better performance?

So we can lose more fat?

Fill out our T shirts with muscle?

Get better sleep?

Improved recovery?

Well, this might be the case…

Now, I wasn’t actually shocked by the results of this study…rather that the study was done in the first place…

The results have ruffled the feathers of the nutrition “gurus” to say the least.

It’s typical sports drink vs. fast food on recovery and exercise performance in 11 guys

Now bear in mind that if you PERFROM better in anything you do exercise wise…you’ll burn more calories.

So there was a fast food group VS a group taking sports supplements that both did a 90 minute endurance-based workout before eating.

The fast food group were then given cakes, orange juice and a hashbrown (I’m pretty sure I see the cyclists on this diet outside the coffee shops on a Sunday morning in Marlborough) whereas the sports supplement group were given a Gatorade and some organic peanut butter.

2 hrs later, the fast food group were given a hamburger, coke and fries. The sports supplement group were given energy bars and protein bars.

The CALORIES in both groups were EQUAL.

A week later, the guys came back to the lab and switched over to the opposite diet.

There was no difference in time trial times after eating fast food compared to sports supplements. Glycogen (carbohydrate stores) RECOVERY WAS NOT different.

Glycogen is essentially your muscles stored fuel. Your body taps into this when you exercise.

There was also no difference in insulin levels, blood glucose or cholesterol.

Does this mean we should eat a load of junk food?

Of course not.

Meals containing wholefoods like potatoes, rice, meats, wraps, sandwiches veg, fruit are generally what I recommend whether it’s around exercise or not….Not sports supplements or fast food for that matter.

But what this does tell us is that

Sports supplements aren’t “magic”…but can be convenient!!!

“Fast food” isn’t necessarily “evil” IF calories are equal…and can also be useful for our mind…helping us stick to our overall nutrition strategy whilst enjoying our food!

It comes back down to BALANCE. MODERATION. And living.

You can be the guy that performs does a structured training programme a few times per week, enjoys the odd curry and a beer AND get’s the “you must have a fast metabolism!” from friends and family…

IF... you control for overall intake – as is explained in the Lean for Life Starter Kit…

​Speak soon


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CONFESSIONS of a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

CONFESSIONS of a Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

So last night after a long day of work…which involved a bit of weight management work at a golfing club and me losing all of my authority by showing JUST HOW BAD my golf swing was….I skipped the gym.

I skipped a scheduled gym session...

Me. The personal trainer. The nutritionist.

And if I do this, how can I expect my clients not to EVER do this?

Well the thing is, I don't.

We're human...

which is why I structure in periods where we taper things down.

Stress at work / home can all have an impact on our ability to recover, our energy levels and getting the body we want!

So we respond to your lifestyle. PROMOTING RECOVERY, BETTER SLEEP, BETTER LIBIDO (it's true…stress can impact this) and better fat loss.

But, I'm a hypocrite… I structure in periods of lower amounts of work with my clients….BUT yet don't always do this myself.

And I pay the price. I get run down…and then say "I'm not going to do that again".

A bit like after a heavy night of drinking. You know when you say you won't ever drink again….only to get back on it the next day to help "bring us around"…

Here's an example of how I fit clients training to how they're feeling to ensure they don't run themselves down yet STILL ditch the love handles and fill their T shirt with some muscle:

  1. Have a total number of sets and reps to hit over the week
  2. If some days they feel run down, tired, stressed with work etc. they can skip the day or perhaps do lower workloads like just 2 sets of 8 reps for example
  3. On days they're feeling awesome, they can increase their workload by doing the higher amounts of reps and sets like 4 sets of 15
  4. This all means they hit the same amount of work over the course of the week...but can regulate it on how they feel

​And all this means it fits your lifestyle!

PLUS research actually shows that going by "auto regulation" AKA how you feel / lifestyle can get you better performance and THUS...more fat loss and more muscle building​!

​Another strategy I use is to implement a week of lower work every 4-6 weeks. This could be based on their work / home schedule, holidays in mind or simply how they're feeling.

Losing the love handles, getting lean and staying lean doesn't have to be this PERFECT "12-week" journey.

It can be a bumpy "12-week journey". It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

Because the moment its "all or nothing" is the moment you put it off.


Because it becomes complex. You have to give up x, y and z.

So it requires COMPLEX changes.

And when its complex you have an excuse…when it's simple you don't!

That's why I simplify the diet side of things for FREE in The Lean For Life Starter Kit. ​

Speak soon,


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Why your (my) “bad” habit might not be so “bad”

Why Your (my) "Bad" Habit Might Not Be So "Bad"

If I'm not talking about curry...I'm talking about coffee. 

  • It's social
  • Increases your mental and physical performance
  • Tastes good
  • And means you can "justify" a break from work...

​A new client recently said they're going to give up coffee for Lent. 

​Surprised - given his on-the-go, always moving lifestyle...and love for coffee - I asked him why?

​"errrm, I read it's full of sugar"

Now coffee alone contains NO SUGAR...​

​It was triggered by an article in the Daily Mail...highlighting the teaspoons of sugar in coffees like lattes and cappuccinos. 

Yes Lattes contain sugar...but it's because MILK contains SUGAR.

A standard Grande Latte at Starbucks ... with foam on top... has 17g of sugar. That's actually less sugar than the equivalent (470ml) amount in just milk....which has about 22g of sugar in...

You get the point...

Now having coffee after coffee all day may:​

  • Make you less sensitive to caffeine meaning you need more to feel it's effects
  • Decrease your sleep quality resulting in poor recovery and low energy levels
  • Mean you become out of touch with your own energy levels...relying on coffee after coffee to get you through the day

​The Solution?

  • Cut out caffeinated coffee after 6pm to avoid it interrupting your sleep..unless you're training late - I'll let you off!
  • Try to stick to a max. of 2-3 caffeinated coffees per day with 1-2 cups coming before you exercise to increase performance, help build more muscle and burn more calories
  • Get a good decaffeinated blend to get your coffee fix at other times

Recent research has shown that 2 large cups of coffee can give you an increase in exercise performance by nearly 5%...(Hodgson et al 2013)

^^^^ Is this a lot?

Well, if Usain Bolt would have lost 5 % of his performance in the 2012 Olympics...he would have been a nobody...strolling across the finish line in 7th...

So imagine what this 5% could do for your performance? Your fat loss? Your muscle gain? Your goal to fit back into those fitted jeans and feel confident about your body on your summer holiday?​

​And I'm not done yet...

Coffee and tea consumption (both caffeinated and decaffeinated) was associated with a reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes...​(Huxley et al 2009).

Take Home​

​You don't need to give up your "favourite" drinks or foods. Structure them in to your daily / weekly food intake - just like my clients do - and you too can lose your gut and be ready for your summer holiday!

That "bad" habit of ours isn't too bad after all...​

Speak soon,


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