Are you coming?

We just released our Quarter 1 Fruci Fit Events calendar for our awesome community in Fruci Fit

So we can pin down the dates and work towards our goals

You see, I have always had this vision..

Of Fruci Fit being 

Somewhere that people who never thought they could find somewhere comfortable to get fit and healthy could go.

And find themselves surprising themselves by actually sticking to it.

For ladies to make friends, not be judged, speak to expert trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga teachers

And get amazing results.

To become stronger – physically and mentally

More confident. 

To overcome adversity..

Like the ladies here:

And for the past 8 years or so 

It surpassed what I could ever have imagined…

With our amazing team of coaches..

I absolutely love my work

But you know what?

None of this is good without people…

Without our amazing community. 

Which is why whether you work with us from home

Or in person

We have events and sessions to help you get the results you want

But perhaps even more importantly 

Get support from like minded people ..

Be it at our in person Q and As

In person sessions, 

Online sessions

Virtual Events

Or in person events where we bring everyone together.

You can make it as personal or convenient as you want

The secret?

Doing it

Even on your busiest, most stressful day 

So it works for your lifestyle 


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