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Another year on 🎂

So today is my birthday…

30th birthday, in fact. 

It’s quite funny looking back to last year and thinking about the question that people ask:

“What are doing for your birthday?”

Compared to this year, where you just  get a “Happy Birthday” …

As it’s not like we will be throwing a party 🥳 

But I’m grateful to have family around me and that we are all healthy amongst these crazy times.

Little did I know that any party would have to be on FaceTime 😂 

In fact, even in January, I was chatting to my wife about arranging a meal or a party.

How quickly times can change…

Speaking of which…

I was chatting to Michelle last week

About he progress over the past year..

She’s 12kg (nearly 2 stone) down

And has lost 13 inches from her stomach 🔥🔥

And she’s still going, one year on. 

Which I know sounds like a long time on one hand 

But being able to keep this off and keep going 

Without thinking “when will this diet end”

Is probably the difference between that yo-yo dieting cycle 

And keeping the weight off..

It’s a bit like what Ruth said:

“As we were saying this morning I think that Rita’s transformation is the trajectory that I am on in terms of speed and I would be happy with that.  I’ve lost 10kg in 4 months and if I was at 22kg at roughly the end of 12 months I’d be more than happy.  This is the first time I’ve done a diet, health kick when I haven’t been counting the days until it’s over and that’s why this will work as it’s a way of life and a habit!  Thanks for sharing Rita as it was a bit of a light bulb moment for me.”

And I just want to reiterate that you will have down days..

You will have up days 

There will be meals out (because life is for living)

There is no “cant eat this food”

Permission to have the foods you want…

Whilst getting fitter and stronger

So you can change your body shape…

Now, of course

There has to be compromise 

But how do you this?

  1. Find your “why”…

In fact, here are some things that I hear:

“I want to get on the floor with my grandchildren”

“I don’t want to fear diseases that I know I’m increasing my chances of getting”

“I want to have more energy”

“I have a wardrobe of clothes I can’t fit in to” 

  1. Ask this question:

“What would have to happen 12 Months from now for you to be happy with your progress?”

It’s often, when broken down to weekly and monthly targets 

Not such an uphill battle as you might think it is..

So next time you only lose ½ a lb…

And feel like “it’s not working”

Consider that’s what Michelle has averaged over the past year..

And she’s 2 stone down 

Enjoying it 

And 13 inches down around her stomach 

Small habits,

Compound effect.. 

And I can’t believe I’m 30..:

Yes, I know.

Still a “baby”..

Anyway, here’s Michelle’s progress: