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“Am I too old?”

“Am I too old?”

Had a chat with someone the other day 

About our brand new September Reboot programme…

She mentioned that she thought she would be too old

And didn’t want to be exercising with loads of 

“Fit 20 year olds”..

To which I said..

That’s perfect..

As the Reboot programme is specifically designed for women 40+ and 50+

With some women even in their 80s 🙂 

But it wasn’t just about whether she was too old…

“I have bad knee”

“I can’t get to the floor”

And I get it.

The key part here?

We personalise everything for you..

This is YOU vs YOU..

We will challenge you 

But we will make sure you are working at the right intensity 

To get more energy, fitter and more toned…

Here’s what some of the ladies said we were tagged in last week Isee images)

If you’d like more info about our September Reboot?

Just message me with ‘Reboot’ and I’ll get you the details