All or nothing mindset?

Know what to do but struggle to do it?

I get that.

The kids have been watching Lion King, Matilda, and Frozen this past week.

And when I catch bits of it

I can’t help but find myself noticing different things to what I remember. 

I  seem to watch it from a different perspective. 

A bit like when I read The Daily Stoic each day (more on that another day).

So why am I sharing this?

Well, one of the ladies asked me how I think of different things to write about and talk about each day ( I haven’t not written a blog  every day since 2014…).

My answer?

It’s purely from conversations I have had with clients. 

And hearing how they pretty much know what to do but don’t do it.

Can’t get motivated 

And often we look for more information.

But sometimes, we just need to hear the same message

Over and over again (a bit like how the food industry has got us thinking you HAVE to eat breakfast to boost your metabolism << more on that another day).

So our aim at Fruci Fit?

To get you to do the things you know you need to do .


By getting you to take action.

So one simple tip for you today?

Ask this ONE question:

Can I do my best?

Because it will not always be the perfect time.

There will be things that get in the way meaning you can’t get the workout in

You can’t cook the meal you had planned.

But what do you have control over?

Did you do your best?

You couldn’t cook your meal but did you get some protein and veggies in?

You couldn’t work out but did you walk a bit further or do some punches and squats at home?

You snacked when you said you wouldn’t but did you stop at 4 biscuits rather than eating the packet? 

After all, what would be different tomorrow, 3, months, and even 12 months from now?


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