All or nothing mindset? 3 questions for you

Ever fall into that all or nothing / “F it” mindset?

Try this simple task:

Grab a pen and paper

Or your notepad on a phone…

And write down a limiting / stressful ‘thought’ or ‘belief’

that you have 

Thought / belief = e.g.  I have just eaten bread and had some biscuits, I may as well give up today and start tomorrow 

Then answer the following

1. How do you feel when you believe this thought?

E.g. I feel rubbish. I am a failure, might as well write today off as a failure. 

2. How do you react and what happens when you believe this thought?

E.g. I finish the packet of biscuits. Might as well just mess up the day

2a. Does this thought / belief bring you peace or stress?

E.g. stress 

2b. Is it 100% true? (If yes, how do you know?)

E.g. not 100%…

3. Who would you be without this thought? What would be different? What would you do if the opposite was true. 

E.g. the opposite would be : I may as well NOT give up.

If I believed I may as well not give up, I would not finish the biscuits, call myself lazy, think I have failed. I would do my exercise session. I would not beat myself up. I would spend my energy on what I can control .

Powerful exercise, right?

And this is the first part of thinking differently. 

I talk through this here:


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