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89 days….

89 Days…

WOW… Where did that go? 

Seems like just a minute ago since we were quietly (or loudly) telling 2020 to go away, 

Along with the lockdowns, Covid and restrictions…

Making plans for 2021…planning to do it differently.  

That this year would be the year we took charge of our bad habits, that we got into new routines….and as a byproduct?

Create new results for ourselves and our families.

And just like that?

We are into the 10th month of the year…

And are just 89 days away from 1st January .

So my message today is super simple and quick …

Whatever your results have been this year…

We have just over 2 months to go. 

We can write the rest of the year off (again) and think it will be easier in January when it is even darker and colder or accept where we are now. 

You have 2 months to work on YOU. 

2 months to create amazing memories and that sense of achievement so you can look back on 2021 and say:


Just like Deborah has (see image)

And however you decide to do this…

The most important part is that you DO..

As you only get results for done.

So if it’s doing the things you probably know you need to do that you need help with?

Our Reboot programme is perfect for you 

Specifically for women 40+  who pretty much know what to do already but need the accountability, support and plan to DO IT..

This week is the last week to book a call to join this month’s Reboot. 

If you’d like more info

Message me with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details.