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84& do this!!

84% do this 

84% of us will carry on doing the same things as we were already doing despite setting a New Years Resolution…

And for me?

It’s down to this…

Trying to achieve too much too soon, then giving because you think you’ve failed.

It’s why most give up on their New Year’s Resolution by the end of January.

You try to achieve your whole goal in a month..

Forgetting you have the whole year..

It’s like I was chatting to someone the other day about how they’d feel if they lost 2 stone in a year.

Of course, they would be delighted.

But then when I asked them how’d they feel if they lost ½  a lb per  week?

They said that would demotivate them as it doesn’t feel fast enough.

And I get that.

But here’s what happens instead.

You set your expectations too high..

You end up hungry at 4pm

Start snacking 

Think “f it” I’ll start again tomorrow and go in EVEN HARDER tomorrow 

You skip breakfast the next day and the process repeats.

We end up in this cycle of restrict and binge.

But what if you just gave yourself permission to just go back to “eating normally” the next day even if you had a binge?

I spoke about this more here

Take home:

✅ Set an exciting goal that makes you get up in the morning (it’ll be hard to be motivated if your goals doesn’t excite you)

✅ Remember you don’t have to achieve that goal this week 😉 

✅ Obstacles are on the way not in the way 

✅ Set one thing TODAY that you can definitely stick to

Whether that’s a 10 minute workout 

A 1 minute workout 

A walk 

Water with every meal 

Bed by 10pm

Or maybe even try something new and different like we say to the ladies in our January Kickstart: (reply with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details)