73 years old 😱

So one of the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme sent me a link to an article

About a Joan MacDonald, a 73 year old woman

Who is now medication free

After losing 4 stone

Through muscle strengthening exercise and making some simple swaps to her diet.

In fact, here’s what it said:

“Joan has also changed her diet: before she would eat two slices of toast with jam and coffee for breakfast, a sandwich and fruit salad for lunch, meat and vegetables and dessert for dinner and she would snack on sweets, chocolates or nuts.

Now she sticks to a healthier meal plan: egg whites, cheese, meat, vegetables and bread or half a bagel for breakfast, coconut milk, protein powder, fruit and ice blended for a smoothie for lunch and for dinner she now has meat, vegetables and a salad.”

But I get it…

You probably know what to do but still don’t do it.

You’re not alone with that.

And it comes down to this:



A set of beliefs so strong that your behaviour conforms to them…

Whether that’s 

“I’m too unfit”

“I don’t have enough time”

“I’m too old”

Whatever it is

Your behaviour conforms to what you focus on…

Whatever it is..

And to succeed,

You have to forge new beliefs that allow you to do the things you want to do…

Often by linking enough pain to the beliefs you currently have that keep holding you back…


If you continue to believe this thought, what happens?

To your health?



And something that gets me going…

Is asking the question:

Who else does this impact?

Because when I realise that a belief I have may impact my family and daughters?

That gets me

To do the thing I am scared of doing…

But I know I need to do..

And I get it’s scary..

It’s like one of the ladies in side the progamme, Linda Baker…

Who has just got a place at the London Marathon.

In her words “I am a non-runner”….

It’s an exciting challenge for her

at 55 years young…

Linda will be sharing her journey, 

the highs, the lows and the challenges so be sure to follow. 

She’ll be on the podcast too soon talking about her “why” for doing it and the plan. 

Hopefully she inspires one person to move forward by 1% today as that’s exactly what the next 6 months will be about for Linda! 😃

And speaking of moving 1% forward each day with small, simple steps..

Our NEW FLEXI November 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Devizes, Burbage and Marlborough 

With mornings, daytime and evenings

(with evenings now available in Marlborough AND Devizes)

Is starting FROM Saturday 2nd November ..

We have 9 spaces left for this

And I will be putting an advert out on Wednesday so if you’d like to be first to know the details on this?

Just send over a message with ‘Devizes’ ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’

And I’ll get you the relevant details. 

Matt ’73 years old?!?!?!’ Fruci 

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