70 Days…

70 days…as of today

There are just 70 days left of the year…

They may even be less when you’re reading this.

Quite scary to think about..

Quite exciting to think about..

Depends on what you are right now compared to where you were when you started the year.

How much you did?

Did you do what you said you would do?

Do you feel like another year has passed and nothing has changed? 

And I am not perfect.

I haven’t done everything.

I have achieved a lot but there are many more things I need to get a handle on. 

But the best part?

We have another opportunity right now..

As we have a choice with these 70 days..

1→ Give up on the year and do the same as we have always done (as most people do, putting on another 10lbs plus over Christmas, then try to lose it fast in January when things are meant to calm down and be easier)

2→ Show up for yourself today, being who you said you would be and you want to be.

Either way is fine

I just think it is powerful to know we have a choice. 

Most people will do nothing.

Because it is hard. 

It really is. 

It is a lot easier to 

Have the same thoughts, feelings, actions, experience..

Go for the familiarity and the predictability …

You know:

“I don’t have time”

“It’s [insert politician of choice] fault”

But all I ask today?

Remember why you ever started…

Remember who you said you wanted to be…

Because nothing changes until you do…

And change starts by acting based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel. 

Which is exactly what we will be doing together tomorrow in our free 5 day Kickstart.

It all starts with just 10 minutes a day.

Specifically for women 40+ starting Monday 24th October. Perfect if you pretty much know what to do but lack the time and accountability to do it.

More details here 

We start tomorrow


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