7 ways to overcome late night cravings…

Isn’t it interesting that we rarely binge eat in the morning? :

We rarely get cravings for Cream Eggs first thing in the morning  🎉

^^ well, maybe sometimes, but I can guarantee it seems more appealing in the evening .

So here are 7 ways to overcome late night cravings 😀

  1. Eat more protein – > Like I said the other day about eating protein to boost your mood, less than 1g per kg of body weight of protein per day is associated with higher risk of depressive symptoms but also protein is key to help with hunger. If you are hungry and can eat more protein, do it 👍 it will keep you fuller for longer and also burns more calories when digesting and absorbing it compared to carbs and fats
  2. Get your veggies and fibre in → Not only are they high in antioxidants and polyphenols which boost your immune system and help brain health, veggies are low in calories and help keep you full up. What’s more is that every 10g extra of fibre you have per day is associated with a decreased risk in mortality. Aim for at least 2-3 handful of veggies with each meal. I love to use frozen veg as it is quick, easy, cheap and potentially, full of more nutrition due to being frozen. Like your fruit? Swap out some of your carbs for fruits e.g. high volume e.g. high in   water and can also help curb your sweet tooth
  1. Eat bigger in the evening → I tend to be busier in the day and only really sit down to eat in the evening. Hence, I prefer to eat lighter during the day (protein and veggies and fruits or fast, to allow for more flexibility on an evening, especially as this means I can sit down and eat dinner with the kids, without cooking different meals (which saves time and money)
  1. Decrease variety in the evening → This sounds odd, but the more variety you have in the meal / snacks, the more you will eat. For example, studies show that you’ll eat more if you are given fries and macaroni cheese vs just macaroni cheese. This is due to taste fatigue. So consider that if you do snack after dinner, do not have too much variety. This is probably why Quality Street and variety packs are so moreish.
  1. Avoid ‘carbing up’ → many people think they ‘need’ to have carbs before a workout. Truth is, you don’t. So if you are just having it because you think you should? Consider that your muscles will be full of energy from the meal / food you had last night
  1. Plan a nice drink → I love a good sugar free tonic with lemon or a hot chocolate made with cocoa powder, cinnamon, milk and vanilla flavouring  
  1. Have a second dinner 😂 yep, I said it. If I fast or skip breakfast / eat light during the day, I will have maybe a protein and high fibre lunch e.g. omelette, then tea with the kids at 5pm e.g. pasta meatballs /tacos  and then I will have yoghurt and berries or perhaps some leftovers from the dinner again later if I need it. I prefer eating later as I can sit down and be present. I find it also helps me sleep. So for me, although there may be more benefits to eating earlier in the day, it helps me maintain my overall calories by eating more in the evening. It also means I spend time eating and chatting with the family, which is fun and satisfying, something that also gives me comfort 

So, keep it simple…

Don’t have too much variation…

Know what works for your day (maybe have two dinners… and eat less during the day by filling up on protein, water, coffee etc)

Plan your evening meals…

I could go on.

Use one of the above, combine them or use all of these.

As we always say at Fruci Fit…

You only get results for DONE


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