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7 things I’ve learnt from lockdown

I wasn’t sure what to write today. 

But then I just looked at around 

And realised something.

Believe it or not 

But as I write this (I’m writing this Sunday night)

I’m in the bath relaxing with a hot chocolate .

I’ve got bath salts in “relaxing the muscles”

And The kids are fast asleep  in bed …

What’s my point? 

The last time I did that was Christmas 🎄 

And it’s prompted me to share these 7 lessons from lockdown:

1–> I used to waste so much time “nipping” to the shops…even though I may have planned my meals, there was always something that I “could” get…

This wasted time and actually leads me to being less productive (probably why I wasn’t getting around to having my bath)

Also just ordered our first fruit and veg box.

I think it’ll be great for local business and the environment to shop local with farms and butchers (which I’ve noticed more of us are doing)

2–> I haven’t done as much as I’d like but that’s ok…

I love getting “stuff” done…

It makes me feel good.

And although I can look back at all of the stuff I have done…

There’s still things I wanted to do but haven’t (yet).

The book I wanted to read..

The longer meditations I wanted to do.

But you know what? 


Just maybe 

Other things are more important to me.

And that’s ok. 

Like family and spending time with them. 

^^^ careful though, I’ve also used that excuse for not cleaning my office haha 😂 

3 —> simple things entertain kids —> sticks, boxes, pots, pans, walking, Chase, throwing them up in the air…

Truth is, all they really want is your attention.

4 —> People can be motivated to exercise from home —>

Don’t get me wrong 

You cannot beat in-person coaching and exercise.

But I’ve been amazing at some of the messages I’ve had from the ladies on our programme.

Of course, it’s tough.

But they’ve kept going and supported each other. 

Here are a few messages:

“I am so grateful for the workouts Matt, and the discipline keeping a morning routine, I missed it once and learnt from it. I am actually feeling in control”


“Great to be back. I wouldn’t have pushed myself like that on my own” 

“I feel amazing. I am so grateful for this community. Grateful for your insight and inspiration. So try what you say about making yourself accountable and planning workouts daily. I feel great”


“Workouts keep me sane. Workout done. Walk done”


“Will do the workout at lunchtime. Did my first 15 minutes jog this morning with 2 1 minute breaks. First time I’ve ‘run’ in about 2 decades. Thank you. Well chuffed”


^^^ and this is all before we have our clubbercise and live” cook with me” thrown in the week (we are making chickpea curry…I’m adding chicken though)

5–> I cant draw 😂 I’ve spent more time than ever with the kids which had been amazing. 

But on thing I can’t do is draw.

I particularly struggle with dogs haha I

6–> Resilience  – I’ll be honest, when it was all first announced that we were going in to lockdown 

I did half hit the panic button 

(Even though I knew it was coming)

But the thing is

You can’t help stressed people by being stressed yourself 

That’s exactly why we just kept the exact same timetable (and more ) with our timetable.

And you know what?

Many of the ladies have actually asked that when we open back up 

We keep in a daily live workout as an option for when life gets busy 

Or if they just want to exercise at home.

So that’s what we will do.

Without sounding cringe ..

Every chapter of life 

Will teach you something.

As Byron Katie says:

“Everything happens for you, not to you”

And the result of this 

Has been that I’ve been able to work with some people 

Who would never be actually joined because they felt we were too far away 

But have joined us and got great results 

Not just with their fitness 

But their relationship with food, too.

7–> All you need is a towel  —> we have had some amazing workouts simply using a towel.

With some ladies finding that the new exercises we have done 

Has helped old shoulder and back issues…

After joining in with one of our sessions

I don’t think you’ll ever look at a towel the same way again 😉