6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Fixated By The Scales

So, I came back from a ‘day at the office’ the other week.

Only to find that Dora (my 2 year-old black lab…)

Had eaten half a bag of kibble (dog food!)

And according to a recent study, this could be due to a gene found in labradors that makes them eat, eat and eat.

^^^ As this was once in their interests for survival.

And it led to the researcher saying:

“obese people, obese animals are not fat because they are lazy and slothful and bad, but they are fighting their biology”.

So maybe I can’t blame Dora.

But, when I came home that day, I didn’t know she had got the bag of food down and eaten half the bag (the wife never told me…).

So I came in and gave Dora her DINNER.

She looked at me…

Almost as if to say:

“he’s giving me more food…OMG, this is brilliant!”, licking her lips, salivating all over the carpet and wrapping me round her little finger (or paw) in the process.

She lied…

Just like the weighing scales SOMETIMES do…

Because can we really simplify BIOLOGY with one number?

It’s why you shouldn’t be fixated with the number on the scale.

And here’s 6 reasons why your weight might fluctuate:

1) Perhaps you ate more carbs than normal yesterday (especially with the weather, BBQs and ice cream yesterday. Remember that carbs can make you hold more water)

2) You ate a salty meal or perhaps you ate out (restaurants will often use a lot more salt, meaning that you consume more salt and retain more water)

3) You’ve just eaten (and food is going through your digestive system)

4) You’ve weighed yourself at a different time of the day, wearing different clothes, and without having been to the loo

5) You’ve drank more than normal (or had a few vinos…)

6) Hormonal changes during your menstrual cycle may increase water retention…making you bloated, feeling ‘swollen’, and achy

So use the number on the scales, but don’t think of it as the be-all and end-all.

Because looking back at old pictures and fitting into them long-lost, fitted jeans is a far better way to see just how far you’ve come and your body is changing…

Just like 2 my clients (Charlotte and Caroline) have mentioned to me this week.

And guess what the first question Caroline was asked when meeting friends this weekend?

How much 'weight' have you lost? (we're so fixated, right?)


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