6 “on the go” snacks 🍫🍎

So I was at a conference last week.

Getting my learn on and getting a load of new ideas for our programmes…

But one thing I was challenged with

Was what to eat “on the go”

(Something a lot of the ladies say to me).

So I though I’d share a few “snacks” I had handy for the car journey and flight ✈️ 

1 – Itsu thins – these are “ok” and give you that salty hit with next to no calories (the are made of sea weed. 

They are also a very good source of iodine which is important for thyroid function. 

2 – Beef Jerky – high in protein and iron, another easy, light snack to carry to keep you energy levels up 

3 – Propercorn popcorn – again, low calorie, high in fibre and tasty! I love the peanut butter flavour!  

4 – Grenade protein bar – these are the best tasting protein bars I have ever had…

White chocolate is my favourite. 

5 – A latte – yep, super simple. Caffeine for an energy hit, milk for some protein, iodine, and B vitamins to keep my energy high (something that has been in the media a lot recently as more and more people seem to have a vitamin B deficiency) and tasty!

6 – an apple – handy to travel with and find it a lot more satisfying than, say, a banana..perhaps due to the crunch 

So there you have it…

These are my 6 snacks I travelled with…

And I guess the best thing about these are that most of them are available in any WHSmith, M & S, or service station shop.

What’s your go to snack for on the go?

Matt “on the go” Fruci

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