5 Simple Ways To Set Up A Successful Weight Loss Diet

​"Fancy a curry?"

It gets me every...single...time.

But at least I do show some resistance.

"We have some salmon in the freezer I could get out?"

"No, I want curry"... the 'boss' responds.

"I'll have a tandoori chicken with basmati rice..."

^^^ Yep, I cave in, too.

It actually happens a lot (not just because I do what I'm told...)

But that's life.

And the truth is:

Going to your friends birthday

Going our for a meal with the family

Or going on holiday


Putting some 'life into living, as they say.

Shouldn't mean that you 'fall off of the old diet bandwagon'

Because if you control what YOU CAN control.

Then you can be 'the one with the fast metabolism who can eat what they want and get slim'...

So here's my 5 quick, simple tips to use so that you can ditch the stomach fat, whilst still putting 'life into living':

1) Make high volume foods easily accessible -

You see, humans have worked hard to get what we have today...


But, it can also be our worst enemy.

Because the easier food is to access....the more likely you are to eat it!

So, fill your cupboards and fridge with lower calorie, filling snacks, such as natural yogurt, boiled eggs, low calorie popcorn (my favourite), smoked salmon, leftover roast chicken, carrots and celery sticks with low fat hummus, dark chocolate (portion is everything, here, but it's highly satiating) etc.

And another one of my favourites...Sugar free jelly (please, forgive me)!

Oh, and of course, my mug cakes: https://frucifit.com/3-minutes-ill-show-satisfy-sweet-tooth-without-opening-ben-jerrys/

2) Be careful with variety - We eat more, when we have more choice.

^^^ Think back to that all-you-can-eat buffet.

We want a bit of everything.

So provide a high variety of lower calorie foods at dinner (I like mediterranean veggies, carrot and swede mash, carrot spaghetti, courgette chips, and celeriac mash) and a low variety of higher calorie foods, like puddings (because we all want to try a bit of the ice cream, a bit of the chocolate cake, and some of the tiramisu...)

3) Turn the TV off -

When we're distracted, we're more likely to overeat.

So, no matter how gripping Eastenders and Ian Beale can be...turn it off!

4) Consider what you would normally eat...not what the person you're eating with is eating - Who you eat with can impact your decisions.

We often eat what others eat (type of food and quantity).

Obviously, this can work both ways, but just consider how much you'd normally eat.

5) Eyes bigger than your belly?

When we use large plates, we generally fill them and eat more!

Try using smaller plates / bowls and cutlery.

You'll eat slower, which can help you feel more full!

6) BONUS... Opt for the whole fish (like I did last weekend). It took me so long to eat it, as I picked out the bones and was politely reminded by the wife to chew slowly...

That I ate slower (I usually shove it down) and felt full!

So there you go

Take control of what YOU CAN control

And put some life into living...​


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