5 Day Menopause Mastery

Day 1

Task 1: Self Awareness Wheel
Workout 1: Lazy Bum
Day 1 Q and A: Hot Flushes, PCOS, Sleep, and Supplements for Menopause

Day 2

Task 2: Hunger, cravings, weight loss and hot flushes
Workout 2: Upper body focus
Day 2 Q and A: Bloating, how many eggs, too much yoghurt, fruit, and PCOS

Day 3

Task 3: Bone health and muscle loss: Strategies to overcome osteoporosis
Workout 3: No Floor
Day 3 Q and A: Eating healthy but not losing weight, cholesterol, collagen and achy joints

Day 4

Task 4: Self sabotage and improving your sleep
Workout 4: Knee Friendly No Floor

Day 4 Q and A: Hot drinks, creatine, and sugar cravings

Day 5

Task 5: The Menopause Mastery plan:
Workout 5: Lazy bum 3.0
Day 5 Q and A: snacking, hunger, support, menopause and more


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