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4 Ways To Build A Healthy Eating and Fitness Plan

From my experience – make things super simple and you’ll be more likely to do it and get results

You’ll be more likely to shift the pounds, get back into good habits and build your confidence and momentum with this healthy eating and getting fit stuff…

How do you do this?

Start here with these 4 things:

1) Ditch the all or nothing thinking – 

Your diet doesn’t have to be ‘perfect’ or ‘rubbish’…just like you’re not a terrible person 1 minute and a lovely person the next…

be consistent and that will trump any complicated diet, detox or cleanse that has you relying on your willpower

^^^and blaming yourself for failing

And even if you did have a bit of rubbish day. 

Well, in the grand scheme of things it will slow down your fat loss by a week or so.

 Just focus on the next opportunity to put it right, be it a meal or a workout.

Don’t just think about it though..

TASK: Grab  a piece of paper and write down:

“I will be [insert what you will do] at [insert time]”

2) Stop thinking the worst – 

Just because you failed before, it doesn’t mean you’ll fail again. In fact, you’re more likely to succeed because you know what doesn’t work for you

If you’re thinking the worst 

^^^ you know, when you make up those scenarios in your head…’what if my other half brings back a curry…this will mean I fail so there’s no point doing anything’…

You almost start looking for excuses not to start and stay in the exact same place you are right now with your body, mind, energy, sleep and productivity. 

Remember, you are often unaware of how biased you are, especially when starting some new healthy habits.

For example, let’s say you have committed to exercising for 10 minutes a day. You do the first 3 days in a row but miss the 4th..

You can either say:

‘Oh, I have failed”


‘that’s 3 more days than last week…”

Where you put your attention will dictate where your energy goes…

3) Don’t worry about anyone else…this is YOU vs YOU –

‘what if I fail?’

‘will they laugh at me?’

‘am I doing it right?’

‘they lost weight quicker than me…’

There’s a huge problem in this weight loss world right now because of shows like the Biggest Loser. It’s pretty dirty. 

They show you some footage and how some of them lost 12lbs in a week. 

Yet they don’t show you the diuretics, the pills, the 8 hour exercise days, the starvation…

And now?

Well, they put it all back on and more. 

The main problem with this?

It’s created this false expectation that if you’re not losing 12lbs in a week it’s pointless…

Imagine if you lost even 1lb a week for the next year? If my maths is correct that’s 52lbs of fat loss in year. Not bad, right?

^^^ just had to double check that with my calculator. 

And if you’re not finding it difficult?

Why would you ever give up?

4) Pat yourself on the back –

‘Rubbish…I didn’t lose any weight this week’ <<< Yet, you didn’t put on, kept the weight you have lost already off (something 93% of people CANNOT do, and you ate out with friends and family and drank some wine!)

‘I only got stronger in my workout because you were helping me’

STOP playing down your achievements 

You see, you’re the first to blame yourself for finishing the biscuit tin

but when things go well, you don’t take credit…

So give yourself a big pat on the back :-))

And these are just some of the things I use myself and with the ladies inside our 28 Day Kickstart programme for ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage. 

We’re full for March but will be opening our April kickstart soon (message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Burbage’ or ‘Marlborough’ for the details by the way)

Matt ‘you vs you’ Fruci