3 ways to boost your energy TODAY

Everything is harder when 

We are in a low mood.

When we have no energy.

It’s why at Fruci Fit we focus on the 3 legs of the stool, so you don’t forget about number 1 (you)

Anyway, as I said yesterday

Most people know what to do already.

And when you throw on top the endless things we feel we SHOULD do to lose weight and get fit

Like fit in exercise into your busy day

Plan your meals

Get more protein in

Drink more water

I could go on

It can become overwhelming.

And feel like it’s not worth it.

But I want to give you a little hack

To think differently about this. 

To shift your focus away from feeling like you HAVE to do something 

Towards that fact you GET to do this to FEEL better and improve your mood.

After all, if you’re in  a better mood, and have more energy?

Everything is easier,

And everyone around YOU benefits

Friends, family, work…I could go on.

So here are 3 things you can do today to boost your mood:

1- Get more protein in →  a low protein intake (less than 1g per kg of your bodyweight e.g if you weigh 100kg and eat less than 100g of protein a day) is associated with depressive symptoms.

For many reasons, but ultimately, protein and amino acids are needed for our brain health, along with other nutrients, from creatine to carnitine to vitamin D to Omega 3…

2. Get outside → Even if it is for 10 minutes or even standing outside on a call. You will feel better. 

It was only the other day. We needed a few things from the shops for dinner. I was half asleep. Debating needing a nap. Low in energy. Really could not be bothered. But after the walk outside (10 minute walk) I feel so much better.  

3. Drink water with every meal or hot drink today → Concentration, headaches, digestion, you name it. Numerous benefits from this simple habit. Which ultimately will make you feel better

Let me know how you get on today


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