3 steps to healthy ageing (published in 2020)

So the other day we were in the garden…

My 3 year old wants to go on the Trike (kind of like a bike)

But my 1 year old is currently on the Trike…

The 1 year old wants to stay on the Trike JUST because the 3 year old wants to go on the Trike…

The 3 year old only wants to go on it because the 1 year old is on the Trike…

It’s fascinating…

And it got me thinking…

How could we create this level of ‘want’ / ‘motivation’ to do something?

How can we make it so that it feels like we can’t do it anymore 

Which makes us want to do it NOW?

You know, like all of us know exercise is ‘good’ for us..

But the problem with just saying that it is ‘good’ for you

Is that your mind cannot register what you would gain from doing it

Or what you would lose from not doing it…

Which brings me to this one question

Inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Future:

“What happens in 5 years time, if you don’t get a handle on your exercise habits?”

And the reason I ask this?

Well, we sometimes assume that putting things off means nothing will change..

But actually, if we keep doing what we are doing…and doing means nothing?

Things will actually get worse…

This is very clear..

Muscle loss


‘use it or lose it’ 

Is the motto…

And by use it or lose it?

This doesn’t just mean muscle, bone etc..

This means your independence…


Quality of life…

The things you can do with your family, friends and life..

Like Linda recently messaged me saying how for the first time she can now change her granddaughters nappy 

^^^ although that could backfire 😉

Which brings me on to what a recent 2020 review in the ‘Nutrients’ Journal discussed when it comes to ageing…

  1. Exercise –
  • 12 weeks of exercised reduced proinflammatory markers in the body
  • High intensity exercise showed benefits for people with rheumatoid arthiritis. 
  • In adults aged 18-61, fitness levels are associated with improvements in T cells / white blood cells which boost immune system 
  • Postmenopausal women following successful breast cancer treatment showed increase in T cells (suggests healthy immune system) after exercise programme. 
  1. Tryptophan -an amino acid protein found in eggs, fish, meats and legumes. 

Linked with serotonin, cognitive function and mood. 

  1. Omega 3 fats – found in oily fish / algae. 

Important for preserving muscle, improving mood and has anti inflammatory properties

Interesting stuff..

And I discussed this in more details with researcher Richie Kirwin here: 

If you have Apple device, https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/interview-with-richard-kerwin/id1469685325?i=1000446883823 

If you have Android, https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/fruci-fit-rough-n-ready-880406 

So I will leave you with this:

If you do don’t prioritise you …

No one else will..

Because everyone else will come to you 

To help them achieve their priorities…

They don’t mean to get in the way

It’s just everyone is doing their best, for them…

And what if …

You could actually help more people by looking after you first?

Who else would benefit if you put yourself first today?

Even for 6 minutes and tried one of these workouts:

Matt ‘value YOU’ Fruci

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