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£3.62?? ☕️

“Do you not have the parking camera In your car?”

The guy nearby asks my wife who’s directing me into a car parking space…

“Yes, we do, but we still can’t do it” she replies…

To which he raises his eyebrows 

As I go back and forth, seemingly getting nowhere trying to “squeeze” the car into 

Quite a large space 😂

With 2 hungry  babies 

Screaming in the back…

It was the start of an interesting trip back 

from a little visit to Cornwall (where I met Mrs Fruci, in fact).

I eventually reversed all of the way out of the car park,

To then find a space I could drive straight into..RESULT 😃🔥

It was then just your typical family day out to the beach with toddlers..

A picnic on the beach where everything was coated in sand..

Racing to the toilets when they say they need a wee…

Stopping off 5 times on the way back…

Leaving me with zero willpower 

When it came to buy a coffee from a service station 

For £3.50 😂

And it got me thinking …

One of the questions the ladies ask me about our 4-Week Kickstart Programme 

Is how much it is…

And it  actually works out at £3.62 a day,

12 p more expensive than a coffee 😂 

Which, quite frankly… is absurd for the level and quality of the trainings that will be happening inside of our private members area

The access to 12 ladies only personal training sessions with me and our coaches..

Live workouts you can even follow along from home in 5 minutes if you’re busy / running late or love gets in the way

Live yoga if you’ve got some joint issues and want to be more mobile and flexible..

Not to mention access to me, our coaches 

And our kickstart coaching sessions to get clear on exactly what you need to do.

Oh and done for you meal plans and access to thousands of recipes personalised to YOU…

Al that’s 

£3.62 a DAY

the same as a cup of coffee from Starbucks

For all of the above…

as well as our  accountability system  to make sure you follow through and actually DO the things that’ll help you transform your health and fitness..

We’ll guide you day-by-day, step-by-step through the process of creating more energy 

So you can do more of the things you want to do 

And kickstart  the way you look and feel ready for Christmas

(Rather than making January even harder than it needs to be)..

Want more details on our 4-Week Kickstart Programme for ladies over 40 ?

Message me  with “Marlborough”, “Devizes” or “Burbage”

And I’ll get you the relevant details.

We start w/c Saturday 2nd November 🎄 

Matt “coffee?” Fruci