“I’ve no time to plan my meals”

“What time did you go to bed?” “Do you eat breakfast?” “Did you drink water?” “Did you have a coffee before?” “Have you practiced in front of the mirror?” “Have you practiced?” ^^^ these were all things I came across when researching how to overcome nerves of public speaking  Funny thing, I was there expecting […]

Picky tea?

As much as I love planning meals ahead So I don’t have to rush around putting things together Or worse End up picking things up on the go at double the price. I love a picky tea With all things we have left in the fridge. Here is one I did the other week (and […]

Nothing else to say …

For once  I do not have much else to say  As Maureen has done the talking haha Our next Reboot starts next week If you’d like to join us? Message me with ‘Reboot’ and I will get you the details Matt ‘focus on what you can control’ Fruci

What’s positive about this?

You know, those darker mornings and evenings. And I get it. It is slightly harder to get up in the morning That chill is back And everywhere you go  Everyone comments on this… Not to mention The news talking about SAD (seasonal affective disorder), flu…i could go on.. But something we do inside our Reboot […]

First time in 7 years 😮

Got this message from Theresa last week Amazing to hear. Imagine that First time 7 years fitting back into size 14. Having been wearing size 20 – 22. What an inspiration. So excited to see what you can achieve.  All from small habits TODAY (which then have that compound effect)  Focussing on the Food, Fitness […]

Is that all I can eat ?

‘Is that all I can eat if I want to lose weight? I could never eat that little’ Sound familiar? I did a video on this showing you exactly how to think differently  And overcome this CLICK HERE TO WATCH: https://fb.watch/fpI1gOilBb/ Matt


So I was in Italy the other week For my brother’s wedding for 2 days… Great to see family I have never met before  And  Get some sun and sea Albeit for a day.. As despite the 5 hours at the airport  Where I was sleeping on the floor only To be woken up by […]

I didn’t put any weight back on…

So I got this message last week And just reading this It can be quick to say: “That is not fair” “It is alright for them” “I look at ice cream and I gain weight” And I can guarantee that this person Would have once said the same to me. But.. Then she sent the […]

Why women 40+?

I was having a chat with one of the ladies who’s about to get started on our Kickstart programme the other day… And she asked me ‘why is this just for ladies over 40?’.. Which reminded me about why this all started… You see, I used to just do personal training… You know, train people […]

Why is it taking so long…

🤬 <<< my face when the taxi was late  And I checked my phone to see that one of my trains was also delayed which meant I wouldn’t make my connection to the airport … So the other week I went to my brother’s wedding in Italy. It was always going to be tight… Relying […]