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I felt so trapped…

I felt so trapped…

Got this message last week:

Why am I sharing this?

Well, it’s not uncommon for us to get messages from some of the ladies just starting out on their 28 Day Kickstart (reply with “Kickstart” for more info)

To be feeling “trapped”

Low in energy 


Not sure where to start …

The key take home ?

You’re not alone 

And the problem 

Is that we think we are 

Like we “should be able to do it on my own”

And sure

You have to do the work and meet us halfway..

But like the research shows

No matter what diet 

Or exercise plan you follow 

The keys here are:

  1. you do them (knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing)
  1. support and accountability- research shows that support and accountability wrapped around the nutrition and training is the key element that underpins a lot of success, especially when it comes to losing body fat and keeping it off 


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Low on motivation? Try this👇

Low on motivation? Try this👇

I’d be lying to you if I said that I never say things like:

“I feel like..$#*! / 💩”

Maybe I’m tired? A bit run down? 

Or maybe I’m just lacking sleep l

But the thing about catching yourself saying ‘I feel like [insert here]”

You are about to use an analogy…

Which means it is NOT REAL….

But I get that when you’re in this state and you’re feeling low?

It is difficult to get out of.

So here are 3 things to get out of this low state:

Task One:

1) Write down a list of the things that make you feel happy. 

2) Whenever you feel low? Do one of these things

I can guarantee that you have a list in your head of the things that make you feel low that are top of mind awareness.

After all, if you don’t know what makes you happy, how do you know what it is to be happy?​​

I shared some of mine in this video here 

Task Two:

​​Change your environment. 

Ring a friend? Meet someone who you haven’t seen in a while. Go to a coffee shop. ​​Meet like minded people. It might be the last thing you want to do…but there’s only one way to find out if it is actually the thing you need to do

Task Three:

Take your focus somewhere else…

What you focus on is what you focus on.

​​​​​​​​​​A thought does NOT mean it is true. I can guarantee you’ve changed your opinion before, right? That’s changing your thoughts? 

Normal thoughts are there to protect you. You don’t have to believe them…


Matt ‘I feel like….” Fruci​

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What’s the cost?

What’s the cost?

It’s something I say a lot.

Not just when I talk about the cost of our decisions on our mental health and physical health 

But also the cost of our habits..

In monetary terms too. 

Because when it comes to emotional eating

That monkey on your shoulder can be quite difficult to get rid of.

I get it.

“You’re not worth it”

“You can’t keep it up”

“You deserve it”

“One won’t hurt”

“Everyone else is having it”

“They’ll be disappointed if you don’t have one”

Let’s say hypothetically, the person who was emotional eating spends £50 a week on a food shop.. that’s great they need that 

But they also 

Have 2 takeaways a week at £15 for their “bad”or “busy” days after work 

Combine that with £10 every day from the shop for a sandwich and snacks on the go..

(With the wrappers hidden in the car…that’s a story for another day) 

So let’s say 2 takeaways a week @ £15 and 7 days of extra snacking @ £10 a day 

So extra food dictated by emotional eating is coming in at 100 a week. And this on the LOW END…

And before alcohol etc 

I’ve worked with some people who spend thousands a month on food and drink.. 

£100 a week x 52 ? £5200 a year 

That’s over 5 grand a year spent on emotionally eating. 

Which for sure..

Provides some INSTANT comfort 

But in reality 

We are trying to hide from emotions. And avoid problems by using food… 

Which although we call it “comfort”

Is actually discomfort 

Especially given that by trying to solve one problem 


Stress from work/ home / life 

We end up creating another 

Comfort eating, excess fat gain, and potential mental and physical health issues. 

So what’s emotionally eating really costing you ?

Add up how much you typically spend on takeaways , extra snacks , late night binges etc 

and it will add up 

I do this calculation with some of the ladies…

And it always helps them put things into perspective for them 

If you can’t seem to stop binge eating ? 

You need to increase the VALUE in stopping binge eating.. 

What do you gain?

What would you do with the money saved?

How would you feel?

What would you do differently?

You have to look for the incentive to change …

Most people won’t do this exercise

As it is uncomfortable 

But isn’t it uncomfortable anyway?


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Seem daunting?

Unsure if you are fit enough?

What if I told you that most of the ladies we work with think that too.

Just like this message from Judith (see image)

Like most things in in life,

It is usually our thoughts about the thing rather than the thing itself…

If you want to join Judith and co on our next 28 Day Kickstart for women 40+ 

Who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it?

Then message me with ‘kickstart’

And I will get you the details


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Simple trick to beat hunger..

Simple trick to beat hunger..

It’s no lie that hunger 

Feeling deprived

Like you won’t have enough energy 

Are all things associated with the words ‘diet’

But what if I told you that this was all in your head?

No, I am not talking about woo woo magical unicorns and rainbows…

I am talking about scientific research showing that your thoughts

Can impact your hunger on a hormonal level..

In one study, nicknamed the ‘milkshake study’…

They gave people a ‘slimming’ milkshake..

It had words like ‘slim’ and ‘slimming fast’ all over it ..

They then tested their hunger hormone levels.

And asked people to rate their hunger on a scale, like 1-10 scale. 


They gave people an ‘indulgent’ milkshake


They then tested their hunger hormone levels.

And asked people to rate their hunger on a scale, like 1-10 scale. 

Here’s the punchline…

All that actually changed was the label on the milkshake.

The milkshake was exactly the same..


People said they felt less hungry having the indulgent milkshake than the ‘slimming’ milkshake.

But what is more interesting

Is that when people believed they were more full up

Their hunger hormones were also suppressed.

So what does this mean?

Well, if you believe ‘I will struggle’

“I will be hungry’

This might just impact how you feel

And this research backs this up.

And it is a reminder that what you think

And believe it impact how you feel and what you do,

Food for thought

^^ pun intended

Just consider, 

Your expectations of how you THINK you might feel can impact how you feel and what you do…

So simple question:

What do you think when you hear the words ‘diet’ or ‘low calorie’?

Is this perception true?

How does it make you feel?

Like I say, this is now my opinion

Just the what the research shows.

And I am sharing this because

You are often CHOOSING to try and lose weight and get fit..

Instead of thinking

‘It is hard’

‘I should do this…”

“But I have to do this..”

Reframe this to 

I GET to exercise 

I GET to nourish my body 

And this applied to your food choices too.

You might think ‘restriction’ when you hear ‘low calorie’ or ‘healthy’..

But remember you have a choice..

You do not have to choose ‘healthy’…

You have permission to choose to eat whatever you like

Be it cake, chocolate or fruit…

And just because you are not eating it today.

It doesn’t mean it is forever. 

It is just about deciding that maybe this food does not fit with what I am trying to achieve in this moment.

That is it..


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Message from Theresa…

Got this message from Theresa last week:

Which I absolutely love,

Because in a world of ‘keeping up with the Joneses” 

Comparing ourselves to everyone else..

The fact is…

The secret to getting the results YOU want 

Is to focus on what you can control TODAY..

And ultimately

Making choices that make you feel good (not please anyone else…)

You see, it is not about ‘restriction’

It is not about ‘being hungry all of the time’

‘Missing out’


It is actually about knowing that you have a choice today..

No one forces us to exercise

To choose more nutritious so called ‘healthy foods’

Sure, some might call that boring .

Some might prefer to do something else

And that is OK

You might change your decision day to day

But the key thing here?

Is knowing you have the choice. 

It is why we describe our food choices a bit like having a budget…

If we spend a lot on meals out and wine every week…

We might not have enough left over for the weekend away we wanted..

Just like if we always choose to eat the cake because it is in the office and ‘it is there’ 

That is OK but we probably won’t get the results we want if we are not in a calorie deficit (whether you count the calories or not)

And the secret?

Learning to love the process.

And how it makes you feel 

And being OK with not always making the ‘best’ choice

After all

It has to fit your lifestyle and the lifestyle you want to live


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No one tells you this about change..

No one tells you this about change..

Such an amazing moment. 

In more ways than one.

Especially as it all happened so quickly that our other 19 month old daughter at the time was actually there in the corner of the room, drawing Peppa Pig (well trying to)

Completely oblivious to the whole situation…

Until she turns around, sees the baby and says ‘baby’…

It was literally that quick (huge contrast to the first)…

But safe to say, a few sleepless nights have happened since…

And NO one can prepare you for it…

When you come home with a little bundle of joy..

The moment you have been waiting for…

You never quite understood just how much it changes your life..

I mean, how can something so small have such an impact?

And -I’ll be honest – there was me before our first baby saying

 “it’s just like having a dog, right?”

^^ similar but not quite…dogs (especially Labradors learn quicker haha)

No matter how hard it is sometimes though…

How tired you are…

How good it feels for your head to hit the pillow and your eyes to drift off…

(Even with my inability to wake up as fast as Mrs Fruci to the crying…)

That disrupted sleep is hard…

But we keep going..

Because we know this doesn’t last forever…

Fast forward to now..

And my sleep is BACK…

We have two amazing little miracles…

But isn’t it fascinating?

Just how much we are willing to do…

And push through…

As we know this is a special time..

That won’t last forever..

To think we now have no pushchairs

Or baby stuff,,


I can’t tell you how many times some of the ladies have sat down with me 

Called me on the phone

Been in session with me at 630am <<< yes 630 am

And said “I am lazy” <<<

“I should be doing more”

“I want to lose weight faster”

Isn’t that crazy?

Especially when you consider what happens when we change

Stage 1: Uniformed optimism: you know, when you start something new. You are motivated. Excited. 

Stage 2: Informed pessimism:  you start to think ‘this is hard’…”I am not sure I can do this”…<<< bit like a few weeks in to parenthood…

Stage 3: Pit of despair   you feel low….and look for the next shiny object to give you that UNINFORMED OPTIMISM again 

And we are back to Stage 1 and we repeat AGAIN…

That is the yoyo dieting cycle..


We make it through to 

Stage 4: Informed Optimism:   you accept where you are now. You have that self-awareness. Focus on progress not perfection and although may seem slower, is actually FASTER because you don’t give up and end up back at Stage 1…

Stage 5: Success and fulfilment:   new habits are forming. You get a real reward and feeling of achievement …

And I’ll leave you with this…

Change is hard..

But at the same time it is the best thing in the world…

as Albert Einstein apparently said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Because when you think about things like this and remember that the chance of you being born and here today are something like 400 TRILLION TO ONE…

It makes you think:

Are we here just to ‘get through it’ or are we here to make a difference and enjoy it?


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ME / chronic fatigue syndrome?

ME / chronic fatigue syndrome?

Got this message last week I was tagged in (see image)

Amazing work,

If you know anyone with ME / Chronic fatigue syndrome, you might find this video and tracker that one of our members are Fruci Fit, Margaret Mary did on her journey and tracker she has created here :


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‘have you packed my shorts?’

‘have you packed my shorts?’

So last weekend

We went for a little night away in a campervan with the kids. 

Just to the Cotswolds.

Now, as usual, there was me rushing back

And Mrs Fruci has everything sorted..

But my shorts…

You see, our plan was just to chill at the campsite

Enjoy the weather.

The green space

And there was no swimming pool anyway.

But I thought,

“What if we go to the Lakes?”

Let’s take shorts just in case .

So I decided to pack my shorts for swimming…

I had ONE thing to remember. 

One thing..


Low and behold

When we go there.

We checked in / parked up the van..

And saw a map..

Now, I haven’t read a map since GCSE Geography…

But I managed to work out that we were close to the open air Swimming pool in Cirencester..

The kids had their swimming stuff

So I went to my bag to grab my shorts and…

I forgot my shorts…

It was one of those moments..

Now luckily

I live in shorts and it was hot enough for the sun to dry me off..

So what was going to be a chill out at the campsite became 

That and more.

Swimming outside

Which the kids loved…

Something we would never have done had we just decided not to go camping and ‘go for a walk’ 

Why am I sharing this?

Well, when people start our 28 Day Kickstart at Fruci Fit..

And we go over certain obstacles that have got in the way before

We also see that there are fears and concerns

Based on the past..

‘I’m not sure I will be able to do that and keep it up” 

And sure, we have to make sure it is achievable ..

But what is not achievable today might be achievable tomorrow. 

Because what you do today you are more likely to do tomorrow.

That is how new habits are built and opportunities are created.

As you build confidence TODAY by DOING

You create the courage to continue and do MORE tomorrow.

Maybe you start with 5 minutes today

It seems insignificant

But tomorrow you then feel confident enough to try 10 minutes

I could go on.

One seemingly insignificant choice today 

Can lead to transformational, memorage changes tomorrow. 

Just like the ladies we work with at Fruci Fit who first started doing a push up against the wall to now doing it on the floor 

And just like our decision to go camping 

Led to the kids probably remembering their swim and weekend for a long time

And awesome memories created…

Even if it is just asking ‘are Daddy’s shorts dry yet’ for the 1000th time, even after I had slept in those same shorts haha guilty…

Small habits TODAY

Lead to transformation tomorrow. 

Every day is DAY ONE.

So start now

As that is all that exists…


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New easy meal ideas?

New easy meal ideas?

“Bored of salads”

“Need some new ideas”

Yep, I say these things too. 

Which is exactly why we have been trying some different salads.

Don’t get me wrong

Cucumber, tomato and lettuce have served me well for 32 years of my life.

But these two salads below were quick, easy and delicious

Especially in the recent heat.

I simply added chicken 

and felt like a new woman

^^ Ok, maybe I took that bit a bit too far. But I did feel great and the family enjoyed it too, even if the kids just picked the watermelon and pomegranate…

Anyway, here are two ideas you might enjoy

^^ remember you do not have to follow these 100%, tweak as you like

  1. Watermelon and feta (see image)

Mixed leaves (any you fancy)

Feta (half fat you want to lower calories but either fine)




Mint leaves 

Optional: add chicken to up the protein 👍

  1. Pomegranate and feta (see image)

Bag of mixed leaves (any are fine) 

Beetroot (in a jar is fine)  

Feta (low fat if you want to lower calories)

Pomegranate seeds 

Super seeds – Salad topper (any sunflower seeds pumpkin seeds, they are toasted already in the pack so ideal for this, about £1.50 for a whole bag)


Add some chicken for extra protein 👍

Hope these inspire you today…

What is your favourite salad?