Month: June 2022

Message from Karen!!

Message from Karen Got this message from Karen last week (see images) And I somehow clicked a button which took the chat up to the top And led me to the picture with Karen’s Day 2 check in.  And wow Just 3 months and what a difference The hardest part? Saying YES today. You see, …

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Message from Louise!

Message from Louise Got this message from Louise last week (see image) She said she would leave a review when she hit the stone mark. And without warning  There it was. Well done 👏👏 Amazing to see the results coming from being so consistent and this was even with some “weight” gain from a holiday …

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where are you?

where are you? With the grand opening of our brand new studio in Chippenham with our signature 28 Day Kickstart And the launch of our next 28 Day Kickstart in our private studios in Devizes and Marlborough. Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who want to get in shape, tone up, and get fit  💪Come …

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Questions? Just in case you missed it… We’re taking on 15 women 40+ for our next 28 Day Kickstart. With the grand opening of our Chippenham Studio… You can now also have access to all 3 studios: Marlborough, Devizes and Marlborough. Or even.. Can be done with from home  This programme is specific for July …

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“I feel fat today”

“I feel fat today” I was chatting to one of the ladies last week in our Kickstart programme who said: “I feel fat today” They just had one of those days. The scales fluctuated back up the day before  Which they found ‘depressing’. And because they chose to believe this thought… → They thought ‘sod …

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Message from Karen…

Got this message from Karen last week (see image) If you’d like to join Karen and co on our next Kickstart For women 40+ and 50+ in who pretty much know what to do already but want the plan and accountability to do it Reply with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details  This can …

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Niggling aches and pains

Got this message from Chrissy last week (see image) Amazing work 👏👏 ✅ Loving exercise again  ✅ 1lb a week weight loss and 2 inches lost from waist  ✅ Niggling aches and pains disappeared ✅ and bouncing on the trampoline with her grandson without even thinking about it (which Chrissy admits was impossible to contemplate …

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