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“Wobbles” and “imposter syndrome”🏄‍♀️

“Wobbles” and “imposter syndrome”🏄‍♀️

“I’m feeling overwhelmed at how far I have to go”

“What if I am the unfittest there?”

“What will they make me do? What if I can’t do it?”

“What if I can’t make the most of it as I am so busy?”

All concerns the ladies starting the signature Fruci Fit 28 Day Kickstart have..

And rightly so.

They have often tried everything before.

But things / like got in the way since

And they are not happy with how things are.

And it might seem daunting..

But is the opposite of change daunting as well?

What if “wobbles” are actually good things?

What might seem like “imposter syndrome”…

could these actually be normal reactions to habit change?

To transformation?

Are these wobbles actually opportunities?

Opportunities to change habits and react to situations in a different way?

opportunities to become better?

when you put it like that….

Maybe we should be grateful for them because without these wobbles you’d never have the opportunity to change the way you think?

Or to look back at what you’ve achieved?

And I say this

as had I not been in a super uncomfortable position where I went bright red, could barely speak, wanted the world to swallow me up as I was so nervous when public speaking back when I was sharing my research at Loughborough University

^^ and not many would have ever known I get nervous in these situations..

I would not be writing this to you today..

In love with my ‘job’

and super excited about what we are doing at Fruci Fit to transform the health and fitness industry and make a difference to people’s lives.

Seeing people achieve more than they ever could

To overcome the ‘wobbles’

the battles in their head

Just like we – as coaches – do too

Even here at Fruci Fit (yep, I said it)

As it is actually NORMAL.

Imagine if we let such a normal thought hold us back from achieving what we want to achieve?

How many others could be doing that too?

And I will finish with this.

Think back to something you were nervous about before…

Whether you did it or not..

I can guarantee that either the pain from the regret from not doing it was exhausting..


You could not believe how you were stressing so much about it..

As things are rarely as bad as they seem.

And that is the power of experience

The more you DO

The more experienced you get.

Which means you are never really ‘starting again’

But actually starting again as someone who is more experienced 

And more equipped to succeed.

As those who fail the most

Generally have a higher chance of success

(as they keep going…and welcome imposter syndrome as a message that you are about to get some transformational results)


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What happened to Debbie…

What happened to Debbie 

Got this message from Debbie last week:

Well done, Debbie 🙂

If you’d like to kickstart your health and fitness this Summer and join Debbie and co..

Our next Kickstasrt begins next month specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it..

→ One to one coaching so you stop stopping

→ A simple step by step day by day plan you can do on your busiest, most stressful day with accountability using our 3F system so you avoid overwhelm 

→ Meet like-minded ladies

→ All adapted for you even if you haven’t exercised in years…

Reply with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details. 


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Do you need to count calories?

When ordering your coffee in your local coffee shop…

You get rudely distracted by the choc volcano brownie


You seem to give yourself a telling off for even thinking about it

Let alone tucking into one (or  just nibbling at your other halves one)

Just think about this way

If some lions came across the some food

^^^ let’s call them Mufasa and Simba

Do you really think that Mufasa would turn to Simba and say:

‘You know what Simba, I’m not really feeling like tucking in to all this food. I’m watching my waistline.”

“But why Mufasa? You can always do 40000000 burpees to help you burn the calories you’ll take in”

^^ can you tell my kids have been watching Lion King on repeat?

It just wouldn’t happen, right?

Because you and I are wired to eat.

And the food environment you live in today thrives off of this

The fresh, heavenly smell of bread in the supermarkets

The £1 chocolate at the petrol station…

It’s not your fault, it’s actually the result of years and years of evolution.

You are wired to go for fat and sugary, high calorie foods, so if they’re vending machines biscuits in the staff room, or on your kitchen side?

It’s going to make it difficult whether you’re counting calories or not.

So if you’re beating yourself up for having ‘thoughts’ about going through a loaf of bread left out on the side

Finishing the packet of biscuits

And THEN the tub of ice cream

Actually give yourself a break.

And let’s assess what you CAN do. 

We know your environment plays a key role here

In fact, a recent study showed that:

* When Europeans (that’s us despite Brexit) move to North America we gain 7% of our body weight

* When North Americans move overseas to Europe they lose around 2% of their body weight

* When North Americans move to Asia…they lose over 4% of their body weight

Which just highlights how what you do isn’t always based on rationale, conscious decisions, right?

and I know what you’re thinking…

“Well, I’m not moving to North America or Asia any time soon”

So here’s what you can do right now to lose up to 10lbs:

* Only eat from crockery

* Use smaller crockery

* Only eat when your sat down

* Don’t eat in front of the TV

* Tidy your kitchen so the only thing out is a fruit bowl

* Make sure the first thing you see when you open your fridge are veggies / salads / meats (you’re 3 times more likely to choose the first thing you see)

*Get protein in at every meal 

*Drink a glass of water before every meal

But you know this stuff already, right?

You’ve tried eating healthy before.

But just couldn’t stick to it. Piled the weight back on.

And if you have done all of this before?

My questions to you:

→ Have you done it for long enough?

→ What if the £1 chocolate wasn’t bad but your thoughts about it were (which meant you thought ‘F it’, I will start again Monday)

^^ And this is where counting calories for a few days might help?


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slow metabolism (how to fix it)?

Slow metabolism (how to fix it)?

Something I get asked about a lot from the ladies just starting their 28 Day Kickstart is whether their metabolism is now ‘slow’ or ‘broken’ and that’s why they can’t lose weight.

(Reply with ‘November’ if you’d like more info on our November kickstart in Marlborough, Devizes or Burbage by the way) 

Some are being told by slimming clubs to ‘eat more potatoes’ even when they are full up…

Eat more speed foods..

It can be confusing for some. 

Now, it’s true…

That when you diet / try to lose weight

You may find that your progress slows down..

And that adaptations happen that make it ‘feel like’ you can’t lose weight / your metabolism is slow.

But something that is often overlooked is NEAT 


The exercise  / movement you do outside of actual exercise.

This could be gardening, walking, fidgeting, parking further away, walking around the house, your posture. Etc…

What the research shows is that some people are more prone to changes in this type of movement when dieting than others..

In fact, one study gave people 1000 calories more than they needed

And showed that weigh gain ranged from 1-2kg to 6-7kg…

With the main difference between their everyday movement.

So what does this mean?

Well, if you have been exercising a lot and / or eating a lot less?

You may be subconsciously moving less..

You may be fidgeting less, walking less, not have that ‘get up and go’ that you maybe used to have..

And this could be the reason why your fat loss is slowing..

Rather than your metabolism.

And it’s for this reason why I often recommend just focussing on small changes..

1% better each day

Rather than going all in on some military bootcamp thing where you leave on your hands and knees, dropping with sweat haha not nice..

And research backs this up..

They gave people an exercise programme that burned 600 calories


An exercise programme that burned 300 calories .

What did they find?

When people did the exercise programme that burnt 600 calories they seemed to move 300 calories less during the day..

Suggesting that ‘more’ is not always better

Especially if you struggle for time

To the extent you do not have time to plan your meals…

(maybe you are prioritising the wrong thing? Or the easier thing?)

And just being aware of your daily movement, no matter how small..

Even if it is moving around on the hour in the office

Or going for a walk at lunchtime / parking further away at the shops..

This could be key..

I guess this is the debate we have

between eating enough and getting the nutrition you need to

Drop a dress size / get in shape


Have enough energy to get fit and strong so everyday tasks get easier. 

It is a fine balance.

As one will often help the other

(losing weight might take pressure off your joints to make exercise easier but exercising can make us feel good and stop binge eating…)


3 things I also want to touch on

1 ) SMALL fluctuations in weight that you see weekly / daily

Even up to 6lbs

Can literally just be the results of a bit more veg / fibre in your diet, water, eating later, menstrual cycle, sleep, salt etc.

And probably shouldn’t be taken as some absolute measure of your success 

(in fact, this is why I don’t say to weigh yourself if you’ve had a bad experience with slimming clubs starving yourself for the dreaded weigh in..)

2) IF you have lost weight…you are now a smaller human being and require fewer calories to live 

(this may not be the case with more muscle / ‘tone’ so you may actually keep your metabolism slightly higher with this) 

The good news is that your body adapts to this over time.

Higher protein intakes and resistance / muscle strengthening exercise seems to help with this as they help to keep you full up..

3) Low carb – 

VERY low carb diets ‘may’ slow impact your thyroid..


A lot of the ladies I work with actually find that it helps their hunger and ability to stick to a diet 

By eating a lower carb diet. 

Perhaps due to the higher protein that results from this?

So anyway..

what does this mean for you today?

→ Keep an eye on your daily steps – track your steps and try to keep them the same even if you do exercise

—> Keep protein higher  – this can help your body hold on to muscle and be more likely to lose body fat

→ Don’t take fluctuations on the scale as the absolute indicator of your efforts – after all…keeping going at 60% will get you better results than being 100% on it for a day…

-> You don’t have to jump straight into some crazy high intensity exercise programme … start small, you might then keep up your other exercise and you might then enjoy it again to do it tomorrow and the next…

And finally..

Small habits, compound effect…

You might just need to keep doing what you are doing for a bit longer.

It sounds hard, yes..

But what is the alternative? 

Giving up and starting again?

Matt ‘1>0’ Fruci

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“Would have given up”

“Would have given up”

Got this message from one of the ladies last week (see image)

Amazing to get messages like this.

Check out these two comments:

“Happier about how I looked”

“Would have given up”

^^^ two complete opposites. 


There is really not much difference between them.

It actually comes down to the small things. 

And keeping going.

Stopping stopping.

Which is what we do in our 3F accountability system.

With our focus on the Food, Fitness and Focus

And getting you to do the things that you know you need to do.

Want to join us for our next 28 Day Kickstart beginning next month?

Message me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details 


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Am I fit enough to exercise…?

“Am I fit enough to exercise?”

We get this a lot.

And we get it. Maybe you haven’t exercised in a while?

Nervous about getting started?

This is why we have our Back to Basics sessions. 

As Julie goes through in this video here:

we are approached  by ladies who are concerned they are not fit enough or they have a health condition.

So in this video, coach Julie gives an insight into our Back to Basics sessions. 

These are lower level exercises done with support of a chair or wall. Focusing on form and muscle.💪🔥



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Eating out and staying on track…

 Eating out and staying on track

So we had a family weekend away in London the other week.

Getting a bit lost with a 3 year old and a 5 year old…

Was a bit of a challenge:

“My legs are hurting”

To which I responded – in true Fruci Fit fashion – “Let’s focus on getting through that next one step”


We finally came across somewhere to eat, albeit wasn’t where we planned.

There was a market in Sloane Square 

And wow, never seen so much food. 

Amazing looking vegan food (and I am not vegan..)







Stall after stall 


We were walking around.

I was starving

Slightly h-angry. 

Which I could tell as I was becoming quite short with Mrs Fruci and the kids (oooops)..

And after all of that walking I just thought

“I’m getting this, it looks amazing”

So I ended up getting the vegan dish.

It was amazing

I didn’t actually know it was vegan until it came and I noticed it was a lentil burger under the rainbow of salads and slaws, but it was lovely. 


We kept walking around..

To which I had a little bit of FOMO (fear of missing out)…

“OMG paella”

“Wow look at the ribs there”


Should have waited, I thought.

And I nearly went in for another meal…

But thought:

“Do I actually need any more?”

But the thing is, eating out and on-the-go when trying to lose some weight, get fit and drop a few dress sizes is one of the most common challenges I hear from the ladies we work with…

“What’s the best thing to choose?”

or even…

“Maybe this isn’t the best time to start?”

“Will it still work if I eat out a lot?”

Almost like you have to choose one or the other…eating out or losing weight…

And I guess it comes down to what you mean by ‘work’…

it’s only going to ‘work’ if you fit the ‘diet’ to YOUR lifestyle….

And I’m pretty sure, that your lifestyle will involve meals out…

Holidays, Christmas, birthdays, Easter,  and even your local nutritionist inviting you to Sloane Square soon haha

So what can you do?

Well, not only did I ask some of the ladies in our Fit For Life Programme what they do when eating out, but I also combined this with what the sciencey stuff says about eating out and still losing weight…

1. Choose the social events you’re going to enjoy and others where you’ll make healthier choices

2. Walk around a buffet before picking up a plate

3. Know there’s a difference between being full up and having enough

4. Focus on company not food (it is a social event)

5. Know that you are not missing out, but simply aligning your actions with your goals. 

how much of what you choose to eat is based on what other people do?

One study showed that when 2 out of the 3 friends opted for the ‘healthier’ option, the 3rd friend followed

6. Think Debits and Credits – Whether you’re tracking points, calories, syns, or just trying to eat ‘heathy portions’, all can work. 

But how might your mindset around thinking ‘F it, I’ll start again on Monday’ change if you knew that you COULD allow more on certain days to compensate and less on others?

Put it this way, if you had a budget of £100 for a week and you spent £80 in 1 day, you wouldn’t think ‘F it…might as well spend £800’

Yet that is essentially our mindset when it comes to food…

Causing you to spiral from one bad meal to one bad day to one bad week to ‘what’s the point’…

And it’s blooming hard getting started again…​​​​​

Key take home?

Eating out is probably a part of your lifestyle.

So by saying you can’t start or there’s no point in starting if you’re eating out

Is basically saying that you either have to give up your social life or stay the same as it’s not ‘perfect’

And -again – it comes back down to that belief you have that it has to be ‘perfect’…

Which stops you sticking to something for long enough to see the results you want to see…

You see, time with family and friends and having some fun (which you’re allowed to do)

is probably the reason why you want to invest some time and energy in your health and fitness…

To have more energy. Confidence. Feel great in the clothes you wear. How you feel. 

Eliminate aches and pains..

Sure, some compromises have to be made…

and ​​you’ll probably get quicker results if you never eat out and deprive yourself…

But that’s not for me…

and it probably comes to the question of:

What makes you happy?​​​​

Matt ‘never thought I would like a lentil burger’ Fruci

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Thinking about food all of the time?

“I don’t want to think about food all of the time…”

That was something that came up the other day.

And it is an interesting one.

Because on one hand:

Things like:

→ Planning meals

→ Tracking calories

→ Working out

Are all exhausting

They require us to think about it..

And requires effort.

But on the other hand

→ Binge eating

→ Snacking on the go

→ Grabbing a takeaway

Is also exhausting ..

And by default means they are already thinking about food all day..

I spoke about this more HERE: 


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Stop stopping?

Stop stopping?

I posted this quote the other day (see image)

Because speaking to so many ladies who are looking to get fit, tone up, improve their mobility and lose weight …

And working with so many ladies like these are:

Is that you think 

You have to train really hard to see any changes..

So there is often ‘no point’

In fact, you often think that unless you can do an hour, it is pointless.

And I have been speaking about this for years.

Even back when I was working in the NHS and Public Health delivering diabetes education.

From nutrition to getting people join me for a one minute resistance band workout in Great Western Hospital. It was amazing to see how many people actually did have 1 minute

And how good they felt after.

And once one person joined in?

So many others did too.


I believe many people are always ‘starting’ something

* Starting to exercise

* Starting to go to bed earlier

* Starting to eat better

Starting, starting, starting

Never finishing.

I see it all of the time…

And something we are currently adding into our accountability 3F system at Fruci Fit

Is a simple concept but super powerful…

Imagine if you could


Imaging how much further ahead we could be if we just STOPPED STOPPING

Crazy right?

And it is going to be for ALL the ladies inside our programmes already

And those wanting to join our next 28 Day Kickstart, specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already

But I need the plan and accountability to do it.

Want more info?

Just reply with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details


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My relationship with food has changed…

My relationship with food has changed…

Got this message last week (see image)

And if I am honest?

If you do not get this right?

That relationship with food..

The stuff that really dictates what you do..

The habits


Then it is no wonder we keep going back and forth with that yoyo dieting…

So what I have done

Is put together a free Mini 4 part course:

 4 Steps to overcome comfort eating and feel in control of your food again

Would you like me to send it over to you?