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Snacking when cooking…?

I had a question last week about how to stop snacking when cooking.

Interesting part here?

  1. Is it actually an issue to snack when cooking? In fact, why is it an issue?
  2. Some research suggests when people have a salad before their main meal with vinegar this lowers their blood sugar response and helps them feel more full up
  3. Could you prepare something for when you are cooking? Protein based? Pre cut veggies?

Remember, you have to put something in the tank…

Does it then make you eat fewer calories at your meal?

And sometimes you just have to really dig into your self awareness (something we help you with inside our Summer Shape Up Programme) so you can make the choice that makes you happy. 

Does the snacking ruin your meal?

Does it mean you don’t enjoy your meal?

Reflect on these.

Knowing what you know now,

What could you do differently? 


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Arthritis? Try this (Tracy’s story)

Arthritis? Try this (Tracy’s story)

Well done, Tracy.

Always focussing on what she CAN do.

Despite limitations, from needing a hip replacement to arthritis.

And now?

As Tracy said:

“Feeling so much better”

“Never felt silly or left out when my hip couldn’t bend or support me”

“Improvement in physical health and mental health”

And my favourite:

“A second chance at living a healthy and happy life”

Awesome work, Tracy.

If you want to join Tracy and co on our Summer Shape Up?

Message me with ‘Summer’ and I will get you the details. 


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Do you know yours?

Do you know yours?

I got asked a question the other week

about heart rate monitors and whether / if  / how they should use their FitBit / Apple Watch / Phone to help with their workouts.

Now, it – of course – depends on your goals

For endurance style goals, you may want to track what heart rate training zone you are in to help ensure you keep a steady pace throughout and don’t burnout early on (and to track your fitness of course).

But given the majority of the ladies we work with at Fruci Fit want to get fit, lose weight, and tone up…

Does it have any use here?




We all know the scales won’t always move in the right direction, right?

so this is why we teach a habit based approach at Fruci Fit.

If you do the things you know you need to do you will get the results you want.

and if you get results?

It is a win for everyone.

For us as coaches at Fruci Fit

seeing and feeling the excitement when a client goes skiing for the first time in years…

can get up and down from the floor to play with their grandkids..

Fits back into their wardrobe full of clothes they love..

I could go on..

So how does heart rate fit into this?

Well, two ways:

1) Resting heart rate:

Your resting heart rate is your heart rate at rest (surprise) 

You can calculate this first thing in the morning by:

counting your heart beats in 15 seconds then multiply by 4 (you can use an app or your watch too)

This tells you how strong and fit your heart is. 

AKA fewer beats, the stronger the heart is as the stroke volume (how much blood your heart pumps around the body per beat) is now higher and that is why it can do it in fewer beats.

Between 50-70 is considered pretty good.

But you could now use this to monitor progress. Is it getting lower over time?

Don’t do this after your morning coffee 😉

2) Maximum heart rate:

Your maximum heart rate is 220 – your age.

For example,  I am basically 32. so 220 – 32 =[ *Matt grabs calculator* ] 188

so my maximum heart rate is 188.

Now I might use this to see how my heart rate is in my workouts.

For example, can I get this to 50-70% of my max heart rate today?

How did I feel?

Did I feel I could push more?

This can give us feedback to know when to push or not.

It could also help motivate some people who like to gamify things a bit more.

Now, that said?

The most important thing is you just DO the workout.

as the best workout in the world is the one you do..

We can talk about it all we want, analyse the best way..

but unless you actually put one foot in front of the other?

You are a spectator …

and when you are in spectator mode,

that is usually when you drop into worrying about what others will think

Or what others are doing. 

So focussed on things we cannot control

that we don’t control what we can.

One thing to remember, 

Is that when doing resistance exercise, heart rate will not be a good reflection of what you are aiming to do.

This is because resistance exercise has the goal of strengthening muscles and certain exercises will do this without getting your heart rate up but

Still providing the benefits like:

→ Helping to build muscle and change your body shape

→ Help you get stronger and make everyday tasks easier

→ Help to eliminate those niggles and aches 

→ Increase bone density 

→ Decrease risk of Type 2 diabetes

I could go on


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” Look at the label, Daddy! “

“Look at the label, Daddy”

My 5 year old daughter says to me 

In response to me asking:

“Which one is who’s?” Pointing to their pyjamas.

My response was…


“Good point” I said haha admitting defeat to a 5 year olds logic.

And reminded me of a debate going on right now 

After calorie information on menus in restaurants is now a legal requirement in the UK.

Now, on one hand

This is based on research showing that when restaurants have to put calories on their menu,

They tend to serve lower fat/ salt / sugar / calorie meals


There are fewer calories in the meals you eat when eating out.

Which is a good thing when it comes to the food industry helping us to make better choices.

But on the other hand ..

You have small businesses having to add another thing to comply.

Chefs having to perhaps change their recipes ?

But the thing is,

Even if going out for a meal is “a treat”

I get lots of questions about “what’s for best thing to eat?”

Now, if the calories are on the menu, would this make it easier?

I mean then even if you didn’t care,

You’d know how many but you can choose it anyway?

Now, having had an eating disorder myself,

I get this worry, too.

What’s your thoughts on this?

I did a video on this here


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Self doubt? Try this

 self doubt? Try this

Had a message from someone last week

Who was experiencing some self doubt.

Not with their fitness or eating.

But with work.

What she wrote could be perceived as negative

But it was actually really positive.

Simply by using a technique we use, called the Shift reframe.

As guess what?

She realised that what she would have normally done,

Was binge eat..

Cook some cakes / flapjacks

Emotionally eat

Then feel rubbish.


She set herself some targets and did them.

Tai chi



plan food.

In other words

Acting based on how she wants to feel rather than how she currently feels

^^ read that again

Going through self doubt?

something getting you down?

Here are 4 questions which might make you look at it differently.

(Most people won’t bother doing this. And will stay stuck. This is why at Fruci Fit, we are so big on accountability):

1.What happened / what is happening?

2. Why is it positive?

3. What lesson can you extract from it?

4. How will you apply that moving forward and WHEN


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sparkly boots syndrome? 🦄 

sparkly boots syndrome? 🦄 

“I feel happy when…. [insert here]..

“I want the sparkly shoes”” << ​​​​​​gets sparkly boots on

^^ my daughter says

“I don’t want sparkly boots on” <<< takes sparkly boots off

“I want sparkly boots on” <<< And the cycle continues 😂😂

Funny thing is…

All we needed was a good play at the park and jump on the trampoline…

To instantly change her mood…​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Which I guess isn’t surprising

I mean, how do you feel when you have fun?

And do more things that make you feel good?

Which begs the question:

when was the last thing you did something that makes you happy?

Here’s something I haven’t gone back to in a while, and something I used to do a lot more and keep handy to make myself feel better

It’s a “I feel happy when….” List.

​​​”I feel happy when:





Here’s what mine looked like:​​​​​​​​​​

1. Make myself laugh by trying to make someone else laugh

2. write a blog

3. cook / listen to a book

5. go for a walk / workout / move 

6. ring a friend

7. See friends / family 

8. play with my kids

9. Dance with my daughters listening to baby shark and pink, fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows (video footage will never be released haha)​​

10. meditate 

11. Date night 


Because – believe it or not – we can’t decide whether we want sparkly boots on or not either…


We go around in circles

Beating ourselves up…

“Why do I feel a bit low…”

“Why do I have no energy”

“Why am I not motivated”​​

knowing what to do but still not doing it…

^^^ Which makes you even more annoyed

​​​​And probably the worst of all?

W​i​​​​​​​shing that you didn’t feel so low…

Which is interesting

Because you get what you focus on

So if you focus on the thing you don’t want?

You’ll probably get more of it…

So why not do something TODAY


that you get to do

That makes you happy?

Not sure what makes you happy?


Try something new and see..

You have a blank canvas.

But you’ll never know unless you stop procrastinating about whether you want sparkly boots on or not. 

the only way to find out..

Is by doing 

Matt ‘pink, fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows’ Fruci

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How do I stay motivated?

“How do I stay motivated ?

I’m not an exercise lover?”

Something we hear a lot.

In fact that’s exactly what Lois said:

Fast forward to now?

Meeting new people 

Starting to see results 

Looking forward to exercise 

And most importantly?

Consistent rather than focussing on being motivated enough..

Want to join Lois and co on our Summer Shape Up for women 40+?

Message me with “summer “ and I’ll get you the details 


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” My head wasn’t in it “

“my head wasn’t in it”

I’ll be honest,

I am not sure I actually enjoy doing exercise…

I LOVE the feeling I get from having done it..

But doing it

Or starting it?


And If I really think about it, I would say my head isn’t in it more often than not…

But does that matter?

I mean, so many people won’t do the things they know they need to do because their head isn’t it or they are lacking motivation …

Almost as if we have to wait for the perfect time or conditions to start.

What if though…

What if you could do it anyway?

Even if your head wasn’t in it?

Even if you lacked motivation?

What would be different for you

If you act based on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel?

So today’s task today?

Replace ‘what if with ‘even if’.

E.g. replace “what if my head isn’t in it to exercise?” with ‘even if my head isn’t in it, I’ll exercise”

Just like this message I got last week (see image)


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When it comes to Summer, a lot of people tend to feel self conscious about their Summer outfits and beach wear. 

It’s a very common worry. So if you do relate to the above, you’re not alone!

I spoke about body image recently. And how this is an “everyone” thing…

We all have challenges with our body image. 

And wherever you are at right now with your body image..

Remember that you can be happy with who you are whilst still wanting to be or look better.

^^^ read that again 

And the number of times ladies say to me:

“This is going to sound so vain but I want to…

Fit back into my clothes

Feel confident enough to go down to the pool and the beach”

The good news? 

now is the perfect time to achieve realistic results and make real positive improvements to your body composition! 

We’ve just released our new programme, the 8 Week Summer Shape Up Programme. 

This programme is designed to help you shake off the Winter slump, get into great shape and feel confident moving into Summer! 

Our signature programme is of course, our 28 Day Kickstart.

But we’ve chosen 8 weeks because we know it’s a good amount of time to really make a great difference this summer. 

In a short space of time you’ll: 

  • Make a significant positive change to your body composition
  • Get more toned, while you look and feel better 👗 
  • Transform your body confidence – not just in the way you look but how you move and what you do 
  • Have bundles more energy

Plus much more! 

We cover everything for you, from the training to nutrition, while we keep you motivated.

All you need to do is show up and we’ll take care of the rest! 

If you want to find out how you can get involved just message me with “summer” 

If you’ve been wanting to make a change, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. 

Specifically for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it.

Speak soon 


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What happened to Sarah ( 6 stone down )

What happened to Sarah

Got this message from Sarah last week who did our 5 Day Kickstart even after working with us for the past year (look at what she achieved)

^^^ see image

Well done, Sarah.

→ 6 stone down

→ Self confidence back

→ Off blood pressure medication 

→ More energy 

→ No longer on the cups of diabetes 

→ Making friends and overcoming confidence 

This is what it is all about. 

And as Sarah said,

She was very nervous at the start.

Did not feel comfortable coming in.

So worked with us one to one and did her workouts from home.

And now?

What a difference. 

Imagine that a year from now?

If you want to join our Summer Shape Up Programme.

Message me with ‘Summer’ and I will get you the details.