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No time? Try this!

No time? Try this

A question I had yesterday:

​​”I don’t have a lot of time. What’s the time commitment?”

Truth is, there’s NO actual time commitment….

It just depends how quickly you want to get the results you want. 

I mean, let’s say you invest 15 minutes a day in your food, fitness and weekly tasks you are set. 

​​1 is BETTER than 0. You are STILL closer to your goal. And when you build that momentum and it becomes a habit? It is HONESTLY easier…

(although I am still not perfect with my flossing habit but – as I said – I’m still better and if I’m working on it? I have NOT failed!)

You see, some people mention that I talk about being ‘selfless’ a lot by  putting yourself first. 

What I mean by this is that – for many – the EASIEST way to be happy​​​​​​ is putting your mental and physical health first. 

As no matter how much you try to put your friends, family and work first (which happens to me, too)…cracks will start to appear. 

And I say this from personal experience, too. I am WAY more irritable when I haven’t looked after me. 

“What’s the point?” 

I used to think to myself when I could not get a workout in..

Be it because of uni work, personal training, family life…

And isn’t it interesting

that it is the stuff that makes us feel good that we want to give up?

Thing is, I can say “I can’t workout because I need to look after my kids” but If I am truly honest, If I don’t do things that make me feel good?

I end up more frustrated as I don’t feel like I am as good as a Dad…energy lacking, patience a bit lower…

That’s when I realised I can combine these two (with short workouts) and getting the kids involved too..more on that another day.

In summary?

There is NO time commitment for anything, It just depends how important it is to you right now. ​​​​

​​be it health, fitness, learnings a new skill, job…

It’s a case of how long do you have? 

And lastly, how important is this to you?

All I ask if you want to join my free 5 day kickstart for women 40+ who know what to do but need the accountability and plan to do it?

Is that you meet me ½ way. 

I’ll be there everyday setting you a 10 minute task and live every single evening to answer any questions you have.

Here’s the link to learn more 

Matt​​ ‘the time machine’ Fruci

Ps. We start on Monday. The group opens on Saturday and you’ll need to be in the group by Sunday to start ready for the first task   😃

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Message from Lynne :)

Message from Lynne

Got this message from Lynne last week (see image)

And it’s often those things we notice when we get fitter and “tone up”..

Well done, Lynne.

If you want to join Lynne and co on my free 5 Day Kickstart where we will be covering:

DAYS 1-2: Making Nutrition & Exercise Simple – Learn More About Basic Nutrition, And Learn To Get Active Again. I’ll Talk About The Pressures And Barriers That Are Stopping You From Being Consistent And Help You Stop The Yo Yo Effect You Keep Finding Yourself In. I’ll Set You Short (low impact) Exercise Sessions (10 minutes) To Kickstart Your Results

DAYS 3-4: Self Awareness & Motivation To Do The Things You Know You Need To Do: Focus More On Where You Are Today. What Does Your Life Look Like Right Now? I’ll Teach You A Great Strategy To Find That Out And Audit Yourself So You Know Which Strategies Will Work Best For You (& know how to get better results than you are now)

DAY 5: How To Stop Stopping: How To Stay Motivated & Get Through The Honeymoon Period Of Diet & Exercise (get this right, and you never need to ‘start’ again…)

This is specially for women 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and accountability to do it. 

Register for free here 


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“Daddy, what have you done to my dinner”

My 5 year one says referring to her homemade dried apple 😆 

Now, I can explain.

We had recently had some dried apple snacks.

The kids loved them.

And we happened to have a load of apples that had bites out of them…

Not naming names, but it was definitely my 3 year old haha

So rather than waste them, I thought we could make some apple crisps.

^^^ Dad points for sure 😃

So we made some (sliced the apple, drizzle of lemon, cinnamon, in the oven at a low heat on an oiler tray)

The kids had some.

I had some.

And that was that.

I then came home later to see there were some leftovers. 

So I thought “I’ll finish them” and so I did.

“She wanted them for tomorrow” Mrs Fruci comes in and says 

“🤬” I think..

Ok I’ll make some more and leave some.

Only for the morning to come .

“You burnt them Daddy

“Mummy said you ate mine. “

Guilty 😂 

Why am I sharing this?

  1. your environment dictates what you do – I saw leftovers out and I was in autopilot and ate them 
  2. They’re watching – if we want our kids to behave in certain ways, we have to practice those behaviours (as they’re watching)

And as one of the ladies said to me the other day:

“I want to be there for my grandkids. I don’t want to be the one not doing the walks. Not having the energy to play with them”

Similar to what Sue said (see image) 

And this is why we will be showing you how to make everyday tasks easier like getting up and down from the floor and walking up the stairs (without feeling breathless)

As well as helping you feel in control of food again 

All in my free 5 Day Kickstart:

How Wiltshire Ladies 40+ Can Start To Fit Back Into Their Favourite Clothes Again By Creating Simple Healthy Habits (so you don’t have to rely on Motivation & Willpower To Get Fit)

Register here 


Ps. We start Monday 4th April 😃

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What’s the 5-Day Kickstart?

 What’s the 5-Day Kickstart?

Here’s a weird little fact for you…

This week many ladies will (and already have) enquire or ask about my FREE 5 Day Kickstart beginning on Monday 4th April

But ONLY 20% of those will actually turn up and do it..

And 10% of those will engage with me throughout the 5 days. 

Why is that?

Why do so many people sit on the fence?

And let their fears hold them back from making a decision that will open doors for them?

Get them more energy?

Get out of bad habits?

Into positive, energising new ones?

Make everyday tasks easier?

You see, deep down inside…

Their gut says, “JUST DO IT!”

But that nasty little voice of doubt yells back, 

“you’re not worth it… you’ll let yourself down again… who do you think you are anyway?? You couldn’t do it before”

Now listen…

I know.

3% of people have real reasons for not being able to join right away.

But the other 97%?

They are letting that dark voice hold them back…

The same voice that has kept them plateaued… stagnant… filled with doubt… creating a silent tension in so many areas…

As a coach and a Nutritionist, it’s my job to help you see these doubts for what they are…

And simply ask you great questions so you can get out of your own way and FINALLY get to the next level.

Below I have gone through some of these questions I get…

to address these fears and common questions…

Question #1: “Will the 5-days be too intense for me? I’ve not done anything for a long time?

My answer is simple: NO.

The 5-Day Kickstart is created in a way that allows you to go at your own pace with easy to implement tasks drip fed every day…

10 minute workout

5 minute task

That is it…

And if you want more?

You can come back in for the LIVE Q and A in the evening at 8pm Monday to Friday. I will be there to help YOU

All the content will be recorded for you to consume as you please in the future

Or (if you have time) join in the lives and get your most pressing questions answered!

So whether you’re still working a job and juggling the kids and family 

OR retired

This free 5-day Kickstart will fit right into your life, guaranteed.

Question #2: “Will this work for me?”

I’ve said it plenty of times: I’ve not found anyone who has engaged, asked questions, worked with us

And that it hasn’t worked for.

Despite injuries.

Comfort eating.


Fear about their age..

Whether they’re too ‘unfit to start’

‘have too much to lose’

I’ve been in the trenches helping over 1000 ladies in the last 24 months alone…

There are injuries, health conditions, mobility issues, self doubt, fear, and more…

Ultimately, it’s NOT about the type of issue…

It boils down to, 

Are You Willing To Ask For Help, Work With Us & Allow Me To Guide You To Success?

If the answer is “YES!” then this is for you.

Question #4: “I don’t have time right now. I’ll wait for the next one”


I’m not going to promise…

As the saying goes:

“if you don’t make time for your health today, you’ll be forced to make time for it tomorrow”

And it doesn’t need to be loooads of time.

We start with just 10 minutes. 

Imagine where you’d be by the Summer if you did 10 minutes a day until then?

Where would you be in 90 days?

You see, in my experience… those who “wait” find themselves in the same position 3 months later…

Gripping onto the same excuse as last time.

It just depends whether 

Your health right now is a sooner thing or a later thing for you…

This is about

Small steps compound effect.

To change your state

And change your energy

Sunday is your last chance to join our FREE 5 Day Kickstart which begins on Monday 4th April, 

specifically for ladies 40+ who know what to do but need a plan and accountability to do it. 

Details here:

Perfect if you want to kickstart your healthy habits

With exercise and healthy eating..


PS. You need to be joined in the group for Monday so you are ready for the starting task Monday 

PPS. Here’s the link to register

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” Stop snacking, stop snacking “

“Stop snacking, Stop snacking”

I am wandering around my kitchen:

“Am I hungry?”

And wise words from Mrs Fruci:

“Well if you’re thinking about whether you are hungry or not you’re probably not…”

I get that..

I mean, I did not fancy an apple…

But I fancied something sweeter.

I mean, not like biscuits or cake..

Even yoghurt and berries would do.

Just ‘something’..

The urge for something sweet…

“But I don’t need it, maybe a few berries will do it”

Then once I give in?

It is almost like the floodgates can open (even though I know it is not rational)

Sound familiar? 

I am focussed on the urge. 

I am trying not to snack but now I can’t stop thinking about snacking…

And this urge, trying to push it away.

Now look at the image and try not to think of a pink elephant 

You see what happened? 

I was so focussed on fighting the urge and making it go away..

I now could not think about it..

And forgot to empty the dishwasher

^^ meaning I was in the dog house with Mrs Fruci haha

So next time you get that urge?

I want you to try something called ‘urge surfing’.

How long does the urge last for? 

Instead of running away from it, be interested in it. 

Surf it.

 Be curious. 

Where is the urge in your body? How does it feel? How long does it last? Does the urge move?

The interesting part?

You are now in power..

You are empowered to take control


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How to overcome fear….

How to overcome fear…

“That was 120 years ago…

all of those people had fears..

had dreams..

some achieved them …

some didn’t..

either way, we all die in the end​​​​​​​​​​​​”

​​I saw a picture today of a street in Swindon in 1902 

^^^ I was in the restroom at a restaurant in Swindon- is that too​ much information?

and that is exactly what went through my head.

I mean, given that we are not sure what tomorrow brings, let alone next year, 

why is it that we let fear hold us back so much?

And I am not immune to this, it took me years to overcome my issues with public speaking.

Thing is though, it is really easy to blame ‘fear’.

But what if it was actually that you were:

–> Overwhelmed?

–> Scared of the outcome? Scared of failing and scared of ​succeeding?

–> Feeling uninspired? Worried what others might say if I do it?

–> Unfulfilled? ​You know you can do more in life, give more, achieve more, but have not quite done it?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

–> Seeking permission from everyone around you? That we don’t feel comfortable achieving our own dreams unless everyone around you agrees with you?​​​​


What if you were actually avoiding DISCOMFORT? 

^^^ even though avoiding perceived discomfort can actually bring discomfort?

So this brings me to 3 kinds of fear​  DISCOMFORT:

1–> The pain of loss- Will I disappoint my friends / family?  Will I lose respect of others? Will I waste time? Money?​

^^ forgetting that whatever you do, even if you do not get the desired outcome, you​always get the outcome of GROWTH and LEARNING​​

2–> ​Pain of process – It is too much time, you haven’t got the energy, you don’t think you are good enough? 

^^ forgetting what message this is putting out to others. ​I don’t feel comfortable telling my kids they can do anything they want….​​​​​whilst moping around, complaining about my life…

3–> ​Pain of outcome – is it even worth it? Will I be able to handle it when I get there? If I lose the weight and get fit, is it all worth it?

So here is a task for you today:​​

​​Rather than WHAT IF…

​​Swap for EVEN IF

​​EVEN IF I am not motivated I will do it anyway

​​EVEN IF I am nervous, I will do it anyway

​​EVEN IF I cannot be bothered I will show up.

​​EVEN IF it gets hard, I will still do it

​​Then you cannot loss

​​​​As you always LEARN

And never have the regrets of

“What if”​​​


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” Grandma, sit on the floor”

“Grandma, sit on the floor”

Got this message from Sue last week (see image)

Amazing work, Sue.

And like I said to Sue..

if there was ever a reminder of why you want to do this..

Why you are doing the things you probably know you need to do?

There it is..

Well done.

Best part of this?

It is never too late to start.

Research even shows that you can build strength and muscle at the age of 90+ years old

With the right exercise and nutrition..

So if you are 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ , even 80+ reading this now…

Thinking “I am old, I should have started earlier” 

My question to you is:

“How do you know?”

Because the research would not support that…

The only that will support that and make it true?



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Is weight loss just about low carb and fasting? 

Is weight loss just about low carb and fasting? 

Is weight loss just about low carb and fasting? 

Should you want to consider anything else?

I talk about this more here 

But if you prefer a quick read?

Here’s what you need to know:

 ​​“Is intermittent fasting good to help me lose weight?”​

It’s pretty trendy right now…

And although seeing the media hype it up like it’s some big secret makes me want to call it a fad…

It’s actually a useful tool in the toolbox …

In fact, I did it years back when I was studying at Oxford Brookes University.

I would leave my house at 5am, drive to Swindon, get the bus to Oxford, study, work in labs etc (where you can’t eat) and then eat my first meal / lunch on the bus on the way home at about 2pm..

Before going to do personal training…


And actually allowed me to drop body fat, get in the best shape of my life and still enjoy some great food in the evening with Mrs Fruci 

Simply because I had ‘saved up’ calories for later…

so in short, it can be a good tactic…

let’s say you skip breakfast and only eat 2 meals a day…

Your chances of overeating on calories that day may be lower…

Which means you will lose weight. 

Calories in, calories out, is the key to weight loss…

Fasting MAY also help people better control their blood sugar levels and regulate hunger…

In short, fasting can be a simple way to reduce calories without having to count them.


For others?

It results in a restrict – binge scenario.

All you think about is food all day. 

You stare at the cake cake in the office all day

Tell everyone you are intermittent fasting

And then have it anyway..

…followed by the F it Mindset, start again Monday…​​​​

Take Home:​​

​​Ultimately, losing body fat will improve the health of most people, regardless of whether you did it by fasting or not.

The principle behind this is creating a calorie deficit. Which means more out, less in. ​​

The TACTIC you use to get there has to fit your lifestyle.

Don’t like eating breakfast and feel like you’re forcing it down?

Why not delay it until mid-morning and see how you go? 

That might delay your lunch and

Maybe it’ll help you if you struggle at that mid afternoon crash time of the day?

Enjoy breakfast?

Keep it eating it. Just be sure to control your portions in your meals 🙂

But I get that you probably know that already.

In fact, through working with thousands of women and helping them create a positive relationship with food, there are 3 things that seem to work:

1) A simple personalised fitness and food plan that gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love (including your prosecco and Gin and tonic…) but some structure so you know what and when to eat so you can lose weight (and stick to it even on your busiest days)

^^^ As you probably have enough choices to make on the daily, right?

2) ​​​Accountability so you do the things that you know you need to do (and get a nice polite kick up the bum to help 😉)

3) Support from like-minded ladies all in the same boat looking to tone up, get fit and have some fun doing it so you don’t lose motivation when it gets tough…​​

If these 3 things sound like they’re what you need?

Then you might be interested in our 28 Day Kickstart for women 40+ who know what to do but need the motivation, step by step plan, and accountability to do it. 

Want more info?

Just reply with “28 day” and I’ll get you the info…

So you can build habits and fitness & food plan that fit your lifestyle, 

I’ll leave you with my one of my favourite quotes:

“In the end, you have greater control over your actions than you do your results. Your results are created by your actions” – Brian Moran

Matt ‘fasting?’ Fruci

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” It went out the window!! “

“it went out of the window 🤬”

“I had a rubbish day. All of my habits went out of the window” 

It happens. 

And it’s actually a part of change. 


Obstacles are on the way, not in the way.

It’s how we learn from them that counts. 

Just like I tell my daughters after they wind each other up 😂 

Or say “I can’t do [insert thing they are finding hard]”

I remind them of what they they just did something that they said they “can’t do”

^^ how many times have you said that?

And with every struggle and obstacle

Is a breakthrough.

Which if you take?

Could be the difference between you repeating the vicious yoyo dieting cycle where you feel great, lose some weight and then give up, only to start again, heavier than you were

And keep it off long term, feeling fitter and stronger for good. 

It’s called the “what, why, lesson, apply”.

Here are the 3 questions to ask after you feel like you’ve “let your habits slip” or “it’s all gone out of the window”

1) How did you feel when it happened? 

2) What triggered it?

3) Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?

Great thing about question 3?

Once you get this,

You have a strategy to overcome the obstacle next time it comes up. 

After all, the difference between you “failing again” and achieving the body and mindset you want…

Is the time taken between you “falling off the bandwagon” and getting back on it again…

The shorter the gap?

The better the results.

Whether this is putting a plan together that fits with your lifestyle so the so called “bad” foods are now part of the plan …


Having a simple strategy you can do on your worst day to get back on track…

This is where our 3F accountability system comes in.

Keeping your accountable to the things you probably know you need to do.

Just like we do in our 28 Day Kickstart. 

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+.

Message me with “28 day” and I’ll get you the details.