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Food and Fatigue….

Food and fatigue 🍫 

I was chatting with one of the ladies last week in a one to one (where we put together your starting plans for your 28 Day Kickstart >>> reply with “kickstart” for more details on our kickstart programme) 

And we got chatting about fatigue..

So I thought I’d share with you today (and feel free to share with others who may find it helpful)

An interview I did with Dr Shelly Coe, who is a researcher and Nutritionist From Oxford Brookes University.

Her research focus is on lifestyle, food, and exercise to fight fatigue, tiredness and conditions, such as MS.. 

She is also a big fan of chocolate and wine 😉 backed up the research, of course! 

Here’s what we discussed:

🍫 The everyday food that has been shown to help reduce fatigue (that is pretty tasty and you don’t need loads of time to prep)

🍫 Why lifestyle ‘medicine’ seems to be more effective that drugs for fatigue

🍫 A little known reason that might motivate you to eat more fruit and veg today..

🍫 What to do when you feel you don’t have the motivation or energy to exercise

🍫 Why expensive supplements aren’t the answer either

🍫 Why you’ll struggle to overcome your current obstacles unless you stop doing this one thing…

🍫 3 Things you can start with today to improve your sleep, increase your energy and feel better 

🍫 My 2am secret eating habit…

You can check out the video here:

Let me know what you think…

Oh, and if you’re on the go?

It should be up on my podcast too here:

>> If you have an Apple phone, go to iTunes here:

If you have an Android, go here

I hope this helps 😃

Matt ‘🍫’ Fruci

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Not “to do” list?

 Not “to do” list?

I’ve talked a lot about what myself, the research and some of the ladies do to transform their health and fitness habits..

But something no one really talks about is what to STOP doing…

Because what you’re doing right now are the habits that you are most committed to.

How do we know?

Well, we wouldn’t do it if we weren’t committed to it.   

Your actions will tell you what you are committed to.

So what I want you to do is to make a “not to do list”..

It could be a list of things you want to stop doing on a daily basis. 

For example:

🙋‍♂️Skipping breakfast

🙋‍♂️Skipping meditation 

🙋‍♂️Not planning on a Sunday / planning our meals 

🙋‍♂️ Going to bed at 11 because I scrolled social media for a hit (guilty)

🙋‍♂️ Having breakfast when you’re not hungry  

🙋‍♂️ multitasking so much that I don’t get anything done properly (that’s me haha)

🙋‍♂️ Saying “yes” just to get their approval  (guilty)

And it comes down to this question:

“Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?”

How do you pre qualify something so you can know when and how to say “no” or “yes”. 

For example, I rarely drink. Because I get so excited about what I do on a daily basis, I need the energy to give to this. But, I do like a drink. But I’ll only say “yes” to that if I have a day off or I really choose to have one. 

So my decision pleases me rather than people pleasing. 

This is part of the training I’m going to be delivering at our Quarterly Fruci Fit event where they’ll be workouts, low intensity high intensity, yoga, meditation, coffee, more coffee, refreshments and prizes🎉

This is all included in our January Kickstart. 

We have a flexible start date.

If you’d like more info, just reply with “Kickstart” and I’ll be in touch 


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How to avoid the weight loss rollercoaster?

Does this sound familiar?

Week 1: Ok let’s GO! So so excited for this

Week 2: Stayed the same weight?? WHAT?! After all the effort I’ve 

put in? 

what is the actual point?

Week 3: YES!! So happy right now!! 

RESULTS!!! 3lb loss… happy days…

Week 4: 2lb loss, ok that’s great news! If I keep this up I’ll be seriously happy…

Week 5: WHAT!? 1lb ON??! Livid right now. Not happy. Not one bit.

Week 6: Oh well that’s just my bloody luck. Not shifted at all. I feel a  downward spiral coming on….

Week 7: YESSSSSSSSS 3lb loss!!! Was getting worried there…

This absolute emotioAvoid the weight loss rollercoaster nal ROLLERCOASTER sound familiar??

It doesn’t have to be this way


You could also take a look at these exact same results and think: I’ve 

actually lost over 1lb a week on average over this period…

Not to mention looking at the process WINS …

Such as:

🚀 Number of exercise sessions you did 

🚀 Your water habits 

🚀 Taking your supplements 

🚀 Your fruit and veg intake 

🚀 Doing something for you 

🚀 Sleep routine 

I could go on.

These are all process based habits which you are 100% control of.

And just so happen to increase your mood, health, and fitness 

Not to mention boost your immune system and decrease your risk of disease.

I spoke in more detail about the “weight loss rollercoaster” and strategies to avoid it HERE


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Should you use shakes to get in shape?

 Should you use shakes to get in shape?

Confession time of a nutritionist…

My tendency to snack has grown during this last year of working a lot more from home…

Anyone else notice how many times kids eat a day?

And it’s not like it’s rubbish stuff.

My kids (3 and 4) literally eat every few hours.

Whether it’s fruit, yoghurt, carrots, their dinner, more fruit, veggies, ice cream, Smarties, and hot chocolate,

And I must admit

It becomes easy to start picking yourself.

And this ties in with a question I had about shakes

Because shakes can actually be a tool to help you limit the choices / willpower you have to use to stick to your plan. 

For example, 

Sometimes I actually do use a shake (homemade)


✅It stops me picking 

✅It’s super filling and nutritious 

✅It’s quick and easy

And once upon a time, I’d have went straight into the mode 

“Shakes aren’t good for you”

So here I am,

About to answer this question I’ve had

“what do you think of using a few shakes to help me lose weight?”

And, like most things in nutrition, fitness and weight loss…it really depends.

I can’t really say it’s wrong or right for you without knowing your situation.

On the one hand…

You have people saying

 “eat real food…It’s not natural”

^^^ whilst eating hummus and peanut butter (I don’t know what is natural, anymore 😉 

On the other hand?

“It’s a great way to get protein in which is generally lacking in our diets (and important for muscle and strength…as well as a tool to help you stick to a calorie deficit and lose fat”

“It’s cheap and convenient” 

It’s no different to eating yoghurt”

^^ super high in protein 

I could go on..

So, I’m going to summarise by considering these 3 things below so you can make a decision.

But before I go in to this..

I just want to remind you that despite the conflicting advice out there in what you shouldn’t eat and what you should eat…

What we do know is that when you control for calories, whether you go low carb or low fat, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to fat loss.

That’s not to say that lower carb / Lower fat diets don’t work..

But this is where we need to see what suits YOU (in fact, a lower carb diet, for sure, helps my IBS).


Although I’ve just said calories are the most important bit

And studies back this up by portioning junk food and people still lose weight and improve their cholesterol…

This doesn’t mean you should do it.

In fact, you may struggle sticking to it long term, we have urges to snack, and not mention, our energy and potential nutrient deficiencies.

And what we know is sticking to whole foods, protein at every meal and lots of fibre 

Generally means you will feel more full up and satisfied..

Now, let’s get into shakes…

1) Convenience: 

Starting a weight loss / fitness journey can be difficult, especially when you have to change loads at once. If you’re the type of person who:

– hates preparing and weighing foods

– Will go into the F it mindset if it’s not perfect

Then using a shake or two MAY be better for you. 


I’m obviously an advocate of WHOLEFOODS. 


There’s a lot to be said for making things convenient.

As the best meal plan in the world is pointless 

If you never get around to planning it

Let alone making it..

As I get that meal planning can seem quite time consuming. 

So shakes could be a solution…

And – of course – if you prefer to eat a meal

That is absolutely fine.

But this is about limiting the choices you have to make.

As – ultimately- the more choices to have to make 

The more willpower you use

And the more likely are to beat yourself up for not sticking to a “perfect” plan

And – all of a sudden- we are back to square one..

2) Quality of nutrition. What about deficiencies?

So, one of the concerns is that by having a shake, you may not get the nutrients you need.

Now, this might be true if you go for one of those sugary meal replacement shakes…(although many do have vitamin supplements thrown in)

But the way I advise this would be to make it yourself.

For example: 

1 handful of berries

1 handful of frozen spinach

1 scoop of chocolate protein powder 

250 ml unsweetened almond milk 

Blend and you’re good to go!

So, as you can see, this is pretty nutritious, right? 

In fact, you can add as many veggies as you like..It may even end up being more nutritious as you can hide them in and get the nutrition in even when you’re busy.

In fact, I’ve been known chuck anything from frozen spinach to frozen peas in a shake for the kids (and they don’t even notice)

^^^ so could be a good one if you’re not keen on greens. Maybe we could call it the “not keen on greens” shake 😉 

3) Are shakes ‘natural’?

This is another question I get, especially with regards to whey protein or vegan protein powders like hemp, pea or soya. 

Now, whey is naturally found in ‘natural’ yoghurt, milk, breast milk, cows milk, formula milk…I could go on.

As for vegan protein powders?

Again, it’s created simply by a process that isolates the protein from peas or soya beans, for example. 

It’s no more ‘unnatural’ than eating things like peanut butter (which is blended and crushed), tomato puree, olive oil (processed food, right?).

In summary…

It’s just a tool in the toolbox. That you can use if you want. Sometimes. Every day. Once a week? Once a month? When you need a kickstart?

Either way?

It’s about personalising this stuff for you. 

So you can avoid any nutrient deficiencies and make this weight loss and fitness stuff convenient for you, your lifestyle, and your family ( as whether you accept it or not, they’re strapped to this weight loss rollercoaster with you…) 

so you actually do it, keep the weight off and -DARE I SAY IT – have fun doing it…

Just like we do in our January 28 Day Kickstart for women over 40 and 50 that want to get fit, fit  their clothes better and do the things they know they need to do more often.

^^ reply with “Kickstart” if you’d like more info. 

Yes, it can be done from home or in person inside our private ladies only studios

In Marlborough and Devizes 😃

Make it a great day


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What happened to Sarah…

What happened to Sarah…

Just wanted to say a message well done and congratulations to Sarah (see image)

One year on from working with us .

And 🤩 what a difference.

If you’d like to join us on our January Kickstart, just reply with “Kickstart” and I’ll be in touch 


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Keto diet and carrots?

Keto diet and carrots?

So we have a few ladies starting on our January kickstart this week..

Where we put together a step by step, day by day plan to kickstart your 2022 body, health and fitness goals. 

(reply with “Kickstart” and’ I’ll get you the details on our programmes by the way)

And one part of this discusses how to fit the diet to your lifestyle….

And on this note?

I have already had many questions about Veganuary (vegan diet for January), keto, 5:2, carbs, skipping breakfast etc..

So I thought I would touch on Keto today..

It’s where you eat the majority of your foods from FAT. It became pretty popular when Trudy Deakin came out and said she was eating 82% FAT….because it was just sugar fuelling obesity. 

It’s got kind of trendy now, too.

Kim Kardashian and – apparently – Megan Fox, too, have dabbled (as they do in every trendy diet)

Halle Barry was even quoted as saying ‘say yes to keto’ as if it’s some cult…

So, how does it work?

Well, you pretty much cut out sugar and carbs.

You eat high fat foods and moderate protein such as meats, eggs, nuts, butter, coconut oil, fish, cheese…

But pretty much avoid all carbs (including fruit) and even some veggies (and carrots in some cases)

Now, the idea is that your body starts burning fat as fuel.

And they’re right. Eat more fat, and your body will burn more fat…as fuel.

 But this doesn’t mean you will lose BODY FAT …unless of course you eat fewer calories…

Which you probably WILL end up doing on this diet.


Well, if you cut out bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, and pretty much all carbs…you’ve cut a third of your plate, right?

So you’ll probably end up losing some weight. 

Which is a good thing, of course.

Some people even find that it:

✅ keeps them full up for longer

✅ Allows them to eat foods they love (like bacon haha)

✅ Makes it simple without counting calories etc

And that’s great. 


If you were to ask everyone in a room to put their hand up if they have ever tried the keto diet…

And then asked this same group of people to KEEP their hand up if they are still doing it…

You’ll see very few people left with their hands up…

Because it is blooming hard to keep up…

But should you do it?

Well, the latest research showed that whether you go high carb or ‘ketogenic’…it will make NO difference to your weight loss if calories are the same.


this doesn’t mean that parts of being lowER carb are not useful. In fact, some of the ladies we work with DO experience less hunger and more energy when they eat slightly lowER carb meals.

My opinion on this?

The best diet in the world is the one you can do. 

I personally eat a lower carb diet (not keto)…

I feel better and I enjoy lots of protein and fats (they keep me full and I think less about food / snacks that way)…

But I stay flexible…

Because what happens when you want to eat out? 

Have some rice with your curry? 

Have your roasties on a Sunday? 

What happens when you get bored of eating the same foods? 

Can you see yourself sticking to this? 

Keeping the weight off long-term for good ?

Or will you fall into the trap of believing your thoughts telling you that you’ve failed because you’ve eaten ‘carbs late at night’?

Are you more committed to following a diet than following your goals?

And I say this because technically, eating carrots on a keto diet means you could be failing on the diet ..’re still abiding by the principle behind weight loss 

Which is eating calories in and calories out.

Yet believing you have failed on the diet 

Might leave you feeling like you may as well just “start again next week”

^^ even though you said you’d start in January 😉 

It’s why we prefer to set you simple habits  based on where you’re at right now.

and a fitness plan fit for your lifestyle (rather than the other way around)…

So you don’t have to ‘discriminate’ against so-called ‘bad foods’ …

Or think you have to “exercise for an hour”

Because whatever diet you choose to help you lose weight and tone up?

There’s a common theme…

Protein and muscle toning exercise (which when you consider bone density, healthy ageing, being able to get up and down for as long as possible, and keeping the weight off for’s pretty serious).

Support and accountability so you can stick to it

Just like any healthy eating plan, it does require you to do it. Although it’s pretty simple and most of it is done for you and allows you to eat the foods you enjoy? You still have to actually do it. 

and that’s the secret…

Whether you do the keto diet or something else..

Just do something..

Because that is how you will learn what works for you

And get clarity on what doesn’t work…

Just like we do inside our kickstart session where we put together your starting step by step day by day plan

Matt ‘bacon?’ Fruci

PS. I spoke more about the keto diet here:

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I really want to BUT..

(Insert FEAR / BELIEF holding you back)⁣

This is THE most used line that we hear when it comes to change.

Each person has their own go-to “fear” or “beliefs” 


Based on my extensive experience in this area, I’ve discovered that it’s a smokescreen!⁣


⁣When I say smokescreen, I mean that the TRUE issue is not actually being uncovered⁣…

I mean, you only have look at how many people 

The reasons why we say we can change are a bit like being passed a box with items in it⁣..

When the box is passed, you are expected to believe that what is inside, is exactly what they tell you⁣

However, it just never is⁣

So what do we do?⁣

We take that box…⁣

We unpack the items…⁣

Explore them…⁣

Then put them back into the box together⁣

This way we know what is in the box and if indeed it was a genuine reason or just a smokescreen⁣

Often, this unveils the REAL issue (Fear)⁣


Mostly it comes down to looking silly and failing (again) – as Deborah mentioned before going from a Size 16 to a size 10 (watch here:

Maybe it’s thinking they should

Be able to do it alone but keep wondering why they get stuck?

It might be that they have tried “everything” before.

If you are hearing these a lot right now..

I get it.

It can be ridiculously frustrating when this happens.

As we always say.

It’s hard now so you may as well choose the “hard” that gets you the results you want.


You had a toolbox of “GO TO” habits to ensure you did the things you know you need to do?


You could get results like the the awesome ladies have (see image) even around Christmas and New Year

This is what we do inside our 28 Day Kickstart. 

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ 

If you’d like more info, just message me with “Kickstart” and I’ll get you the details. 


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9 things that don’t make sense (even in 2022)

9 things that don’t make sense (even in 2022)

If you’re anything like me, you were half asleep on the sofa by 9pm 


EVEN though the early night is always rightly accompanied with some cheese…

some things (even in 2022) just don’t make sense. 

Especially in this health, fitness and diet world.

In fact, just in the past week, I’ve heard these 9 things that just don’t make sense:

1. Regardless of how many times people tell you ‘you look great’…you’re still not happy because your weight was once lower

2. 84% of us will carry on doing the same things as we were already doing despite setting a New Years Resolution 

3.  Tic-Tac’s are nearly pure sugar but can label themselves as sugar free because regulations say ‘less than half a gram of sugar per serving can be labelled as sugar free’ and 1 tic tac is classed as a serving

4. Meat alternatives are often marketed as being “healthier” yet are heavily processed and often full of cheap fillers and low quality protein 

5. The most popular New Years Resolution is weight loss…yet only 7% will achieve their weight loss goal and keep it off

6. Scientists said it was IMPOSSIBLE to run a mile in 4 minutes. As soon as one person did it? 18 people did it in the year. Either humans evolved rapidly in 12 months or the power of the mind is pretty powerful, right?

7. 50% of what we think we know is actually wrong…we just don’t know it yet 

8. If you keep drinking alcohol, you’ll never be hungover

9. Procrastinating on something you want because you’re afraid of failing or that it might take longer. When in fact? Not doing anything will mean you’re in the exact same place as you are now anyway…and it will take even longer to get where you want to be because you haven’t started. 

And I could add another 100 things on to this. 

But then I’d hold you up even more and waste more time (even Mrs Fruci is getting bored of this and she’s not even reading it)

And that wouldn’t make sense either. 

Happy New Year! Let’s make it a great one.