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Is this why you failed before?

Is this why you failed before?

We had our Quarterly Fruci Fit event last Sunday.

Whether we are outside in the fresh air in the Spring and Summer, or like we were last week inside in the Devizes Town Hall..

The Fruci Fit event does something which – I must say – we were super proud of at Fruci Fit.

And that is – levelling up the support, peer group and accountability. 

Like minded ladies in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, even 80s…

Together, doing what we said we would do, smiling, feeling good, energies

And surprised that ‘I DID IT”

^^^ love hearing so many of you surprise yourselves and prove yourself wrong 

You see, community is a big part of what we do

I mean, when you look at the research, 

Whether you do keto, low carb, low fat, shake diets, Fasting, SW, WW, 

I could go on..

The level of support is nearly always the underpinning factor in whether someone succeeds or gives up…

And it makes sense.

I have been there too.

Tried to do things on my own.

Tried to learn more..

But if I can’t implement it and do it?

What’s the point?

As the saying goes:

“You are the product of the environment where you spend your time”

And I get it can be difficult when perhaps family and working environment does not fit with who or what you want..

But ignoring the problem does not make it easier.

How long can we stay the same for?

Be it with your health






And most importantly

Who else benefits if you do the things that you know you need to do?

And I spoke about this at our event (more on this another day)

Anyway, if you would like to join our next Kickstart specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do but want the accountability and support to do it

Message me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details


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I’m not sure I can fit in…

I’m not sure I can fit it in…

Something I hear a lot from ladies asking about the Kickstart 

Is that they’re not sure they can fit it or make the most of it.

But they really want to do it.

They’re fed of up feeling tired

Waking up with no energy.

Not doing what they said they would do. 

Feeling out breath

Not fitting the clothes they want ..

And all of these reasons are why you probably need to do it.

To have the support and plan to do the things you know you need to.

And who knows?

You might surprise yourself: 

if you’d like more info about our February Kickstart specifically for women 40+ and 50+

Message me with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details 


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8 pm tonight?

8pm tonight?

Tonight at 8pm, I’ll be live with a free online seminar, entitled:

“How to improve your gut health and ditch the bloating”

Here’s what I will be covering:

✅  A 5 Day plan to ditch the bloating

✅  The surprising  foods that could both hinder and improve your gut health

✅  What to do with the ‘one won’t hurt’, ‘All or nothing’ mindset 

✅  What the research shows about fermented foods and probiotics

✅ How to create a simple nutrition plan you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day 

✅ What to do when things stop working

✅  The truth about ‘intolerances’ and wheat and dairy allergies 

and much, much more. 

See you there

To join, make sure you are in my free group here as this is where it will be

Here is the group ​​ 


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How to improve gut health…

How to improve your gut health…

I will be going into gut health, bloating and ‘intolerances’ on Wednesday (tomorrow) in my free online seminar, entitled:

“How to improve your gut health and ditch the bloating”

This is live at 8pm

If you’d like to come join, just comment below with ‘gut health’ and I will get you the details and a short guide I have done on probiotics, prebiotics and tips to help you improve your gut health 🙂 


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How to eat chocolate and get in shape?!

How to eat chocolate & get in shape?

“I would start but it’s Christmas”

Then it is:

“There is still so much crap in the house”

Before we know it, Valentines chocolates

Easter Eggs

Summer Ice Creams & BBQs

Throw in the birthday party’s and it begs the question:

“Is there ever going to be a PERFECT time?”

In fact, is the perfect time NOW?

Thing is, you will always have temptations.

We live in – what the researchers call – an obesogenic environment.

Food is more available than ever before.

Delivered to your door..

We don’t even have to go shopping anymore..

So essentially, even without thinking about it..

We are moving less and eating – potentially – more…

Especially when you consider there is more processed food than ever out there 

^^ not that processed food is ‘bad’ as some of it is actually very nutritious (more on that another day)

But something that came up the other day when I was chatting to one of the ladies inside our Kickstart programme

She was not sure if she could keep up her results as she wanted chocolate.

Little did she know?

She can eat chocolate. 

As we always say:

“Give yourself permission to eat anything just not everything”

^^ big difference

You see, I always ask people about where they want to set their nutrition baseline when helping people with their habits.

Do you want the 80/20 rule, where 80% of the time you are eating wholesome nutritious foods, with 20% of time more around the more processed foods / alcohol?

Or are you more 90/10 or 70/ 30 ?

Either way it has to be your choice. 

Thing is though, it is easy to say you will be “80/20” but hard to actually do it.

Especially when you have been bombarded by all or nothing diets in the past.

Leaving you thinking that you have failed when you slip up

You know, when you have tried a low carb diet before then you think you have failed just because you had a potato…


Take this example:

Let’s say someone was eating 1300 calories a day and wanted to follow the 80/20 rule.

Based on 20% will be ‘whatever you want’ (chocolate in this case)

That means 1300 *0.2 = 260 calories of chocolate every day 

Yep that is 260 calories of chocolate every day

And you are ON TRACK.

It becomes part of the plan .

This is just an example, and it might be more for you.

You will only know, if you do it.

If you’d like join us on our next Kickstart, specifically for women in over 40 and 50 in and around the Marlborough and Devizes area.

Then message me with ‘Kickstart’ and I will get you the details. 


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How to stay motivated…

How to stay motivated 

Did a quick video last week all about staying motivated 

Despite what the scales say

Or how you feel.

Now, despite me saying despite “what the scales say” 

^^ Because even eating more veggies, drinking more water, going to bed later etc can all impact the scales

That doesn’t mean the scales do not matter.

We know that losing weight and/ or body fat (not just weight) 

✅ Can lower our risk of disease 

✅ Improve bone health 

✅ Boost immune system and decrease inflammation 

✅ improve quality of life 

✅ Even reduce the risk of hospitalisation


Just measuring your self worth and progress on a number which you cannot control is a fast way to lower your motivation.

So what do we suggest instead?

Focus on the things you can control.

Sounds simple, right ?

I spoke about this more here 

And whilst you’re here?

focus on this instead …

something not talked about as much as it should (in my humble opinion)

And could just help you stick to your ‘diet’ / plan

Even if your New Year plan hasn’t quite got going yet.. 

life got in the way 

Or you didn’t see the scales move quick enough

Or you wanted results FASTER..

And that

 is muscle and ‘tone’…

The latest UK Chief Medical Officers Report really emphasised the importance of building strength (doing strength based exercise at least twice a week) to help:

1 – Prevent falls – linked to bone density and lack of muscle mass, particularly if you are over 50

2 – Reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 40%

3- Reduce your risk of heart disease by 30%

4 – Reduce your risk of depression by 30%

Now, of course, any exercise is better than none…

Walking, parking your car further away, taking the stairs instead of the lift etc.

^^^ These are all very beneficial and the key is building up from this and getting 1% better each day


There seems to be something very protective about muscle strengthening exercise

When it comes to ageing well, quality of life and even disease..

And focussing on what you can do?

Might just allow you to stick to your plan for long enough to see the results you want to see  


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What if I can’t do it??

What if I can’t do it?

“I can’t do it”

My now 5 year old will say…

Referring to her numbers homework.

To which I remind her about all of the times before she’s said “I can’t”

^^ and it’s a good thing for all of us to do, too

I even said

Remember when you couldn’t get yourself changed?

You couldn’t put your shoes on

You couldn’t put your socks on 

I could go on.

But we start to (in general) fear the “I can’t” a bit less.

And actually – perhaps – even look forward to it.

Because the more “I can’t” situations you face

The more likely you are to get a huge breakthrough and transformation..

^^ remember that

But to get through this?

We have to stop living in the “gap” between the present and future

Past <—>Present<—>Future 

It’s fine to be there.

As this is where you’ll get motivation and inspiration from .

You know, that big goal, be it dropping a few dress sizes, being less out of breath, mental health, being able to get up and down from the floor, worry less about getting ill, feeling in control of your food again  ..

Whatever it is.

But we are leaving confidence on the table if we never look back.

Look back at how far we have come.

“What’s working well?”

“What would you like to improve?”

It’s actually something we use in our accountability system inside the Kickstart programme for women 40+ and 50+  (reply with “kickstart” and I’ll get you the details.

So that even when obstacles come up?

We can approach it from a positive space. 

And although this sounds really “woo woo“

You have to remember that we are programmed to look for the negative…

And it’s this little switch which can give you the confidence and courage to keep going for long enough to get the results you want.

After all, where you are right now is often a direct result of your habits.

Good news?

Where you want to be is based on your habits TODAY 😃