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” I eat when I’m stressed “

“I eat when I’m stressed”

I had this question the other day

So thought I’d cover this in a 5 minute video showing you:

✅ Why you eat when you’re stressed 

✅ What to do instead

✅ One simple question to ask yourself next time this happens

And much more…

Forgive the lighting on the video..

Me and the Fruci Fit team were driving up to a nutrition conference this weekend in Nottingham when I did this.

All on binge eating, rapid weight loss and body image…

Always learning!


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What is the Christmas Fit Challenge?

What is the Christmas Fit Challenge?

So yesterday I was asked what the Christmas Fit Challenge involved. 

So here it is:

We have a flexible start date from next week:

✅ We will have an initial one to one where we set your starting habit together.


✅  You will get one habit to add in every 2 days (habit stacking). Habits which you can do even on your busiest, most stressful day..or even throughout Christmas with social events and purple Quality Street 😉

✅  It’s the first Christmas back since lockdowns..parties, social events, and purple Quality Street (THE BEST) are back. But you just can’t beat that sense of achievement, fitness, healthy habits, feeling of being more in control , more energy, and better sleep that come with small habits that you can do even throughout this Christmas period.

They’re so simple on paper. 

And so so effective.

Unfortunately, not many of us (me included) do them often enough.

To help with this snacking

Mindless eating

Putting off exercise

The day after each habit, we reflect and go over what worked well and what didn’t. 

✅  I will be sharing a habit tracker you can print and post to me each day to keep you accountable.

If you’d like to have a chat just send me a message and we can arrange time.


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Is it too late?

Is it too late?

I had a question yesterday about whether it is too late to join our Pre Christmas Fit Habit Challenge

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do but want the plan and accountability to DO IT…

All whilst still enjoying meals out and social events..

Short answer 

(as we travel up to Nottingham with the Fruci Fit team today for a nutrition conference all about binge eating and strategies to help with this, rapid fat loss, intuitive eating, and the latest research on body image )

Is NO..

It is not too late…

This is about making small SUSTAINABLE habits, which you could do on your busiest most stressful day.

Habits which are so simple and easy…

Yet surprisingly WORK…

Giving you a headstart for January 

And leaving you feeling better for when Santa comes down the chimney…

And speaking of feeling better..

If you want to feel better?

Act based on on how you want to feel rather than how you currently feel.✅

Acting based on how you currently feel is leaving everything to chance… ❓

Because you won’t always “feel like doing it”…. 

Just remember, stressing about why you’re “not feeling like doing it” is taking your energy away …

Start smaller…

Rather than “why do I not feel like doing it?”


“What could I do?”

Just likes these ladies have here:

Small habits, compound effect 

Just reply with ‘Christmas Fit’ and I will get you the details 


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The secret to getting results?

This might be the only thing you read today

Which is not related to Black Friday….

But following on from yesterday…

I wanted to sharing something with you today which might just be the secrets to getting results long term:

“On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you sticking to the plan?”

Why am I sharing this?

Well, is this the secret?

Creating a plan where you are 10/10 for how confident you are that you can stick to it, might just be the key..

You see:

1- Most people (no matter where you live) gain weight in the holiday season

2- Most people do not have a plan…

3- Most people don’t believe they can reach their goals (probably because they gained more weight during the holidays and now have more to lose so feel disheartened even after losing 7lbs in a week on a detox diet in January…)

4- Most people don’t take action (maybe because it is too hard or not the ‘perfect’ moment)

And speaking of this, I had a chat with one of the ladies on our Pre Christmas Habit Challenge 

(reply with ‘Christmas and I will get you the details to start next week)

And she mentioned that she thinks it will be hard during this time of the year..

So asked ‘how come?’

And her response was interesting:

She felt she had to have a pudding on the meals out 

(not necessarily because she wanted one but because everyone else was having one)

“It is ‘paid for’ already so I may as well have it”

“don’t want to be boring”

^^^ ever had that?

Isn’t it interesting that there is almost ‘health and fitness shaming’?

And the thing is, I am not saying do not eat out and enjoy yourself.

What I am saying is make the choice that makes you happy.

And I mean makes YOU happy (not someone else).

So take home today:

Make a clear, simple plan…

Here are some examples I set with some of the ladies this past week:

“I will have pudding when I eat out at peoples houses rather than restaurants”

“I will only drink when I am out or have guests (max 3 times a week) as when I drink I feel rubbish the next day”

And just get started.

Picture what might be different come January…

That sense of achievement …

The feeling of being in control of your food again.

There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you said you would do…

Just make sure you are 10/ 10 confident you can do it (no matter how small)

After all, small habits, compound effect.


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The secret to getting the results you want…

The secret to getting the results you want…

“We need to read the book you chose”

I say to my 4 year old daughter who brought home a book from the library.

And as much as I too was feeling pretty tired  (like she was) and had stuff to do…

Having a book and not reading it is as good as not having the book…

And it’s the same when it comes to getting in shape, toning up, getting fitter, and feeling control of your food again.

You can have all of the information in the world, but unless you do something with it?

It’s pointless.

It is as good as not knowing….

So if you are reading this thinking:

“Yep, I know what to do already”

^^ as nearly everyone says to me

Then I hope this will help you today

After all:

If you want a FUTURE which doesn’t look like your PAST, you have to make different choices in the PRESENT  💝

^^^ read that again. In fact, write it down. Most people will nod their heads and think ‘ye that makes sense’…only to go back to default habitual decisions which keep them stuck later in the day.

So today I wanted to share a few tips. 

1- Do not wait for the perfect time → most people around this time of the year think it will be easier in January…

When it is colder, you have leftover chocolate, and dark outside like it is now, but without the Christmas lights…

The problem with this?

You might be 1-13lbs heavier…

You might now have more to lose which makes it harder..

Those small habits will be harder…

Habits so small that you might even be thinking they are pointless right now:

You know, like that 10 minute workout..

Getting your water in

Getting your protein and fibre in.

The simple things which if you did?

Would mean you probably never need a crash diet again.

So start now.

No matter how small.

As the only thing that exists is now.

Does the choice you are making today fit with what you say you want or fit with what you say you don’t want?

I will say it again:

If you want a FUTURE which doesn’t look like your PAST, you have to make different choices in the PRESENT  💝

2 – Enjoy yourself during this time – Have a plan. I can give you the best plan in the world, but unless you are 10/10 confident you can do it, then you need to change the plan. 

Keep it simple, as simple gets done.

Is it:

Filling your plate with protein and veggies first when eating out?

Allowing yourself to put on x amount of weight as long as I keep my exercise up?

Is it making sure I stick to higher fibre and protein meals around my meals out?

Planning your snacks in advance?

Truth is, most people will do nothing with the above..

Maybe they will read more..

Wait for January..

I am challenging you to be different..

Rather than read more..

Wait for longer..

Act on it today .

If you want to drink more water in January..

Do it now.

If you want to lose fat in January ..

Start now…(it’s easier than waiting and having more to lose…especially if you are someone who is motivated by seeing results fast…)

If you want to start exercising more..

Start now.

If you want to develop a better relationship with food…

Start now.

It will be easier …

You will be in a better place when Christmas comes..

This is why we have opened up our Pre Christmas Fit Challenge, specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do but want the accountability and plan to do it.

Reply with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details. 

Anyway, I will be like a broken record and leave you with this:

If you want a FUTURE which doesn’t look like your PAST, you have to make different choices in the PRESENT  💝


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Lessons from Adele ( yes Adele )

Lessons from Adele

I saw this from Adele last week in an interview she did after receiving criticism after her weight loss:

“I was body positive then and I’m body positive now. 

But it’s not my job to validate how people feel about their bodies. 

And I feel bad that, you know, it’s made anyone feel horrible about themselves. But that’s not my job.”

“I’m trying to sort my own life out. I can’t add another worry.”

Powerful, right?

And it’s a reminder that you will never please everyone…

When she was overweight, she received criticism..

When she lost weight, she received criticism…

It reminded me of what I spoke about yesterday regarding ‘people pleasing’ and the questions of:

“Am I doing this for me or am I trying to people please?”

^^ super powerful question because what’s the point in pleasing others if you are not happy? In fact, if you are not happy, it will probably be harder to please others…

So use this as a reminder to put yourself first.

Because I see so many people (including me)

Not do the things they say they are committed to doing (and end up beating themselves up for it).

^^^ which is exhausting…

But if you just put people pleasing aside for one moment…

And ask the question:

“What are you committed to right now in this moment?”

This will tell you what you really are valuing right now.

Take my bedtime routine.

I keep saying ‘I need to get up early so I get more done, have more energy, be less ratty to be around, better Dad, better husband” Etc…

But if I look at my behaviours the night before at 1030pm when I said I need to be in bed by 10pm …

And ask that question of ‘What am I committed to right now in this moment?’

When I am scrolling Facebook, watching videos of cats playing pianos and who knows what haha

This is telling me that I am not committed to being a better Dad, husband and being more productive right now…

And just by asking this questions,

It doesn’t fix it all..

But it makes me more conscious and mindful of how my behaviours AKA what I choose to do.

Impact my results and how I feel tomorrow.

You see, it’s not about never making mistakes.

It’s not about being perfect….

It’s about:

“Are you going to use this situation to get 1% better or use this situation to beat yourself up?”

Your answer will dictate your actions and your actions will dictate your results..


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What’s the cost of people pleasing??

What’s the cost of people pleasing?

It comes a lot…

Others getting in the way..

Making us too busy..

Bringing biscuits and chocolates in the house…

Leaving leftovers..

Especially this time of year.

And one of the ladies brought this up in a chat we were having last week:

“it’s not the meals I struggle with this time of year, it’s the amount of food laying around, like the nuts and chocolates and Celebrations”.. 

I get it…

So I did a video with some strategies for you here:

You can also listen in on my podcast here:

Short on time?

Here’s something you can take away and apply today.

So, quick question to carry around with you today:

Is this choice you are making for you or are you trying to people please?

My challenge to you is to put yourself first and to make the choice YOU want to make.

What is the point of pleasing others and helping others be fulfilled if you are never happy and fulfilled yourself? 

Sometimes we ditch our own aspirations because someone else says something.

If I decide not to drink / eat pasta / gluten, of course I get comments from family and friends, but it does not align with my vision of what I want to do with my life.

Imagine doing things I don’t want to do to please others just to end up with me being further away from where I want to be?

Food for thought..


We start our Christmas Fit Challenge from Today.

Specifically for women 40+ who know what to do but want the accountability, kick up the bum and plan to do it 🙂 All whilst having a social life

If you’d like more info, just message me with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details


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How Sue has found Fruci Fit!

How Sue has found Fruci Fit

Well done, Sue.

This is not about having to do it all in and around the Christmas period..

But rather make small changes that fit your lifestyle, even around the Christmas period.

With accountability and support to do the things you know you need to do..

Get that feel good feeling after doing what you said you would do with your exercise 

And feeling more in control of your food again. 

Making that ‘January kickstart’ a whole lot easier…

If you want to join Sue and co,

 our Christmas Fit Habit Challenge starts from tomorrow (flexible start date)

Message me with ‘Christmas’ and I will get you the details. 


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I don’t know where to start?

I don’t know where to start?

By the time I have decided what to watch?

I’m half asleep.

Yep, I’m no good at choosing what to watch on Netflix.

Soo much choice I don’t know where to start…

And it’s the same with this health and fitness stuff…

Questions I often get are:

“Which exercise is best for me?”

“Now I am older, do I need to eat fewer carbs?”

“I’m trying to lower my cholesterol, what’s the best way to do this?”

“I eat healthy, I don’t eat meat, so I am not sure what to do?”

“ I eat healthy, I eat lean meats, so I am not sure what to do?

I could go on..

It can be confusing, right?

Well, I’d honestly say that if most of us did what we already knew?

We would get great results.

So why don’t we do it?

Well, for me, it comes down to your energy.

What do you do that steals your energy

And what do you do that gives you energy?

So here is question to answer today when faced with choices:

“Will this choice steal me of my energy or give me energy?”

It sounds simple, but hear me out.

Grab a pen and paper.

Write a list of all the things you are doing which steal your energy.


Do the opposite 🙂

For example:

Things that steal Matt’s energy:

Go to bed after 10 pm >>> the opposite of this is going to bed before 10pm

Scrolling my phone at 9pm >>> The opposite of this is turning my phone off

Snoozing my alarm >>> Not snoozing my alarm

All of these things are just examples. 

And when my attention is on them?

It starts to help me clearly see where my energy is going.

So rather than complain I do not have energy…

I can take action to create and protect my energy.

And it might just be that everyone around me benefits from this in the process.