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No one else will…

No one else will…

How do you know if you’re winning if you’re not keeping score?

How can you expect to have more confidence if you don’t cultivate it?

How can you expect to have more energy if you don’t do more of the things that give you energy?

I could go on…

And it’s why we encourage everyone who joins us to put their attention here.

After all, your energy flows where your attention goes. 

Don’t rely on anyone else to point out your wins..

And by default  

You’ll focus on the things you’ve done wrong…


Not done.

Which often leads to that vicious cycle …

And those “F it” moments becoming all too often..

The good news?

You can change the way you think and feel fast…

If you’d like more info about our next programme starting in November?

Message me with “November” and I’ll get you the details


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3 minutes?

3 minutes?

So last week we went down to Cornwall.

Special place

It was actually where me and Mrs Fruci first met…

And speaking of lasting 3 minutes..

It reminds me of when I go in the sea…

I literally need the whole Winter wetsuit…

If I am to last more than 3 minutes..

It’s that cold..

No matter how many times that guy in the surf shop tells me that the sea is

“Hotter than it is in Gran Canaria”

^^^ I think that was a headline in the Daily Express one year  …Really? In Cornwall? lol

But you know what?

It’s so worth it once you’re in…

You get past the point of discomfort..

And even better when you get out and go into a warm shower..

Almost like you become grateful for some warmth….

aka the simple things we have access to..

And all this just reminded me of this quote:

“When you refuse to embrace a little discomfort, you create a life of it”

Which applies to pretty much everything

Whether it’s getting in shape

improving your fitness so you’re less out of breath and climbing up those hills

Fat loss…

fitting back into the clothes you want to wear and saying ‘yes’ to the things you want to do so you can create new memories..

Developing a healthy relationship with food so you can ditch the yo-yo dieting

creating long-lasting healthy habits

Developing better relationships with your family and friends

No matter what..

You’ve got 2 choices:

1- Accept that for something to change, something has to change – which – like any change – will involve a little discomfort 

2- Refuse to embrace a little discomfort and stay the same – which you could argue is essentially creating a life of discomfort

so if you want to change something?

Start today…

Don’t sit on knowledge and ideas..

Just start..

It’s the quickest way to clarity and certainty on what you want to happen

Be it with your body, mind, or work..

And if you need more help with this?

Our next programme starts in November.

Specifically for women 40+ and 50+ who pretty much know what to do already but need the accountability and plan to do it. 

If you want more info?

Just comment or message me with “November” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “3 minutes” Fruci

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Where is it gone?

“Where’s it gone? Why has it turned off”

^^ my 3 year old daughter turns to me as the adverts come on TV whilst watching Harry Potter on ITV at the weekend 

Thing is, she’s used to CBeebies, Disney + and on demand…

I nearly dropped into that space of

 “back in my day…we used to have to wait for the time of the programme and watch the adverts” 😂 

But why am I sharing this?

Well, I was chatting to one of the ladies on our October Reboot and she mentioned that this was the first time in a while she feels like she’s on track.


She knows what she needs to do…

And when.

As a result, she knows what to expect. 

The obstacles 

The challenges 

So they’re less like to catch her out (like being exposed to TV adverts for the  first time 😆 )

She has a clear plan.

And it got us talking about goal setting.

Should you set a goal?

It’s something 83% do not do…

I mean, I spoke about this in a bit more detail here:

And you have some people commenting saying they struggle without a goal..

And others saying that goals have made them struggle even more. 

So I thought I’d summarise in 4 steps- how to set a goal:

Wish – What’s your North Star? What gets you excited? What do you want to achieve? 

Outcome – what’s your “so that…” eg “I want to lose weight” is fine but add a “so that…” on the end and you’ll get a deeper, more meaningful reason. 

Is it your health? The clothes you can wear? Being fitter to play with the kids / grandkids? Suit “yes” to more social events?

Obstacles –  what could get in the way? What could possibly stress you out on this journey? How would the best version of you deal with this?

Plan – What’s your one thing to do today to get started with? Keep it simple. Make it 100% doable. Like water before every meal. Protein at every meal. Writing food down before you eat so you are mindful and conscious in your decisions. These are just ideas. 

Anyway, let me know your thoughts.

In fact, check out this video I did and let me know what your goal is right now or whether you have one ..


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Foods to boost gut health?

 Foods to boost gut health?

“Stop growling”

^^ I said to myself in my head at a job interview years ago…

Yep , there I am trying to explain why i should get this graduate job..

And my tummy is growling at the interviewer. 

All I could think about was the growling..

I would even try to cover it by moving around, shifting my feet…

Which – of course – meant I wasn’t giving my best in the job interview..

Anyway, maybe for the better..

As I probably wouldn’t be writing this to you today if I would have got the job…


Why am I sharing this?

Well, I often (more often than ever) get questions about gut health:

“I need to improve my gut health”

“I read it is all about gut health?”

“Can good bacteria help with hunger?”

“Should I take probiotics?”

But before we go into all of this

We first need to consider:

What the gut actually is…

And what do we actually want to get from ‘changing’ this?

So I covered some changes you can make in this video 

And I’ve also put a guide together summarising this.

If you’d like a free copy of this guide?

Just message me with ‘gut health’’ and I’ll send it over.


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How long should you exercise for?

A question I had last week-

​​”I don’t have a lot of time and struggle to fit in exercise during the week so I’m not sure I could do your Kickstart programme. How long should you exercise for?” 

I get that.

It’s a great question.

Especially as we often have this belief that we have to do an hour or it’s pointless…

Truth is, there’s NO actual time commitment….

It just depends on what you’re willing to do…

I mean, let’s say you invest 15 minutes a day in your food, fitness and weekly tasks you are set. 

​​1 is BETTER than 0. 

You are STILL closer to your goal. 

And when you build that momentum and it becomes a habit? It is HONESTLY easier…

(Like my lockdown flossing habit where I’ve been more consistent than ever but still not perfect. like I said – I’m still better and if I’m working on it? Failure is just success waiting to happen. And funny how booking a hygienist appointment has made me more consistent than ever with my flossing 😂!)

I know I talk a lot about being selfless..

What I mean by this is that – for many – the EASIEST way to be happy​​​​​​ is putting your mental and physical health first. 

As no matter how much you try to put your friends, family and work first (which happens to me, too)…cracks will start to appear. 

And I say this from personal experience, too. I am WAY more irritable when I haven’t looked after me. 

​​Be it had my morning coffee, had a nap/ meditation for 5 minutes, exercised etc…

​​(just the fact I have the choice to do these things makes me grateful as MANY people would do anything to have the choice to do the above)

In summary?

There is NO time commitment for anything, It just depends how important it is to you right now..

​​be it health, fitness, learnings a new skill, job…

It’s a case of how long do you have? 

What are you willing to do?

And lastly, how important is this to you?

That’s why we have workouts you can do in just 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

You can make them as personal as you like by coming to our sessions in-person in Devizes and Marlborough


Make them as convenient as you like by doing them from home.

The key?

Is in the doing..

And yes, you might be thinking that you know that but struggle for motivation.

Here’s a quick tip for you…

Write down the 1-3 most important benefits of doing what you know you need to do with your exercise and food…

Put them on sticky notes

And place them where you will see them every, single day.

Check in with them every day.

This is something I’ve done with many of the ladies.

In fact, I’ll share a few:

“I want to feel of confident in the clothes I wear and fit back into my favourite ones”

“I want to stop worrying about my health”

“I want to be able to play with grandkids without being exhausted”

Because sometimes 

Just seeing those things you value every day

Can make you see how important doing the things you know you need to do are..

Especially when you can see that the results and consequences of our actions

Really do align with what you value in your life.


Our November Kickstart for ladies 40+ which you can do from home or with us in -person in Marlborough or Devizes 

is now OPEN

Just message me with “November” for more info.


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F it mindset (how to overcome it

So I got this message last week

Even after losing 5 stone…

Those sabotaging through can still be there.

and it’s a reminder that 

That monkey on the shoulder can still be there..

The difference ?

How you react to it. 

How you acknowledge it

And separate the facts from feelings…

Thing is, you choose what you believe.

What you believe impacts what you do 

And what you do impacts yourself results …

So next time you get an unhelpful thought?

Try this:

  1. Can you know this thought is 100% true?
  2. What do you do when you believe this thought is true?
  3. What do you do when you don’t believe this thought is true?


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Curious case of the carrot!!

Curious case of the carrot 🥕 

“They told me to cut back on carrots as they’re high in sugar”

^^^ blimey, no wonder it is confusing out there on this nutrition world


Thing is, any advice could be helpful under specific circumstances…

“Cut processed foods” (what actually is a processed food? Chopped tomatoes count with that too)

“Cut out gluten”

“Stop eating sugar”

“Stop eating carrots”

“Cut meat”

“Don’t eat dairy”

It’s really easy to say things like..

But if you do any of the above 

You just need to consider this:

  1. What is the alternative?
  2. Which nutrients are you now missing out on?

Here’s some context:

If I cut carrots out of my stew, what would I add instead ? Would I then be hungrier after? Maybe grab a few crisps?

If I cut dairy out, which nutrients do I need to replace?

It’s fine by the way, you just need be sure you know:

🚀 How to get fermented foods in your diet 

🚀 Whether you’re covering your protein intake 

🚀 Whether you’re covering iodine and vitamin B12 intake 

I could go on..

As always, it really depends on what the alternative is as to whether something is the “right” thing to do…

But I will say this

I’m pretty sure that cutting out carrots is way down the line of things 

Matt “rooting for you 🥕 “ Fruci

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Well done Jayne!!

Got this message from Jayne last week:

Well done, Jayne.

Feeling in control, 9lbs down and most importantly know more beating herself up 

And the confidence to manage her weight even with social events and breaks.

After all, life is for living.

Of course, there has to be some compromises..

But there is always a compromise whatever the choice you make..

Be it to exercise today so you have more energy, boost your fitness and get your feel good endorphins flooding your brain 

Or whether you put it off…

One thing that Jayne has done 

Is act based on how she wants to feel rather than how she currently feels.

It’s not easy…

But it is simple..

If you’d like to join Jayne and co

In our November Programme to finish 2021 on a high 

So you can look back on 1st January 2022 and say “I did that. I made that happen”

Just message me with November and I’ll get you the details