No one else will…

No one else will… How do you know if you’re winning if you’re not keeping score? How can you expect to have more confidence if you don’t cultivate it? How can you expect to have more energy if you don’t do more of the things that give you energy? I could go on… And it’s […]

( VIDEO ) not losing quick enough??

  not losing quick enough? “I’ve only lost a lb?” “I’m not losing quick enough” Ever said that? I cover this in a bit more detail here: 🚀 consistency vs intensity – which is best? 🚀 is fast weight loss “bad”? 🚀 and one thing you should consider if you want faster results… Matt

3 minutes?

3 minutes? So last week we went down to Cornwall. Special place It was actually where me and Mrs Fruci first met… And speaking of lasting 3 minutes.. It reminds me of when I go in the sea… I literally need the whole Winter wetsuit… If I am to last more than 3 minutes.. It’s […]

“Happy days have arrived”

“Happy days have arrived” Sue posted this in our private support group last week: Amazing work 🚀🚀😃 well done, Sue  Our next programme starts in November. If you’d like more info.  Just reply with “November” and I’ll get you the details. Matt

Where is it gone?

“Where’s it gone? Why has it turned off” ^^ my 3 year old daughter turns to me as the adverts come on TV whilst watching Harry Potter on ITV at the weekend  Thing is, she’s used to CBeebies, Disney + and on demand… I nearly dropped into that space of  “back in my day…we used […]

Foods to boost gut health?

 Foods to boost gut health? “Stop growling” ^^ I said to myself in my head at a job interview years ago… Yep , there I am trying to explain why i should get this graduate job.. And my tummy is growling at the interviewer.  All I could think about was the growling.. I would even […]

How long should you exercise for?

A question I had last week- ​​”I don’t have a lot of time and struggle to fit in exercise during the week so I’m not sure I could do your Kickstart programme. How long should you exercise for?”  I get that. It’s a great question. Especially as we often have this belief that we have […]

F it mindset (how to overcome it

So I got this message last week Even after losing 5 stone… Those sabotaging through can still be there. and it’s a reminder that  That monkey on the shoulder can still be there.. The difference ? How you react to it.  How you acknowledge it And separate the facts from feelings… Thing is, you choose […]

Curious case of the carrot!!

Curious case of the carrot 🥕  “They told me to cut back on carrots as they’re high in sugar” ^^^ blimey, no wonder it is confusing out there on this nutrition world IMAGE  Thing is, any advice could be helpful under specific circumstances… “Cut processed foods” (what actually is a processed food? Chopped tomatoes count […]

Well done Jayne!!

Got this message from Jayne last week: Well done, Jayne. Feeling in control, 9lbs down and most importantly know more beating herself up  And the confidence to manage her weight even with social events and breaks. After all, life is for living. Of course, there has to be some compromises.. But there is always a […]