Month: August 2021

Fruity Fit?

Fruity Fit? “I’m not into all these fruit diets so I am not sure it is for me..” ^^ this has happened multiple times And maybe If I were to do this again in a future life. I’d use a different name. I mean, growing up “Matt Fruity’ was a common nickname But I never …

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for an apple?

for an apple? So I got a message the other day from one for the ladies  Saying that she’s lost about 8lbs And hit a bit of a plateau.   Now, firstly,  8lbs is a great start to her journey 💪💪 Not to mention, she’s stronger, fitter, probably now has a better metabolic health profile,  And …

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Insomnia and menopause?

insomnia and menopause? I spoke about the study recently  Showing that our metabolism don’t massively slow as we age… But one thing I touched on was the indirect impact of menopause on sleep and thus – your energy – and the motivation to do the things you probably know you need to do. So today …

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Message from Sue…

Message from Sue… So we’ve just been recapping some of the areas of our Food Freedom Programme with our current members in the past few weeks to develop a better relationship with food and feel in control again when it comes to food.  (Our Food Freedom Programmes Goes Live in September, reply with ‘Food Freedom’ …

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I just need a meal plan

Do you have a meal plan or recipe book? Yes, we do Previously, we have only made these available to our members. But, after giving away a sample one of our Done For You Meal Plans (which we do every single month inside our programme), I’ve had a load of messages from people asking if …

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