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Avoid overwhelm with the ‘one week’ strategy

Avoid overwhelm with the ‘one week’ strategy 

I was chatting to one of the ladies who’s just starting on our September Reboot programme 

(specifically for ladies 40 and 50+ in the Marlborough and Devizes surrounding areas)

And she had no idea how many times she ‘should’ exercise per week..

Other than thinking it should be ‘every day’..

Yet, when I asked her how achievable that was?

She said ‘unlikely’…

And it actually made her stressed just thinking about it.

But here’s the crazy part…

When I asked her how many times she exercised last week..

Guess what she said?


“Well, a few walks, but I always do that..”

So the results?

We have focussed on her doing 2 workouts this week.

“But I could do more”

^^ her reply…

And that is the exact place you want to be in week 1…


Taking small, significant steps…

So you keep your tools in the toolbox…

Gain momentum 

And watch your confidence GROW…

Just like Michaela mentioned:

If you’d like any information about our September Reboot Programme specifically for women 40+ and 50+

Message me with “Reboot” and I’ll get you the details. 


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What is the Food Freedom Programme?

What is the Food Freedom Programme?

Had a bunch of questions about what our Food Freedom programme

The Food Freedom programme is a step by step programme, where the focus is about being in control of your food again, with a particular focus on comfort eating and binge eating.  

✅ We start off with a one to one where we put together your starting plan

✅ Then you’ll have one short task each day to build a personalised plan 

✅ We then check in at the end of the week to go through your week so you know exactly what to do next 

✅ You’ll also have access to 3 coaching sessions with me during the week to overcome any obstacles you have 

If you’d like to listen in to one of my live Food Freedom training to see the types of things we would be personally covering together?

Message me with ‘Food Freedom Training” and I’ll send it over to you.


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Quick tip for late night snacking…

Quick tip for late night snacking…

So I spoke about menopause and insomnia the other day

And touched on how poor sleep

Can impact our pre-frontal cortex (which allows us to make better informed more intelligent decisions about what and why we do what we do aka aligning today’s actions with how you want to look and feel in the future).

The result of this?

You perceive foods as more rewarding than they actually are

you feel less motivated…

And it’s harder to do the things you know you need to do.

Now, the good news is that meditation / nap  / time out can literally reverse this.

But I get that is not always possible.

So what could help?

Well, I like actionable strategies you can do TODAY.

So here are two things that might help you:

  1. If you snack late at night…delay your breakfast, lunch and evening meal so you eat later 
  2. If your snacking issues are mid afternoon, bring your evening meal earlier or PLAN in small meal / snack for that mid afternoon time.

I speak more in depth about these here:

Listen on Itunes Apple Podcast:


Watch on Youtube:

Or watch on Facebook 

Hope this helps

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Fruity Fit?

Fruity Fit?

“I’m not into all these fruit diets so I am not sure it is for me..”

^^ this has happened multiple times

And maybe If I were to do this again in a future life.

I’d use a different name.

I mean, growing up

“Matt Fruity’ was a common nickname

But I never considered that

It might be interpreted 

That Fruci Fit is a Fruitarian diet..


So just want to clarify..

I won’t JUST make you eat fruit haha

My second name is actually Fruci pronounced “Through Chi” 🙂

But can you eat too much fruit?

Had this question the other day:

‘I love eating fruit. Is there such a thing as eating too much fruit?’

^^^ Question I got this week

And the answer?




Because it depends what the alternative is….

I mean, in general if you go from eating, say 1 piece of fruit per day to 2/3 pieces…

You’ll probably feel more full up

More satisfied.

And end up eating less of something that is higher in calories (like cake…)

Which might be stopping you from getting in shape..

But there’s more.

People who increase their fruit (and veg) intake to 5 per day often see:

* Reductions in ‘bad’ cholesterol and heart disease risk

* Reduced risk of cancer 

* Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes


As with most things

Too much isn’t necessarily a good thing.

And with the above benefits you can get from eating more fruit (weight loss and reduced risk of disease)

Just simply eating more and more thinking that you’ll get more benefits probably isn’t going to be the case.

Particularly as many of the benefits will be coming from the VEG, too.

So, why does fruit get some bad name?

1. ‘Fruit contains a sugar called fructose. Fructose is converted to fat’

Fruit does contain fructose which can only be ‘stored’ in the liver.

Now, the sugar found in potatoes, rice, and pasta (glucose)

Can be stored in the liver and all of your muscles (which are burning the sugar up everyday when you exercise, right?)

So, we MAY not handle fructose as well as glucose

 (which is why you’ll often hear people say that ‘fruit makes you fat’…I’m not too sure on that one…)

Thing is, they fail to consider that fruit is not JUST fructose…

It also contains glucose and FIBRE (unless you do juicing…)

2. ‘High fructose corn syrup makes you fat’

Also known as glucose-fructose syrup on food labels…

It’s found in your full-sugar fizzy drinks (not the diet ones)

They add the FRUCTOSE to the glucose because it’s sweeter and cheaper.

And this can make you HUNGRY and craving more FOOD

^^ So we eat more and buy more of these delicious foods…

Does this mean fruit is making us fat?


Because with fruit, we get the fibre, vitamins, minerals…

AKA…The roughage (which helps you poop) along with a bit of fructose

And this keeps us full and more satisfied (so you are less likely to overeat)

3. The ‘Detox smoothie’ Craze!

Put simply…

Try eating two handfuls of blueberries, 2 handfuls of grapes, and 1 banana.

Then wash this down with a glass of milk and a yoghurt.

Notice how long this takes you to eat.

How satisfied you feel.

Now, blend all the above…

^^^ Let me know if you actually do this (try it for the next two consecutive days at breakfast!)

And notice how long this takes you to DRINK.

How satisfied you feel.

For the record…

That’s about 56 g of sugar in just one of these smoothies!

And one Dairy Milk (caramel, obviously) has 24 g of sugar

^^^ I’m not saying eat Dairy Milks instead (as it won’t have the vitamins and goodness of the fruit) 

BUT…it’s context which is key!

In summary…

You can overeat on fruit

^^^ ‘Pick one, eat four’ my dad would teach me when strawberry picking


It means you overeat carbs, sugar and calories across the day / week!

So consider whether all your carbs are coming from fruit..

Matt ‘Fruit Fit’ Fruci

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for an apple?

for an apple?

So I got a message the other day from one for the ladies 

Saying that she’s lost about 8lbs

And hit a bit of a plateau.  

Now, firstly,  8lbs is a great start to her journey 💪💪

Not to mention, she’s stronger, fitter, probably now has a better metabolic health profile, 

And is in a routine of exercise.

Something that should not be overlooked. 

But even with that, she is feeling like she has gone in to the space of:

 “I can eat that as I’ll just work it off”

^^^ Ever said that?

And technically, it’s true.

You can “work food off”…

And I know some apps will tell you that you’ve burned “300 calories so you can eat 300 more”.

Now, this is all well and good…

But it fails to consider that your body has natural compensatory mechanisms (wow big words)

Which in short means:

If you burn more calories  through exercise, you might subconsciously move less, be it via your body temperature going down, fidget less… I could go on. 

So even this makes this equation a bit off

Leading to your good intentions being stolen…

You know, “why am I not losing weight?”

If you then throw in the fact that you are simply “working it off”.

I was chatting to one of the ladies the other days who’s just become a grandma..

And we actually started speaking about this. 

And I used the example of breastfeeding being “good for weight loss”

 But then they also say to “eat 500 more calories”.

Which essentially just means you’re levelling out, burning 500 calories and then eating 500 more. 

Now, weight loss isn’t often the goal when you’ve just had a baby, but I’m using this as an example 

As it’ll mean you’ll stay the same..

So, what’s an apple got to do with this?

Well, through working with thousands of people, both privately with Fruci Fit and in Public Health and the NHS…

What I’ve found is that there can be a tendency 

To fall into the trap of food being a reward for exercise 

Which again CAN work.

But can make people look at food differently .

Like one of the ladies who recently did a diet where she stopped eating apples because she knew she’d have to do 30 minutes on the cross trainer to work it off…

Can you see the issue here?

What happens when you can’t exercise?

You eat out?

Is that sustainable?

Now, I’m going to step back 

And just say that when starting your journey 

Getting into exercise habits first could actually be the best thing for you.

It’s something we do in the Kickstart one to ones where we put your starting plans together.

We look at the big rocks 🪨 aka 

The habits that if we get a handle on will make the biggest difference to your energy, relationship with food and body shape 

Without it taking a ton of time of being overwhelming.

It’s something I’ll be covering in the Food Freedom Programme starting in September 😃

Reply with “Food Freedom” and I’ll get you the details.

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Insomnia and menopause?

insomnia and menopause?

I spoke about the study recently 

Showing that our metabolism don’t massively slow as we age…

But one thing I touched on was the indirect impact of menopause on sleep and thus – your energy – and the motivation to do the things you probably know you need to do.

So today I wanted to dive into a recent study that might help…

Especially as insomnia and sleep disturbances vary from 16 to 42% prior to menopause and 35% to 60% after menopause, with perimenopause being 39% to 47%.

Now, enough of statistics…

But in to more practical advice based on the research…

Researchers found that even when accounting for body weight, exercise habits, and other lifestyle factors like smoking / drinking / caffeine…

Those who are higher GI(glycemic index) diets and a diet higher in added sugars were more likely to develop insomnia 

Than those eating wholefoods and more fruit and veg. 

So what does this mean?

Well you probably know the above already…

Eating more fruit and veg helps..

overeating late at night could help your sleep…

Which then helps your energy levels

Your motivation to do the things you know you need to do…

And like I speak with a lot of the ladies in our programme every day..

Knowing and not doing, is as good as not knowing…

And doing what you said you would do 

Is exactly what we focus on in our Food Freedom programme, which is open for start date in September.

Message me with “Food Freedom” and I’ll get you the details.


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5 myths that might be holding you back

5 myths that might be holding you back 

“She comes at night time 

Takes my tooth from pillow and leaves a golden coin”

^^ my daughter says to me describing the story of the tooth fairy…

But the thing is, my interpretation of the story is different…

I’ve heard the tooth fairy leaves a copper coin 😉 

So why am I sharing this?

It’s Wednesday..

The day that those habits we set on Monday with good intentions may start to wobble.

So I wanted to bust a few myths today 

Which might just help you:

  1. reflect on whether what you’re doing is right for you 
  2. Take action today with something you CAN do

Plus, I talk about how much water you should drink per day…

Whether low fat yoghurts are actually just full of sugar …

And the truth about sweet potatoes 🍠 

Here’s the video I did:

Matt “Former Tooth Fairy 🧚‍♀️ ” Fruci 

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“I’ll start after Bank Holiday”

“I’ll start after Bank Holiday”

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new health kick?

You’re not alone.

In fact, I can guarantee many of us will be thinking that this weekend with Bank Holiday here already. 

It’s also the time we will be opening up our next programme for Women 40+ who pretty much know what to do already but want the personalised support, accountability and step by step plan to get fit,  tone up and feel great

I get it.

It seems like a good time with school going back (in fact, can’t believe my daughter is starting school)..

It’s easy to think “I Will start on Monday” (or Tuesday with Bank Holiday)

But researchers have found something really interesting.

In fact, when I was doing my postgraduate research into low calorie diets and Type 2 diabetes,

We found this too.

What happens is that when people know what’s about to happen:

“I’m going to give up all of my foods and detox from Monday”

We eat more of it NOW.

They show this with animal studies too…

When you give sugar to mice and take it away…

They want more of it.

They show addictive-like behaviours. 

Which means we gain weight now 

And then have more to lose next week.

So why does this matter?

Well, sometimes we assume that if we do nothing …

Nothing changes.

But what we forget is that just like small positive habits can lead to long term transformation (like the ladies here

It can also work the other way.

There will always be Bank Holidays



Christmas (can I say that, yet?)

Lovely, tempting food…

And the only way to manage this and ditch the yo-yo dieting cycle?

Is to learn how to manage your relationship with food 

And exercise…

Knowing that you don’t have to do it all to get results (in fact, imagine if we were consistent with 70% of what we set out to do?)


We just end up doing the same thing (binge and restrict) 

And expect different results. 

There is a better way


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Message from Sue…

Message from Sue…

So we’ve just been recapping some of the areas of our Food Freedom Programme with our current members in the past few weeks to develop a better relationship with food and feel in control again when it comes to food. 

(Our Food Freedom Programmes Goes Live in September, reply with ‘Food Freedom’ if you would like more info)

Something that I have spoken about recently is a study

Where they looked at the parts of the brain that lit up when they asked people to:

  1. Imagine themselves
  2. Then imagine a stranger
  3. Then imagine themselves achieving the goals they wanted.

In around 80% of cases, 

The part of the brain that lit up when they would imagine themselves achieving their goal

 was the part that also lit up when they imagined a stranger..

Suggesting that they did not recognise the ‘NEW ME’…

Maybe because the steps seemed too overwhelming?

So it didn’t seem possible?

You didn’t think you could ‘fit it in’?

“You worried it would be ‘too hard’?”

I get it..

And it’s why we break down the tasks into simple 5 minute daily tasks in our Food Freedom programme..

So you can do it even on your busiest, most stressful day..

And had this message from Sue, who’s been applying these techniques we will be sharing with you (see image)

Amazing work. 

3 stone down

This is the NEW ME rather than the OLD ME…

You can see Sue talking about her results here:


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I just need a meal plan

Do you have a meal plan or recipe book? 🍕

Yes, we do 😃

Previously, we have only made these available to our members.

But, after giving away a sample one of our Done For You Meal Plans (which we do every single month inside our programme), I’ve had a load of messages from people asking if I had any of these in a book that you can hold, touch and make notes in (as they like to make notes and have their favourite recipes out in front of them).

So I thought I’d make this available today here at the link below.

It’s a 28 Day done for you meal plan, with easy, simple recipes which don’t have crazy ingredients that you struggle to pronounce 🙄

I get that you know what to do already…

So this is a Kickstart to give you ideas and help you with portion size, whether you live cooking or just want something quick and easy. It’s not a quick fix and something I will say is that none of the recipes should be on a pedestal…

That’s why I have included our meal maker portion size guide so you can clearly see how you can be flexible with your nutrition.

We have “cook from scratch”, “on the go”, our ready meal plan, and even recipes from our weekly members only Friday cooking where one of the ladies or myself shared a recipe and we cook it together.

Here’s what is included:

✅4 x 7 Day Done For You Meal Plans -including cook from scratch, vegan and veggie recipes, a quick / on the go plan and a ready meal plan

✅My 10 Golden Rules

✅Meal Maker Portion Size Guide

✅ Shopping Lists done for you

✅Easy, Quick, Homemade, and Ready Meal Options

✅17 Brand New Recipes From The Fruci Fit Monthly Live Cooking

Order yours here 👇👇👇