you say the same things

’you say the same things’ So I have had a few messages over the years From time to time that say: “You say the same things” And I get it. I am like a broken record. But here’s why.. These small habits are DOABLE and transformational. But the reason we often don’t do them? It […]

Why staying the same is a good thing..

Why staying the same is a good thing.. It is crazy to thing my oldest daughter  Is going to school in September.. And I know from speaking to the ladies in the Kickstart That times just keeps flying by… One minute you are changing nappies.. The next you’re being asked where Mufasa goes once he […]

How to create energy today…

How to create energy today… Just a quick reminder that: Fitness and nutrition are about consistency, not about perfection. Your mantra for today (write this on a post it note or piece of paper): If I need to create energy today, I will….[insert here] E.g. I will do a 1 minute workout, go for a […]

Don’t set goals…

Just the thought of setting goals can be scary… It’s easier to sometimes go with ‘I’ll do my best’ and that is fine…until it is not.. we have no idea of what our ‘best’ is… “I did that so I can eat that’ <<< is that our best? “I did that workout but I should […]

Key 5 to success

Today is the very last Key to Success and if you’ve been implementing all of the previous keys, you’re well on your way to feeling confident about your health, fitness and body. Key #5 is: Do What You Know You Should Do… Most of us know what to do already… And if we did 80% […]

Key 4 to success

Key 4 to success Today’s key is for you,  For if you find yourself having trouble building and keeping momentum. And momentum is what makes things you struggled with before… like eating better and exercise..  feel and look easy.. Ok so here is what I want you to do next: -If you are someone who […]

Key 3 to success…

Today is perhaps one of the most important keys to success…  It comes from: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Now you might look at this and think that it means everyone around you is the problem.. Now, of course, people could influence you. Research shows that […]

Key to success (#2)

Key #2 to attaining your goals is:  Create Your Success Environment (be it for fitness and / or fat loss) Have you ever truly thought about the impact your environment is making on your body, health and happiness? Most of the ladies on our Kickstart report being completely unaware of the environments they lived in, […]

5 Keys To Success (important)

So yesterday I promised you I was going to give you my 5 Keys To Success… These 5 Success Truths are the pillars for fitness and wellness.  In fact, if you apply these 5 steps, you’re likely to never have to struggle with your weight or fitness ever again… Sound too good to be true?  […]

We have something amazing coming soon..

We have something amazing coming soon.. We are very excited about something we have starting very soon. The Kickstart Programme which can be done from home or with us in-person in Marlborough or Devizes, specifically for ladies 40+. is the very same programme the ladies use to: • Get over the initial hump of starting […]