What Cathy said on facebook…

So with the news of our GRAND REOPENING  Of our ladies only studios in Devizes and Marlborough  from 12th April And outside sessions added in from 29th March (wow I can say ‘this month’ from tomorrow )… I’m getting REALLY excited (have I said that already)… I can’t wait to get the 80’s bangers on […]

Diabetes, fall and depression

Diabetes, falls and depression… Despite being a Gov recommendation for years and years… The latest UK Chief Medical Officers Report finally emphasised the importance of building strength (doing strength based exercise at least twice a week) to help: 1 – Prevent falls – linked to bone density and lack of muscle mass, particularly if you […]

9 reasons the scales go up

9 reasons the scales go up 🤬 “I just need to see the scales move” “I didn’t lose anything despite everything I’ve done.. what’s the point? 🤬” ^^^ just a few of the messages I get when it comes to the scales  But I just wanted to share the results of a recent study . […]

How much time does it take?

Finding the time to exercise  Is something I get a lot from the ladies on our Kickstart programme.  And I get this. Since having 2 babies (not me, personally, my wife gave birth to them) I’ve noticed just how precious time is… BUT On the other hand I’ve never been so productive in my life… […]

See you there?

So so excited  About the news on Monday.. We can open our private ladies only studios in Marlborough and Devizes back up from  April 12th and start our outside ladies only sessions back from March 29th…. To go alongside our coaching sessions from home (which will be here to stay).. I’ll admit.. I have never […]

What’s the alternative?

So I got this message yesterday (see my image in post) And it got me thinking… It’s a good question…I don’t know how you stay say enthusiastically on message,  but it’s actually quite simple.  Because I see what happens when people truly apply what I say, including me, in my own experience aka when I […]

Come on, Boris

So today is the day That Boris is set to make an announcement  About what’s happening with the restrictions  Hairdressers (I’m in desperate need) Pubs  Restaurants  Cafes  Gyms And private studios like ourselves  All hoping for the best.. Not to mention  Summer holidays 🌞 It’s been an interesting time… They’re even debated in parliament  Whether […]

Burn more calories whilst you eat?

My jeans were pushing back against my stomach. My are cheeks blushing. I’m beginning to sweat.   But I’m still debating whether I’ve got more room for more curry, steak, and duck at the all you can eat buffet.  Wow do I miss eating out .. Probably be one of the things I do first after […]

How much water should you drink a day?

I’ll admit, drinking water wasn’t something that I always found easy… Which is probably why the ladies love the reminders I send over all day haha  Because I get it’s an easy thing to forget… Or even overlook.  Until, Of course, we have a headache and feel tired and then wonder why? But how much […]

It went quiet for 2 minutes…

It went quiet for 2 minutes … So I’m sat there.. The kids are playing  And I sit there  All smug-  Thinking  “Wow, I’ve got this sorted” As I sit there, reading / writing . But then all of a sudden  My concentration is interrupted . By no noise … Just silence … “They must […]