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If you have followed me for a while,

You’ll know I send out a message every single day via a blog

And a live video..

I mean, I speak to lots of people every day..

But I just want to know what you need help with..


Well, what I have found from working with thousands of people now in their health and fitness world…

Is that some people just don’t ask questions mainly because they think:

“my question isn’t important” <<< that is what you think yet what if everyone else is thinking the same? 

(this is why we have one to one support inside the 6 Week Kickstart Programme)..

Now, it is more important than ever with lockdown and people struggling 

That you reach out for help and talk. 

I mean, I know for sure that I have had better and worse days throughout this…

So with that in mind, what is your biggest struggle right now?

Here are a few from last night in our Q and A with myself and Dr Adam Bibbey (a researcher into behaviour change, personality types and motivation AKA doing the things you know you need to do):

  1. Eating too much
  2. Motivation to exercise at home
  3. Losing weight
  4. Mental health not great
  5. Drinking too much
  6. Missing social interaction and seeing people
  7. Struggling to apply usual coping mechanisms 
  8. Being alone
  9. Food ideas to keep things fresh. I’m bored of eating the same things
  10. Working too many hours. Not stopping for food and then just eating because I am stressed and bored 
  11. Worrying about things that may never happen but just overthinking them 

Pick any from the above

Or  message me  / comment below with yours personally 

And I will get some stuff sent over in the coming days to help

We got this ☺


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“Complete fail”?

So – to no surprise – lockdown was extended yesterday.. 

And no matter what you think about this… 

we haven’t come this far 

to simply get this far… 

And stop now… 

Yes, I would love to back in the studio 

Seeing everyone at the sessions 

Going for coffees after J  

Seeing everyone’s smiley faces (even when I miscount) 

Dressing up as Mr Motivator (ok, I still do that online) 

Putting on events that bring us all together..(we still do this online, too) … 

But at the same time… 

The great thing about this  

Is that soooo many obstacles are no longer obstacles for people, 

What was once an issue / obstacle to getting results 

Is  no longer an issue. 

With our Home Kickstart Programme.  

I am actually speaking about this at 1030am on BBC Wiltshire Radio on Friday.  

That is, 

“Late from work, so wont be able to get to a session” 

^^^ No problem, follow us live from home or do it on catch up 

“I’m a technophobe”  

^^^ everyone says this. Including Kate…who is now 30lbs down. Check her transformation out here: 

“I don’t have time. I’m just not sure it is the right time. I will start when it is normal again” 

^^ that is why we have 1 minute workouts, 5 minute workouts, 10 minute workouts, as well as out 30 minute workouts. Whether live or on catchup, we make sure you get them done… 

The best news? 

It’s not the speed, but the direction that counts.. 

Just like one of the ladies said yesterday: 

“I was going to say complete fail but I did pilates (and daily challenge plus two one minutes) which was necessary to balance the despondency work is causing…” 

The interesting part about this? 

She admitted that her definition of her ‘complete fail’ day 

Had just GOT BETTER.. 

What was once a good day 

She now actually calls a ‘complete fail’… 

See how powerful that is? 

  1. You will always expect more from you à that is OK, but don’t forget to put your attention on what you HAVE done 

^^ that is often the difference between someone saying ‘I’m helpless, you cant help me’ and “I CAN DO THIS” 

  1. The more aware you are of this, the less reactive you will be and the quicker you can get results because you will stop stopping … 

And there are many reasons why we stop… 

Or don’t start… 

But most of the time.. 

This is because you have either taken on too much  

^^ we do things a bit differently in the Kickstart, small habit each day, building momentum each day…1% better every day.  

Or you are scared of failing and looking silly… 

But wouldn’t you agree 

That doing nothing means you have failed anyway?  

I’ll leave you with a message that Paula commented on a video I did yesterday here: 

“Take one day at a time and focus on 1 or 2 things. And give it a go what’s to lose? I gave it a go and have now lost 14.3kg in 12 weeks!” 

Here’s the video Paula commented on (feel free to comment and ask her questions about how she did it:

If you’d like more info about our 6 Week Kickstart programme for ladies 40+ 

Then just message with ‘6 Week’ and I’ll get you the details.  


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Most people don’t know this…

It’s a daily ritual now..

Putting on Justin Timerblake and co with their Trolls (the movie) soundtrack 

and dancing around with the kids

^^ I even have a Trolls mask

Amazing how much this does for my energy 

But why am I sharing this?

Well, consider this question:

“How do you want to feel?”

Sounds like a simple question…

But ask it to most people

And they actually don’t know the answer..


They don’t know how they want to feel. …

We often come back with how we DON’T want to feel.

“I don’t want to feel tired”

“I don’t want feel so lethargic”

“I don’t want to have to wear the clothes that just fit me”

“I don’t want to be out of breath going up the stairs”

“I don’t want to be worrying about my health”

^^^ these are just some of the things that I get in our Kickstart One to ones. 

Thing is..

What you focus on, is where your attention will go, and where your attention goes 

Is where your energy goes..

And THIS is where you RESULTS will show.


If we are constantly focussed on how we don’t want to feel? We will get more of it..

“So how can I get more energy?”

“how do I change the way I feel”

Set some outcomes and goals for 2021 that get you excited..

Move…(even for one minute)

Get outside…

Have a nap..

Put your technology down for a bit…

Buy yourself some flowers…

Do some self care (bath, candle, meditation) 

Get dressed up for work…

Facetime a friend…

Whatever it is…


Otherwise you will simple spend more time on how you don’t want to feel….

Use language like

“I’m a lost cause”

“I have no willpower”

But here’s the thing…

You just need ONE day to change your state..

Change your mood. 

That makes you want to do it again tomorrow.

Then – all of a sudden – you have 15 days in a row..

You are more mobile,

Feeling lighter


The aches and pains going down

Recovery improving

Less out of breath 

Waking up with more energy

I could go on..

I’ll finish with this:

What feeling do you want to create today?

One thing you are willing to do to create that feeling is….?

After all…


It could be YOU..

I could be your other half

A friend


Or Like Kate said about her grandkids yesterday:


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How Kate Lost 30lbs and Became an ‘Energised Granny”

So I got this message from Kate yesterday:

“To the ladies who are unsure of joining Fruci Fit or how to connect with a zoom lesson .. please, it’s fun and it can work!

Back in August of last year there was a need to get this Granny back on track with fitness and weight loss.

Grandchildren were getting older and more enthusiastic, but Granny was also getting older and slower!.

Yes, classes here at Marlborough have been missed but my new friend “zoom” is keeping me engaged and I am still enjoying the 30 mins workout.

Bring on the Grandchildren….   30lbs lost and much more energy

Thank you, Matt (and team), from an energised Granny!”

WOW. Well done, Kate.

30lbs down, more energy, overcoming fears about technology and ready to keep up the grandchildren.

You can check out her results here:

But there are 3 things that Kate has show which allowed her to achieve the results she has despite lockdowns and admitting to be a technophobe:

1-Resilience  à  Kate didn’t forget all of the hard work she put in prior to the lockdowns.

I see a lot of people (and it is probably the difference between OK results and great results), forget their hardwork and just give up when an obstacle comes along.

Kate would never have considered Zoom back in August…

She overcome this and look what happened J

2-Accoutablity à With no one checking up on you, holding your accountable to what you said you would do, it is EASIER to take the easy road.

Without that community (I can say, that the ladies often give the best answers to any questions that come up..the way everyone supports each other is amazing).

3-Emotional Connection between your actions and what you value à it is clear for Kate that her grandchildren are IMPORTANT.

Now, this is powerful because no matter how tired, how hard, how much of a struggle it becomes (and there will be times like this)

How can you possibly align your actions with what you value?

Whether that is -like Kate – to be fit for the grandkids…

Fit into certain clothes again..

Reduce medication ..

Feel confident so you can [insert here]

Whatever it is …

In my experience, these 3 things above are critical.



So I caught up with Hazel last week in a one to one and we thought it would be great to actually share HOW she did it rather than just talk about what she has achieved. Just so you can get a better idea of what worked for Hazel. Remember, everyone is different and there is no ONE right way to do this.

So over to you, Hazel:

What’s worked for me:

Weight Loss – Calorie counting using the app. Yes, it takes time but to get results – best not to rely on guesswork.  Keep food simple, easier to count.

Dinner and Done So I have my dinner in the evening and then the kitchen is closed..I am finished (also given up the sweet biscuits with every hot drink and the evening square of dark chocolate because that only makes me want more). 

Sounds boring but strangely I am appreciating my food much more than I used to.

I weigh myself daily – and keep records – (not for everyone but it works for me).

Exercise – Get up at six am so have gained two hours each day – exercise plus a daily walk.  

Print the timetable & use it like a diary. (this is our Home Kickstart workout timetable we send you every Sunday so you can get ready for the week ahead)

No extra food treats just because I have exercised. (getting away from the do a 1000 calorie walk…eating 1500 calories to celebrate…)

Joining in Virtually – coffee morning, listen to all the weekly Q&A’s though not usually live, and listen to Matt’s daily musings – which very often deal with exactly what I am thinking. (research shows the more you engage and ask questions? The better the results will be)

Same with Julie’s “tangents” during her exercise sessions.

What’s most helpful:

The One to One Chats – they keep you focussed.  In my case I also summarise how I am doing in an e-mail prior to the chat.

You Versus You advice on how to adapt exercises to your level.

The fact that everything is available on catch up.  (so you can catch up when suits YOU)

What I’ve most enjoyed:

Being able to do it all from home – I am hopeless at making appointments.

The banter, the variety & the positivity of Fruci Fit and the ladies in the group.

Lots of different class leaders and just as I thought it might be getting a bit boring some new classes were added – Tai Chi, Pilates and Total Body Barre.

What hasn’t worked for me:

Sometimes it seems a bit overwhelming as there are so many things on offer, but I just need to remind myself you don’t need to do everything.

^^^ spot on…focus on what you CAN do

What I have struggled with:

I am a glass half empty person – and do struggle with low mood.  At times keeping below the calorie target is difficult (though taking a weekly average helps there).

Impatience – wanting quicker results – But slower progress is more likely to last.

What I’ve enjoyed most about my results:

Catching sight of myself in the mirror – OK I still have a tummy – but it’s kind of cute now.


Hazel will be the first to say

that you DO NOT have to be special to do this.

There is nothing heroic about the above.

Anyone can do it – if they want to.

Hazel definitely wanted to.

She is looking amazing and well in control of her food

Fitter and stronger.

Her story is inspirational.

Which is why I am sharing it on here.

—> certainly beats just another before and after image.

Well done, Nicnak! One year later

So I caught up with Nicnak on Friday for a chat about how she’s done over the past year.

It’s been nearly 12 months since she first started.

Nicnak started off not being able to get off the ground

Had put weight on

As she said “had lost the umph”

Needed to do something but never did.

She thought she would give this a go…

It wasn’t great timing (or so she thought)

with a holiday right away,

but it just shows there is no better time to start.

Even if you are feeling worried / scared about that first session.

In fact, Nicnak admitted she was “TERRIFIED”..

Terrified that she would have to go to the floor.

Who would she ask for help?

Would there be help?

I guess it was my fault not explaining this…

But Nicnak felt comfortable really quickly ..

As we adapted everything for her so she can do it against the wall / with a chair.

So what happened 12 months later?

Over 5 stone lost

And getting up the floor is now “EASY”


Truly inspirational.

You can check out her progress picture below.

But I get that before and after pictures lack the story behind it.

So I will share the interview I did with Nicnak tomorrow (as had some sound issues but hopefully it will be OK)

Anyway, we are opening up 10 more spaces for our SEPTEMBER 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+.

This can be done with us in-person in Devizes or Marlborough or all from home.

If you would like more details?

Just send me a message and I will get you the details.




How Cassie Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5K (and losing 3 stone in the process):

Naomi lost a 1.5 stone + 6 inches from her waist

How Penny Lost Over 3 Stone With A Busy Job and Family Life

How Julie Lost 2 Stone and Transformed Her Body Shape & Energy Without Giving Up Her Favourite Foods
What Happened To Annette One Year On

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Perfection or progress?

Got this message yesterday from Janine:

“I have lost 4lbs. I still find some of the exercises leave my joints aching. My muscles have recovered. I’m still doing 3 1minute workouts a day.”

And it was a nice reminder that

You do not have to be ‘perfect’ to progress.

Small habits, compound effect. 

Truth is, you’ll always have problems.

You can see them as blessings, curses or challenges.

Make progress? 

You’ll reach new, more exciting problems / curses / challenges <<< depending on how you  frame it.

I get it feels harder to do nothing. 

You might get a dopamine hit from putting it off.

“I don’t have time” (that is why we have the 1 minute workouts)

“It’s not the right time”

“I’m not fit enough” (we can adapt everything for you)

But what I know to be pretty much the case,

Is that most of us are really just scared we will “fail” .

AKA we have a fear of failure 

And a fear of looking silly.

Thing is though,

Failure is down to you to define.

You can say “I should have exercised for longer today…I’m a failure”


You can say “i want to do more because ….[insert reason why your even thinking about getting fitter / losing weight ]. “

“I will do this  on [insert date] by doing [insert exercise]”

That’s the difference .

One is based on HOPE <<< which is essentially gambling.

“I hope I will have more motivation”

“I hope I will have more energy”

“I hope I am good today”

And other is based on STRATEGY..

It just depends which areas of your life

You are willing to gamble on…

Anyway, we have 4 new ladies starting on our 6 Week Kickstart for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan, motivation and strategy to do it… 

If you’d like to join them?

Message me with ‘6 week’

And I’ll get you the details. 

Matt “small habits, compound effect” Fruci

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“There’s no point in..”

“I don’t have enough time”

“There’s no point in…

“Doing a 1 minute workout (we do daily 1 minute workouts to help you break from the desk, home schooling)”

“Doing a song challenge (a 3minute workout to help you break from the desk, get up, and improve blood flow and ENERGY)”

“Exercising for less than an hour (Make it simple and easy. Why ? Simple and easy gets done!!)”

“Starting on a Friday (that’s 72 hours of the week you’ll let drift away by always starting Monday. Imagine if you did that every week? How many hours we would let drift away? Nearly half the week..)”

^^^ Begs the question about whether our ‘plan’ is too strict if we have to go on/off a plan (more on that another day…or in my BRAND NEW AUDIOBOOK coming out soon).

“I’ve eat 4 so I may as well eat the rest of the packet <<< Imagine if you stopped at 4 every time? Where would you be then in a years time? “

^^ I would encourage you to day to write down a list of all of the things you say ‘there is no point doing…” And watch them add up. 

My point ?

The above are seemingly insignificant habits…

And in isolation…

You could be right.

But when you group them together?

That is when the magic happens.

Don’t believe me?

Many of the ladies fit in our workout around their busy schedules…

Adapting the exercises for them (whether it is mobility, knee, hips, getting up and down)

This is YOU vs YOU.

And key to getting ahead?

Is just getting started.

As Debz has found.

And I get you may be a little apprehensive. 

Debz was too

Here’s what she said yesterday:

“ I was a little apprehensive about joining; I’ve not done any fitness for over a year and have also had some serious health issues.

But I needn’t have worried. From the very first 1-2-1 with Matt I was reassured.

This is a very supportive community of trainers and other women, all of whom want to see you succeed in your fitness and weight goals.

What has really worked for me is the accountability… they make sure you stick to what you said you wanted to do. This programme has given me focus and a much needed structure to my day. I am into week 3 and I’ve lost 9lbs already and I feel so much better! I’ve got more energy and I’m sleeping better too.

Anyone procrastinating about joining…. do it!

You won’t regret it! In fact you can thank me afterwards.

What are you waiting for?!!”

If you’d like to join our next Kickstart beginning on Monday?

Just message me with ‘Kickstart’

And I will get you the details


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How long should I exercise for (and the thing about home schooling)?

A question I had yesterday:

​​”I don’t have a lot of time and struggle to fit in exercise during the week so I’m not sure I could do your Kickstart” 

I get that.

It’s a great question.

Especially as we often have this belief that we have to do an hour of exercise or it’s pointless…

Truth is, there’s NO actual time commitment….

It just depends on what you’re willing to do…

I mean, let’s say you invest 15 minutes a day in your food, fitness and weekly tasks you are set. 

​​1 is BETTER than 0. 

You are STILL closer to your goal. 

And when you build that momentum and it becomes a habit? It is HONESTLY easier…

(Like my lockdown flossing habit where I’ve been more consistent than ever but still not perfect. like I said – I’m still better and if I’m working on it? Failure is just success waiting to happen. And funny how booking a hygienist appointment has made me more consistent than ever with my flossing !)

I know I talk a lot about being selfless..

Maybe you value HELPING OTHERS. 

And that is amazing.

But if it also leaves you frustrated about where you are at with your mental al health..

We have to consider whether our actions are aligning with our value of helping others…

As I don’t know about you, but if I’m stressed and tired, I am rubbish to be around.

It’s something I have been big on this week so far..

Trying our best to balance work and looking after the kids /making sure we give them attention too. 

And like one of the ladies on the Kickstart does..

I get my priority for the day (the thing that is really important to me (e.g. writing, blogging, video, workout)

Done first thing in the morning (as my willpower is highest and no one wants me then)

^^^ this is also FORCES me to get to bed before 10pm (and motivates me because if I don’t got to bed at 10pm, I am CHOOSING to be less productive and worse to be around haha which helps no one…After all, I have a team, family and amazing people I work with relying on me..

In summary?

There is NO time commitment for anything, It just depends how important it is to you right now.

^^^ this is why we have a one to one ​​​​

It’s a case of how long do you have? 

And lastly, how important is this to you?

That’s why we have workouts you can do in just 1 minute, 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes. And all live or on catch up.

The key?

Is in the doing..

Which is what we make sure you do ☺ 

And yes, you might be thinking that you know that but struggle for motivation.

Here’s a quick tip for you…

Write down the 1-3 most important benefits of doing what you know you need to do with your exercise and food…

Put them on sticky notes

And place them where you will see them every, single day.

Check in with them every day.

This is something I’ve done with many of the ladies.

In fact, I’ll share a few:

“I want to feel of confident in the clothes I wear and fit back into my favourite ones”

“I want to stop worrying about my health”

“I want to be able to play with grandkids without being exhausted”

Because sometimes 

Just seeing those things you value every day

Can make you see how important doing the things you know you need to do are..

Especially when you can see that the results and consequences of our actions

Really do align with what you value in your life.


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How to have a rubbish day…

I’d by lying to you if I said that I never say things like:

“I feel like..$#*!”

Maybe I’m tired? A bit run down?

Or maybe I’m just lacking sleep from not going to bed at 10pm because I said I ‘had to get this work done’


‘wanted me time;..

But the thing about catching yourself saying ‘I feel like [insert here]”

You are about to use an analogy…

Which means it is NOT REAL….

But I get that when you’re in this state and you’re feeling low?

It is difficult to get out of.

So here are 3 things to get out of this low energy state which will guarantee you have a rubbish day:

Task One:

  1. Write down a list of the things that make you feel happy. 

    2) Whenever you feel low? Do one of these things

    I can guarantee that you have a list in your head of the things that make you feel low that are top of mind awareness.

    After all, if you don’t know what makes you happy, how do you know what it is to be happy?​​

Here’s mine:

☺ Working out

☺ Waking up feeling energised (bed by 10pm haha) 

☺ Dancing with the kids (Trolls is in at the moment. Let me know if you want me to show you my dancing)

☺ going for a nap

☺ Meditation 

☺ Quiz night / Facetime with family / friends (lockdown that is )

☺ Watching a film

☺ walk and a podcast / audiobook

☺ Writing a blog

☺ Date night 

☺ Reading

I could go on. 

These are really simple things which I know make me feel good. They give me energy.

So If I want to feel rubbish?

I just have to ignore all of these. 

That is my strategy for feeling rubbish.

Task Two:

​​Change your environment. 

Ring a friend? Go for a walk. ​​Try a workout. Try something new (like the ladies have said with our weekly live cooking and coffee mornings). 

It might be the last thing you want to do…but there’s only one way to find out if it is actually the thing you need to do

Task Three:

Take your focus somewhere else…

What you focus on is what you focus on.

​​​​​​​​​​A thought does NOT mean it is true. 

“I don’t have time”

“I am not fit enough”

“I can’t do it”

“It’s not the right time because [insert here]”

I can guarantee you’ve changed your opinion before right?

That’s changing your thoughts? 

thoughts are there to try to protect you. 

You don’t have to believe them…

In Fact, if I believed my thoughts

I wouldn’t be writing this now.

As I once a upon time believe I wasn’t good enough..
Matt ‘I feel like….” Fruci​

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“Why did I just eat that?”

“not for Dora”

^^ I tell my daughters as they go to give our begging Labrador more food…

“Dora…get down”

^^ I say to my Labrador as I turn around for one second and notice that she’s now licking the high chair haha

Ever wondered why your dog jumps at food every chance it gets despite the fact it may be getting overweight? 

Because dogs have a very small Pre-Frontal Cortex and therefore don’t have much in the way of self control or long term thinking. 

Your Pre-Frontal Cortex (the front part of your brain) is where your willpower comes from. Its where your motivation comes from. 

Ever tried to tell a toddler they can’t have that ‘food’ or play with [insert toy] now but maybe tomorrow? 

They don’t understand what “later” or “tomorrow” means. 

They just want it. NOW. 

Why do you think that is? 


their Pre-Frontal Cortex (which allows them to think more long term) doesn’t develop until they are about 5-7yrs old. 

At which point you can reason with them more like you would with an adult. 

Why am I sharing this ?

Well…it turns out scientists have figured out that STRESS and TIREDNESS in and of itself literally TURNS OFF your pre-frontal cortex.

And who doesn’t have a poor nights sleep?

^^ I have been trying to get to bed before 10pm this week. 2/5 so far. But just keeping score has led me to improve  I now have an alarm clock telling me to go to bed and I have written the benefits of going to bed next to me on a piece of paper. Who it impacts and how it benefits me.

Home schooling, work, stress, worry, anxiety

Think about that for a second. 

This means the more stressed and more tired you are the more impulsive you’ll behave therefore making it HARDER to stay on track with your long term goals 

^^ be it playing with the grandkids, your health, fitting back into your favourite clothes or getting your confidence back. 

This might sound like a no-win situation 

but it’s actually good news because the REAL problem is not that you lack willpower, its that you’re probably more tired and stressed than you realise. 

Have kids? 

Home schooling?

Have a stressful job? 

Work long hours? 

Don’t sleep like a baby at night? 

Need multiple coffees to get going in the morning? 

All of these and more a literally just symptoms of the real reason why you over eat/make poor food choices when you know you shouldn’t. 

If it wasn’t clear enough yet.. ..

the real reason you eat emotionally, over indulge or make poor choices is because you’re tired, stressed or both. 

You may not even realise it.

You may think you have to ‘power through’ to help others..

And this is OK

Until it is not OK..

You get frustrated because you’re snappy, feel like you aren’t doing everything you can.

I get it, 

I am the same with my kids.

Sometimes feel I should ‘ play more’

‘spend more time with them’

But if I am tired and stressed?

I am not good to anyone…

So what can you do?

1-Meditation / breathing (which is literally sitting and doing nothing) can reverse ALL of that. I recommend Headspace or Insight Timer (apps) if you want to make a start today.

In 2017 a team of researchers looked at all the research on diets, exercise and meditation in relation to weight loss and what they found was startling. 

They noticed a trend that diets + exercise alone led to short term weight loss but in the long term, people tended to gain back the weight. 

Whereas programs that included a diet + exercise + meditation not only led to short term weight loss but people also kept the weight off long term. 

Meditation can be as simple as deep breathing. Having a coffee on your own.

Or even waking up and taking 10 deep breaths in before starting your day.

Taking time for YOU

As without you?

What happens?

2-Exercise – 

Exercise can be the domino in the equation of ‘feeling good’

Endorphins released..

We feel better

Eat better

Gain confidence that we can do this..

Prove others wrong

Clothes feel a bit looser

Arms start feeling more toned..

Less breathless climbing stairs

More stamina to handle life…

And if you’re looking for somewhere to start with exercise?

Try this:

3- Accountability to do it –

I get you probably knew some of this already.

But like some of the ladies said last night in our Live Q and A With Dr Adam Bibbey on growth mindset and mental resilience ..

Having the accountability, especially at the start..

Makes change a lot easier

In fact, research back this up

That having the support in place is the KEY reason people succeed…

It’s alright saying ‘I know what to do”

OR telling others they should ‘eat healthy”

But it means nothing if we don’t do it..

In fact, my 2 year old daughter taught me the hard way..

I told her to put trousers on as it is cold outside to which she replied:

“You need your trousers on Daddy”

As I sat there in my shorts (guilty…)


If you’d like to give our 28 Day Kickstart Programme for Ladies 40+ a try?

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3 Common Exercise Mistakes

Whether you’ve been to a gym before or not, I want to talk today about some of the 3 most common exercise mistakes I hear from working with thousands of women looking to get fit and lose some weight…

And it’s why one of the most important things I like to get across in in the 28 Day Kickstart (replay with ’28 Day’ if you’d like more info by the way) is:

  1. just how important your diet is IF you are looking for FAT LOSS.
  2. How exercise provides SOOOOO MUCH MORE BENEFIT than just simply ‘burning calories’

Which brings me to the 3 most common exercise mistakes I see:

1) You try to out exercise a bad diet – 

This is even more relevant to the 28 Day Kickstart as it’s created so that the exercise is merely the scarf on your snowman / icing on the cake

 (where is the snow by the way? I see cake everywhere, but no snow…)

It’s created that you CAN fit it to your lifestyle

Start by doing even 1, 5 or 10 minutes a day..

And front loading accountability to make sure you do it. 

As it is ALWAYS harder to start than maintain. 

Make it simple..


And when you get it done?

That is where you get the results you want.

Whether that is because you flood your brain with endorphins and make better choices in other areas with your food? 

Or whether that is because it is achievable and easy to fit in to your day

So you do it more often…

Because guess what?

The ladies may complain I can’t count during the workouts, but I know for sure

That just 5 minutes a day is 35 minutes a week…

And If I said to you may people today “ could you do 35 minutes today?”

They would say “I don’t have time”…

But for 5 minutes?

If it is was important enough..

We all could..


Could you just follow nutrition alone and lose fat?


Would I recommend it?




  • Endorphins
  • Muscle and tone (helps you change your body shape)
  • Can help with hunger
  • Feeling stronger
  • Bone density
  • Confidence 
  • Disease risk: Diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular 
  • Mental health

I could go on…

2) You’ve done it before and it didn’t work for you –

The mistake here is not using the right technique and muscles to help you shape your body how you want it to look. 

Obviously, not only does this mean you don’t get injured, but it will also mean that you get fitter, level up your energy and make every day tasks easier. 

Again, this is something I am big on in 28 Day Kickstart (hence why you just simply follow us doing the workouts and if you need extra help? You can turn your video on and we can go through this with you)  

The last thing you want to do in January is start a new diet and exercise programme and get injured. 

It’s why after our one to one in the 28 Day Kickstart,

Your first workout simple depends on where you are at right now so you build confidence, and start your journey without jumping straight in at the deep end.

3) You think you have to wear lycra and leave your workout dripping with sweat –

What you have the option to do in the 28 Day Kickstart (and something I go over) is have different types of workouts

From barre, pilates, yoga, No Floor, stretch, Back to Basics, and Tai Chi to muscle strengthening, cardio, high intensity, Dance and Beat Fit, and Boxing

So we can have more recovery based workouts some days and other days you do a bit more challenging work.

This ensures you can RECOVER. 

It’s the same with your nutrition, too.

It’s not simply ‘here’s a diet and exercise plan’

It’s tweaked to:

a) Help it stay fun so you stick to it and stay motivated

B) Varied so you actually look forward to your workouts and allow for the recovery AKA the magic to happen to help you shape your body

I hope you found this helpful.

And if a more scientific, personalised approach to this diet and weight loss stuff sounds good to you?

Well here’s my little summary of a recent research paper that came out…

Of 280, 605 adults across Europe..

Only ¼ did any muscle strengthening exercise …

Which is crazy considering the addition of muscle strengthening exercise was associated with lower obesity..

And also how muscle it protective for risk of falls, diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and simply makes every day tasks easier, like getting to the floor and climbing stairs, and helps us fit our clothes better…


I get there are so many workouts out there 

But there is nothing like a live workout..

And if you’d like to come in a and try a workout tomorrow morning (Friday) with me at 715am

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