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DNA diets & what happened to Paula

Making a tower of cushions…

Going into the shower and pretending it’s “elf school”…

Cardboard boxes …

Baubles on the Christmas tree..

^^^ probably the most played with toys from my make over the past few days (even with some cool new stuff)

My point?

It’s always the simple stuff that works..

And this brings me on to DNA diets…

Sounds cool, right?

Know what to eat based on your DNA.

Sounds sciencey…

YET, the actual science right now says that choosing foods based on the current DNA tests they tell us to do for a £100  odd quid comes to conclusions that are about as weak as saying:

“people carry umbrellas when it rains. Umbrellas cause rain…”

Now, maybe in the future, we will be using DNA tests..

But right now? Even an $8 million study didn’t find any link between genes and diets.

Plus, what do you actually do with this information they give you?

Let’s say it  says to eat more veggies, fruits, exercise more and a bit more protein.

Well, I’m guessing you knew that already, right?

And it’s the same intolerance testing…

Great on paper.

Find out which foods you’re intolerant to.

But the truth is,

It’ll probably just give you sooo many foods 

That you end up eating less bread with delicious spreads and fillings…

Less carbs (and thus less fermentable fibre which causes bloating)

And maybe less junk / cake because of the dairy…

Which all

Makes us eat fewer calories …

And that’s the power of a placebo effect..

But given that most people know what to do…

Why is it so hard to stick to?

Well, when we start out in the 28 Day Kickstart,

We have a initial one to one to put together YOUR plan (not my plan, not Karen’s plan, or anyone else’s plan)…

And something that’s REALLY interesting 

Is how everyone defines eating “healthy” slightly differently:

“I eat well, I’m a veggie, I don’t eat meat”

“I eat well, I eat lots of oily fish and lean meat”

“I eat well, I eat no carbs”

“I eat well, I eat lots of fruit and veg”

“I eat well, I never eat fruit or carbs”

You get my point…

And that’s the problem..

We become attached to one diet

One way…

When actually 

You need to find your way..

Just like we do inside the 28 Day Kickstart 

Because right now…

Support and accountability 

Is the biggest indicator for the success of any transformation..

Just like Paula said on Christmas Eve:

“Merry Christmas matt. Just weighed and hit 20.2lbs before Christmas!

 And a huge 12 inches. So pleased and could never have done this without you and the team! My husband said the last time I was this fit was 9 years ago before I got pregnant. 

Thank you for giving me the motivation to start and more importantly keep going. “

Well done, Paula 😃

If you’d like to join Paula and co on the next 28 Day Kickstart specifically for ladies 40+?

Just message me with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details.

Can be done with us in-person in our private studios in Marlborough and Devizes 

Or all from home (as Paula did)


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The ONE thing…

I used to love circling the toys I wanted when I was a kid in the Argos catalogues (do they still exist?)

But here’s something that might surprise you..or might not haha.

The average 10 year old owns 238 toys…but plays with 12 of them

And I see similar stuff already with my daughter (and she’s not even in 3)

It’s why we swap the toys over quite often and just have a few things out at once.

So she knows what she has

And we’ll do the same with her new toys…

Because when you try to play with everything at once?

You don’t know what you’ve got…

You’re always looking to see if there’s anything else.

Something better.

More exciting.

More flashy..

To the extent that you never actually start playing..

I heard the Elf is bringing  few presents separately 😉

Bit like me when I look at Netflix..

By the time I’ve chosen what to watch

I fall asleep…

Why am I bringing this up?

Well, it’s a bit like some of these diets out there that get you to think you have to do it all at once…

The exercise for hours, give up your favourite foods

Count everything 

My way or the high way type of diets.. ..

Of course, there has to be some compromise…

But why not start off with the minimum amount of work and effort you have to do to get some results?

By focussing on that ONE THING

Especially if your issue is keeping it going? 

This way, it’s easier to stick to as it’s not some massive change that you can’t sustain…

It’s not so time consuming…

And you haven’t exhausted all of your options to lose weight and get fit on day 1…

meaning that when things do slow down?

You can just make a small tweak and go again

Cool thing about this?

It gets you away from thinking “all or nothing”

And instead thinking “something is better than nothing”

Or my favourite:

“half assed is better than no assed”

Even at Christmas 🎅

Be it going for a walk

Filling your plate with veggies 

Increasing your protein 

Waiting 20 minutes before going for seconds 

Or drinking a glass of water before each meal or purple Quality Street 😉 

Small habits, compound effect 👌

Matt ‘Toys R Us’ Fruci

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What happened to Sue

Here’s what Sue said last week

Who started a few months ago:

“I started a few months ago and wasn’t sure at first. I can honestly say i am throughly enjoyed the fitness classes, the support you get from the coach and other ladies in the classes.

 I had a problem with snacking on what can i eat as my job can be alot of pressure and irregular eating times.

Devizes ladies made suggestions to me.

Over the months i have learned the importance of protein and planning meals, drinking plenty of water also doing my classes at my pace. Classes are fun and we have a laugh even when we have a job to move the next day. 

Besides the classes i sometimes do catch on the videos, try new classes.

I am now alot fitter, more confident, more energy and 3lb off losing a stone. Really enjoying myself getting toned and fitter.”I would recommend joining to anyone. So join up ladies a lovely new studio in Devizes, although i do enjooy the outdoor classes.A big thank you to Julie and the Devizes Ladies.Sue”

Amazing work. 

Well done, Sue. 

Our coach, Julie, spoke about this a lot more here:

Enjoyer herself 

More toned 

Nearly a stone down 

And all this 

Whilst having a laugh 😃

Our January 28 day Kickstart for ladies 40+ starts 4th January

And can be done from home or with us in person in our private studios in Devizes or Marlborough. 

If you’d like more details just send over a message and we will get you the details.


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More is better?

I’ll admit

It’s that time of the year where even me (as someone who is supposed to preach all of this stuff)

Has let some of their habits slip (slightly)…

I haven’t go all of my workouts in..or for as long as “ I should do” <<< or feel I should do…

Have eaten for the sake of eating when I’m not hungry (there was cheese and salami haha)..

^^ Actually felt rubbish for overeating btw..

Anyway, there are a few reasons..

Demands on you are higher than ever this time of year.

You have everything you normally have to do



Getting everything done so you have some down time..

Remembering who to give a card to and who you can get away with not 😉

And all this can drain your energy..

^^^ our most important resource EVER…

When our energy is low?

Your perception of yourself is lower..

Motivation is lower..

Ability to handle problems are lower…(and this is pretty much the definition of success…your ability to deal with problems / stress that come up, as it is inevitable in life)

In other words, everything is harder.

The situations are the same..

You just perceive them as more stressful when your energy is low…

Now, the issue with this is that

Despite our energy perhaps being lower

We often keep our expectations the SAME..

You see, we compare NOW to our BEST EVER day..

And guess what happens?

We beat ourselves up 

And go into that ‘all or nothing’ mindset..

So I wanted to share some research that might make you think differently..

You see, some people believe they have to be crawling out of a workout for it to work…

They have to exercise for an hour…

But is this true?

Or just a belief that leaves us doing nothing and feeling tired and lethargic at not doing what we said we should do?


Here is a little bit of research..

Researchers wanted to see what would happen when you burnt either:

  1. 600 calories in the morning


  1. 300 calories in the morning

What did they find?

Well, when they burnt 600 calories, they just tended to burn 300 calories less throughout the day

So they just ended up no better off..

Maybe they then didn’t go for that walk..

Took the lift instead of the stairs

Drove to the shops instead of walking

Got their other half to walk the dog etc. 

Now, what does this mean?

Well, it means that you don’t have to be crawling out of the gym

Doing 1 hour workouts..

To tone up, burn some calories and fit your clothes a bit better…

And that doing SOMETHING is always better than doing nothing…

Especially given that

When you do something

It is not often the ‘thing’ you do but the simple act of DOING the thing

Which build momentum..

Just like the ladies find inside our 28 Day Kickstart Programme…

(message me with ’28 Day’ and I will get you more details about our January 28 Day Kickstart which you can do with us in person in our ladies only private studios in Devizes and Marlborough or all from home)

When they start exercising…

^^ whether it is our 1 minute workout of the day, 10 minute workout, or 30 minute workout…

Get more energy

Feel better

Make a few better food choices

Sleep better

And the domino effect builds..

All from one simple habit..

And the best part?

You go at your own pace, just like Cathy said after her first session:


Going – so scary

Going for that first session whatever you choose to do,

Being welcome,

Doing it,

Finishing it,

Leaving it,

Feeling great you did it ….

That’s what this is about – so amazingly welcoming and safe !!!!!! I have NEVER been to a group and to people that have made me feel

so OK with being where I am, so OK about what I’m doing and so great about what I want to achieve !!!!”

Matt ‘less is more’ Fruci

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What Sue said on Facebook (28 days later)

Here’s what Sue said about the Kickstart programme yesterday:

I started Matts 28 day Kick start programme a month ago. 

I felt I had to try something different – not just about diet – not just about the exercise- but needing to look at why I slip up so much with food and then feel I let myself down 

Matts 15 Habits in the Kick Start really helped me look at why I was eating something and when and how.

Matts early morning chats are very thought provoking. I realised that I bolt my meals – had ate on the hoof for years with my job

I eat healthily but was probably eating too much and snacks well – that’s a good one! I now don’t buy packs of mixed mini chocolate bars as I don’t need or want them!

I have gradually built up my exercise routine and the meeting with Matt today was brilliant – I felt so energised . 

My body is already firming up and I have lost 6lb – this a brilliant course to sign up for 

I am doing this from home and Matts check – ins are good – am also checking in with a few members”


Well done, Sue. 

Small habits, compound effect. 

And the reason I’m sharing this is that people ask a lot about what’s realistic tl achieve.

And my answer is that it really depends on YOU.

As does the nutrition that might work for you 

The exercise sessions which will work for you

Your lifestyle 

Whether you want to come and do this with us at our private studios in Devizes or Marlborough,

Whether you want to do this all from home (like Sue has)

Or do a mix off both.

You can make this as convenient or personal as you like.

Anyway, if you’d like to join our January 28 Day Kickstart,

We have just released 15 spaces for ladies 40+.

Just reply to this message with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details.


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Harder to lose weight as you age? [new study]

Getting up in the night…

Bath time…

“I had it first”

Being ‘responsible’ for another human being…

^^^ having kids has presented me with some of the most amazing challenges…

And I am forever grateful for this…

But it is no secret that with this comes extra time and responsibility …

Time and responsibility, I never had in my early 20s when studying at University.

It’s funny, I always used to think I was busy and ‘getting older fast’

But then 10 years on…

I feel like no older…

And I am actually grateful for the challenges and problems I have today.

In fact, I would have done anything to have the challenges that I get to face today…


Opening our brand new studio in Devizes…

Running our ladies only studio in Marlborough ..

Yet sometimes I still think ‘where is my time?’…

Until I realise just amazing these challenges are..

And speaking of ageing and challenges…

Something that comes up a lot in one to ones with some of the ladies just starting their 28 Day Kickstart

Is how they have put on more weight as they have got older..

“It must be an age thing?”

There was a recent study just out from Warwick University 

All about how age impacts your ability to lose weight.

One of the main the reasons they did this is because fat loss can help with 50 comorbidities 

Including lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of Type 2 Diabetes, depressions …I could go on…

So what did they find?

Well, they found that when given sufficient support 

Whether you are below 60 or over 60…

It made no difference to the amount of weight people lost

The younger group (below 60) lost 6.9%   

And the older group (above 60) lost 7.3% 

So what does this mean?

Well, there is no best time to start..

In fact, my brother in law researches protein and muscle

And will always say this.

They see people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s put on muscle and get stronger..

Which can all improve wellbeing, reduce risk of falls and fractures, improve independence and quality of life.

One of the ladies actually said to me last week

How she was motived by seeing her mum in a care home..

Now, of course, as age 

It may feel harder..


Well, as I mentioned at the start

And as many of the ladies tell me..

We simply become responsible for more people and things as we age..

Which CAN mean the time we have has reduced.

I mean gone are the days I would spend hours in a gym..

I now fit it in during the day.

^^^ In fact, I have literally, as I write this, just stopped to do a 1 minute set of exercise (it is also something I preach inside our 28 Day Kickstart to help improve blood sugar levels and protect your energy << which just so happens to help you control your stress)

But also, many of the ladies tell me that they have gone from kids moving out to now being carers for their parents. 

Making it again 

Difficult to find time for them.

I get it

It’s hard.

And it is why we do these short, manageable steps.

Anyway, there are also other variables: 

  • The scales fluctuating (sleep, carb intake, salt, hormones, menstrual cycle etc) – can mean we think ‘what is the point?’ and just give up
  • You hold more weight around the stomach through the menopause due to hormonal changes 

I could go on..

And these can make it difficult to stick to something..

But remember… 

As uncomfortable as these problems / challenges are…

Is it uncomfortable anyway?


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“I’ve still not lost anything”

I know I talk about motivation and willpower a lot 

(In fact we had dr Adam Bibbey yesterday talking all about urges and cravings in our 28 day kickstart weekly seminar )

But ine thing I don’t really cover is what to do when you’re actually DOING the work and NOT seeing the scales go down and your waistline shrinking…

So, let’s say you’ve made a start. You are walking more, attending some exercise ‘classes’ either in person or from homeand watching what you eat. 

But nothing happens…despite the above all being really positive (so well done)

Well, first off. Don’t do what MOST people do…

Which is QUIT!!

And I’ve been there. I’ve been so close to saying “no” to opportunities simply because I was scared of public speaking ..

Equally, I have said “no” to opportunities that I felt guilty saying “no” about but just didn’t align with who I want to be.

Little did I know that these uncomfortable decisions teach you the biggest lessons 

Enabling you to overcome obstacles and create breakthroughs.

The secret is slowing down just enough to have an HONEST ASSESSMENT of whats not happening and WHY

* Do you have enough structure with your eating which actually gives you the freedom to eat the foods you love without guilt or binging?

* Are you seeing any progress with your exercise? Stronger? Fitter? More toned? 

* Do you feel in control at times like weekends, social events, other half bringing food home, work meetings lasting 10x longer…or do you feel that you’re either “off” or “on” plan?

* Do the scales dictate whether you are in a good or bad mood…and what you do next?

^^ THAT is just scratching the surface

But once you do that- you can tweak things, you can MEASURE things, you can IMPROVE

^^ notice how I said tweak? Because that is sometimes all it takes…

if you’re not measuring anything- how can you fix it?

And I don’t just mean the scales…but your daily habits and obstacles / challenges that stop you losing weight / get in the way (work, family life etc.)

The final piece of this?

Be open to new ways of thinking…

The reason I bring this all up is I had a question from someone asking whether they could just do the workouts but not change their diet…and how much weight they can lose in 4 weeks…

And given that I pride myself on getting you results (I actually live or die on doing this), 

I had to be honest and say

YES, you can.


This will probably only get you so far.

And that OK. 

The exercise is important. It will help you change shape, fit your clothes better, feel better

Improve your mental health 

and keep the FAT OFF long term (not to mention help tone you up so you can fit into your favourite clothes..

But even if you went just went on a starvation diet and exercised every day…

The most amount of unwanted body FAT you can lose in day? 

About 250g…

Depressing, I know….

So if you’re fixated with the scales and hoping just more exercise will solve it all?

Remember to take measurements too…

How your clothes fit?

Your energy?

As you might fail to see the progress you have made 

overlook it

And give up because you “think” you’re not making progress…

Yet, I can guarantee if this is you,

You’ve only defined progress as “weight loss”… 

Here’s why the scales can go UP when you’re trying got lose weight…

1) You’ve started eating more fruit and vegetables –

Fibre is hard for your body to breakdown.

^^^ It can make you gassy and bloated

This also means you hold more water. 

So, consider that you’re probably going to eat different amounts of fibre everyday – which can impact your weight!

The good news?

Over time, your body will probably get better at handling your increased fibre intake, you’ll feel more full and stop craving more sugary, higher fat snacks foods which could help you lose FAT so you fit your clothes better!

2) You’ve started drinking more fluids – 

Yep, another positive habit could be making you put on more weight (at least in the short term)

^^^ Be it from tea, coffee, water, squash (or even diet coke…)

I mean, you exercise one day and maybe not the next.

You may sweat a lot one day (weather / exercise) and not so much the next. 

The good news?

Over time, your body will better regulate this increased fluid intake, you’ll feel more full and satisfied, and stop mistaking thirst for hunger (and Ben & Jerry’s time)

3) You eat more salt one day compared to another  

4) You ate higher carbs than normal today or a few days prior – 

For every gram of carbs stored in your body…

You pull about 3-4 g of water into your muscles which can mean you gain water weight!

This is not fat!

5) Sleep – 

May be you slept longer 

Or shorter 

So consider this:

If you’re in bed for a bit longer during the night. Perhaps have a lay in. You may get up a few more times in the night and actually PEE more than normal.


Get rid of more water.

And the time between your last meal on the day before and your weigh in is shorter 

(So you have less food in your gut)

6) You weren’t consistent with time and day – 

Did you weight yourself at the same time? 

Did you go to the bathroom before weighing yourself in the morning?

Same underwear / pyjamas? 

7) You’ve started a new exercise programme –

This is a new stimulus on your muscle. 

It ‘stresses’ your body. 

But when you rest…

The magic happens.

Your body repairs the muscles (you may feel a bit achey)

Now, this process burns calories and may help you LOSE FAT / change shape 


This ‘magic process’ AKA muscle soreness / recovery may mean that you increase your body weight (at least in the short term)


Because you’re holding more water in the muscle to help your body REPAIR!

8) You haven’t done what you said you would do –

This one HURTS.

It makes us reflect on what WE have (or have not) actually done.

Have you done what you said you would do?

How could you possibly make that happen?

9) Menstrual cycle –

That pre-menstrual phase ‘bloat’ can leave you holding more water (and craving carbs…)

To sum up:

It’s for these 9 reasons why the scale is NOT your dictator (it’s one of many) and not your boss.

And why – in my opinion – :

* Progress pictures (for your own personal reference, even if you scroll back through your Facebook photos)

* How you feel (energy, digestion, exercise habits)

*Looking at what you have done, reminding yourself of where you were when you started

* How you feel when you look in the mirror

* How you fit your clothes

Are the best tools you can possibly have…


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The last supper effect

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?
Me, too…

And with Christmas around the corner.

It’s easy to think “I Will start in January”

But researchers have four something really interesting.

In fact, when I was doing my postgraduate research into low calorie diets and Type 2 diabetes,

We found this too.

What happens is that when people know what’s about to happen:

“I’m going to give up all of my foods and detox in January”

We eat more of it NOW.

Which means we gain weight now 

And then have more to lose in January. 

So why does this matter?

Well, sometimes we assume that if we do nothing …

Nothing changes.

But what we forget is that just like small positive habits can lead to long term transformation (like the ladies here

It can also work the other way.

There will always be Christmas’s


Lovely, tempting food…

And the only way to manage this and ditch the yo-yo dieting cycle?

Is to learn how to manage your relationship with food 

And exercise…

Knowing that you don’t have to do it all to get results (in fact, imagine if we were consistent with 80% of what we set out to do?)

I explained more about this here whilst walking to our morning sessions at the studio in this morning

We were back open in Marlborough and opened up our brand new ladies only studio in Devizes today!

Lovely to see smiley faces back (which didn’t take long to warm up again 😆 🥶)

Our 28 Day Kickstart has a flexible start date from today. Specifically for ladies over 40 he want to finish 2020 fitter, healthier, and more toned.

Reply with 28 days if you’d like more info

Matt “ last Supper” Fruci

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What could happen in 5 weeks?

Despite  Christmas around the corner (I can finally say that now 🎅)

It’s been amazing to see how many of us are really prioritising health and fitness this year. 

I guess with everyone coming out about how important it is with the current pandemic 

And with restrictions easing on Wednesday, 

Everyone is excited for some sense of “normality”…

I’ve had messages from the ladies saying how much they can’t wait to get back to the studio 

And see everyone. 

It really reminds me of what an amazing supper Network and  Community we have .

But it get 

It’s really easy to just say “I’ll start in January”…

Christmas is Christmas..

They’ll be food and wine 

And it’s easy to say “I won’t be healthy in December so there’s no point” 

But consider this:

You don’t have to do it all to get the  results that you want.

That’s why we have 3 pillars / legs of  a stool that we define as underpinning your health and fitness:



And focus / self care. 

And I had chat to one of the ladies yesterday…

Who felt the same about December.

And about not being able to do it all.

She try’s to exercise every day 

But can’t always fit it in.

Then goes in to F it mode 

And can easily  write off the week.

But here’s the thing:

When she commits to doing what she knows she can 100% do..

^^^ despite her mind telling her “it’s not enough” and “you should do more”

She ends up being 

More satisfied 

And actually DOING MORE because she’s not beating herself up for skipping workouts…

So by committing to 3 workouts a week

That means she actually DOES IT!

Rather than committing to every day, skipping one day, and often going to “what’s the point?”

And here’s the thing:

Because she never thinks 3 sessions is enough 

She’s never actually tried consistently hitting it (it’s nearly always “all or nothing”)

So how do you know if 3 sessions a week is enough?

So what if you used December to control what you can..

Create habits that you can do and still enjoy yourself?

Felt more confident about exercise?

Be ready that you know exactly how to get even better results in January if you wanted to?

Like Linda said..

I got  this message from Linda yesterday (who has just come to the end of her 28 Day Kickstart 

“Here’s my report for the week. Seriously can’t believe the difference in just 5 weeks. 

My lymphedema has improved massively, no longer have the heavy feeling and my range of movement is showing improvement as well. 

Despite a niggling hip injury on my good side I’ve managed to still complete classes with just a few tweaks and still get the benefit. 

Can’t thank you and the rest of the team enough, really feel i’m making progress after many years in the doldrums.

1 stone and 20.5″ and bags of energy whoop whoop

Thank you



My favourite part?

Controlling what she can .

She hasn’t been able to do it all (hip issues)

But she’s controlled what she can

And is a stone down and 20 inches down 👏👏wow 

Anyway our next 28 Day starts from tomorrow.(flexible start date)

Message me  with “28 Day” for more details