DNA diets & what happened to Paula

Making a tower of cushions… Going into the shower and pretending it’s “elf school”… Cardboard boxes … Baubles on the Christmas tree.. ^^^ probably the most played with toys from my make over the past few days (even with some cool new stuff) My point? It’s always the simple stuff that works.. And this brings […]

The ONE thing…

I used to love circling the toys I wanted when I was a kid in the Argos catalogues (do they still exist?) But here’s something that might surprise you..or might not haha. The average 10 year old owns 238 toys…but plays with 12 of them And I see similar stuff already with my daughter (and […]

What happened to Sue

Here’s what Sue said last week Who started a few months ago: “I started a few months ago and wasn’t sure at first. I can honestly say i am throughly enjoyed the fitness classes, the support you get from the coach and other ladies in the classes.  I had a problem with snacking on what […]

More is better?

I’ll admit It’s that time of the year where even me (as someone who is supposed to preach all of this stuff) Has let some of their habits slip (slightly)… I haven’t go all of my workouts in..or for as long as “ I should do” <<< or feel I should do… Have eaten for […]

What Sue said on Facebook (28 days later)

Here’s what Sue said about the Kickstart programme yesterday: “ I started Matts 28 day Kick start programme a month ago.  I felt I had to try something different – not just about diet – not just about the exercise- but needing to look at why I slip up so much with food and then […]

Harder to lose weight as you age? [new study]

Getting up in the night… Bath time… “I had it first” Being ‘responsible’ for another human being… ^^^ having kids has presented me with some of the most amazing challenges… And I am forever grateful for this… But it is no secret that with this comes extra time and responsibility … Time and responsibility, I […]

“I’ve still not lost anything”

I know I talk about motivation and willpower a lot  (In fact we had dr Adam Bibbey yesterday talking all about urges and cravings in our 28 day kickstart weekly seminar ) But ine thing I don’t really cover is what to do when you’re actually DOING the work and NOT seeing the scales go […]

The last supper effect

Have you ever had that ‘one’ last blowout on all the foods you love before starting a new diet?​​​​Me, too… And with Christmas around the corner. It’s easy to think “I Will start in January” But researchers have four something really interesting. In fact, when I was doing my postgraduate research into low calorie diets and […]

What could happen in 5 weeks?

Despite  Christmas around the corner (I can finally say that now 🎅) It’s been amazing to see how many of us are really prioritising health and fitness this year.  I guess with everyone coming out about how important it is with the current pandemic  And with restrictions easing on Wednesday,  Everyone is excited for some […]