Month: November 2020

What Happened To Judith

What happened to Judith Judith caught up with one of our coaches, Julie, to chat about how fitness journey. Here’s what they discussed:  How Judith felt before the programme started and why she even started (even though she had no trouble doing it on her own in the past)  Judith’s main concerns about having to …

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What happened to Michelle

WOW And what a difference “lower blood sugar levels, on less medication, feeling fitter, don’t get the sweats that I used to get. Hair and nails are stronger. Clothes fit better, was a size 18/20 now a size 14. Feeling more toned” And As Michelle will say, it’s not been easy. There will have been …

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How to set yourself up to lose

So today is the day That Boris is set to make an announcement  About what’s happening with the restrictions from 3rd December… Hairdressers  Pubs  Restaurants  Cafes  Gyms And private studios like ourselves  All hoping for the best.. Not to mention  Christmas 🎄  They’re even debating in parliament today at 430pm Whether fitness and health facilities …

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Only 13 days to go 😯

I can’t believe it’s only 13 days to go Until we can open back up our in-person sessions in Our private  Ladies only studio in Marlborouth and our  BRAND NEW ladies only studio in Devizes. For once, there’s actually some positive news… Whether that’s the vaccine news (whatever you think of that) Or the recent …

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“it takes too long to do”

So I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day about the little voice in our head That we let sabotage ourselves.. Almost like this irrational side of us which justifies our behaviours.. “there’s no point exercising if it’s for an hour, as anything less is pointless” ^^^ Feelings are not facts…research has …

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8 Ways to enjoy Christmas (without undoing your hard work)

Tis (is nearly) the season where I get many questions about what they’re going to do about all the Christmas stuffing, Quality Street, and the leftover After Eights…without expanding their waistline. I know what you’re thinking: “it’s not Christmas yet, Matthew. It’s not even December…” Which I’m glad you’ve brought up. Because during this time of …

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“I walk quicker”

Something I’ve been taught and now preach  Is that  where your attention goes, your energy flows.  In other words, What you focus on, you get more of. Focus on how you don’t want to feel? And you’ll get more of that. It’s similar  with many of the ladies on our kickstart programme  Who’ve come so …

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