Month: October 2020

“I’m always bloated”

I remember being in a meeting. Stomach growling. Cramps. All from eating lunch… I’d literally have to eat and race to the loo. I always thought this was ‘normal’. “The way I am”… Until I met my wife haha ( too much info…) Little did I know how much this could contribute to not just …

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“I am really nervous”

I was having a chat with one of the ladies on our kickstart programme last week (message me if you would like more info by the way) And she asked me ‘why is this just for ladies over 40?’.. Which reminded me about why this all started… You see, I used to just do personal …

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How Julia lost 2 stone, enjoying her fitness, and LOVING life

If you would like more details? Click below: WHAT OTHER LADIES WHO’VE BEEN THROUGH THE KICKSTART ARE SAYING: HAZEL Well done, Nicnak! One year later So I caught up with Nicnak on Friday for a chat about how she’s done over the past year. It’s been nearly 12 months since she first started. Nicnak …

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Where’s the lie in that?

“Why?” The most said word from my 3 year old daughter right now. “Why do we need to go to bed now?” “Why can’t I drive?” “Why don’t you wear a dress?” ^^ just a few of the questions I had yesterday But it works both ways… When she says things like  “I can’t do …

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How does it work?

So since I first mentioned on Sunday that   I would put on a FREE 5 Day Kickstart Programme specifically for Wiltshire ladies over 40.. I have had a lot of messages .. Especially since I ran the last one in June and we received such amazing feedback over the 5 days. So I thought …

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