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Marry this principle (not the diet)

So me and Mrs Fruci had our 6th Wedding anniversary last week..

(yep, she’s put up with me for 6 years…where has the time gone!!)

We first met at the grand old age of 3..

On a beach in Cornwall..

Apparently, I had the biggest sand castle..

And you know what they say about big sand castles…


Something that’s hit home 

For both us

Is how with our jobs, kids etc

We often just pass each other in and out all week.

And you could say that it sounds really sad…

But with 2 kids and careers that have busier periods than others..

It’s actually something that we accept

And as a result?

Structure in dates when we will celebrate events, be it birthdays or Anniversaries,

On dates where we are free. 

Be it a few days in Cornwall, a day out, or an afternoon at Center Parcs spa (I miss that) 

That works for us…

Having something booked in means I know I’ve got something to look forward to as well

Which does wonders for my motivation (something. I did struggle a bit with during lockdown)

And speaking of ‘works’…

The reason I am sharing this?

Is because when I speak with ladies about all of the diets they have tried

You know, SW, WW, Rosemary Conley, LighterLife, the Cambridge one…I could go on..

Which all CAN help you lose weight by helping you get into a calorie deficit..

They seem to be beating themselves up because they couldn’t stick to it..

Maybe they could not keep the weight off,

They had a poor relationship with food, binging / comfort eating/ dreading weekly weigh ins and feeling anxious..

And / or actually want to focus on getting fitter,

Not just to make everyday tasks easier, like climbing stairs and hills,

But to reduce your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes..

And – also – just do something for YOU (for once) that makes you feel good.


I will then get asked about the latest diets..

“Should I try this diet?”

“Will this diet work better?”

Be it a keto diet, a vegan diet, a carnivore diet, a fast diet, the 5:2 diet..

Whatever it may be..

And – again – these CAN all work….


Through the principle that you create a calorie deficit…(there may be other benefits)

And my advice to you is to just try it….

Because THEN 

Even if you feel it doesn’t work?

Well, you now know.

And if does?

Great! Take the positives and you now have another ‘tactic’ to help you manage

Your relationship with food, binge eating, food intake, hunger etc.

For example, one of the ladies inside the programme

Uses the 5:2 diet as a tool in the toolbox..

It suits her lifestyle. 

We expect to fall in love on the first date and live happily ever after..

Remember this…

You do NOT have to fall in love with one diet for the rest of your life..

You know, when I think about it..

Some of my meals (like an omelette)

Will be vegetarian..

Some will be 50% vegan and 50% carnivore together (meat and veg) 

I may even have the odd meal that is vegan (especially when experimenting with recipes for our meal plan books)

I’ll often go lower carbs because it helps with my IBS..

I’ll rarely ever eat things like beans and lentils…

That works for me..

Just remember that every diet is simply a TACTIC to help you with the PRINCIPLE of achieving a calorie deficit. 

And ultimately,

The secret is finding a way of eating that suits your lifestyle…

That understands YOU

Your relationship with food

The fact you may still want a social life and a few drinks on the weekend.

So then it is less about an end point…

(which can often promote binging) .

And more about what you CAN do 

And achieve .

Like Jane said last week: 

Matt!!!! I’m excited! I’ve just put on clothes that I refused to throw out cause I was going to fit into them again ‘one day’. Well that day is here!!! Woo hoo!!!

 I’ve not lost stacks of weight but I can fit into clothes I’d lost hope of getting into again! Ha! Fitter, stronger, kinder to myself these days( cause that’s really important too!) and a ‘Fruci fitter’ 🤩😜💃🏻

Anyway, it’s day 3 for the ladies who’ve just started our October 28 Day Kickstart.

On to more one to ones today.

If you’d like to join our 5th October start date?

Just message me with “28 days” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “under 5s 1993 Sand Castle Champion” Fruci

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Score yourself out of 10

I get to speak with lots of ladies 

Which I love by the way (and actually think it separates what we do out from your typical gym)…

Now, when I ask the question:

“What do you need from me / the programme to get better results than you are now?”

The main thing I get is:

“I know what to do but I just need to do it..”

With most of the ladies saying they wanted to drop 1-2 dress sizes and get fit..

The reason for most is that they want to have more energy, more confidence and feel happy. 

And there’s often a deeper reason with health concerns

And not being able to enjoy time with kids / grandkids 

& I get this.. 

But this is the easy part.

What we say and what we do are totally different.

As they know:

“Knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing…”

But actually doing is HARD..

And do you know why?

The DELAYED gratification of increased energy and confidence 


The INSTANT gratification of indulging in food/ drink / sleeping in / doing anything but that workout you said you were going to do 

^^ I have even sorted out my coffee cupboard to delay a workout before..and that’s saying something..

The instant gratification usually wins..

and I get it…

Eating is the time. 

Putting off exercise feels good… at the time…

^^^ a sense of ‘I will do it tomorrow’ (although we actually just delay the feeling of guilt and actually we increase the chances of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow’ again tomorrow…)

Truth is, we live in a world where chocolate, wine, gin ,crisps and cake are everywhere 

^^^ hasn’t helped with lockdown for some, especially when others have moved in and different foods are around / working from home.

We can have these FOODS instantly.

Even through a  lockdown and with delivery..

And that instant pleasure that we get from the above is often a lot more appealing than 

getting up early, having a morning routine that makes you feel proud, exercising to get the good endorphins going and then having a nutritious breakfast that keeps you full up..

now, compare this to when you hear some horrible life threatening news about someone related to their health…

whether you know them or not…

they will often have a huge motivation to change their life because they fear death..

which will – in many cases – override the instant pleasure of going for the cake, snacks, and putting off exercise.

Now, I know this is an extreme example. But I know many ladies who have recently reached out to me during this pandemic and previously 

citing their health concerns 

And what I notice is that they REALLY are committed. 

Now, you certainly do not need to come close to death to achieve a transformation.

But you do need to understand and audit where you right now:

-How confident are you?

-How energised are you?

-How productive are you?

-How happy are you?

Grade yourself out of 10 for each

If everyone is good for you, then great.

But if there are shortfalls above then don’t you deserve better?

Is it fair to accept mediocre? 

If you were chatting to your 10 year old self, and you explained your score out of 10 from above, is that something for them to look forward to?

It’s something that crosses my mind when I think about my kids…

I can’t teach them happiness, confidence, following their dreams, kindness…unless I SJHOW THEM and actually live it..

(Now, I am not perfect BTW…)

But one thing I remember reading is this:

If you want better answers you need to ask better questions…

So these questions above are something for you to consider and ponder. 

Make it a great day


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Starting Soon

With our next 28 Day Kickstart starting from 28th September (flexible start date from 28th September or 5th October)

We’re down to our last few spaces..

I’ve had a load of questions over the past few weeks since we have opening it back up again.

So I thought I would answer them today. 

Who is it for?

It’s for ladies that are 40+ that have a strong desire to either be one dress size lower OR want to make significant improvements to their overall health / fitness and wellness (or both). 

Most of the ladies know what they should do…but we help you do it and fit it to your lifestyle, even if you don’t feel like you can ‘fit it all in’ …

You can do it all from home.

Or with us in-person in Devizes or Marlborough.

What is it?

It’s a bit like having your own personal trainer and nutritionist for a month..

  • We start off with a one to one to put together your starting step by step plan
  • We set you 3 habits – in the areas of FOOD, FITNESS and FOCUS / SELF CARE
  • We provide nutrition support and meal plans
  • Motivation and accountability (so you do what you know you need to do) 
  • Live question and answer sessions with a nutritionist (me) and guests, such as Dr Adam Bibbey who’s research is in to motivation, and physios. 
  • You have 3 workouts a week with us in person
  • Unlimited workouts from home
  • Workout include: Pilates, Yoga, Barre, Tai Chi, High Intensity, Low Intensity, Stomach Blast, Box N Bums, Clubbercise, Strength, No Floor, stretch and cardio. It really is YOU vs YOU

You could say it is like having a personal trainer… but without having to spend £400 for 3 sessions a week…

In fact, I used to only do personal training..

But a lot of people can’t justify the expense.

That’s why a few years back..

We figured a way to get all of the benefits but make it more affordable.

So you’re not crammed in a class where no one knows your name / your health issues / injuries

And you get the personal attention you need.

It’s essentially small, ladies only group coaching..

And by doing sessions in small group of 3-6..

This brings the cost down for you..


It only works for people with similar goals (hence the criteria above)

Make sense?

Typical Results?

Regarding weight loss, we prefer to measure progress with how clothes fit. Typically, ladies will drop a clothes size.  Check out some of the ladies HERE .

Here’s what Anne said who’s just finished her 4 weeks for September:

“4 week weigh in and measure done. 6lb lost and 13 inches. 4 and a half off my waist!!

Thank you to you and the team for the support and motivation. I feel so much better. Sleeping better than I have in months and more energy in the day. My mood has improved too. 

Looking forward to the coming months.”

Speaking of which..

Many of the ladies focus on health and fitness FIRST. They get stronger, improve their energy and overall wellbeing. Even surprise themselves when chasing the grandkids…

This can all lead to improvements in confidence and self esteem. No matter where you are now.

Especially as they start to wear clothes they haven’t tried for a while.

Like Sandra said yesterday:

“I tried on a pair of trousers I brought at the start of lockdown. They were too tight to wear then but I kept them hoping I would get into then by the time autumn comes.

 Well it’s officially autumn today and guess what… they are plenty big enough and actually marginally loose

yes I have lost some on the scales, yes I have found it hard at times but as you say, being consistent, something is better than nothing and it does work. 

So I an happy today in my autumn outfit on my way into the office”

It’s amazing to see some of the ladies loving who they are.

Session times

We have a range of sessions available

From 630am, 715am, 845am, 930am, 1215pm, 530pm, 615pm, 630pm, 7pm, 745pm depending on when you want to exercise and where.

The start date is between 28th September and 5th October

If you think this might be for you or you know someone who may be interested and is eligible. 

Just reply with ‘yes’ and we will arrange a call to see If we can help.


PS. Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

1- I’ve put together over 100 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..

ALL for free…

>>> CLICK HERE to grab it for free(if you have an iphone)

If you have an Android, click here

2 – Join Our Signature 28 Day Kickstart For Wiltshire Ladies 40+ 

I have put together a 28 Day Kickstart which can be done from home or in-person, designed for ladies 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits.  Can be done from home or in person in Marlborough or Devizes.

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I got this question the other day:

“What’s the best type of exercise to lose weight?”

So I went into in a video yesterday.


✅ what the research shows about exercise habits 

✅ how it can help you manage hunger 

✅ why “going for a walk” is recommended mor so than others 

✅ how to improve the quality of your life and make everyday tasks easier 

And much much more..

Here it is 



 PS. Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help you:

1- I’ve put together over 100 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..

ALL for free…

>>> CLICK HERE to grab it for free(if you have an iphone)

If you have an Android, click here

2 – Join Our Signature 28 Day Kickstart For Wiltshire Ladies 40+ 

I have put together a 28 Day Kickstart which can be done from home or in-person, designed for ladies 40+ that want to take back control of their eating habits, fitness and lifestyle habits.  Can be done from home or in person in Marlborough or Devizes.

If you’d like more details on this? Just reply with the subject line ‘28 Day’ and I’ll get you the details.

3- Watch How Cassie From Wiltshire Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5k & Fitting Back In Her Favourite Clothes Without Long, Boring Workouts Or Giving Up Her Favourite Foods >> CLICK HERE TO WATCH

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How to stop stopping (Anna-4 weeks in)

Got this message from Anna yesterday – who’s just finished her 28 Day Kickstart

“4 week weigh in and measure done. 

6lb lost and 13 inches. 4 and a half off my waist!!

Thank you to you and the team for the support and motivation. 

I feel so much better. Sleeping better than I have in months and more energy in the day. My mood has improved too. 

Looking forward to the coming months.”

Well done, Anna.

The next question is often…

How do you keep going and stop stopping..

Well, I get it.

A part of any change WILL involve moments where there are setbacks.

They are inevitable and CRITICAL for you so you can implement these new habits.

If there were no setbacks?

You wouldn’t come up with the solutions that make you healthier, fitter, and give you more energy..

Without struggles, there would be ZERO motivation to do anything…

So accepting this is very much the first step..


Something we’ve found this past few months in the Fruci household

Is just how powerful having a star chart is for our 3 year old and 2 year old…

We did it before but kind of just stopped. You know, things get busy.

But throw lockdown in the mix 

And a few more than normal

 “that’s mine” 

“She’s not sharing” 😂😂

 And – well – I’ll be honest..

We had to something 

It was time to shift the focus away from the problem and towards something more positive…

Anyway, she loves these little £2 Disney toy figures from Asda.

We use them as a reward after finishing her star chart. 

She can see them everyday. She talks about them. Looks at them.

She asks to look at the star box (where the prizes are)

So she can get ready to pick her next one.

^^ only once she has completed it, of course.  

And gets excited. It’s really cute to see, actually.

And the difference in her has been huge..

^^^ Sure, she still wants what her sister wants from time to time  😂 

But all this reminded me about just how important having a reward in place is for your motivation.

To help you keep going 

And stop stopping.

In fact, I noticed this during lockdown… 

Just how motivated I am by days out with the family, even if it was to the park.

I’d think “I’m going to work really hard until Saturday and then enjoy spending the day doing [insert thing]”

But as soon as these were taken away and cancelled 

It knocked me a bit.

So when I asked the question:

“ what is it I like about them that motivate me?”


What are the perceived benefits?

I can think of other ways to get it…

Whether that’s attaching benefits to the thing I perhaps don’t enjoy so much 


Creating a list of NON FOOD related  rewards…

That I will reward myself with to keep motivated…

Here are some example of mine and what some of the ladies on our 21 Day Kickstart have mentioned:

  1. Get an old pair of jeans out of the wardrobe so I can see them everyday 
  2. Book a holiday (we already had a holiday booked to Cornwall for July 4th which luckily went ahead)
  3. Try a face mask / eye mask (the beauty kind) <<< Mrs Fruci let me use her Space Mask the other day (eye mask that gently heats up…very relaxing)
  4. Buy some flowers
  5. Have a bubble bath (I’ve been doing this about 4x a week recently)
  6. Have a lie in
  7. Have a home spa
  8. Buy a spa treatment 
  9. Get a fitness tracker
  10. Buy some new workout gear / trainers 
  11. Buy a new book 
  12. Dye your hair 
  13. Book a haircut 

Whatever it is..

Be kind to yourself 

A little self care along the way might do more than you think..

This fitness journey isn’t just about weight loss and squats…

As Anne Said

“I feel so much better. Sleeping better than I have in months and more energy in the day. My mood has improved too. “

Imagine that?

And you know what?

This comment actually fills me with pride.

I got asked the other day about why and I started doing this..

And one of them was because of what I have seen in this fitness and diet industry

Stemming back to when I had an eating disorder growing up.

The good and bad foods.

The yo-yo dieting 

The binge and restrict..

The start and stop…

Rather than..

Focussing on what you can do..

The fitness

The strength 

The feeling of empowerment for what your body can do..

The energy you create

The things you now say “yes” to

Your confidence..

How you feel, mentally 😃

Your health 

Immune system..


It’s so much more than weight loss… 

And this is exactly what we do inside our 28 Day Kickstart.

Last few spaces for our 28 Day Kickstart – you can make it as personal as you want by exercising with us in person in Devizes or Marlborough 

Or as convenient as you like by doing it all from home.

Specifically, for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do I need to plan, support, and accountability to do the things that I need to do and get the results that they want.

For more info, message me and I’ll get you the details.

Flexible start date from 28th September.


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What Happened To Caroline (one year later)


How Cassie Went From Mobility Scooter To Running Her First 5K (and losing 3 stone in the process):

Naomi lost a 1.5 stone + 6 inches from her waist

How Penny Lost Over 3 Stone With A Busy Job and Family Life
How Julie Lost 2 Stone and Transformed Her Body Shape & Energy Without Giving Up Her Favourite Foods

What Happened To Annette One Year On
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2 years already..

So, yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday.

Doesn’t time fly, ay? It only feels like yesterday that I was sat in the birthing suite 

sipping my 13th coffee whilst rubbing Mrs Fruci’s back

 when our first was born…

And it’s a reminder of just how precious time really is. 

After all, there’s no argument that time is ONE resource that’s truly scarce in today’s crazy world.

So what can we do to not only live longer, but live longer with good health?

Well, researchers interviewed people aged between 90-100 years

Not only did they find that their mental health statuses were 5 times better than those in their 50s….

But they also found that they:

1)  Had a good work ethic

2) A strong family bond

3) Positive thinking

4) Had a tendency to CONTROL

The researchers said they had:

a “tendency to control the environment”

Which seems to be a

 “desirable trait as they are true to their convictions and care less about what others think.”

and my question to you is this:

Where do you need to focus more on what you can control?

You see, if you ask someone how their day has been…

I can guarantee they talk about things out of their control: The weather, traffic, road works, emails, work, car broken down, potential lockdowns…

And we all do it.

Me included.

I mean, of course I don’t want there to be a lockdown..

We are having great fun bringing back some in-person sessions to go along our home workouts.

But if it happens?

It happens for a reason.

So be it, you can do everything from home as we did during lockdown and are many of the ladies right now.

I can’t control that. 

Thing is..

We stress about the things we can’t control. Waste all of our energy there. 

And end up having no energy or willpower to control the things we CAN control…

Your food, exercise habits, thoughts about how you look / feel, confidence in yourself, patience with loved ones…

Which is crazy, right?
And with our life expectancy in the UK now plateauing between 79 and 82 years of age…

I want you to do this one task for me:

1) Take a piece of squared paper (or an Excel document)

2) I now want you to colour in a square for every year you’ve been alive (example: If you’re 50, colour in 50 squares)

3) Now, put a black mark next to the 82nd square.

4) Look at the gap between the colours and the black mark on the 82nd square…because – on average – that’s how long you have left…

And considering that?

think about what you’re currently scared of doing? Fearing failure. 

Is it the thing you’re avoiding because you think others will judge you? <<< most of the ladies tell me how anxious they feel about their first session and our one to one. It’s normal. But it’s never as bad as you think.

The clothes you want to wear again but don’t have the confidence?

the job you want to go for?

The energy you want to have?

Why am I telling you this?

Because I don’t want you to have any regrets. 

You see, it wasn’t just my daughters birthday which sparked this today..

I had a chat with someone yesterday who mentioned that since their health scare.

They have taken their health so much more seriously.

I guess it just reminded me of how precious life is.

And how quickly life can change …

I promised myself a few years after my mum passed away when I was 12…

That I would keep the thought of how precious life is in my head…

But the truth is.

it sometimes takes something to remind me of it…

but the positive thing about it?

It makes me take action …

And do the things I really want to do

Rather than the things that ‘protect me’..

Protect me from fear and change…

Tangent over ☺

Life is precious..

Make the most of it..

Off to the park with the kids this morning after our early morning sessions .

Matt ‘Make it a great day” Fruci

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Snacking on autopilot?

So the other day 

When talking to my 3 year old daughter 

I noticed how much she says “so…”

Before she’s about to suggest something / explain something / ask something…

And it got me thinking “where does she get that from?”…

Well, all I need to do is listen to how I talk

And what I say…

I just sent to say “so” on autopilot..

So, this also got me thinking about just how much they watch your every move and copy you…

^^^ see what I did there 😉 I’m now more aware of it as my attention is on it

Whether we like it or not

We are role models to kids / grandkids.

We can tell them to eat their fruit and veg…

But “this is adult food and drink” doesn’t always cut it 😉 

But this all reminded me about snacking..

In our kickstart one to ones 

(This is where we put together your starting plan)

One thing that often comes up is nighttime / late afternoon snacking. 

Many will say that if feels like it’s on “autopilot”

As if they do it and then think “why did I just do that?”

So (there’s that “so” again)

I wanted to share a few things that some of the ladies have done to help get in CONTROL

Of their snacking habits.

They might surprise you. 

  1. Drink a glass of water before snacking then give yourself permission to snack 
  2. Have 6 protein portions handy and make it convenient 
  3. Have 3 meals a day rather than grazing —> eating breakfast may help with nighttime eating, especially if you’re starving yourself all day and then feel like you have no willpower in the evening 
  4. Every time you walk under a door frame…take a deep breath in today (4 seconds in, 6 out). Notice how you feel. How present you feel.
  5. Only eat when sat down

These are just a few of the things we shared in our seminar last week for the ladies on triggers to help you create new habits.

Tonight we also have Dr Adam Bibbey coming in to talk about using music to help with this (I can’t wait)…

But none this is a quick fix

Some of these habits would have been entrained foe years. 

But progress is progress, no matter how small 

And remember that although it might not feel that it is adding up 

Even 0.5lbs weight loss a week is nearly 2 stone in a year….

You might feel like 2 stone is hard to lose

But could you lose 0.5lbs 52 times?

Just a quick example to show you that small habits add up.

Like they are for Sandea, who put her attention on the habits she’s installed:

Overall I feel that I am in control of my food which I never thought I would be able to say. 

Before I started This programme I felt I was almost addicted to food, always thinking about food and always snacking. Now I can chose what I eat, planning certainly helps and having protein snacks easily available is the key. 

Yes, I still eat biscuits and some other bits but I know I can stick to this, just need to be patient with the weight loss and yes, overall I am loosing. Exercise is next thing to crack 

Anyway we have 6 spaces left for our 28 Day Kickstart starting from 28th September 

Which you can do from home, or with us in person in Marlborough or Devizes…

Want more info?

Just message me with “28 day” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “so” Fruci

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it’s too hard and I feel like I have a huge mountain to climb

So I had a chat with one of the ladies yesterday.

She’s done great. 

And made a huge first step

In starting to exercise. 


Even with the above..

She still felt like she had such a mountain to climb..

Almost such a mountain 

That it seemed like there was no point..

That today’s workout wouldn’t make a difference.

That eating healthy today wouldn’t make a difference…

I mean, what if you did the above and still “failed”?

And I am sharing this with you as

We quickly switched this after chatting.

And I’m sharing this today so that 

1 – You can see that how you feel today isn’t how you have to feel tomorrow. She quickly realised that by starting to exercise that she was now on the mountain and could actually look down (and enjoy the view)

2 – You can see this is a normal part of the habit change process and it is not just you that sometimes feels like you cannot do it / you are too unfit / you have no willpower / you are scared of failing 

3- If you are stressed, tired or biased with the facts you’re using to define your susccess…you will Overexaggerate the lows and Underexaggerate the highs

^^ read that again…and consider what you would say to your best friend in a similar position to you? That is probably the best advice you can take

And no matter how hard it feels today to make a small change….ask yourself:

“Hard compared to what?”

Because as hard as it is to change…

Is it harder than staying the same?

And only you can make that choice…

Something I have done today to help me realise what ‘hard’ actually means..

Is writing down what I am grateful for today:

  1. House over my head
  2. Amazing job that never feels like a job
  3. My health – because nothing actually matters with that, the weather, work etc

And this way…

You have a choice to be happy.

Control what you can, not what you think you can!

Anyway, we’ve just released 8 spaces for our 28 Day Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ who pretty much know what to do but need the plan and motivation to do it.

This can be done in Marlborough, Devizes or all from home so you can make it as convenient or personal as you like 😃

If you’d like more details just message me with “28 Days” and I’ll send them over.

Busy day today or Barre, Pilates, yoga, battleships workout, stretch and cardio, low intensity and never have I ever (the workout 😉 ) 

So you can personalise it for you!

Matt “choices” Fruci

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Short on time? Try this

Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything in.

Especially with things a lot different to the way they were in lockdown

(Which I am very grateful for)

2 kids (3 and 1..nearly 2)

Nursery drop offs

Daddy day care on weekends and Friday.

Then trying to fit in time with Mrs Fruci

Not to mention doing something for me…

Which can be hard when all my energy can sometimes feel like it’s gone by the end of the day…

^^ When I COULD fit some exercise in

But like any ‘problem’ that we face in life,

It’s quite simple to fix when you pause to diagnose it and come up with a strategy on HOW you will overcome this…

So I decided to change my goal…

Something different

To work towards 

That I can do at home (so it’s easy to do)

But equally where it’s forced me to learn.

Basically, I’m trying to do a one handed pull up.

And when I try to do it..

It feels impossible..

Or at least felt impossible 

Until I asked for help.

Given that every other area of my life

Requires many decisions to be made..

So this is one thing I can delegate..

I show up and I’m told what to do..

By a programme that helps me transition to where I want to be.

Which is actually VERY meditative actually. 

I go off into lala land…

But you know what?

A few days last week

I caught myself saying

“I don’t have time” 

I said….

When actually  

When I think about it

It’s not true.

You see, I was chatting to one of the ladies last week 

One of the ladies mentioned to me that 

They were busy before they started

Yet, they’re still fitting in 5 minute workouts

And coming to 2 workouts a week (sometimes 3)..

And when I think about this?

What I’m actually saying by saying “I don’t have time”

Is that:

This is not a priority for me right now and I am prioritising something else”

And that is it..

I am simply saying that self care / something fun for me (albeit 1 hour a week)

Is not priority..

Interesting part?

Doing something for me actually CREATES energy …

I’ll admit

I have to KEEP reminding myself of this.

Because I still do say

“I can’t be bothered…I don’t have time”

But actually…

All this means is that I am saying that 

I am not priority right now..

And when I dig deeper and ask:

“who else is impacted  if I don’t prioritise me?”

It is only then that I start to realise how much better I am to be around

When I have looked after me first…

Not just for my family, kids, and friends

But for you, the ladies inside my programme, our team and even people who I have never met before

But just send me a lovely message saying that they enjoyed my book, video, or blog…

^^ Which reminds me that I have to protect my energy if I want to help people

So I’ll leave you with this quote:

“he / she who has their health, has 1000 wishes. He / she who doesn’t, has just 1”

As it’s a nice reminder to me of what is ACTUALLY important…

Matt ‘perspective’ Fruci