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Michelle 💪

So yesterday…

I saw Michelle for the first time since before lockdown at one of our in-person workouts. .

Michelle has – and still  is – doing our live home workouts from home…

So I knew she’d been training and keeping up the habits (I’m always annoyingly watching to help you do the things you know you need to do  👀)

But wow..

Last night..

Michelle just did a push up (or 10) on her tip toes 😮 

And I know you might be thinking “I could never do that”

Just remember this…

Whenever you go into that mindset…

Consider that …

They just started before you!

You see, when Michelle started 

She was doing push ups against the wall.

It’s a  great way to start learning the form and work around any issues getting up and down from the floor (like we do in our no floor workouts)

^^^ At the end of the day, this is you vs you …you have to start somewhere. And if you don’t start, you might even go backwards 🤔


Michelle started making progress,

Moving to her knees to do the push ups…

And now 

On to her tip toes!

Check it out here

And something I always talk about 

Is that no matter what the scales say 

If you’re getting stronger and fitter?

Something is changing 💪

Whether that’s everyday tasks becoming easier 

Less out of breath climbing stairs

Feeling more confident 

Being able to stand for longer periods of times 

Less aches and pains 

More energy 

Fitting clothes better 

Be patient…

And just get started today.

No matter how small.

Just like Michelle did.

Remember, you don’t have to change it all today.

^^ especially as this  might give you a comfort blanket to day doing anything 

Even if it’s a walk 


10 push ups again the wall…

You have to start to build momentum and create new, positive habits 

(Which I’m guessing you want to do)

And who knows…

This might just help fight off muscle loss with age, boost your fitness and leave you feeling fitter and stronger.


Feel proud that you’ve attended an exercise session (and it wasn’t as bad as you thought)

Being able to get excited about the clothes you get to wear

Not worrying about health so much…

It all starts with one step!

We are down to the last 4  spaces now for our 28 Day kickstart programme which you can do in Marlborough, Devizes or from Home. 

Message me with “28 Day”

And I’ll get you the details .


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“Should I use shakes?”

“Should I use shakes?”

Confession time of a nutritionist…

Not only has my hair grown out of control during lockdown (which I still haven’t sorted out because I haven’t prioritised it, I’ve just talked about it instead)

My tendency to snack has also grown..

Anyone else notice how many times kids eat a day?

And it’s not like it’s rubbish stuff.

My kids (1 and 3) literally eat every few hours.

Whether it’s fruit, yoghurt, their dinner, more fruit, veggies, the odd ice cream

And I must admit

It becomes easy to start picking yourself.

And this ties in with a question I had about shakes

Because shakes can actually be a tool to help you limit the choices / willpower you have to use to stick to your plan. 

For example, 

For me right now, at least 4 days, I have a shake for lunch(homemade)


  1. It stops me picking 
  2. I know the rules and it stops me finishing kids dinners 😂 
  3. It’s super filling and nutritious 

And once upon a time, I’d have went straight into the mode 

“Shakes aren’t really good”

So here I am,

About to answer this question I’ve had, with overgrown hair and a more controlled snacking habit:

“what do you think of using a few shakes to help me lose weight?”

And,, like most things in nutrition, fitness and weight loss…it really depends.

I can’t really say it’s wrong or right for you without knowing your situation.

On the one hand…

You have people saying

 “eat real food…It’s not natural”

^^^ whilst eating hummus and peanut butter (I don’t know what is natural, anymore 😉 

On the other hand?

“It’s a great way to get protein in which is generally lacking in our diets (and important for muscle and strength…as well as a tool to help you stick to a calorie deficit and lose fat”

“It’s cheap and convenient” 

“It’s no different to eating yoghurt”

I could go on..

So, I’m going to summarise by considering these 3 things below so you can make a decision.

But before I go in to this..

I just want to remind you that despite the conflicting advice out there in what you shouldn’t eat and what you should eat…

What we do know is that when you control for calories, whether you go low carb or low fat, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to fat loss.

That’s not to say that lower carb / Lower fat diets don’t work..

But this is where we need to see what suits YOU (in fact, a lower carb diet, for sure, helps my IBS).


Although I’ve just said calories are the most important bit

And studies back this up by portioning junk food and people still lose weight and improve their cholesterol…

This doesn’t mean you should do it.

In fact, you may struggle sticking to it long term, we have urges to snack, and not mention, our energy and potential nutrient deficiencies.

And what we know is sticking to whole foods, protein at every meal and lots of fibre 

Generally means you will feel more full up and satisfied..

Now, let’s get into shakes…

1) Convenience: 

Starting a weight loss / fitness journey can be difficult, especially when you have to change loads at once. If you’re the type of person who:

– hates preparing and weighing foods

– Will go into the F it mindset if it’s not perfect

Then using a shake or two MAY be better for you. 


I’m obviously an advocate of WHOLEFOODS. It’s why I have 1000s of simple recipes all calculated for your nutrient needs by me and a Registered Dietitian Nutrition system 

As well as Done For You Meal Plans.


There’s a lot to be said for making things convenient.

As the best meal plan in the world is pointless 

If you never get around to planning it

Let alone making it..

As I get that meal planning can seem quite time consuming. 

So shakes could be a solution…

And – of course – if you prefer to eat a meal

That is absolutely fine.

But this is about limiting the choices you have to make.

As – ultimately- the more choices to have to make 

The more willpower you use

And the more likely are to beat yourself up for not sticking to an ill Su is “perfect” plan

And – all of a sudden- we are back to square one..

2) Quality of nutrition. What about deficiencies?

So, one of the concerns is that by having a shake, you may not get the nutrients you need.

Now, this might be true if you go for one of those sugary meal replacement shakes…(although many do have vitamin supplements thrown in)

But the way I advise this would be to make it yourself.

For example: 

1 handful of berries
1 handful of frozen spinach
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder 
250 ml unsweetened almond milk 

Blend and you’re good to go!

So, as you can see, this is pretty nutritious, right? 

In fact, you can add as many veggies as you like..It may even end up being more nutritious as you can hide them in and get the nutrition in even when you’re busy.

In fact, I’ve been known chuck anything from frozen spinach to frozen peas in a shake for the kids (and they don’t even notice)

^^^ so could be a good one if you’re not keen on greens. Maybe we could call it the “not keen on greens” shake 😉 

3) Are shakes ‘natural’?

This is another question I get, especially with regards to whey protein or vegan protein powders like hemp, pea or soya. 

Now, whey is naturally found in ‘natural’ yoghurt, milk, breast milk, cows milk, formula milk…I could go on.

As for vegan protein powders?

Again, it’s created simply by a process that isolates the protein from peas or soya beans, for example. 

It’s no more ‘unnatural’ than eating things like peanut butter (which is blended and crushed), tomato puree, olive oil (processed food, right?).

In summary…

Its just a tool in the toolbox. That you can you use if you want. Sometimes. Every day. Once a week? Once a month? When you need a kickstart?

Either way?

It’s about personalising this stuff for you. 

So you can avoid any nutrient deficiencies and make this weight loss and fitness stuff convenient for you, your lifestyle, and your family ( as whether you accept it or not, they’re strapped to this weight loss rollercoaster with you…) 

so you actually do it, keep the weight off and -DARE I SAY IT – have fun doing it…

Just like we do in our 28 Day Kickstart for ladies over 40 that want to get fit, fit  their clothes better and do the things they know they need to do more often.

^^ message with “28 Day” if you’d like more info. Yes, it can be done from home or in person 😃

It’s outside sessions in Marlborough and Devizes today, as well as our live workouts from home 😃

All finished without live Q and A with Dr Adam Bibbey (researcher into motivation) and myself 😃

Make it a great day


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How long should you exercise for ?

A question I had yesterday:

​​”I don’t have a lot of time and struggle to fit in exercise during the week so I’m not sure I could do your 28 Day Kickstart” 

I get that.

It’s a great question.

Especially as we often have this belief that we have to do an hour or it’s pointless…

Truth is, there’s NO actual time commitment….

It just depends on what you’re willing to do…

II mean, let’s say you invest 15 minutes a day in your food, fitness and weekly tasks you are set. 

​​1 is BETTER than 0. 

You are STILL closer to your goal. 

And when you build that momentum and it becomes a habit? It is HONESTLY easier…

(Like my lockdown flossing habit where I’ve been more consistent than ever but still not perfect. like I said – I’m still better and if I’m working on it? Failure is just success waiting to happen. And funny how booking a hygienist appointment has made me more consistent than ever with my flossing 😂!)

I know I talk a lot about being selfless..

What I mean by this is that – for many – the EASIEST way to be happy​​​​​​ is putting your mental and physical health first. 

As no matter how much you try to put your friends, family and work first (which happens to me, too)…cracks will start to appear. 

And I say this from personal experience, too. I am WAY more irritable when I haven’t looked after me. 

​​Be it had my morning coffee, read a book for 5 minutes, exercised etc…

​​(just the fact I have the choice to do these things makes me grateful as MANY people would kill to have the choice to do the above)

In summary?

There is NO time commitment for anything, It just depends how important it is to you right now. ​​​​

​​be it health, fitness, learnings a new skill, job…

It’s a case of how long do you have? 

And lastly, how important is this to you?

That’s why we have workouts you can do in just 3 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 30 minutes.

You can make them as personal as you like by coming to our sessions in-person in Devizes and Marlborough


Make them as convenient as you like by doing them from home.

The key?

Is in the doing..

And yes, you might be thinking that you know that but struggle for motivation.

Here’s a quick tip for you…

Write down the 1-3 most important benefits of doing what you know you need to do with your exercise and food…

Put them on sticky notes

And place them where you will see them every, single day.

Check in with them every day.

This is something I’ve done with many of the ladies.

In fact, I’ll share a few:

“I want to feel of confident in the clothes I wear and fit back into my favourite ones”

“I want to stop worrying about my health”

“I want to be able to play with grandkids without being exhausted”

Because sometimes 

Just seeing those things you value every day

Can make you see how important doing the things you know you need to do are..

Especially when you can see that the results and consequences of our actions

Really do align with what you value in your life.


We’ve just released 8 spaces for our August  28 Day Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ which you can do from home or with us in -person in Marlborough or Devizes 

Just message me with “28 day” for more info. 

Oh, and here’s an 8 minute workout:

^^^ you can even do it from laying down or standing up (there’s two workouts for you)

Matt​​ ‘the time machine’ Fruci

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7 things I have learned in lockdown

As things begin to open up again 

^^ including our outside sessions in Marlborough and Devizes ☺  to go alongside our home workouts

I like to look back and reflect at exactly what has happened this year.. 

I love to do this ..

In the bath.

One new habit of mine, actually. 

I’ve probably had more baths than ever during lockdown …

Epsom salts 

Hot chocolate ..

Easily pleased.

Oh, And The kids must be fast asleep  in bed …

Otherwise they walk in and out

And on one occasion actually got in wearing their pyjamas 

^^ so much for ‘me’ time

So, it’s prompted me to share these 7 lessons from lockdown:

1–> I used to waste so much time “nipping” to the shops…even though I may have planned my meals, there was always something that I “could” get…

This wasted time and actually leads me to being less productive (probably why I wasn’t getting around to having my bath).

Doing a bigger shop or getting a veg box/ having set times to do shopping / order it has helped massively. 

Funny part?

I knew having a plan saves time

Yet didn’t do this for my shopping so much…

2–> I haven’t done as much as I’d like but that’s ok…

I love getting “stuff” done…

It makes me feel good.

And although I can look back at all of the stuff I have done…

There’s still things I wanted to do but haven’t (yet).

The book I wanted to read..

The longer meditations I wanted to do.

But you know what? 


Just maybe 

Other things are more important to me.

And that’s ok. 

Like our new ‘normal’ home live workout programme for ladies over 40…

Like family and spending time with them. 

^^^ careful though, I’ve also used that excuse for not cleaning my office haha 😂 

3 —> simple things entertain kids —> sticks, boxes, pots, pans, walking, Chase, throwing them up in the air…

Truth is, all they really want is your attention.

4 —> People can be motivated to exercise from home —>

Don’t get me wrong 

For some, in-person coaching and exercise is best…

But I’ve been amazing at some of the messages I’ve had from the ladies on our programme.

Of course, it’s tough.

But they’ve kept going and supported each other. 

Here are a few messages:

“I am so grateful for the workouts Matt, and the discipline keeping a morning routine, I missed it once and learnt from it. I am actually feeling in control”


“Great to be back. I wouldn’t have pushed myself like that on my own” 

“I feel amazing. I am so grateful for this community. Grateful for your insight and inspiration. So try what you say about making yourself accountable and planning workouts daily. I feel great”


“Workouts keep me sane. Workout done. Walk done”


“Will do the workout at lunchtime. Did my first 15 minutes jog this morning with 2 1 minute breaks. First time I’ve ‘run’ in about 2 decades. Thank you. Well chuffed”


What’s amazing about this

Is that we now have a truly flexible approach where you can make it as

Personal as you like (come to our in-person sessions)


As convenient as you like (do our live home workouts)

5–> I can’t draw 😂 

We did a drawing of a tree house the other day. And comment. 

6–> Resilience  – I’ll be honest, when it was all first announced that we were going in to lockdown 

I did half hit the panic button 

(Even though I knew it was coming)

But the thing is

You can’t help stressed people by being stressed yourself 

That’s exactly why we just kept the exact same timetable (and more ) with our timetable.

And you know what?

Many of the ladies have actually been asking that we keep our home workouts programme forever… 

And that is exactly what we are doing ☺

Without sounding cringe ..

Every chapter of life 

Will teach you something.

As Byron Katie says:

“Everything happens for you, not to you”

And the result of this 

Has been that I’ve been able to work with some people 

Who would never be actually joined because they felt we were too far away 

But have joined us and got great results 

Not just with their fitness 

But their relationship with food, too.

7–> All you need is a towel  —> we have had some amazing workouts simply using a towel.

With some ladies finding that the new exercises we have done 

Has helped old shoulder and back issues…

After joining in with one of our sessions

I don’t think you’ll ever look at a towel the same way again 😉 


On top of our outside sessions 

And live home workouts..

We are now busy getting ready to open back up inside for our ladies only sessions again ..

To complement our outside and home / live workouts.  

If you’d like more info on our 28 Day Kickstart specifically for ladies over 40 who want to fit their clothes better, get fit and do the things they know they need to do..

Message me with ‘28 day’ and I’ll get you the details. 

Matt ‘see you later?’ Fruci

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I don’t have the discipline

So I got quite a few messages after sharing the results from Cassie, Naomi, Julie and co.

Some ladies saying things like:

“I wish I had the discipline to do that”

“that must have taken so much willpower”


And I get this.

Sometimes you see transformations and success stories

and it actually gets you down.

Makes you think that you couldn’t do that.

But here’s the thing.

I was reading a book the other day (well I was actually listening to it)

It’s called the ‘ONE Thing’ ..

And it basically asks you the question:

“What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?”

Because behind every successful person?

Is their ONE thing…

So what I am going to share with you today is the 

ONE thing that through experience?

Tends to get the best results with ladies over 40 who have tried all the diets before

They know what to do, mainly eat healthily, but struggle with snacking, comfort eating and motivation…

And that is:

To WRITE down what you eat.



Because it brings your attention to what you are DOING…

And I get it..

If you eat similar stuff each day…

Think you eat healthily already?

I’d suggest you actually track your food on an app that counts your calories for a week. 

Not forever…

Just for a week or so..

Because this will give the FACTS…


Whether the ‘healthy’ food are high in calories?

Why you are hungry? ( are you low on protein?)

I could go on..

And I get this is inconvenient. 

It takes a bit of time..

But it is more inconvenient (in my opinion) jumping from diet to diet

Looking for the secret..

Wondering why you aren’t losing weight even though you think you are eating healthily…

Or worse?

Beating yourself up for stopping and starting 

(which is exhausting)

Because once you do this for a little bit of time

And you get a better idea of what portion sizes should be ?

It becomes a habit to just -almost subconsciously – make better decisions

Just like Sally said last week:

“The last 2 weeks seem to have been ‘easy’, clearly my subconscious mind is getting through as I have managed to avoid snacking on crisps and biscuits and am not craving them but 

preferring to grab a glass of water! 

Have also made a conscious effort to increase protein at lunch which seems to be helping”

Because once you do the ONE thing..for long enough that it becomes habit?

It becomes – as Sally says – almost ‘easy’

Matt ‘one thing’ Fruci

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Nightime eating addict or….

I’d be lying if I said that I only eat when I am hungry…

I mean sometimes I do just eat because ‘ I fancy it’.

Is it the ‘right’ thing to do?

Well, sometimes, yes..

^^ The psychosocial benefits of perhaps meeting a friend / going out for a meal / snack with family can be a GOOD thing…

And sometimes, no…

But you know what?

Snacking / nightime eating is probably the one thing I do which I could probably improve…

I have written this down MANY times…

You see…

Our tendency to snack

Can literally just be a reflection of how we feel…

Despite what you say about being ‘addicted to sugar’…

Because when you consider how you feel when you snack / eat when you’re not hungry…




^^ As was the case yesterday in a kickstart one to one for one of the ladies about to get started on our 28 Day Kickstart (Reply with ’28 Day’ and I’ll get you the details by the way)

Are we actually addicted to procrastination?


Putting off the thing you need to do by eating..

Because for some odd reason

^^ and I get this

Sometimes doing NOTHING makes us feel guilty.

Ever get that?

But here’s the more interesting part…

Is this actually a comforting story we tell ourselves?

To give us permission to eat?

Do you end up feeling guilty anyway when you eat?

So you might feel guilty anyway…

So why not feel guilty doing the thing that actually gives you energy?

Such as:

  • Resting?
  • Doing something for you?
  • Reading your favourite book?
  • Ringing a friend?
  • Exercise?
  • Do the thing you need to do?

Now, if you believe the story 

About not having enough willpower…

Not having the energy

Lacking the motivation 

Being a procrastinator 

Thinking there is ‘no point’ (referring to 10 minutes of exercise or making a small swap)

Then your behaviours will CONFORM to this..

And backs this up…

And because our behaviour backs up this story and belief…

It means we feel ‘right’…

And this is addictive because

We love being ‘right’…

And it is our thinking about this whole process that is the key transformation here

And actually trumps the good old ‘lose some weight in 7 days’…

As Lesley said:

“This resonated with me. Yes I’m about 10lbs down and although losing centimetres I’m still in the same size clothes, albeit they are not tight, – but how I feel about myself and my body you would think I was a size 10 not 16.

I’m comfortable looking at myself in the mirror, I don’t dread short sleeves but above all I can move my body better. None of those groans you make when you pass 50, and I’m just happier when moving. 

For me, the change in my thoughts is what pleases me.

 I do still beat myself up when I think I’ve slipped, but now only a little bit and I stop myself quickly. 

It’s not just about size and weight but your psychological journey too.”

Well done, Lesley.

Comfortable in how she looks in the mirror

Not dreading the short sleeves 

And moving better ☺ 

If you’d like to join our 28 Day Kickstart for ladies over 40 that want to get fit, fit their clothes better and do the things that they know they need to do…

Message with ’28 Day’ and I will get you the details. We start from 20th (flexible start date) and can be done in person or from home


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Supplements on a vegan diet?

So in the vegan section of a shop I was last week

(ok, just to the side of the vegan section, but basically in it it)

Were crickets…

Edible bugs.

And – wow – when you look at how much water and energy it takes to produce 1kg of protein from them

Compared to meat, soy, veggie meat etc.

Maybe that really is the future..

Anyway, I bought some

And -errmmmm- they were OK..

I must admit, when I followed the actual recipe (roast with salt, pepper ..and I added soy sauce..they were actually quite nice..)

And you know the most interesting part? 

I gave my kids some

And they loved them..

My 3 year old asked for more..

Until she realised they were bugs…

Funny how our thought processes can influence what we think of a food, right?

I mean, she eats mackerel, sardines, meat etc. and knows they are animals and fish..

But crickets?

A step too far…

Maybe she won’t be saying that in 20 years when it becomes the most sustainable protein source

And the norm (as it actually is in MANY countries around the world)


Then came the discussion of whether mussels were vegan (kids love them, too)

(They’re not btw…and do not Google that unless you want to read some in-depth debates

But anyway..enough of my ramblings..

I had a question the other week 

About whether you need to supplement on a vegan diet.

They had just gone vegan for health reasons and were told they can get everything from the diet.

They don’t want to eat ‘processed food’ or ‘fake processed meat’…

Which – I’ll be honest – will make it more difficult to cover your nutrients in order to be OPTIMAL..

(notice, I didn’t say survive…)

Now, this is not my opinion

This is just what the Science says..

And I want to say first and foremost

That I will always put science over my own beliefs

Because – well – our beliefs can make us pretty biased..


Put simply,

Vitamin B12 is one that you will have to either get from:

  1. A supplement / pill / injection


  1. Fortified foods (some cereals, nut milks, nutritional yeast will have it)

Without Vitamin B12?

Red blood cells may not function properly 

And you may experience tiredness, lack of energy, mouth ulcers, psychological issues / depression, and even pins and needles. 

You might have heard that you can get:

Iron, calcium, zinc, choline, and omega 3 from a vegan diet..

Now, you can get them from plant-based foods. 

But when you look at studies looking at large populations?

It seems people following a vegan diet tends to lead to higher deficiencies..

Thought to be because your body doesn’t absorb as much nutrition from these plant based sources and / or you have to eat so much of them to get enough…

Example being that the type of iron found in beans and spinach is not so easily absorbed by the human body compared to the iron found in red meat.

Now, this is not to say you can’t do a plant based / vegan diet and be healthy..

Far from.

Many people do fine.. providing they do pay more attention to these minerals and vitamins. 

And after all, cutting out food groups gives you a reason to say to no to most cakes, biscuits, and limits your food choices

Which can make it easier to eat less (although that is changing with all the vegan cakes, pastries, burger and chips etc)

But if it were me going vegan?

Based on what the science says, I’d probably supplement with:


-Vitamin B12

-Omega 3 (look at algae supplements for alternative to fish)




-Vitamin D3 (even if you eat fish, eggs, meat and dairy, I’d still recommend this one)

To decrease my risk of anaemia, bone fractures, and even depression…over TIME…

I hope this helps…

Because – ultimately – your reason for eating ANY way or doing ANY type of diet… 

Has to be the right one for you and your lifestyle. 

I mean, one of the ladies did it purely for ‘health reasons’ 

but didn’t get on with it and felt so much better eating some fish, eggs and some meat eat again. 

Interesting part 

Is that she said 

‘I feel bad about it as I was committed to being veggie and still eat mostly veggie stuff. Just can’t believe it took me so long to work it out. 

I am most pleased about getting up so early for the exercise and I seem to manage to pack in loads now 

and have more energy that makes me feel in control and able to control other habits”

Like I side, the most important part 

Is that you do what makes you happy…

Aligns with your values..

And gives you

energy, mood, body, and – dare I say it again – happiness

Matt ‘supplements’ Fruci

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All or nothing?

Dress head to toe

In a skin tight thick suit

With a big pink board..

^^^ I wanted one with a Unicorn on (I mean my daughter did 😉)

So I went bodyboarding in Cornwall last week (socially distanced in the sea, of course 😉)

No better place than the beach and sea in Cornwall for me.

If there’s ever a place to tire the kids out and have a laugh?

It’s the beach.. 

Now back to the sea…

Every wave that’s coming 

I’m there making a little decision 

As to whether to ride it

Or wait for the next “better” one.

I actually feel myself getting frustrated when I see others ride a wave all the way back to shore that I thought looked rubbish 😂 

It’s even worse if I ride a wave straight away 

and then feel my expectations of the next wave to be exactly the same.

Only for the wave to calm down..

My point?

There’s ups and downs..

A bit like life.

There’s always a negative with a positive 

And a positive and a negative.

Of course, it can be hard to see any positives in some areas of life…

But 99% of our problems actually have positives..

Like sleepless nights because of kids 😃

And NO one can prepare you for it…

When come home with a little bundle of joy..

The moment you have been waiting for…

You never quite understood just how much it changes your life..

I mean, how can something so small have such an impact?

And -I’ll be honest – there was me before our first baby saying

 “it’s just like having a dog, right?”

^^ similar but not quite…dogs (especially Labradors don’t learn so quick haha)

No matter how hard it is sometimes though…

How tired you are…

How good it feels for your head to hit the pillow and your eyes to drift off…

(Even with my inability to wake up as fast as Mrs Fruci to the crying…)

That disrupted sleep is hard…

But we keep going..

Because we know this doesn’t last forever…

Fast forward nearly 4 years..

And my sleep is BACK…

We have two amazing little miracles…

But isn’t it fascinating?

Just how much we are willing to do…

And push through…

As we know this is a special time..

That won’t last forever..


I can’t tell you how many times some of the ladies have sat down with me 

Called me on the phone

Been in session with me at 615am <<< yes 615 am

And said “I am lazy” <<<

“I should be doing more”

“I want to lose weight faster”

Isn’t that crazy?

Especially when you consider what happens when we change:

Stage 1: Uniformed optimism ◊ you know, when you start something new. You are motivated. Excited. 

Stage 2: Informed pessimism ◊   you start to think ‘this is hard’…”I am not sure I can do this”…<<< bit like a few weeks in to parenthood…

Stage 3: Pit of despair ◊  you feel low….and look for the next shiny object to give you that UNINFORMED OPTIMISM again 

And we are back to Stage 1 and we repeat AGAIN…

That is the yoyo dieting cycle..


We make it through to the next stage.


To help you push through this NATURAL CYCLE OF CHANGE..

So you can get to stage 4

Rather than starting again ..

Stage 4: Informed Optimism  ◊ you accept where you are now. You have that self-awareness. Focus on progress not perfection and although may seem slower, is actually FASTER because you don’t give up and end up back at Stage 1…

Stage 5: Success and fulfilment  ◊ new habits are forming. You get a real reward and feeling of achievement …

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Matt “wannabe surfer” Fruci

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I’ll be happy when…

I’ll be happy when…

I’ll be happy when..

“I’ve lost 3 stone”

“I can do a 5k run”

“I’m fitter”

“I’m stronger”

“I’m exercising everyday”

“My blood sugar levels are better”

“My blood pressure is lower”

^^^ Some common reasons I get from the ladies just starting on our 28 Day Kickstart one to one

And it brings to something that might sound quite deep..

Everything we do, we do it to create some form of ‘happiness’…


Have you ever hit a goal / achieved something (no matter how small)

And still not felt that happy?

Weird, right?

I’d be lying if I said I’ve never compared myself to others…

Thinking “I wish I could do that”…

And – initially – I feel pretty rubbish

But it is only over time..

Where I have got better at actually ‘thinking about my thinking”

And setting MY goals (not someone else’s goals)..

You see, when we set a goal..

^^^ or worse, you don’t have a goal

We sometimes fall in to the trap of:

  1. Basing our goals on someone else’s ideal goals
  2. We compare ourselves to ‘ideal’ results

Now, remember that ‘ideal’ is just an IDEA…

And most of the time,

We don’t even define HOW we will know when we will be there…

We go into this comparison mode…

Comparing ourselves to the best results ever possible

And Instagram and Facebook…

Which is exhausting..

You’ll probably feel like you’re not hitting your goal EVEN THOUGH..

You could be better than were at the start of the year?

You could be better than were at the start of the month?

Better than you were last week?

Better than you were yesterday?

^^ Have you ever stopped and reflected on this?

You see, I did just this week.

And it has made me realised just how far I have come…

Even during lockdown..

Going from just having a small online programme

To a full timetable of 4 live workouts a day from yoga, meditation, core blast, Box n Bums, & No Floor to our Back to Basics workout..

Going from renting space in a hall..

To having our own private space for our ladies only 28 Day Kickstart Programme so we can make sure it is as safe as possible for the ladies to come to our sessions in person if they prefer. 

But before doing this?

I still felt like I wasn’t doing that well.


Because you will never get to where you THINK you should be 

^^^ read that again

Because where I think I should be will always be moving..

Whether that is with your weight 



How far you can walk


I mean, I have never been stronger with regards to bodyweight exercises (with lockdown meaning I just workout in small doses in the house / garden)

Yet, I have to be careful that my thinking doesn’t go into the mode of tracking:


And this is a self-serving habit…

It ‘feels’ nice to sometimes beat myself for not doing something…

Ever do that?

And this is where you HAVE to be able to MEASURE your progress…


You are leaving your happiness in the hands of your imagination…

Which will nearly always

Be looking forwards…

Comparing yourself to this illusive, ‘IDEAL’ result

Comparing yourself to others…

Which can make us feel like rubbish

And potentially give up

Even though

YOU are better than YOU were…

So here’s my tips for you today:

  1. Write down a goal you can measure your progress with  for me right now, I want to do a one handed pull up. It is a big goal for me. The tiny little action I need to do is one set of pull ups daily. So over the next 30 days, I am ticking off each day I do, to get 30/30 as my aim. 
  1. Guarantee progress  the more you do something the better you get. The more you beat yourself up, the better you get. So do the opposite. Try these below:
  1. Write down 3 wins a day (no matter how big or small, what was a win from today? If you’re reading this in the morning, do it for the day before). 3 wins a day, 21 wins a week, 84 wins a MONTH <<< imagine looking back at that this time next month?
  2. Measure against your start point, wherever that point is, be it with your fitness, eating habits, how many times you ate when not hungry etc.


That was a lot of info

Let me know what you have taken from this.

For me?

No matter how much my imagination will make me feel like I should have done more…

I am better than I was at the start of the year

In so many ways..

As a dad

As a coach



Because I have measured less against ‘ideal’ and more against specific goals…

Matt ‘you vs you’ Fruci

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(comfort eating) How long will it take to stop?

So I got this message from Liza this week:

“Just wanted to say thank you. This week has been a real shift in thinking about food. I’ve realised that actually “treating” myself to what I actually want is taking me further away from my ultimate goal. 

I’ve lost 5lbs this week. 

However, I haven’t deprived myself of anything but instead thought of what I’ll achieve by eating it. I’ve also ran 3 times and listened to a 5 minute meditation each morning.

 I feel amazing”

Well done, Liza!

You know what I love about this the most?

The fact she’s not depriving herself. She has given herself permission but is making the choice she wants to make given the benefits and drawbacks of that decision.

I mean, everything we do, we do it for a reason, whether you know it or not…

Your actions are aligned with what you value most at that time, whether that’s an emotional pick me up

Or aligning your actions with WHO you want to be for you and those around you.

Now, I get  you probably know what you need to do…

In fact, I’ve guessed you have done it before.

You have felt in control before.

Only to lose it 

The weight to come back 

And you to “feel like” you’re back to square one.

Maybe you don’t have the perfect day so you think you may as well binge.

Maybe you feel because the scales haven’t moved this week it’s not worth it and you may as well binge

^^ think how comforting that belief is..if the scales don’t move you’re allowed to binge. Can you see how this belief is actually comforting, yet not true?

Maybe you feel that results aren’t fast enough so you may as well give up

^^^ forgetting that it could be this reason why you’re stuck right now..and that going slower may be faster?

Maybe you forget the NON scale Victories…

Be it the fruit and veg intake

The exercise you did 

The meditation 

The time for you 

The tracking of your food 

Your protein intake 

The inch loss

Or even your sleep.

Because all these things WILL add up to help you get fitter and back in control, into your favourite clothes again ..

Having that energy back again…

Now, I get it…

What do you do to stay focussed right now in the moment?

Now, as I always say, this has to be YOUR plan

And is why the first step in our 28 Day Kickstart is to have a one to one to go through exactly what will for YOU..

But that all said,

I’m writing this today to help you

And hopefully kickstart you on the right direction..

So here are a few ideas that have worked for many of the ladies:

  1. Write down the answer to this question on a post it note and leave it in your kitchen: in 5 years from now, what happens if you don’t get a handle on this habit?
  1. I will now only eat when I have written down what I am about to eat first 
  1. I will not only eat once I have taken a picture of what I am about to eat 

3 simple ideas…

So simple, most won’t bother even trying…

My advice to you today?

They may not work for you..

But if you don’t try?

They 100% won’t work for you.

And this won’t work overnight.

You just even say “I don’t want to do that forever”

The answer to that is that 

You don’t have to do it forever.

When you start getting the results you want

The breakthroughs.

We can start to help you get more in tune with your own hunger and feelings

And slowly wean off doing it.

Maybe you only track your food every other day for example.

This is small steps, compound effect 😃