Month: June 2020

It did surprise me..

I must admit,  I was a little surprised that the Government announcement the other day  did not allow the health and fitness industry to open with restrictions from 4th July… I completely get it is a difficult one though.. I mean, you have people like us, where our In-person sessions could be from 2 to …

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I didn’t feel comfortable

“I knew they wouldn’t do it” And this felt uncomfortable… It didn’t quite sit with me, right.  Although I knew the information I was giving was great and backed up by science.. I knew they needed more.. Because 9 times out of 10..  People would leave feeling super motivated  But I know they’d do nothing …

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How does it work?

So since I first mentioned on Sunday that   I would put on a FREE 5 Day Kickstart Programme specifically for Wiltshire ladies over 40.. I have had a lot of messages .. Especially since I ran the last one and we received such amazing feedback over the 5 days. So I thought I’d sum it …

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Exciting News

So with the successes and messages I got from our last free kickstart we did.. I’ve decided to launch another FREE 5-Day Kickstart, specifically for ladies 40+ who struggle to do the things they know they need to do.. Essentially, addressing: Why is it so hard to just “stick to a plan” (you know, eat …

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