Month: May 2020


So since I first mentioned last week that if I had enough interest  I would put on a FREE 7 Day Kickstart Programme specifically for Wiltshire ladies over 40.. I have a lot of messages .. So I thought I’d sum it all up here… In a nutshell, I’m putting on a free 7-day kickstart …

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No one tells you about change

Such an amazing moment.  In more ways than one. Especially as it all happened so quickly that our other 19 month old daughter at the time was actually there in the corner of the room, drawing Peppa Pig (well trying to) Completely oblivious to the whole situation… Until she turns around, sees the baby and …

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Score yourself out of 10

I get to speak with lots of ladies  Which I love by the way (and actually think it separates what we do out from your typical gym)… Now, when I ask the question: “What do you need from me / the programme to get better results than you are now?” The main thing I get …

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How to stop stopping 🛑

Something we’ve found this past week in the Fruci household Is just how powerful having a star chart is for our 3 year old. We did it before but kind of just stopped. You know, things get busy. But throw lockdown in the mix  And a few more than normal  “that’s mine”  “She’s not sharing” …

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