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Motivation is NOT your problem

Don’t get me wrong

Many days go by where I think:

 ‘I can’t be a$$ed…​​I feel tired…I could stay in bed’

^^ Or worse, I take it out on loved ones by being grouchy…

I basically feel like I lack motivation…

But the interesting thing?

It’s often because I don’t have the clarity or plan down into simple tasks where I know what to do.

You see, back in 2001, a study was completed in the UK with a group of people to try and build improved exercise habits. 

​[if you’ve ever struggled with motivation in the past then you are going to find this very interesting]

The group was divided into 3.

GROUP 1 – The control group – were simply asked to track how often they exercised.

GROUP 2 – The motivation group – were asked to track their workouts BUT also to read material on the ‘benefits’ of exercise. The REASONS why you even bother to think of exercising (more on that tomorrow)

The researchers also explained to this group how exercise could reduce the risk of heart disease.

GROUP 3 – The planning group – They did all of the above BUT were also asked to do a plan writing down when and where they would exercise the following week.​The specific sentence they had to write down was:

‘During the next week, I will partake in at least [10 minutes]  of [exercise] on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”

The Results – What % then actually exercised at least once the following week?

Group 1 = 35%

Group 2 = 38%

Group 3 = 91%

The reason for there being such a high success rate in group 3 is because of something called..​​ Implementation Intention.

“When situation ‘X’ arises, I will perform response ‘Y’”

THIS IS THE KEY to you finally being successful with your health and fitness goals​​ [in fact you can apply this to absolutely any goal that you set]

This is why just joining a standard gym and even some slimming clubs might not always work ​[unless you write down the specific days / times you’re going to go and do exercise and have someone remind you to do it and chase you up if you get a bit stuck and overwhelmed with it all – not just 1 week but every week]

This is why just saying “I’m motivated this time” is not enough.

This is why just saying “I’m going to eat more healthily” is not enough.”

This why just saying “I want to lose weight” is not enough

MOTIVATION was probably never the problem.

(you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise..)

Having the right plan in place probably was to create the leverage to do it…

Simple? – Yep

Easy? – Actually yes….providing you just focus on 1 day at a time…

Start this now.

Write down the sentence below and fill in the blanks – you have a 91% success rate of turning up if you do this. ​​

‘During the next week, I will partake in at least 10 minutes of exercise on [DAY] at [TIME] in [PLACE]”

As Woody Allen said:

​​80% of success is…….. ‘Showing Up’ 

And this is one of the things I will be going over in our FREE 7-Day Kickstart next week.

This is specifically for Wiltshire ladies over 40+ who want to drop a few lbs, get into a positive frame of mind and kickstart their healthy habits. 

If you’d like to join me, sign up for free here:

Matt ‘motivation’ Fruci

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So since I first mentioned last week that if I had enough interest 

I would put on a FREE 7 Day Kickstart Programme specifically for Wiltshire ladies over 40..

I have a lot of messages ..

So I thought I’d sum it all up here…

In a nutshell,

I’m putting on a free 7-day kickstart for a small group of local ladies that want to drop a few lbs, get into a positive frame of mind and kickstart their motivation & healthy habits. 

Here’s what we cover in the 7 days:

DAYS 1-2: Making Nutrition & Exercise Simple – 

Learn More About Basic Nutrition, And Learn To Get Active Again. I’ll Talk About The Pressures And Barriers That Are Stopping You From Being Consistent And Help You Stop The Yo Yo Effect You Keep Finding Yourself In. I’ll Set You Short (low impact) Exercise Sessions (10 minutes) To Kickstart Your Results

DAYS 3-5: Self Awareness & Motivation To Do The Things You Know You Need To Do: 

Focus More On Where You Are Today. What Does Your Life Look Like Right Now? I’ll Teach You A Great Strategy To Find That Out And Audit Yourself So You Know Which Strategies Will Work Best For You (& know how to get better results than you are now)

DAYS 6-7: How To Stop Stopping: 

How To Stay Motivated & Get Through The Honeymoon Period Of Diet & Exercise (get this right, and you never need to ‘start’ again…)

I realise that you may be skeptical, 

There is so much rubbish out there…

This programme is genuinely FREE, no hidden costs, no tricks. 

All I ask?

You show up and meet me 1/2 way. 

We start on Monday

And the group will be open from Saturday

Limited spaces so book your place here:

See you there

Matt ‘7 days’ Fruci

PS. Got this message from Nicnak last week:

“Going well thanx Matt….lost another half a stone..!!! . Will let you know when I get to the 5 stone mark..!! Possibly with pictures before and after attached…?
So yup all good “

The best part?

Nicnak has simply done what she can do…

Focusing on what her body / joints feel good with…

And it’s the approach we have in our FREE 7 Day Kickstart with our 10 minute low impact workouts.

More info here:
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No one tells you about change

Such an amazing moment. 

In more ways than one.

Especially as it all happened so quickly that our other 19 month old daughter at the time was actually there in the corner of the room, drawing Peppa Pig (well trying to)

Completely oblivious to the whole situation…

Until she turns around, sees the baby and says ‘baby’…

It was literally that quick (huge contrast to the first)…

But safe to say, a few sleepless nights have happened since…

And NO one can prepare you for it…

When come home with a little bundle of joy..

The moment you have been waiting for…

You never quite understood just how much it changes your life..

I mean, how can something so small have such an impact?

And -I’ll be honest – there was me before our first baby saying

 “it’s just like having a dog, right?”

^^ similar but not quite…dogs (especially Labradors don’t learn so quick haha)

No matter how hard it is sometimes though…

How tired you are…

How good it feels for your head to hit the pillow and your eyes to drift off…

(Even with my inability to wake up as fast as Mrs Fruci to the crying…)

That disrupted sleep is hard…

But we keep going..

Because we know this doesn’t last forever…

Fast forward 18 months..

And my sleep is BACK…

We have two amazing little miracles…

But isn’t it fascinating?

Just how much we are willing to do…

And push through…

As we know this is a special time..

That won’t last forever..


I can’t tell you how many times some of the ladies have sat down with me 

Called me on the phone

Been in session with me at 615am <<< yes 615 am

And said “I am lazy” <<<

“I should be doing more”

“I want to lose weight faster”

Isn’t that crazy?

Especially when you consider what happens when we change:

Stage 1: Uniformed optimism  you know, when you start something new. You are motivated. Excited. 

Stage 2: Informed pessimism    you start to think ‘this is hard’…”I am not sure I can do this”…<<< bit like a few weeks in to parenthood…

Stage 3: Pit of despair   you feel low….and look for the next shiny object to give you that UNINFORMED OPTIMISM again 

And we are back to Stage 1 and we repeat AGAIN…

That is the yoyo dieting cycle..


We make it through to 

Stage 4: Informed Optimism   you accept where you are now. You have that self-awareness. Focus on progress not perfection and although may seem slower, is actually FASTER because you don’t give up and end up back at Stage 1…

Stage 5: Success and fulfilment   new habits are forming. You get a real reward and feeling of achievement …

I will be going over this in a bit more detail next week in our FREE 7-Day Kickstart programme.

If you didn’t no, 

I’m putting on a free 7-day kickstart for a small group of local ladies that want to drop a few lbs, get into a positive frame of mind and kickstart their motivation & healthy habits. 

If you’d like to join me, just send me a message or comment below with ‘interested’ and I’ll get you the details.

And I’ll leave you with this…

Change is hard..

But at the same time it is the best thing in the world…

as Albert Einstein apparently said:

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Because when you think about things like this and remember that the chance of you being born and here today are something like 400 TRILLION TO ONE…

It makes you think:

Are we here just to ‘get through it’ or are we here to make a difference and enjoy it?


PS. I’m putting on a free 7-day kickstart for a small group of local ladies that want to drop a few lbs, get into a positive frame of mind and kickstart their motivation & healthy habits. 

If you’d like to join me, just send me a message or comment below with ‘interested’ and I’ll get you the details.

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Score yourself out of 10

I get to speak with lots of ladies 

Which I love by the way (and actually think it separates what we do out from your typical gym)…

Now, when I ask the question:

“What do you need from me / the programme to get better results than you are now?”

The main thing I get is:

“I know what to do but I just need to do it..”

With most of the ladies saying they wanted to drop 1-2 dress sizes and get fit..

The reason for most is that they want to have more energy, more confidence and feel happy. 

& I get this.

I’ve been there. 

But this is the easy part.

What we say and what we do are totally different.

As they know:

“Know and not doing is as good as not knowing…”

But actually doing is HARD..

And do you know why?

The DELAYED gratification of increased energy and confidence 


The INSTANT gratification of indulging in food/ drink / sleeping in / doing anything but that workout you said you were going to do 

^^ I have even sorted out my coffee cupboard to delay a workout before..and that’s saying something..

The instant gratification usually wins..

and I get it…

binging is fun..

Putting off exercise feels good at the time…

^^^ a sense of ‘I will do it tomorrow’ (although we actually just delay the feeling of guilt and actually we increase the chances of saying “I’ll do it tomorrow’ again tomorrow…)

Truth is, we live in a world where chocolate, wine, gin ,crisps and cake are everywhere 

^^^ hasn’t helped with lockdown for some, especially when others have moved in and different foods are around / working from home.

We can have these FOODS instantly.

Even with lockdown and delivery..

And that instant pleasure that we get from the above is often a lot more appealing than 

getting up early, having a morning routine that makes you feel proud, exercising to get the good endorphins going and then having a nutritious breakfast that keeps you full up..

now, compare this to when you hear some horrible life threatening news about someone related to their health…

whether you know them or not…

they will often have a huge motivation to change their life because they fear death..

which will – in many cases – override the instant pleasure of going for the cake, snacks, and putting off exercise.

Now, I know this is an extreme example. But I know many ladies who have recently reached out to me during this pandemic and previously 

citing their health concerns 

And what I notice is that they REALLY are committed. 

Now, you certainly do not need to come close to death to achieve a transformation.

But you do need to understand and audit where you right now:

-How confident are you?

-How energised are you?

-How productive are you?

-How happy are you?

Grade yourself out of 10 for each

If everyone is good for you, then great.

But if there are shortfalls above then don’t you deserve better?

Is it fair to accept mediocre? 

If you were chatting to your 10 year old self, and you explained your score out of 10 from above, is that something for them to look forward to?

It’s something that crosses my mind when I think about my kids…

I can’t teach them happiness, confidence, following their dreams, kindness…unless I SJHOW THEM and actually live it..

(Now, I am not perfect BTW…)

But one thing I remember reading is this:

If you want better answers you need to ask better questions…

So these questions above are something for you to consider and ponder. 

Make it a great day


PS. I’m putting on a free 7-day kickstart for a small group of local ladies that want to drop a few lbs, get into a positive frame of mind and kickstart their motivation & healthy habits. 

If you’d like to join me, just message me or 

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How to stop stopping 🛑

Something we’ve found this past week in the Fruci household

Is just how powerful having a star chart is for our 3 year old.

We did it before but kind of just stopped. You know, things get busy.

But throw lockdown in the mix 

And a few more than normal

 “that’s mine” 

“She’s not sharing” 😂😂

 And – well – I’ll be honest..

We had to something 

It was time to shift the focus away from the problem and towards something more positive…

Anyway, she loves these little £2 Disney toy figures from Asda.

We use them as a reward after finishing her star chart. 

She can see them everyday. She talks about them. Looks at them. 

And gets excited. It’s really cute to see, actually.

And the difference in her has been huge..

^^^ Sure, she still wants what her sister wants from time to time  😂 

But all this reminded me about just how important having a reward in place is for your motivation.

To help you keep going 

And stop stopping.

In fact, I’ve noticed during this lockdown 

Just how motivated I am by days out with the family, even if it was to the park.

I’d think “I’m going to work really hard until Saturday and then enjoy spending the day doing [insert thing]”


“I’ll train like this because I’m doing this event [Spartan] “

But as soon as these were taken away and cancelled 

It knocked me a bit.

So when I asked the question:

“ what is it I like about them that motivate me?”


What are the perceived benefits?

I can think of other ways to get it…

Whether that’s attaching benefits to the thing I perhaps don’t enjoy so much 


Creating a list of NON FOOD related  rewards…

That I will reward myself with to keep motivated…

Here are some example of mine and what some of the ladies on our 21 Day Kickstart have mentioned:

  1. Get an old pair of jeans out of the wardrobe so I can see them everyday 
  2. Book a holiday (we already had a holiday booked to Cornwall which may go ahead)
  3. Buy some flowers
  4. Have a bubble bath (I’ve been doing this about 4x a week recently)
  5. Have a lie in
  6. Have a home spa
  7. Buy a spa treatment for when they reopen 
  8. Get a fitness tracker
  9. Buy some new workout gear / trainers 
  10. Buy a new book 
  11. Dye your hair 
  12. Book a haircut (Mrs Fruci will be attempting to sort this out over the weekend for me 😂 )

Whatever it is..

Be kind to yourself 

A little self care along the way might do more than you think..

This fitness journey isn’t just about weight loss and squats…

As Jane mentioned:

If you want to give yourself an opportunity to feel better about you everyday then invest in you and try this.

 It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about feeling stronger, fitter and creating healthier habits long term. 

Matt Fruci  and his team provide the knowledge and support to help you do this. 😉😃

And you know what?

This comment actually fills me with pride.

I got asked the other day about why and I started doing this..

^^ more on that tomorrow

And one of them was because of what I have seen in this fitness and diet industry

Stemming back to when I had an eating  disorder growing up.

The good and bad foods.

The yo-yo dieting 

The binge and restrict..

The start and stop…

Rather than..

Focussing on what you can do..

The fitness

The strength 

The feeling of empowerment for what your body can do..

The things you now say “yes” to

Your confidence..

How you feel, mentally 😃

Your health 

Immune system..


It’s so much more than weight loss… 


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Can you eat too much fruit? 🍇 🍉

‘I love eating fruit. Is there such a thing as eating too much fruit?’

^^^ Question I got this week 

And the answer?




^^^boring, I know. 

Because it depends 

On what your alternative is 

^^^ read that again 

I mean, in general if you go from eating, say 1 piece of fruit per day to 2/3 pieces…

You’ll probably feel more full up

More satisfied.

Hit your sweet tooth 

And end up eating less of something that is higher in calories (like cake…)

Which could be contributing to your increasing waist line?

But there’s more.

People who increase their fruit (and veg) intake to 5 per day often see:

* Reductions in ‘bad’ cholesterol and heart disease risk

* Reduced risk of cancer 

* Reduced risk of diabetes


As with most things

Too much isn’t necessarily a good thing.

And with the above benefits you can get from eating more fruit (weight loss and reduced risk of disease)

Just simply eating more and more thinking that you’ll get more benefits probably isn’t going to be the case.

Particularly as many of the benefits will coming from the VEG, too.

So, why does fruit get some bad name?

1. ‘Fruit contains a sugar called fructose. Fructose is converted to fat’

Fruit does contain fructose which can only be ‘stored’ in the liver.

Now, the sugar found in potatoes, rice, and pasta (glucose)

Can be stored in the liver and all of your muscles (another great reason to focus on getting fit and strong to build your muscles up…it’s a bit like a storage for glucose)

So, we MAY not handle fructose as well as glucose (which is why you’ll often hear people say that ‘fruit makes you fat’)

The truth?

You still need to eat too many calories to store more fat..

2. ‘High fructose corn syrup makes you fat’

Also known as glucose-fructose syrup on food labels…

^^^ Be careful in those American Food isles…

It’s found in your full-sugar fizzy drinks (not the diet ones)

They add the FRUCTOSE to the glucose because it’s sweeter and cheaper.

And this can make you HUNGRY and craving more FOOD

^^ So we eat more and buy more of these delicious treat!

Does this mean fruit is making us fat?


Because with fruit, we get the fibre, vitamins, minerals…

AKA…The roughage (which helps you poop) along with a bit of fructose

And this keeps us full and more satisfied (so you are less likely to overeat)

3. The ‘Detox smoothie’ Craze!

Put simply…

Try eating two handfuls of blueberries, 2 handfuls of grapes, and 1 banana.

Then wash this down with a glass of milk and a yoghurt.

Notice how long this takes you to eat.

How satisfied you feel.

Now, blend all the above…

^^^ Let me know if you actually do this (try it for the next two consecutive days at breakfast!)

And notice how long this takes you to DRINK.

How satisfied you feel.

For the record…

That’s about 56 g of sugar in just one of these smoothies!

And one Dairy Milk (caramel, obviously) has 24 g of sugar

^^^ I’m not saying eat Dairy Milks instead (as it won’t have the vitamins and goodness of the fruit) 

BUT…it’s context which is key

In summary…

You can overeat on fruit

^^^ ‘Pick one, eat four’ my dad would teach me when strawberry picking


It means you overeat carbs, sugar and calories across the day / week!

So consider 

What is the alternative?

What would you do instead?

What would you eat instead?

Are you actually hungry?

How are you feeling? Are you bored? Tired? 

Have you eaten much veg or protein?

^^^ all questions which might impact whether you overeat or not

If you’d like more snack ideas and some help with comfort eating?

Just comment below  with “snacks” and I’ll send over my Ultimate Snack List and 5 Steps To Help Comfort Eating Guide.

Speak soon,

Matt ‘pick one, eat four’ Fruci

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What Belinda & Annette said on Facebook


I cannot rate Matt and his team highly enough.

Having completed this week a 28 day kickstart with Matt Fruci and his team at Fruci Fit – Personal Training Wiltshire (all online) I just wanted to share with you how much progress I have made just by changing small things and using his systems.

These small changes and accountability create a compound effect that when used consistently produce results.

My personal results in 28 days are 10lbs down in weight and 10 inches off across my body just by changing small things.

I have had takeaways and fish and chips during this time as well. So don’t ever think you need to deprive yourself to achieve the results you would like.

Small progress is better than no progress.

I shall continue to work with him and his lovely team to get to my goal which is not necessarily a number but a place where I feel comfortable in my body and I feel physically feel healthier and stronger.

Maybe next year I can consider walking up Snowdon again, lighter and stronger and without the pain and sheer grit and determination that it took me in 2018!

This is not the quick fix dieting that I’ve done in the past, this is lifestyle changes to a stronger me, eating real food and moving my body to be the best that I can be


a message from Belinda I got the other day (she has just finished her kickstart programme… reply with ‘Kickstart’ and I’ll get you the details)

Well done, Belinda…

But I get that some people say:

“It’s keep it up which is the hard part”

And you are right, it is.

But the foundations of ‘keeping it up’ are put in place TODAY..

By taking small steps, just like Belinda has.

In fact, here’s What Annette said this week:

“I’ve just done my measurements and 1 lb down AND an impressive 10 cms all over loss! 

Including 5.5 cms on waist. 

Adding another set of pushups and an extra workout most days have certainly helped I’d say it’s a win win this week ”

This is amazing. Well done, Annette 


I want to stress that it hasn’t all been ‘easy’…

Annette has had MANY weeks where nothing has changed…

Few lbs come on..


But you know..

That is NORMAL…

And that isn’t the problem…

The problem is simply our THOUGHT about these weeks..

Here is what I messaged Annette back with (after saying ‘well done’, of course haha):

“This really is testament to you keeping going when most wouldn’t. 

You know those weeks where you think ‘I’m trying but nothing is changing’…

Those weeks give you the springboard for these moments”

see, apart from making me feel good…

It fills me with pride..

And I love hearing stories like this..(quite addictive actually)

Annette and Belinda have taken ACTION

Could they have done this on their own?


But lets face it..

Having a team

A support network

Like minded people

A Nutritionist and a team of coaches looking out for them to offer support, guidance and accountability is TRANSFORMATIVE when needed…

Want to join them?

Our next 21 Day Kickstart begins from Monday (I’m putting on another one).

Message me with ‘kickstart’ and I’ll get you the details..

Matt ‘small steps’ Fruci

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How to stop eating when you’re not hungry

Don’t worry,

I’m not here to write about how I never eat when I’m not hungry.

I do…

In fact, just on Sunday even after a big meal…

We got in bed with the kids and had a movie night..

Of course, what comes with a movie night?


^^ homemade with salt and cinnamon but still…

I’m sitting here stuffed from a roast chicken dinner

But feel the urge to put my hand in to the bowl just an arms reach away..

Crazy, right?

Now, I was so stuffed that I only had a few.

But still…

It just show how important our environment impacts what we do .

In fact, one study gave people in a cinema STALE popcorn to see how much they would eat.

What happened?

They still ate it..

When asked if they liked it…

They were a bit like ‘meh’..

But my point is they still ate what they were given…

So what can we do about this?

Here’s 5 tips to help below:

1 – Make a rule for when and what you will snack on – you plan holidays, family stuff, work and shopping…yet when it comes to food we sometimes just expect to wing it..

Try this:

“I will have [insert snack here] at [insert time] today”

^^ give yourself permission to have what you like. They key here is the permission. Rather than ‘Oh F it, I have had one biscuit I may as well give up”…you are making it a part of the plan…

2- Ask yourself: What are you craving? Is it worth it (mentally and physically)? What is the smallest amount you would need to be happily satisfied?

3- How much does this cost you? Put a £ sign on the cost of eating when you’re not hungry. How much does this cost you ?

4. What happens in 5 years time if you don’t get a handle on this habit? To your health? You? Relationships? 

5. What can you do instead of this behaviour? When trying to change a habit, rather than focusing on not doing something, it can be easier to focus on what you CAN do, whether that is food related (planning your snacks in) OR self care related (doing something fun for you..

I know for sure

That if I have a bath on an evening,

I snack less on an evening with EASE…

Bath and bed…☺ 


But I don’t always do it, I’ll admit that.


Just like we say in our 21 Day Kickstart Programme..

This is not about being perfect…

And just so happens that you don’t have to be perfect..

Here’s what Karen messaged me saying on Sunday night:

“A real win today, back in one of my favourite tops after 2 years.  Not put on any weight or inches since lockdown, actually lost some. 

So your exercise classes are working. Can’t wait to start personal training. “

That’s it from today..

If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “21 Day Home Kickstart”, may be a good fit.

For more info, message me with ’21 day’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘hungry?’ Fruci

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Exercise with sore knees & anti-ageing

So the other day we were in the garden…

My 3 year old wants to go on the Trike (kind of like a bike)

But my 1 year old is currently on the Trike…

The 1 year old wants to stay on the Trike JUST because the 3 year old wants to go on the Trike…

The 3 year old only wants to go on it because the 1 year old is on the Trike…

It’s fascinating…

And it got me thinking…

How can we create this level of ‘want’ / ‘motivation’ to do something?

How can we make it so that it feels like we can’t do it anymore 

Which makes us want to do it NOW?

You know, like all of us know exercise is ‘good’ for us..

But the problem with just saying that it is ‘good’ for you

Is that your mind cannot register what you would gain from doing it

Or what you would lose from not doing it…


We all have our injuries..

And – in particular – a lot of the ladies who start on our 21 Day Kickstart Programme often have knee issues / are worried whether they can do this…

More on that later in this email (I have an option for you)

But for now…here’s a question

Inspired by the Ghost of Christmas Future:

“What happens in 5 years time, if you don’t get a handle on your exercise habits?”

And the reason I ask this?

Well, we sometimes assume that putting things off means nothing will change..

But actually, if we keep doing what we are doing…and doing means nothing?

Things will actually get worse…

This is very clear..

Muscle loss


‘use it or lose it’ 

Is the motto…

And by use it or lose it?

This doesn’t just mean muscle, bone etc..

This means your independence…


Quality of life…

The things you can do with your family, friends and life..

Like Linda recently messaged me saying how for the first time she can now change her granddaughters nappy 

^^^ although that could backfire 😉

Not to mention how much it actually COSTS…

For example

What would happen if you totalled up the amount of money it costs to eat / snack when you’re not hungry?


On to anti-ageing

Which brings me on to what a recent 2020 review in the ‘Nutrients’ Journal discussed when it comes to ageing…

  1. Exercise –
  • 12 weeks of exercised reduced proinflammatory markers in the body
  • High intensity exercise showed benefits for people with rheumatoid arthiritis. 
  • In adults aged 18-61, fitness levels are associated with improvements in T cells / white blood cells which boost immune system 
  • Postmenopausal women following successful breast cancer treatment showed increase in T cells (suggests healthy immune system) after exercise programme. 
  1. Tryptophan -an amino acid protein found in eggs, fish, meats and legumes. 

Linked with serotonin, cognitive function and mood. 

  1. Omega 3 fats – found in oily fish / algae. 

Important for preserving muscle, improving mood and has anti inflammatory properties

Interesting stuff..

And I discussed this in more details with researcher Richie Kirwin here: 

If you have Apple device, 

If you have Android, 

So I will leave you with this:

If you do don’t prioritise you …

No one else will..

Because everyone else will come to you 

To help them achieve their priorities…

They don’t mean to get in the way

It’s just everyone is doing their best, for them…

And what if …

You could actually help more people by looking after you first?

Who else would benefit if you put yourself first today?

Even for 6 minutes and tried one of these workouts:

and if you’d like to try one of our LIVE Back to Basics or No Floor workouts (where there is no getting up and down from the floor) that you can do from home?

Just message me with ‘yes’ and I’ll get you set up ready. 

Time slots are:

Monday 7pm – 3 spaces

Tuesday 930am – 2 spaces

Matt ‘value YOU’ Fruci

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‘Struggling to get motivated’..Try this

I have been setting a the goal of getting in bed by 10pm since lockdown started pretty much..

And it got to the stage where:

  1. I kept failing and getting annoyed at myself 
  2. I was feeling tired and grouchy the next day 
  3. I would say ‘when things are normal, it’ll be easier”

And it got me thinking..

By waiting until ‘things are normal’ <<< whatever the new normal looks like

I am essentially saying

That my health can wait…

The one thing that without?

I actually have nothing..

Anyway, more on sleep soon as I want to delve into more detail with you on this as I have tips that might help you …

For now, though…

I’ll be honest, there have been days where I’ve been less motivated than others…

You know what makes this worse?

Your thoughts about them…

“Why am I not more motivated?”

“Why am I so tired?”

^^^ This is where in my head I say ‘errrrr Matt, you stayed up late last night, you are tired. What would you say to your best friend who came to you feeling tired?

Because you know what?

These thoughts are actually OK…

And aren’t the problem..

The problem is simply our thoughts about them…

After all, setbacks and disappointments along the way

Are actually a sign you are trying..

Any ‘change’ is hard…

Now, here’s a few things to consider:

  1. Maybe you set a goal that was too big there’s only so many times you can set a goal and fail before you:
  1. Lose faith in yourself
  2. Get annoyed and frustrated
  3. Lose faith in the whole process
  1. You plan your holidays, family life, Zoom meetings, and work stuff…yet we have an issue with planning stuff related to our fitness and nutrition..


Set a goal, no matter how small, and get specific:

After all, we crave certainty.

Hence why the differing advice around the UK is causing some confusion …

So why not get specific with your nutrition / snacking habits/ and exercise?

The research shows the implementation intention is key…

Try this if you’re struggling with the motivation to exercise:

“Today, I will exercise for [insert minutes/ what you will do] by doing [insert exercise]”

“the benefits of exercise are: [insert here]” 

^^^this will only work if you write this down 

Try this if you’re struggling with snacking”

“Today, I will snack on [insert food / snacks you want to have] 

“the benefits of snacking are: [insert benefits]

The drawbacks of snacking are: [insert drawbacks]..

Because sometimes we just need a little ‘nudge’ in the right direction…

Like I do right now with sleep..

I have done a benefits cards..

Listing the benefits of getting to sleep by 1015am <<< I changed the goal to make it more realistic and it means I am more likely to hit it rather than say ‘10pm’ then get to 1015 and think ‘oh well, may as well just have a late one’…

The benefits card includes all of the benefits that HAPPEN IN MY LIFE from doing what I know I need to do with sleep:

  • More energy 
  • Less hunger
  • Less grouchy
  • Happier to be around
  • More fun with the kids
  • More productive so I can spend more time with the family
  • I am better at coaching and helping our awesome members
  • More motivation to exercise and eat well
  • More credibility when helping the ladies work through their habit changes
  • More patience with kids
  • I WANT to do more
  • I am excited
  • The NEWS does NOT impact me so much and I have a much more positive outlook 

And these all impact what I do 

And the results I get

You see, one of the ladies (Hannah) said the other day that it took the whole workout on Wednesday morning for her to feel motivated again..

Isn’t it crazy that we think that we need motivation to exercise when in fact…

It’s the DOING that causes the motivation…

No matter how small..

So get specific today

And just start…

You’ll be surprised where you might end up…

Like one of the ladies mentioned this week about lose 4 cm from her waist this month…

Think where she’ll be in a year…

Matt ‘start small, think big’ Fruci