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Boredom eating and “feeling fat”

So I caught up with Katie this week to do a podcast 

(Katie does our stretch and cardio sessions)

To talk about a blog she wrote recently about her “feeling fat”..

Katie is in recovery from an eating disorder 

And what she said, despite the differences in her situation (gaining weight),

seemed to resonate with a lot of the ladies so we decided to go into a bit more detail about this,

Along with,

Boredom eating, 

And the BBC documentary about the restaurant that had people burning off the calories being in eaten in the restaurant…hmmmmm🤔

We had some great feedback from ladies feeling a bit down in this lockdown

Who feel like they’ve eaten too much.

With some ladies saying how it made them look at their thoughts differently 

Making them feel more positive.

Here’s what we discussed:

the foods to look for to fill your physiological need to help you control your snacking habits

✅ why now is the single best time to get a handle on boredom eating 

3 simple questions to ask yourself when you go to boredom eat

✅  why it may make more sense to NOT see exercise as a way to create a calorie deficit and lose weight 

how changes in your fitness can lead to you having a better relationship with food 

✅ the real reason we “feel fat” and what it could actually be telling us 

And much, much more.

Here’s the link to watch

Or if you’re busy and want to listen to it whilst doing something else  

Listen in on the podcast here: 

Apple phones / iPad:




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How Judith lose 2 stone without it feeling difficult

“They’re tired”

^^ my response when the kids are having tantrum moments 

What’s my point?

Well, when I was chatting to one of the ladies the other day about boredom eating,

She was saying that it’s usually mid afternoon when she’s a bit tired 

Bored of working from home 

And wants a distraction.

Now, what was interesting 

Is that she said she feels tired at this time 

But had never considered just having a rest.

Mainly because she would feel guilty…


She felt guilty anyway after snacking and eating 3 bags of crisps ..

So my question was why not feel guilty doing something that actually makes you feel good?

I mean, if you’re going to feel guilty anyway? 

Here’s one for you:

If your best friend came to you and said they were feeling “tired”

What would you tell them to do? 

See, we have the answers.

You probably know when you’re boredom eating and how it makes you feel…

But doing something about it is another thing altogether.

Its why we set you simple, daily habits 

And keep you accountable to them in our 21 Day Home Kickstart programme  for ladies 40+ who want to get fit and drop a dress size.

In fact, it’s the same habits that Judith has applied to lose 2 stone and 9.5 inches. Here’s what she said on Facebook:

Since I started with Fruci Fit in January, I’ve lost 2 stones and 9.5 inches from my waist! 

Thank you so much Matt for creating such a marvellous way to help women over 40 to achieve what they thought was impossible. By the way I’m 61 and I’ve struggled with my weight all my adult life

I’ve done so many diets over the years

And Fruci Fit hasn’t even been difficult!!! 

Matt and Julie’s constant support and encouragement has kept me going and made me feel as though it’s not a mountain I’m trying to climb but a molehill

But when I look back on what I’ve achieved I realize that it is actually a mountain I’ve just climbed!”

That’s all for today.

If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size whilst at home,, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “21 Day Home Kickstart Programme”, may be a good fit.

For more info, message me  with “ 21 day’ and I’ll get you the details 

*Please note: We are down to our LAST 5 PLACES for next week

(this is because we start off with a one to one where we put your starting plans together so I cannot take more than this)  


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Why even ‘beginners’ are doing it…

So I was chatting to one of the ladies just starting out on our 21 Day Home Kickstart Programme.

She mentioned that she didn’t want to join in any of the live workouts yet as she didn’t feel confident. 

I totally get that. 

What she didn’t realise is that

Is that you can do the recording 

And even if you do it live?

We don’t have to see you. 

Fast forward a week after doing our Back to Basics Workout (where we go through different way of doing an exercise to make it work for you, even if you have mobility issues)

She’s more confident and even wants to try some of our floor workouts (including the stomach blast workout on a Tuesday night) ..

It’s amazing to see this. 

And if you’re thinking that you’re not sure whether you can do this


if you’re feeling like I was last week and just struggling to motivate yourself..

I get it..

In fact, not only did I feel like this with my exercise last week

But also with our walks out…

Sometimes, I’ll admit, getting the babies ready..

Shoes on, coats…

Trying to explain why they don’t need to take 1000 toys for a 30 minute walk..

Why they can’t take a scooter and a toy pushchair..

And why you have to choose ONE THING…

Funny part of this..

The ONE thing is exactly how we get you started on our 21 Day Kickstart.

Whether that is attending a Back to Basics workout (which can be in just 15 minutes)

Or doing a song challenge (a 3 minute workout which gets you feeling good)..

The key is you just start!

Even if you commit to 3 minutes…

If you still aren’t feeling it after 3 minutes [or one exercise], give yourself permission to stop.

You did 3 minutes and that’s 3 minutes more than yesterday..

Now comes the most important part:

“if you start to feel better after 3  minutes [or one exercise], try another 3 minutes [or one more exercise]. “

Worst case?

You did 3 minutes on a day where you didn’t feel like doing anything ☺ 

That’s a win in my book.

And have a look at the confidence boost you get..

In fact, if you want to give our Back to Basics workout a go?

Message me with ‘back to basics’ and we can get you sorted in to do it live or recording. 

Here’s what some of the ladies said:

“Done, just about able to go on my knees!”


“Done. Doing it correctly made such a difference”


liked it very much and able to do it! 🙂


“Yay I managed 5 on my toes 😂👍🏼 never done that before… done 


Want to give it a go?

Message me with ‘back to basics’ and we will get you set up

Matt ‘one thing’ Fruci

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“My husband couldn’t believe I did it:

So I had a message from two of the ladies last week

Saying that aside from find some routine in this crazy time

They’d also noticed a few things:

 They’d been going up and down the stairs more easily

 They had gone some things down in the garden from the shed to which the husband ‘couldn’t believe I did it” <<< as usually he always has to do it

And it reminded me of something pretty huge and powerful about this exercise stuff…

You see, the main benefits of exercise are not what most people think..

Most people think they need to exercise to lose weight.

But actually, you don’t ”have to”…

To lose weight? You just need to be in a calorie deficit. 

And although exercise sure helps with this…

The main benefits of exercise are actually 

How it changes your body shape..

For example..

Muscle is about 20% more dense than body fat..

So if you lose 5kg of body fat

And gain 5kg of muscle

You will be the SAME WEIGHT YET 20% SMALLER

^^^ This was actually a question in our quiz night last night

Meaning you’re clothes will fit better ✅

Everyday tasks are easier  ✅

Because you are stronger and fitter ✅

You feel more confident ✅

Blood sugar levels improve ✅

Lung capacity improves ✅

Quality of life and independence prolonged ✅

In fact, a recent study (2019)

Showed that total excess costs associated with muscle weakness were £2707 per person per year in the UK.

Resulting in ‘an estimated annual excess cost in the UK of £2.5 billion”


The good news?

A 2011 study showed that adults aged 70-79 years preserved muscle and prevented fat gain with age suggesting that

Muscle loss and fat gain may be ‘the effect of chronic disuse rather than muscle ageing”

But I get even with that

It is hard to know where to start…

You see, being ‘active’ is important

But is it enough?

I am not so sure…

There is more and more interest in resistance and muscle strengthening exercise right now 

And the effects are exciting in terms of ageing. 

If you’re not sure where to start?

Send me over a message and come and join in one of our live workouts specifically for ladies 40+:

7pm tonight (4 spaces)

9am Saturday (3 spaces)

And give it a try 

Just message me asap if you’d like to give it a go

And I’ll get you set up


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New normal?

I know it’s a cliché thing to say,

But time is flying by right now..

And Mrs Fruci came back from the shops yesterday 

(our dishwasher and washing machine are leaking so we needed a plunger and some stuff to unblock the pipes…hasn’t worked though…so back to to washing up for now)

But anyway…

She mentioned how quickly it has become so ‘normal’ to just social distance in the queue. 

And I’ll be honest

The thought that popped in to my head was:

“I can’t wait for it to be normal again”

^^^I know I mentioned the other day about this and me missing our inperson sessions, our members, coffee mornings, jokes and laughs…in fact we were supposed to all be doing the colour 5k in Newbury next month, which of course, will not be happening)

But the thing is…

We have know idea when it will be ‘normal’ again

Or if it even will

I mean, social distancing will have to happen for a while by the sounds of it.

Of course, this doesn’t impact our sessions too much as it just means smaller sessions 

(and even going outside if needs be, although we will be keeping our LIVE home workouts as they have gone down really well and been convenient for ladies who cannot get to the sessions anyway).

But with all of this in mind, we have two options:

  1. Wait and hope for things to be ‘normal’ 
  2. Adapt to what is going on now and control what we can

I am always talking about controlling what you can…

Because you will always lose if you argue with reality …

But just like my 3-year old daughter has bumped off Peppa Pig for Frozen overnight 

And now watches nothing but Frozen….

(and even tells me off for singing ‘Let it gooooooooo, Let it gooo” <<< apparently I am not a princess? Excuuuuuuuuse me haha)

Things will change 

And get better…


I am not so sure…

So for now?

Control what you can…

Like Professor Karpe (Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Oxford University)  said when referring to lung capacity and our health right now:

“It’s quicker than people think to build this up. In two weeks you will have an improved capacity.”

Exciting right?

That YOU can change so quickly

Your fitness 


The way you feel

Body tone

Your routine…

Just like Krissie said yesterday after her first session:

“Did a work out earlier today as well. It was good. Feeling really excited about this 😀😀😀

And Teresa who has just started with our Back to Basics workouts where we breakdown the exercise to make it super simple:

“Done the back to basic sessions via the recording. 

Found it very good – will be attending the session tonight at 6.30 pm”

And Alison:

“Thanks Matt. You are really encouraging 💪🏻I loved the back to basics. So useful.”

My point?

The fastest way to change the way you feel right now?

Control what you can…

And it just so happens that exercise can make you feel better

Regardless of whether you have any motivation 

Or want to do it…

Matt ‘Let it goooooooo, let it gooooooo” Fruci 

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Sorry to go on…

I was having a chat with one of the ladies who’s about to get started on our 21 Day Home Kickstart Programme 

And she asked me ‘why is this just for ladies over 40?’..

Which reminded me about why this all started…

You see, I used to just do personal training…

You know, train people in a gym, do some food plans…that was it.

Until I started seeing that a few of the ladies I worked with said that they would never do this on their own without me in the gym…

And it got me then doing programmes that the ladies could do at home and with minimal equipment.

It was no longer something they had to do with loads of equipment in an intimidating gym…

When you feel everyone is look at you…

Where they would worry ‘I will be the most unfit’

‘I will look silly’

‘I’ll be too big’…

And this was I knew I had to do something about it 

when one of the ladies actually had a panic attack in a gym we were in..

She didn’t feel comfortable so we started training in her home…

Her friend then wanted to do it with her and…

That was it..

I decided to launch a programme specifically for ladies over 40…

So the intensity, 




Can all be bespoke for you..

I count myself as very fortunate to be able to still

Deliver our live sessions for our members. 

But it just feels a bit weird.

I remember back in 2014 when we first started our programme our ladies only programmes…

No kids at the time..

Had just got married…

And I just had this vision to create the best ladies only programme in Wiltshire [specifically for ladies over 40]..

I wanted to make it non-intimidating

Somewhere that people who never thought they could find somewhere comfortable to get fit and heathy could go.

And find themselves surprising themselves by actually sticking to it.

For ladies to make friends, not be judged, speak to expert trainers, nutritionists, dietitians, yoga teachers

And get amazing results.

To become stronger – physically and mentally

More confident. 

To overcome adversity..

And for the past 6 years or so 

It’s surpassed what I could ever have imagined…

I absolutely love my work

And I still love delivering our live home workouts to all of our members 

[some of them are now able to exercise every day which is amazing…and we will be keeping live workouts from home going, too]


I am really looking forward to when those doors open up again

And we can see everyone in person ..

When we start our next 28 Day Kickstart Programme 

(this is our signature programme that encompasses health, fitness, nutrition, mindset so you can do the things that you probably know you need to do to get fit and develop a positive relationship with food and exercise)

But you know what?

As amazing as everything is right now with our live workouts?

None of this is good without people…

Without our amazing community. 

Sorry to go on and on haha

Writing these emails are meant to inspire you to become fitter and healthier

Over 3000 ladies in Wiltshire …

I actually find them therapeutic to write. 

This one especially..

So if you’re still reading?

Thanks for listening to this long-winded answer..

In a nutshell:

The reason this is only for Wiltshire ladies 40+…

Is because:

  1. Support and community is a big part of this to help you stay motivated and confident that you do not have to do this along
  2. It allows me to make everything more bespoke for you (a woman over 40 wouldn’t do the same thing as a 20 year old guy…)
  3. This includes the nutrition and fitness, taking into account injuries, joint issues, diets you’ve tried before, menopause and more…

And was reminded about this with a message from Fiona  last week:

“I was just filling in my log and looking at progress. 

With one day exception I’ve done my jog walk thing for 20 mins and one of your sessions. every day. 

Started beginning March and although not my priority, have lost over 1 stone.

 BUT more importantly 

My lower back feels better.

 Can’t wait to get back to in person sessions too although you’re doing an amazing job Matt. 


Well done, Fiona.

That’s all for now


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Struggle with snacking?

So I did a video yesterday and got a quite few messages 

Saying how they found it really simple and helpful.

If I’m honest? 

It was a bit of ramble at first…

As always, I went off on a tangent.


although this can get me into trouble with Mrs Fruci…

This is often where the most real and relevant stuff comes out.

I think it’s always been the same, you know?

When lecturing at Oxford Brookes University..

Public Health 

And delivering structured education for an NHS programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes..

I’ve always received the best feedback from the parts which often weren’t structured 😂 

So I guess you could say…

It stands me in good stead in this nutrition and fitness life.

Anyhoo, something I spoke about was how many habits like:

✅ only eating when you’re sitting  down 

✅ having a glass of water within arms reach 

And more… 

Are really simple to say and talk about.

We know they’ll probably help us control our snacking.

That’s why we’re actually starting an accountability challenge with 15 habits inside our programme today!

Me included…

As I struggle, too.

Finishing the kids dinner is still something I sometimes do

And want to get a handle on.

Not just for my health and waistline 

But the lessons it shows them.


Here is the video I did on motivation and snacking habits:

(Make sure you only choose one of the habits I talk about(

That’s all for today…

And I’m just grateful our kids are not at school yet..

Can’t imagine how difficult the old working from home and home schooling must be for so many people 

As with everything …

You can only do your best

And actually keeping them engaged, 

Feeling supported 

Is probably more important than anything right now. 

Rather than stressing about whether it’s “perfect”

A bit like with this fitness and nutrition stuff 

Matt “progress not perfection” Fruci

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Try this to control comfort eating

Got this message from one of the ladies this week:

“Indeed, sometimes having that one bar of chocolate/cake saves bingeing later.”

A few things I want to touch on here:

1–> Without defining what a “good” day looks like, it’s so easy to beat yourself up because 

We compare ourself to this perfect illusion which doesn’t exist

Leaving us feeling guilty about not “being good”

Without knowing what “being good” actually is.

Can you see how that sets you up for failure?

2–> try this:

Rather than say “don’t eat it” 

And beat yourself up if you eat it, 

Give yourself permission to have the thing you want,

Be it chocolate, crisps or wine..


Just define what you’re going to have and when:

“I will have a [insert snack] today”

If you don’t want it?

No problem. 

If you want it?

Have it.

The permission is there.

Rather than some big battle in your head

“Should have it?”

“I’m lazy” 

“I have no willpower”

You put it into your plan..

Because this has to be your plan.

Not mine

Not a cookie cutter plan from the internet

(This is why we have a one to one to help get you started on our 28 Day Home Kickstart, message with “28 Day” for the details by the way )

Sure, it may seem slower this way 

But it’s actually faster

If you consider that you can keep it up

Rather than the exhausting “good day” / “bad day cycle..

Truth is, you will have days where you don’t do what you said you would.

The difference between someone who gets results and someone who doesn’t?

Simply, the time dwelling on it…

Reality is that a chocolate bar is about 250 calories. That’s the same as an apple and a banana (ish)..

Perspective is everything.

So next time you label yourself as having 

“No willpower”


“Had a rubbish day”


You may simply notice it more than before…

Hear me out,

When you’re conscious about “being healthy” / “being good”

Your subconscious may have this “all or nothing” mentality in the background 

Meaning that you notice every “bad” thing you do…

Leaving you to focus on the “bad” rather than the facts..


You may have drank more water, done some exercise, eaten more veggies etc

You have a choice right now, in that moment which will dictate how you feel:

If  you quit now you’ll end up back where you started, 

Back where you were desperate to get where you are now.


If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size in the next 4 weeks while on lock down, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “28 Day LIVE Home Kickstart”, may be a good fit.

For more info, message me with ’28 day’ and I’ll get you the details 

*Please note: we can only take on 6 ladies for next week 

(this is because we start off with a one to one where we put your starting plans together so I cannot take more than this)  

Matt “good day?” Fruci

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“I feel guilty…I should have done more”

^^^ I’ve heard that a lot over the past weeks 

Not just from my head..

But also from our members.

It prompted me to share a post on Facebook about it yesterday

Which I got a lot of people commenting and messaging me about 

Saying that they felt the same and needed to hear that.

So I thought I’d share it again today

Just in case you haven’t seen it..


If you haven’t done everything you said you would do during this time, 

don’t be too hard on yourself,

(Yep, I haven’t read that book, learnt to play the guitar or learnt Italian either, shame on me 😉)

Because what if it just means that other things are more important to you right now? 

Like family, work, exercise, garden, etc..

 instead of beating yourself up, consider what you value the most and just keep doing more of that 😀 

One of two things may happen:

1) You might not be so hard on yourself (after all, you’re doing what you value instead of what you think you should do)

2) you end up realising that you should do more of the things that you value and mean a lot to you 

After all, you’re generally happiest when you do things that align with the things you value. 

Just consider a time when you’ve been tired, bored or sad..

But then seen someone or done something 

And instantly you have more energy…

For example, I am just a better human being when I exercise.

I feel better 

Have more energy..

More patient.. 

Less irritable..

I generally make better food choices…

I could go on.

This is why I prioritise exercise.

Because it has a positive domino effect.

A bit like Karen said today:

“Hi Matt, thanks so much for the classes, so much to choose from , I pick one that I feel like doing, and it sets me up for the day . Add a walk and I’m feel brilliant. I’ve definitely lost weight in the last three weeks , not even eating less really, yet it’s happening. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all your hard work and encouragement.”

 As they say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”…

You don’t have to do it all today for it be a “good day”..

 Start with one thing..

Something we do is go through 3 habits:



FOCUS (self care)

You can then decide which of the above is your key domino.

If you’re a lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size in the next 4 weeks while on lock down, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “28 Day LIVE Workout at Home Programme”, may be a good fit.

For more info, message me  with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “perspective” Fruci

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“Am I fit enough?” (how to get motivated)

“What If I’m Not Fit Enough?”

I get it is tough to know where to start sometimes.

Not to mention 

How to get motivated to do it. 

It’s a bit like the chicken and egg …

Is believing that you’re not fit enough

Causing you to feel demotivated?


What if you didn’t need to feel motivated to start?

What if ACTION

Actually came before motivation?

It was like Cassie mentioned the other day after doing one of our live workouts:

“So I really didn’t fancy a workout today. Low energy, and can’t be arsed attitude really.
But it’s Monday and I promised myself I would log on every weekday and exercise with the girls from Fruci Fit

And now I’m going for the double….I will have more energy!!”

Well done, Cassie.

Powerful here.

Because when you read that back..

You can see that exercise takes her away from pain ‘low energy, cant be arsed attitude’

Towards pleasure…

“More energy”

Which just so happens to be the best way to motivate yourself.

Now, to do this

You have to make it SIMPLE and CONVENIENT.

If it is not simple and convenient?

We won’t do it.

That’s why we have so many live workouts throughout the day (615, 7, 930 and 1900)

And put together a step by step plan in our kickstart one to one so you know where to start.

Our philosophy is always YOU vs YOU…… remember the right pace is YOUR PACE. And 1% better each day is still better.👏👏

So I thought I’d take this time to summarise what each session involves

And how the journey looks for some of the ladies on our kickstart programme.

In fact, Nicnak mentioned yesterday (who’s 3 stone down or maybe more)

“1st plank on the floor ….YIIKKKKESSS”

It’s amazing to see…

Nicnak going from planking on the wall

To now on to the floor.


Well, here is a summary of how we adapt the sessions for you

  1. BACK TO BASICS Workouts – focused on one or two exercises with support of a chair or wall. Helps you develop technique, get fitter and stronger.
  1. STRETCHOLOGY – A 15 minute focused stretch session to help your flexibility and make everyday tasks easier. 
  1. NO FLOOR Workouts – Slightly more intense but with no getting up and down from the floor – great for cardio and muscle strength.
  1. MASTERCLASS – demonstration of a specific exercise where we take you through every step of the exercise so you can have the confidence that you are doing it safely and effectively 
  1. HIGHER INTENSITY — cardio and strength training combined. Consists of short bursts of exercise designed to get your heart rate up, alternated with active recovery strength exercises to improve your fitness. 

We also have yoga and clubbercise, too ☺ not to mention boxing and our core workouts. 

Remember —> 

The right pace is your pace. 

Most of the ladies start with BACK TO BASICS and work through to HIGHER INTENSITY. 

The only difference? They just started before you.

That’s all for now.

If you’re a  lady over 40 or 50, who wants to get fit, stay sane and drop a dress size in the next 4 weeks while on lock down, and wants to have lots of support and fun along the way, our “28 Day LIVE Workout at Home Programme”, may be a good fit for you.

Want the details?

Just message me with ’28 day’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘1% better’ Fruci