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“I’m not fit enough to do the workouts”

So, you may have seen that I have been doing some free 10 minute home workouts on my Facebook page

Specifically, for people who:

✅ Have seen the workouts available online but don’t know where to start / feel overwhelmed by it all

✅ Have joint / knee / hip issues

✅ Don’t like getting up and down from the floor

✅ Don’t enjoy wearing lycra 😉

✅ Are looking for something they can DO and feel comfortable doing

In fact, here is one you can try using a towel here:

But even with this, some ladies have messaged me saying

That they are ‘not sure’ if they can do them.

And I get that…

They’ve not really exercised in a while

Not sure if they’re doing it correctly, safely, or where to feel it.

And this is exactly why I am so big on making sure you are doing everything correctly.

Not only does it mean you are less likely to get injured 

(which would be another thing to deal with during this tough time)

But it builds your confidence ..

In fact, one of the ladies got some compliments from their son at how good their squat was ☺ 

Best part about this?

She’s putting more tension on the muscle rather than the joint..

Is less likely to get injured

And therefore more likely to get fitter and stronger from doing this..

That said, that are still some exercises we do that she couldn’t do.

So, that’s we have a technique session every week inside our 28 Day Home Kickstart Programme. 

This is where I show you exactly how to do each exercise LIVE

And correct your form LIVE..

Super easy and effective. 

But I get it..

Some people hate technology..

No problem, I just jumped on a video call / Facetime with one of the ladies

And in 5 minutes she went from 

“I can’t do this”


“there is so much I can”

In fact, she wasn’t the only one who was surprised at just how much you can get from our home programme,

Here’s what Lindsey said:

“To be honest I’m not sure what else you could do for me but I thought I should tell you what you have already done for me… 

It took me a long time to muster up the courage to join your programme. 

Menopause has had a pretty devastating effect on me. Not only has my muscle tone seriously diminished but it has taken my confidence. I knew I should try exercising again but doubted it would help me. 

Also I was really worried about walking into a class. It’s unfortunate the virus hit and I didn’t get to many classes. However the online workouts are just great especially if I make a live one. I really feel a part of the group. 

After one month I am feeling stronger and can see small but significant changes in my body. I’m lucky to have a dog and I find I’m walking further and faster

I am also trying to increase my lunchtime protein and snack less. I’m enjoying my food more I think because I’m hungry when I eat

So thanks for all the time and effort you put into the group. My aim is to do a few more live 7am slots..


And just like Lindsey was.

You might not have mustered up the courage to reach out yet.

But when you’re ready

Me and my team are here to help.

If you want to know more about our 28 Day Home Kickstart for ladies 40+ that know what to do & have tried everything before?

Just message with ’28 day’ and I’ll get you the details. 

Matt ‘focus on what you can do” Fruci

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After seeing last Fridays announcement, that’s what one of the ladies told me she was feeling (along with the rest of us).

And they were VALID reasons, she said she wanted to cancel her membership on Friday NIGHT, 

but by Tuesday, she wanted to re-join.

She said: 

“I didn’t think I could do it on my own and I’m a technophobe but it’s easier than I thought and it’s keeping me sane”

Lots of families are quite rightly panicking and battening down the hatches right now.

We are all making some TOUGH decisions.

Many of these decisions, need to be made FAST.  

And that’s the same with her situation 

Especially when coupled with no sleep.

she was unsure of what was going to happen:

With her business 

Her staff

Her holiday…

So she cancelled.

That was that, or so I thought.

Then on Saturday, me and my amazing Team,

put a ROBUST and CLEAR plan in place for the ladies. 

—> We adding more  LIVE workouts than we already did (4x a day to choose from with stretchology, low intensity, higher intensity and live meditation)

—>615am, 7am, 930am, 7pm sessions every day to book in on and create a routine (we set this for you in a 121)

—> We communicated everything, and held a LIVE Q and A.

The ladies were reassured we had their backs, and were very grateful that they would be able to keep themselves fit throughout the crisis with support and accountability 

Within 24hrs of the bad news,

we had over 30 ladies doing a LIVE online workout.  

They LOVED it!

It was actually a real laugh.

Whether it’s the saucepan workout 

Me showing my magic tricks

Quiz night 

Or even the toilet roll workout (sensitive one I know)

Since Saturday we have had 130+ ladies over 40 years old, following along with our signature programme in the comfort of their own HOME.

The members group is BUZZING.

Accountability partners keeping each other on track..

121s and drop ins to help the ladies 

It’s been a fantastic experience for us and them.

After seeing all of this unfold and trying it…

She saw with her own eyes, other ladies in the same position as her were not only joining in with the programme

, but their families were working out with them too.

With us only one week in..

And is not knowing how long this will go on for

She wanted to keep it going.

 Two or three months of being stuck in the house eating and drinking, and she would have been back to square one, 

and after already losing 2 stone, she NEVER wants to go back there.

Of course, there’s still lots of uncertainty.

But there are positives here.

Families together 



Meals together 

Board games

FaceTime dinner haha 😂 

Now the sun is shining and life, although VERY different, is carrying on.

People are calming down.

They realise they will need to exercise, and keep healthy, there has never been a more IMPORTANT time.  When I have been outside the last few days, Ive noticed LOADS of people out running and walking.

We have new sessions planned 

And the ladies are treating it like they’re on some exotic retreat 😂 

I predict, at the end of this crisis, there will be TWO types of people:

Those that have got Fitter and those that wished they’d more…


PS.  We have 6 places left to start on our 28 Day Emergency Home Workout Programme.  It’s for ladies over 40 who would like to drop a dress size, get fitter and do the things that they probably know they already know they need to do 

Want more details?

Just message me with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details 

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[video] how Caroline overcome her fears to drop a dress size & ditch the bloating

I caught up with Caroline yesterday, who joined our Kickstart Programme in September and is now a dress size down, less bloated and gone from not wanting to do any exercise because she was worried she couldn’t do it

To now doing push ups 🤟😱

Here’s what we discussed:

➡ What fears Caroline had before starting something new (and how she overcome them)

➡ How she managed to reduce her bloating and digestive issues

➡ Why Caroline added fish to her diet

➡ How to create an exercise routine (even if you don’t want any exercise that involves too much impact due to injuries / joints like Caroline)

➡ Why mobility is so important in aging

➡ What Caroline does if she has a bad day

Plus, much, much more

Check it out here:

Or my podcast here:

if on iPhone, click here

If you have an Android, click here

I hope you find this helpful!

And again, well done Caroline. 

As she says herself. 

Anyone can do this 

But it sure helps having the support of the lovely ladies inside our community 

Who – as Caroline – mentions have become friends all on the same journey

Just focussing on being the best version of themselves.

And it’s stories like this which just give me so much energy to help as many ladies as possible.

We’re down to the last 6 places for our 28 Day Emergency Home Workout programme (we have to cap it because this isn’t just an app with some videos as I just don’t feel comfortable doing that, this is about support and accountability to help you do the things that you probably know you should do)

If you want more details?

Reply with “28 Day” and I’ll get you the details 

Matt “excited” Fruci

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❗Full Lockdown❗[what the ladies are doing to stay sane]

As expected, we are now in FULL LOCK DOWN


Now, I predict two things.

Some will take the path where they eat, drink and Netflix their way through (possibly)next few months…

It’s going be like one big Christmas break.

 I know how I feel after a week of “Christmas type” behaviour.

I cannot sit stil..

Hence why I have actually been ramping up everything we do for the ladies.

The support




To offer that support…

The other path.

The path that our ladies are choosing.

Leads you to TRY and stay fit and -dare I say – have fun doing it…

Making time for some of the things maybe you wished you had more time for…

Be it meditation (we had meditation with Caroline from Calm Quiet Space yesterday which had great feedback from the ladies)

Stretching (as we have today with Katie at 930am)

Or even higher intensity and lower intensity workouts with me and Julie…

Basically, deciding to use the time to focus on improving their fitness and dropping a dress size or two.  

Feeing fitter and more mobile..

Having more energy to play with their kids grandkids. 

Putting themselves in the best position possible to come out of this fit, healthy and stronger than ever

Longer term members are determined NOT to regain the weight they have lost, and not to LOSE the fitness levels they worked so hard to build up.

We have had a little influx of NEW members who also want to do the same.

On Sunday we released 15 places, 10 places remain.

Our emergency 28 Day Home Workout Programme, is ideal for any ladies over 40, who don’t want the crisis to lead to comfort eating and weight gain…

There is a lot of negativity right now…

And that is why we are determined to help you get through this with – I would say – our best programme yet:

➡️ 4 LIVE WORKOUTS A DAY.  Mon -Fri 6.15am, 7am,, 9.30am and 7pm. x2 on Sat and Sun.

➡️ LIVE Q and A Sessions.  About nutrition, mindset, motivation.

➡️ Super SIMPLE Personalised Nutrition Plan (Nutritious food to help you stay healthy and control urges to snack)

➡️ Weekly accountability check ins with us.

➡️ Stretch, yoga and mediation sessions.

➡️ Accountability. Registering yourself for the home workouts.

➡️ Support, Fun and Laughter inside our community (some of the ladies say that this in itself is keeping them sane…because they see how insane I am haha)

➡️ Plus some silly stuff to keep you entertained …..

❌ No equipment required  ( ok, ok, maybe a saucepan for our saucy workouts, and a towel..)

So, during these crazy times . . . 

 . . . .we have had to actually increased our level of service, and increased the amount of value for our members.

This programme is ideal for the ladies who are now working from home due to the LOCK DOWN, or self isolating at home and of course, have the kids off school. 

It’s for ladies know what to do but still don’t do it… 

The big issue I can see is going to be CABIN FEVER 

That’s all for today.

For more information about our NEW 28 Day Emergency Home Workout Programme,

 reply with “28 day” I’ll get you the details.

That’s all for today.

Matt ‘the right pace is your pace’ Fruci

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How to get motivated to exercise at home

So right now is – of course – a time of uncertainty…

Lots of fear…


So I wanted to share what Caroline (one of the ladies inside our Fit For Life Programme) posted in our support group yesterday:

“Ok everyone – we’ve got this haven’t we? 

Many people will be moaning that their gym has
closed and they can’t do this or that, but here we have Matt on our case as usual enabling us to maintain our routine. 

Yes it’s difficult to motivate yourself to do workouts at home but is there a spare room or somewhere you could put a mat and pretend you’re at one of our classes?

Yes I will miss all your smiley faces early in the mornings,

lying on the mats like stranded fish after a hard song challenge, and the jokes and the banter but all those classes I’ve done since September have overwhelmed me with benefits and I know many of you have had more spectacular results than me so we can’t waste it and throw it away can we? 

It’s tough especially working, coping with the worry this has brought, having children at home but as Matt says, 

we owe it to our families to stay fit and healthy. 

Besides doing workouts at home with Matt shouting at us is better than listening to all the doom and gloom which is no good for our mental health. 

This group can all support each other can’t we? 🤗💕

And it reiterated something to me….

That it is NOT just the sessions that make the Fruci Fit community and support…

But the people. The Support. The Fun.

And one thing we always preach?

Focus on what you can control…

Everyone is doing their best…for them..

Most people?

Acting out of fear.

Panic buying? They are acting out of fear.

Complaining about panic buyers? Acting out of fear.

And I get it..

But – your energy is important right now.

For you, your family and your mental health…

This is going to sound a bit weird…


There is always positive in everything..

It doesn’t feel like it right now..

And this will get worse..

But what we can ALL do?

Control our actions..


Well, this is the key part..

Who needs you right now?

How do you feel after your exercise?

Your energy?

Who else benefits when you exercise?

And if you missed my live 10 minute workout yesterday?

Grab a saucepan and go here:

It’s a saucy one 😉

Matt ‘motivation’ Fruci

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“I wouldn’t have got up otherwise”

^^that was a message I got from one of the ladies who just finished one of our live workouts yesterday morning 

She admitted…

She only got up to do it because it was live…

And the fact I know whether she’s done it or not.

And that’s the thing..

There are so many things you could do to exercise…

Home workouts 



Yet so often we put them off…

And even though we know what to do…

Just don’t do it.

Of course, the onus is on you to do it.

But knowing and not doing 

Is as good as not knowing…

It’s why I’m doing a daily live 10 minute workout for the next 7 days (day 3 today) on my Fruci Fit Facebook page here:

.. we start at 7pm…

But I get even with that

It’s easy to put off..

Probably because there’s no routine.

And it’s something I’m working the ladies inside our programme with right now.

Giving them structure to help them create freedom (and watch less of the news 😉)

After all, many of the ladies will come to me and say 

“I lack willpower”

“I have no discipline”

But consider this:

You can’t have willpower or discipline if you don’t have a plan 

Because you have nothing to be disciplined to…

Can you see the issue?

Because you’ll probably set your standards super high 

And be comparing whatever you do to something / someone better than you 

Which leads to one outcome …

Feeling disappointed in yourself ! 

Which only then leads to that “F it” mindset…

So live 10 minute workout for the next 7 days (day 3 today) on my Fruci Fit Facebook page here:

.. we start at 7pm tonight.…

And if you’re struggling for motivation and need more support and guidance? 

I’m opening up our 28 Day Online Kickstart from Monday

Here are some of the details:

We start off with a one to one session with me where we’ll put together a step-by-step plan (this can be done via video call or phone) 


✅ I’ll set you 3 simple habits to do in the areas of food, fitness and focus each week

✅ Weekly check in with me using our Food, Fitness and Focus habits so we can see how to tweak things and identify and overcome any obstacles that may come up

✅ I’ll set you a personalised workout programme suitable for your lifestyle, whether you want to exercise at home, gym or even outside. 

✅ DAILY live 15 minute low intensity and 30 minute high intensity home workouts you can follow along with from home

✅ Live yoga and stretch sessions to improve flexibility 

✅ Live meditations time help you relax and unwind 

✅ A personalised nutrition plan and shopping list personalised for your lifestyle so you know what you’re eating and when

✅ Live Question and Answer sessions inside our Private, Members only support group where you’ll have access to me and get mentoring, coaching and guidance

✅ We have another 1-1 coaching session where we’ll check your progress, work on any obstacles and keep you on track so you can keep the results for good

Plus much more, including our meal plans done for you, with limited ingredients to help your food go further and get the nutrients you need to help you get fit and kickstart your healthy habits.

Limited to 15 spaces on this…

Purely because of the fact we sit down and go through your plans individually and give you high levels of accountability to help you so the things you already know you need to do (but still don’t do)

This is specifically for ladies 40+

Want more details?

Message me with” online” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt “live” Fruci 

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7 Day – COVID 19 👉🏼 FREE Home Workout

Crazy times right now

And I can’t help but scroll through the news…

Only because I am constantly making sure we are doing everything we can to keep everyone informed, fit and healthy…

I’ll be honest, it does impact my mood. The more you watch the news, read fake news…

The lower my energy…

(I’ll stick to the official advice rather than Gary on Facebook)

Truth is, we don’t really know what is best…

But instead of worrying about that..

I’m going to practice what I preach

And control what I can.

As this gives me energy…

and what a time to do something that makes you feel good btw, be it reading that book or perhaps joining in with what I am about to say to kickstart your exercise habits)

So, i’m going to be dedicating some time to helping as many ladies (and their family if their other half wants to join in…and kids) focus on anything else but the chaos that’s happening  

We got this!! 😷🇬🇧

So from tonight (18th March)

I’ll be doing 7 Live Workouts over 7 days on my Facebook page !!

Starting tonight at 7pm ☺

If you can’t make it live?

Don’t worry, just do it the following morning as it will be on my page still.

I’ll set timings for the workouts, with the workouts not lasting no more than 10 minutes.

All exericses will be fully explained 

And is perfect if you are nervous about doing it right

Or whether you think:

“I won’t be fit enough” 

Let’s focus on what we can right now.

At the end of the day, if you’re healthy?

Exercise can only help this situation…

And great to see the advice mentioning that..

Especially as self isolation can be difficult and lonely.

Hopefully this will help ☺

 (and not watching Netflix 😉)

7 days will give you a little focus, energy and structure…

We have just put out our plan to help the ladies already inside our programme continue their great habits..

With out live home workouts, yoga, meditations and accountability and support coaching calls..

So whilst I was there…

I thought I’d put something extra out there…

Let’s do this

First workout tonight 7pm in my Facebook page here:

Matt ‘see you later’ Fruci

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“I don’t really sleep, but I am used to it”

With everything going on at the moment and a lot of us – understandably – having feelings of anxiousness…

There has been one positive that has come out of this…

That more people ‘seem’ to be taking more note of washing their hands and eating healthily.

At least, I have had a lot of Qs about this.

In fact, I was on BBC Radio Wiltshire here talking about boosting your immune system (obviously what I said was nothing to do with Coronavirus..but just general health):

You can listen in here:

And it might have surprised some people..

Unlike a lot of people selling some magical herb, probiotic or supplement…

I like to focus on the basics and getting to the bottom of these deep rooted problems.

You see, when I am talking to some of the ladies about their fitness, weight loss goals, or eating habits …

The topic of sleep will rarely come up unless I bring it up..

We all seem to want to talk about ‘bad’ carbs, breakfast, and vegan diets…

Forgetting  about one thing that probably trumps all for your immune system, energy, recovery, mood, and maybe even weight loss given that it impacts your hunger…

That is…


And when I do bring it up..

People will often say things like:

‘I don’t sleep much but I am used to it”

Only to then mention how they are tired in the afternoons, fee out of control snacking, are tired and hungry…

I get it.

There is no one simple solution here.

I have two kids (3 and 1) and sometimes you literally just have to get on with life with little sleep.

But what I will say is that I will ALWAYS make time for a nap..

It’s hard sometimes..

I feel as if I have better things to do.

I sometimes feel guilty..

But guess what?

My energy..



How I am to be around

My coaching

My service to you

My productivity 

My motivation to exercise 

ALL transforms..

And sometimes I don’t even sleep..

I just deep breath for 5 minutes…

Take some time out

But on the topic of sleep, it’s no secret that a lack of sleep and generally feeling tired can make those energy dips even worse..

Leading to a ‘perception’ that we need a boost through food (which isn’t actually always the case)

Leading to a ‘perception’ that those cakes and biscuits left around will give you a higher reward that they actually do. 

You only have to look at the link between insomnia and obesity to see this. 

And on that note, here are 7 things you can do that might help your sleep:

1) Focus on your breathing before bed – Even if it’s just for 1 minute. Try 4 breaths in and 6 breaths out. If you notice your mind wonder? don’t worry. Just come back in and focus on counting your breaths. Struggle with this? Try the app, Headspace, even for 3 minutes. 

2) Drink a hot decaffeinated drink before bed – hot milk, camomile tea, peppermint tea

3) Don’t drink too much (wine included) before bed – 
Now, this might seem to contradict point 2, but if you find yourself up in the middle of the night at 323am needing a wee? This might help. Magnesium citrate MAY help with a weak bladder, too (see your GP) 

4) Eat CARBS with your evening meal – I know, I know. Completely against what you’ve heard in the past about it being stored as fat. But carbs may actually help you sleep (just remember that overall calories are king when it comes to weight loss…so perhaps save some carbs for later)

5) Avoid TV / phones / emails too close to bed – The blue light from screens can make your body think it’s day time and stop you producing the hormones that help wind you down for sleep and help you recover. 

6) Be Regular – go to bed and get up at the same time each day

7) Do some exercise – There’s no perfect time for it. Try getting some light in your day. A walk at lunch time. Park further away (in fact, daily movement that you do as part of your day is so underestimated in weight loss FULL STOP)

8) Don’t binge before bed – this make you feel rubbish and actually impact sleep. I get that it’s hard. Could you do something that makes you feel good before bed? A bath? Read a book? A meditation?

Unfortunately, sleep is something that you just can’t get around. 

I’m an early bird so unless I get to bed early, I will always be up early and be irritable later in the day as a result.

So I have to set some rules about logging off of emails / social media or I’ll find myself scrolling in bed, struggling to get to sleep as my brain goes in to overdrive about new ideas and things I can add in to Fit For Life Programme for the ladies
Or worse?

I just start making up loads of worries. ​​​​That when I dig deeper, are totally made up by me and do not even exist. 

After all, it is rarely ‘the thing’ that causes you to stress, but rather your thoughts about ‘the thing’ AKA you make it scarier than it actually is with your imaginative brain.

Matt ‘sleeping beauty’ Fruci

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‘Gyms high risk’…Should you go?

“gyms have been identified as “high risk” locations for catching coronavirus due to sweat and dampness heightening the spread of germs.

Public Health England has not yet offered advice to gym-goers, however medical experts are voicing their concerns over the potential hazard of sharing workout spaces and equipment as the coronavirus outbreak escalates.”

^^^ From the media the other day

And I get that. 

Lots of equipment, saunas, hot yoga etc. 

Sometimes 20-30 people in some classes, squashed like sardines…

Luckily, we don’t really use much equipment because the aim of what we do is to not just get you fit

But also to overcome obstacles that perhaps led you to getting where you are now.

One of them is actually having to go to a gym.

Perhaps know what to do on equipment.

This is why we:

1) Do live workouts you can follow along from home without any equipment (especially important for ladies who lack confidence or – with everything going on right now – allows at risk people to stay at home and still get the energy, motivation and health benefits of exercise 

2) Use minimal equipment in sessions that we can give you (apart from Miss Fortune, Steve the Rope and Dave 😉)

3)Have 15 minute stretch / yoga sessions you can do from home to help with your flexibility

4)Have guided meditations to help you relax and manage stress 

And what we do use in our sessions

 is easily wiped down or some of the ladies won’t use anyway, although some of the ladies do say that they help their knees when squatting!

In fact, just last week, one of the ladies did a squat jump and a star jump for the first time, and another one of the ladies did 4 push ups….

Why is this significant?

Not just muscle / strength and the benefits that this has for healthy ageing…

But also the fact what this means to people – when your daughter says “mummy you just got out of the chair”

^^^ as Mel mentioned last week 

When get to the floor to change your granddaughters nappy (although I have told Linda that this could work against her haha)

When you’re no longer worried about going for a walk with the family and being out of breath.

That’s life changing.

Wash your hands before and after exercise ✅ (like you should do with anything)

Stay at home / exercise from home if you are ill ✅

And let’s all focus on what we CAN do…

And remember there’s no better time to be healthy👍

Which is why I have opened up our April Kickstart Programme NOW…

Which includes our sessions as normal PLUS:

A Kickstart Session To Put Together Your Personalised Step by Step, Day By Day Plan (this can be done online / phone / in person)…


✔ MUSCLE “TONING” EXERCISE – Up to 3 Workouts every week with us… PLUS live 15 minutes workouts and yoga sessions you can do from home personalised for you

(It doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive – WE MAKE IT FUN, CONVENIENT, and ENERGISING)

✔ LIFESTYLE NUTRITION – Customised meal prep / plans

shopping lists based on your specific goals – It doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless – WE MAKE IT FLEXIBLE, EASY, and PERSONALISED FOR YOU

✔ COMMUNITY & OUR 3F ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM- 24/7 access and support with the rest of the Fruci Fit Community where everyone helps, inspires, and motivates each other – It doesn’t need to be like a military bootcamp drill sergeant – WE MAKE IT POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING 

And don’t just leave you to get on with it…

(This is YOU vs YOU remember)

Would you like a bit more info?

Reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’, or ‘Burbage’ depending on your nearest location

And I will get you the details on how this works, be it in person or from home.

Matt ‘you vs you’ Fruci

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“Fitter than I was in my 40s”

So I had this message from Julia last week:

“Thanks for today. Loving that my plank was good. 

My body is allowing me to progress.

Can’t believe I am fitter than I was in my 40’s.

Need to start Tennis again too.

Lost a few pounds and feeling groovy.”

Well done, Julia.

Small habits, compound effect.

But I get that you might be thinking:

“I could never do that”

“It won’t work for me”

Or even

“I’m worried I won’t be fit enough to start”

“What if I fail?”

And I get this..

Maybe you haven’t been to an exercise in a while..

Your last experience was in a busy gym

Full of young girls in lycra

And guys lifting weights.

It can put you off.

Maybe you were worried about knowing what to do?

Found it boring ?

Needed help but were too nervous to ask for it?

So you just go to the cross trainer machine and do a little bit on there.

I get that.


Well, pretty much all of the ladies will say to me:

“I am really nervous to start”


Most ladies will also say:

“That was no way as bad as I thought. I never thought I could do so much”

And then you fast forward 3 days?

They’re now:

Drinking more water

Snacking less

Having the confidence to go to an exercise and actually – dare I say it – enjoy it

Getting comments from the other half as they set their alarm for 615am haha

And this isn’t just about going to an exercise session..

This is about asking the question:

“What happens  in 5 years time if you carry on believing the thought that ‘I can’t do it’ ?

^^ This is what we call the Ghost of Christmas Future

Because what happens in 5 years if we don’t get a handle on is probably harder than just facing the fear now.

How do I know?

Well, it was the same with me and my public speaking fears..

In 10 years ….

I have gone from being red in the face, dry mouth, calling in sick for public speaking at university etc..

To  lecturing at university to give back to others, being ask to speak, working in public, NHS, and now doing what  I do with Fruci Fit now…

So what motivated me?

Well, when my lecturer asked me what I wanted to do when I was older…

And said that I wouldn’t be able to do it if I could not communicate my message…

It made me realise 

That if I chose to believe the thought that 

“I wasn’t good enough”

I was saying YES 

To allowing others with no qualifications and supplements to sell to win..

I was saying no to spreading good information and helping people take control of their snacking…

Saying no to helping people enjoy exercise.

So you could say

That my thought that 

“I wasn’t good enough’

Was selfish…

And I couldn’t live with that..

I did a video on this here too:

Matt ‘selfish’ Fruci