Month: February 2020

Food hoover syndrome

“I end up finishing my kid’s dinner worry he isn’t eating enough And then eat too much” ^^^ a message I got from one of the ladies last week And I get this. Most of us come from family backgrounds where  You had to finish your plate. “There are people staving our there” So already, …

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It’s different for me!

One of the things that many ladies who work with me say at the start of their fitness and toning up journey is that “it’s easier for others than me”… And I do get this.  You have your own struggles.  Work Family  Snacks everywhere  Fussy eaters at home and the thought of cooking different meals  …

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Guilty? 🤔

So me and Mrs Fruci had our first night away without the kids since having a kids… And – wow – did I realise just how much my brain doesn’t stop. I mean, a Part of me felt a bit guilty. As we dropped the babies off at the in-laws and went up to the …

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What Wendy said

So I got this message from Wendy last week: “As I told you my upper arm muscles are getting stronger. Yesterday, My grandson took both our hands to swing as we walked from school, he is so dull of beans & energy and was swinging up to horizontal  A month ago I couldn’t have held …

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Is this why you eat more ?

“In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street and in the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark house,” ^^^ remember the kids books: “Funny Bones? Well anyway, According to some research done in 2018, Those bones could be trying to tell us to eat less.. They found that when more …

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Ever heard of this diet?

Ever heard of the alkaline diet? Aka “The pH Miracle Diet”? It was popularised by celebs like Kate Hudson < she’s in Bride Wars and How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days (I have great taste, I know. Mrs Fruci is in charge. Not me…Blame shifted) The diet is based on the “miracle” idea …

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l lied

Something I realised a few years ago was that I’m actually full of cr*p 💩 You see, I used to have the biggest fear of public speaking.  I’d go red in the face. Mouth dry. Clammy hands. I’d want the world to swallow me up. I’d even phone in sick for presentations at university. All …

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I felt like an astronaut

So we had our kickstart sessions for our February kickstart programme in Devizes over the past weekends Where we put together a step by step, day by day plan to kickstart your 2020 body and fitness goals.  (reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ if you want details on our programmes by the way) And one …

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