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Food hoover syndrome

“I end up finishing my kid’s dinner

worry he isn’t eating enough

And then eat too much”

^^^ a message I got from one of the ladies last week

And I get this.

Most of us come from family backgrounds where 

You had to finish your plate.

“There are people staving our there”

So already, we have our own biases here. I get this, my Nonna (Italian Grandma) would even say things like ‘I won’t bother next time’ after I’ve eaten a huge plate of pasta and meatballs and decline a second plate. 

They mean well. Food is a form of love. But this sticks with people throughout childhood and even into adulthood. I work with several ladies who have a poor relationship with food. One of which actually said to me that as a kid she would be told that she was a ‘good eater’. So, when she feels down? She does what she remembers she is good at…Eating!

But before I go into this, I just want to say that I am coming at this topic from the point of view of a nutritionist, dad of 2 girls (one of which is 3 and the other 1), and coach who’s worked with hundreds of ladies across Wiltshire to transform their relationship with food.

 In other words, this is just my opinion RIGHT NOW based on my experiences and I am open to change my opinion on this… 

I should also say that I battled with anorexia as a child (you can read more about this in an interview I did with the Swindon Advertiser here

So, let’s get into this…


Kids will only eat about 60% of what they’re served

And this is NO​RMAL


Well, the researchers at Cornell University propose these 3 reasons:

1* Kids don’t know what they like and dislike 

2* They’re not sure how hungry they are

^^^ which begs the question, do you know what true hunger even is? I’m not talking about the type of hunger you get when queuing for you coffee in Costa 

3* It’s normal for kids to serve themselves too much 

Of course, eating chocolates 20minutes before dinner is another story…

BUT…as for us grown ups?

^^^ Yes – me ​and you.

We eat with our eyes

You will – on average – eat 90% of what you serve yourself

So, serve yourself a bigger portion and you WILL eat more.

^^^ smaller plates can reduce your food intake by 22%

And what I’m leading up to is this:

1* Let your kids experiment with food and be OK with the fact they might leave some…nearly half in fact!

2*  Children are in tune with their hunger. Now, if you think about it and put yourself in the child’s shoes, they may not fully understand the concept of ‘time’ (especially toddlers / younger children), so just consider this when you expect a child to sit down and always finish their breakfast, lunch and dinner when you want them to eat it. 

The problem here?

We can then become worried that they are not eating enough…

It’s like my daughter (3) might say 

“I don’t want breakfast”

So I say “ok don’t have it”

She then sits there…

and I leave it there and don’t eat it (the old me would just eat it)

She knows she’s not getting anything else..

And one of two things happens:

1 she ends up eating it (think about it, if someone was forcing you to do something, would you want to do it or would it put you off?)

2 she’s hungry  later on and will eat anything (be it mackerel, eggs, tuna, vegetables, carrots etc)

The biggest thing to remember?

Worry that they’re watching you

I very much doubt that my 3 year daughter was born with a love of mackerel, peas, eggs, olives, yoghurt, and blueberries. It’s probably because she sees me eat them. Monkey say, monkey do, as they say.

But more than this, consider that they are listening. 

“Oh aren’t you a lucky girl” <<< we often say this to a child who has an ice cream or a cake

“urghhhhh” <<< We often say this to a child trying a vegetable

It is a bit like giving a child a chocolate or sweet when they hurt themselves. Consider what this may be teaching them. When stressful things happen? The go-to thing is to eat to ‘feel’ better.

And this can stay with us into adulthood.

Consider this:

Most people who binge on foods

Will often does it at the end of the day when they’ve been stressed / they’re now tired.

And I am not perfect. My daughter has pretended to take a picture of her dinner with her toy phone before because she has seen me do it 

(not that I actually see that as an issue, especially in a world where they are going to have to grow up using technology or will be left behind).

Then you have the good vs bad food debate..

You see it everywhere in the media. “Don’t eat this”, “Don’t eat that”, “there’s 5 sugar cubes in that”. Truth is, not every food you eat has to be eaten for their lack of sugar, high in vitamin C or the fact they’re organic

In fact, I think – too often – we forget the psychosocial aspect of food, in that if everyone is eating birthday cake and you are not allowed it, what is the cost of this in later years? Restrict and binge? Maybe. Who knows?

Anyway, going back to good vs bad goods. 

In reality, the difference is actually in nutrient quality. Some foods have more nutrition than others. 

That is it. The problem?

 We make a big deal about having to eating the ‘high quality’ foods in order to get to eat the ‘low quality’ foods, like cake and chocolate

 In other words, we put foods on a pedestal. Thing is, it is human nature to want what you can’t have. 

Something that we do with our kids (without actually meaning to but it seems to work well) is put all of the food out in the middle

So we have things they like, some things they haven’t tried and others they maybe don’t like

 Some are full of nutrients, some less so. 

But the interesting thing is that they can choose what they want here. 

And the foods are on a level-playing field. There’s no pressure to eat her veggies. She will watch me, no doubt. Copy me. She enjoys serving herself. It’s a reminder that they learn from you. 

As they say, kids are our biggest teachers. It’s what you do that counts, not what you say.

I’ll finish with this:

Avoidance is never the answer 

I appreciate that as kids get older, they will go through stages of not liking foods as they develop tastes and also get influenced by others.

 This is normal. I never ate Brussel sprouts as a kid. 

My grandad still to this day won’t make Brussel sprouts at Christmas as he assumes, I don’t like them

What’s the saying? You have to try something 13 times to see if you like it…

Either way, just like with your fears or stress, avoidance is never the answer.

 Don’t stress too much about it, keep trying new recipes, overcommunicate, be the change you want to see and remember:

8/10 people who say they hate oysters…

Have never had one…EVER..

You cannot expect anyone to do something that you are not willing to do.

And that even applies to trying to help and influence other la who you want to take more care of themselves 

Eat healthier 

Drink less


Matt “my two cents” Fruci 

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It’s different for me!

One of the things that many ladies who work with me say at the start of their fitness and toning up journey is that “it’s easier for others than me”…

And I do get this. 

You have your own struggles. 



Snacks everywhere 

Fussy eaters at home and the thought of cooking different meals 

It’s no surprise that by the end of the day, the last thing on your mind is cooking a healthy dinner and doing some exercise. 

But something this reminds me of is when I was a kid at Tae Kwon Do.

we used to have this mantra:


And – of course – being only 12 at the time, I had no clue what this meant anyway. 

But what I’ve found to be true NOW after coaching hundreds of ladies is that there’s a BIG step between ‘believe’ and ‘achieve’…


Because here’s the thing:

Everyone has self belief. 

Everyone has confidence. 

Whether they exercise every day, once a week or haven’t exercises in years. 

Whether they define themselves as the ‘fat one’ in their friendship group or whether they’re the sporty one doing all the classes at the gym. 

Everyone has confidence. 

The difference?

The THOUGHTS inbetween your ears you CHOOSE to believe  which will – eventually – determine what you do

^^^ whether you eat the rest of the biscuits and put off doing what you said you would do to look and feel how you’d like…OR make a commitment to consistently just getting better and winning each day…even if it’s by focussing on getting 1% better today!

It’s probably why I was always too shy and embarrassed to teach Taw Kwon Do.

I always looked at other instructors and thought they were better than me.

The reality?

They started before me! That’s it.

And it’s the same when you look at others and wonder:

“I could never do that”

Or say

“I’m not fit enough”

The difference?

They just started before you…

Because  before an action…is a feeling.

 Which is a thought that you’ve put some meaning to. 

This could be courage. Confidence. OR a lack of confidence. ‘I have no willpower’. “I have no motivation’…

So, what if I told you that it’s not a lack of confidence? It’s not a lack of willpower? But actually the thoughts you CHOOSE to believe?

Can I challenge you just for today to slow down and challenge your thoughts? Notice what you are CHOOSING to believe? 

And – if you’re really ready for a challenge – I challenge you to take action WITHOUT having self-belief or confidence that you can do it? 

After all, no one knows the future, so who knows what you might achieve if you CHOOSE to notice the thoughts that are NOT yours and realise that you have a choice in what you believe, how you respond and what you do?

You might just surprise yourself 

Like Judith said:

“Everything is great thanks. I’m really pleased with my weightloss: 7 kg, that’s more than a stone. I would never have thought that I would loose that much in the time I’ve been doing the programme. “

Because when keep you going 

And taking action,

Eventually ….eventually 

You might just surprise yourself.

After all 

Challenges are there to help you get better.

As let’s face it

Challenges will pop up anyway .

Chances are, they’ll be challenges you don’t want..

So why not face the challenges that – at least – get you to where you want to go?

Apply this is to any challenge:


Getting to exercise?

Fitting it in?

Planning meals and finding the time?

Whatever it is.

There IS an alternative…

And you probably won’t like it.

If you do?

Then that’s ok.

If not?

Our 28 Day Kickstart Programme for ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage might be for you.

We start w/c 29th February (flexible start date)

Message me  with “Devizes”, “Marlborough” or “Burbage” and I’ll get you the details

Matt “different?” Fruci 

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WOW…Hasn’t it creped up on us?

Pancake day is here already

^^^ Which means it’s been around 60 days since you set your New Years Resolution….

Now, I love pancakes. And I’m pretty sure you do, too.

Which means you also know how to make a pancake.

And you probably don’t need another recipe…

Just like you probably don’t need any more information about eating ‘healthy’, junk food experiments, weight loss and fitness…

Because most of the ladies will come to me and say “I know what to do”. And I get it. It’s one thing knowing and another thing doing it.

How does the saying go?

‘knowing and not doing is as good as not knowing’

Now, that all said, here’s a quick video showing you how to make ‘healthy’, gluten free, no flour, Mrs Fruci and baby Fruci approved, pancakes

No interest in pancakes?

Try this instead…

Say yes to one thing that scares you a little bit TODAY…

And ‘no thank you’ to things that don’t align with your goals..

After all, are you missing out if you’re simply aligning your actions with your goal today?

Help yourself FIRST and then play superhero

And see how much more productive you are

How much more energy you have for your loved ones

How much you can help family and friends who you want to serve (pancakes to ;-))

Is it really selfish?


Enough about pancakes…

On to actually doing the things you know you need to do to get the results you want…

Our next 28 Day Kickstart for ladies 40+ in Devizes, Marlborough, and Burbage that know what to do but still don’t do it

Opens up from Saturday 29th February 

For 8 ladies.

Want more details?

Message me with “Devizes”, “Marlborough” or “Burbage” and I’ll get you the details.

Matt ‘powered by pancakes’ Fruci

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Guilty? 🤔

So me and Mrs Fruci had our first night away without the kids since having a kids…

And – wow – did I realise just how much my brain doesn’t stop.

I mean, a Part of me felt a bit guilty.

As we dropped the babies off at the in-laws and went up to the Lake District.

You know, you could say that we could have just taken them. 

Let them swim…

Do some walks..

But it’s only when we got there 

That I realised just how the little things of 

Getting them changed

Making sure we bring nappies



Swimming stuff 




I could go on…

Add up 

And change the holiday …

And I’m thinking all of this whilst leisurely swimming in the pool…

And you know what?

Just that one night away..

Completely changed my energy.

Sure, I’d be lying if I didn’t miss the kids..

But that time away, time for me / us.

Actually benefits everyone…

Makes you appreciate everything more…

Those around you / family.. 

And it reminded me of what often happens with this health and fitness stuff…

We have the best intentions to put ourselves first 

Do some exercise because we know it makes us feel better 

Eat better 

But when other stuff comes up?

Be it work

House admin 

family and friends

We suddenly find ourselves at the bottom of the pile

Frustrated and annoyed that we haven’t done what we said we do (again)…

Now, I get this.

I have a small window where I can exercise

I usually set up the kids in the garden whilst I do this outside.

But I’ll admit, it seems like such an effort 

When I’ve still got to make dinner 

Get stuff ready for our sessions

And “feel like” I should do some work.

But when I ask this one question:

“Who else does your behaviour impact?”

I suddenly get some motivation 

As by not getting in my exercise…

Rightly or wrongly

I almost Start resenting loved ones 

For stopping me doing the things I want to do .

I go into blame mode / I’m too busy doing “this” and “that”…

^^ which 10/10 times is more exhausting that just doing it! 

And there’s more..

Kids are always watching 

And if I can’t show them that it’s important to take time for you?

Will they listen to it when I try to tell them?

Matt “guilty” Fruci

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What Wendy said

So I got this message from Wendy last week:

“As I told you my upper arm muscles are getting stronger. Yesterday, My grandson took both our hands to swing as we walked from school, he is so dull of beans & energy and was swinging up to horizontal

 A month ago I couldn’t have held it & would have taken my body leaving it to grandad!! Just that one exercise when I needed to balance was hard, concentrating more on the balance than the exercise!”

Well done, Wendy.

All from muscle strengthening exercises, working at her level 

And getting 1% better each day.

A nice reminder for me, too

About how whenever I don’t do the things I know I need to do 

I’m actually saying “no” to something 

Be it a better mood, more energy, fitting certain clothes well, more confidence, better health or more energy..

Or even

Creating special moments with your family, like Wendy said…

So consider…

What’s the alternative?

Because there is always an alternative.

And when you cant find that motivation..

Put your attention on the alternative.

As let’s face it

Challenges will pop up anyway .

Chances are, they’ll be challenges you don’t want..

So why not face the challenges that – at least – get you to where you want to go?

Apply this is to any challenge:


Getting to exercise?

Fitting it in?

Planning meals and finding the time?

Whatever it is.

There IS an alternative…

And you probably won’t like it.

If you do?

Then that’s ok.

If not?

Then our 28 Day Kickstart specifically for ladies 40+ might be a good fit for you to help.

Want more details?

Message me  with “Devizes” “Marlborough” or “Burbage”

And I’ll get you the details 


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Is this why you eat more ?

“In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street

and in the dark, dark street there was a dark, dark house,”

^^^ remember the kids books: “Funny Bones?

Well anyway,

According to some research done in 2018,

Those bones could be trying to tell us to eat less..

They found that when more weight was placed on mice 

(Almost mimicking is standing up)

They ate less…

So what do they think might be happening?

Well, our bone cells may be able to detect our weight by sensing the force of gravity when we move or stand…

Telling us to eat less…

And help us regulate our food intake..

Sure, this is early research 

But another piece of jigsaw pointing towards the view that 

Just becoming a more active person 

And sitting less

Can make this snacking 

Healthy eating 

Weight loss stuff

A whole lot easier…

And don’t think it has to be hours at a time..

Start small..

Even if it is a few minutes like this one:

Just aim to get 1% better each day 

That’s it…

And see what happens..

You might surprise yourself..

Just like Judith has, whose just finished her kickstart:

“Everything is great thanks. I’m really pleased with my weightloss: 7 kg, that’s more than a stone. I would never have thought that I would loose that much in the time I’ve been doing the programme. “

Our next kickstart programme specifically for ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage opens your again w/ c Saturday 29th

If you want more details

Just message me with “Marlborough”, “Devizes” and “Burbage”

And I’ll get you the details 

Matt “funnybones” Fruci

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Ever heard of this diet?

Ever heard of the alkaline diet? Aka “The pH Miracle Diet”?

It was popularised by celebs like Kate Hudson < she’s in Bride Wars and How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days (I have great taste, I know. Mrs Fruci is in charge. Not me…Blame shifted)

The diet is based on the “miracle” idea that certain foods, like meat, sugar and wheat, make your body too acidic, causing diseases like cancer, muscle loss, back pain, bone loss etc.

Well anyway, Robert Young (the creator of the diet) was ordered to pay a 

$105 million settlement to someone who was battling breast cancer   

And paid $77,000 for a treatment predominantly based on sodium bicarbonate  <<< Yes, the same sodium bicarbonate in Waitrose for 86p

Now, yes, certain foods can be “acidic”. Certain foods can cause inflammation (especially if you have an allergy or an intolerance)

But guess what?

You don’t just eat acid. 

You don’t just eat food. You eat meals, right? 

You  combine foods

Like meats, veggies, potatoes, rice, bread, fruit, pasta, milk, eggs etc…

And guess what happens when you have a balanced meal? You create a NEUTRAL pH 

But what’s even more annoying about what these “diet gurus” are telling you is that their “miracle” ideas are based on complete nonsense. 

Even if you do ONLY eat “acidic” foods, your kidneys work that bit harder and your pH levels stay pretty much the same.

^^^ It’s a bit like say ‘don’t run too fast as you’ll make your lungs work harder’

As if what you are really changes you pH?

You’d be dead!

Now, don’t get me wrong, telling someone to eat more “alkaline” foods could help you get healthier  and lose weight. 

After all, it basically says eat more veggies

Which can only be a good thing 

 But to say that certain foods are causing x, y and z diseases. 

To make you fear “bad” foods. Develop anxiety around social events through becoming scared of “acidic” foods?

It’s probably  NOT healthy and is actually pretty stressful..on top of your work, life, domestic admin, emails., kids etc…

And might actually be more “acidic” for your health 😉 


The stress of worrying about being “perfect” and alkaline 

Is probably worse for you…

You know:

“Diet starts Monday” …

Which almost makes us resent this whole healthy eating stuff anyway…

Making us crave the things we can’t have 

And miss out on the amazing feelings

That exercise and good nutrition can create 

To give you the energy to do the things you want to do 

And feel fit, healthy and confident!

Matt ‘myth dispeller’ Fruci

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l lied

Something I realised a few years ago was that I’m actually full of cr*p 💩

You see, I used to have the biggest fear of public speaking. 

I’d go red in the face. Mouth dry. Clammy hands. I’d want the world to swallow me up. I’d even phone in sick for presentations at university.

All because I thought others would be thinking that I looked silly.

Wasn’t smart enough.

But you know the funny thing?

I don’t know much more about this fitness, health and dieting stuff now than I did when I was at university..

Yet, I’m now helping hundreds of ladies develop better relationships with food and – dare I say it – enjoy exercise again 😃

I’ve had the pleasure of delivering NHS programmes for individuals with Type 2 diabetes to help with diet and lifestyle

And today

 I’m guest lecturing again at Oxford Brookes University 

All because I stopped believing the “stories” about how I wasn’t good enough.

And it reminded me of the FACT

that it’s actually not a lack of knowledge that stops you getting the health, fitness and body you want

But simply the stories and beliefs you tell yourself.

That might make you feel better in the short term…

But do nothing for you long term.

After all…

Life is challenging but we get to choose the level of challenge. 

If we avoid challenge it becomes challenging anyway so we may as well get to choose the level of challenge.

We don’t have to exercise 

Plan meals 



Take time for you 


None of this is compulsory. 

But consider…

What’s the alternative?

Because there is always an alternative.

And when you can’t find that motivation..

Put your attention on the alternative.

As let’s face it

Challenges will pop up anyway .

Chances are, they’ll be challenges you don’t want..

So why not face the challenges that – at least – get you to where you want to go?

Apply this is to any challenge:


Getting to exercise?

Fitting it in?

Planning meals and finding the time?

Whatever it is.

There IS an alternative…

And you probably won’t like it.

If you do?

Then that’s ok.

Matt “alternative?” Fruci

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I felt like an astronaut

So we had our kickstart sessions for our February kickstart programme in Devizes over the past weekends

Where we put together a step by step, day by day plan to kickstart your 2020 body and fitness goals. 

(reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ if you want details on our programmes by the way)

And one part of this discusses how to fit the diet to your lifestyle….

And on this note?

I have had many questions about Veganuary (vegan diet for January), keto, 5:2, carbs, skipping breakfast etc..

In fact, one of the ladies who has just come to the end of her 28 Day Kickstart Programme, Julia…

Mentioned how she’s not only 5lbs down…

But she is enjoying it..

And all without ‘feeling like an astronaut’ 

As she did on a shake diet she did before to try lose weight fast…

Eating meals from sachets 

Something you’d expect if you were off to space

Or in the trenches, perhaps…

She was then asked to buy Ketone strips to test with she was in ketosis…

Of which her reply was:

“I can tell because of how bad my breath is”….

Anyway, she is now feeling like she is doing something more sustainable 

And achievable. .

So I thought I would touch on the Keto diet today..

Because it IS a tool in the toolbox…

It’s where you eat the majority of your foods from FAT. It became pretty popular when Trudy Deakin came out and said she was eating 82% FAT….because it was just sugar fuelling obesity. 

It’s got kind of trendy now, too.

Kim Kardashian and – apparently – Megan Fox, too, have dabbled (as they do in every trendy diet)

Halle Barry was even quoted as saying ‘say yes to keto’ as if it’s some cult…

So, how does it work?

Well, you pretty much eat high fat foods like meats, eggs, nuts, butter, coconut oil, fish, cheese…

But pretty much avoid all carbs (including fruit) and even some veggies. 

Now, the idea is that your body starts burning fat as fuel.

And they’re right. Eat more fat, and your body will burn more fat…as fuel. But this doesn’t mean you will lose BODY FAT …unless of course you eat fewer calories…

Which you probably WILL end up doing on this diet.


Well, if you cut out bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, fruit, and pretty much all carbs…you’ve cut a third of your plate, right?

So you’ll probably end up losing some weight. 

Which is a good thing, of course.

Some people even find that it:

✅ keeps them full up for longer

✅ Allows them to eat foods they love (like bacon haha)

✅ Makes it simple without counting calories etc

And that’s great. 


If you were to ask everyone in a room to put their hand up if they have ever tried the keto diet…

And then asked this same group of people to KEEP their hand up if they are still doing it…

You’ll see very few people left with their hands up…

Because it is blooming hard to keep up…

But should you do it?

Well, the latest research showed that whether you go high carb or ‘ketogenic’…it will make NO difference to your weight loss if calories are the same.


this doesn’t mean that parts of being lowER carb are not useful. In fact, some of the ladies I work with DO experience less hunger and more energy when they eat slightly lowER carb meals.

My opinion on this?

The best diet in the world is the one you can do. 

I personally eat a lower carb diet (not keto)…

I feel better and I enjoy lots of protein and fats (they keep me full and I think less about food / snacks that way)…

But I stay flexible…

Because what happens when you want to eat out? 

Have some rice with your curry? 

Have your roasties on a Sunday? 

What happens when you get bored of eating the same foods? 

Can you see yourself sticking to this? 

Keeping the weight off long-term so you can ditch the baggy clothes for good?

Or will you fall into the trap of believing your thoughts telling you that you’ve failed because you’ve eaten ‘carbs late at night’?

It’s why we make things super simple for you using our nutrition system and fit the nutrition and fitness plan to your lifestyle (rather than the other way around)…

So you don’t have to ‘discriminate’ against so-called ‘bad foods’ …

Because whatever diet you choose to help you lose weight and tone up?

There’s a common theme…

Protein and muscle toning exercise (which when you consider bone density, healthy ageing, being able to get up and down for as long as possible, and keeping the weight off for’s pretty serious).

I mean, myself and most of the ladies inside our programme might eat highER carb one day and highER fat the next…

It’s finding what works for YOU

As a result?

Just like any healthy eating plan, it does require you to do it. Although it’s pretty simple and most of it is done for you and allows you to eat the foods you enjoy? You still have to actually do it. 

and that’s the secret…

Whether you do the keto diet or something else..

Just do something..

Because that is how you will learn what works for you

And get clarity on what doesn’t work…

Just like we do inside our kickstart session where we put together your starting step by step day by day plan

Matt ‘Head Scientist at NASA’ Fruci

PS. I spoke more about the keto diet here:

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Does eating breakfast spike your metabolism

 He wakes up every morning. Brushing each of his 32 teeth, 76 times.

He would do his tie in a single knot rather than a double knot to save up to 43 seconds.

This is how the film, ‘Stranger than Fiction’ starts.

You have Will Ferrell playing a guy who has an insanely STRICT and RIGID routine

And it reminded me about what you’re often told about:

 ‘the most important meal of the day’ AKA Breakfast

Most slimming clubs will tell you that you HAVE to eat it to ‘spike your metabolism’ or that ‘you’ll go into starvation mode and store loads of fat on your stomach’

Truth is: The research shows there is NO change in your metabolism or weight loss whether you eat breakfast or not

My point?

I’m all for routine. In fact, it’s something I’m pretty big on.


You do not have to eat breakfast to lose weight if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle

^^^ Maybe you’re up super early, value an extra 20 minute in bed or prefer to eat more later when you’re actually hungry

But what actually is breakfast (this might surprise you…)

You see, most people see breakfast as the meal they eat when they first get up

But it is actually defined as ‘breaking a fast’


The first meal you eat. So – technically – eating your first meal at 12pm still means you had ‘breakfast’ as you are ‘breaking your fast’

Why you SHOULD eat breakfast?

1) It might stop you grabbing anything high fat / sugary on-the-go

2) You can often choose what you want to eat in the morning as you’re likely to be at home so can pick nutritious foods that keep you going for longer and stop you snacking  (get your vitamins and minerals in)

Why breakfast might not be for you…

1) You’re busy in the morning and food just isn’t a priority for you as you’re not hungry and won’t enjoy your food

2) You prefer to eat a bigger meal in the evening and want to balance your intake throughout the day

^^ Something I often do when eating out BIG to compensate

3) Maybe when you eat breakfast, you are hungry a few hours later (cereal is a great a one to trigger my hunger…)

Do I eat breakfast?


You see, it depends on my schedule. 

what I’ve got on in the evening, meals out, how busy my morning is, can I grab something a bit later mid morning?

^^^ Like most of things when it comes to diet, losing weight, and toning depends on your lifestyle, work, schedule and preferences.

So just ask yourself THESE TWO questions before deciding whether breakfast works for you & your health, weight loss and fitness goals:

1.Will eating breakfast today mean that I eat more over the day or eat less?

2. Will eating breakfast today actually make me feel better and give me more or less energy?

You see, if you’ve struggled before with this healthy eating, weight loss and exercise stuff…

That’s OK because it probably wasn’t your fault…

Perhaps you followed something that was ‘cookie-cutter’ & simple not personalised for your lifestyle, work, family commitments etc…

After all, to just have to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday..

Despite what they say

it’s not about banning foods, demonising them or basing your results and happiness on a once a week weigh in at 7 pm…

(which can fluctuate up to 4lbs every day just simply based on water, salt, exercise habits, how much fibre you ate, sleep, stress.. I could go on..)

Matt ‘breakfast?’ Fruci