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How does the 28 Day Kickstart Programme work?

When it comes to our 28 Day Kickstart, our programme specifically designed for ladies 40+ that pretty much know what to do but still don’t do it..

I always get questions asking “how it works”

And “what’s covered?”

So here we go >>

Week Zero : Kickstart your plan >this is where we put together your step by step, day by day plan so it is personal to you

Week 1 -2  Food, Fitness, and Focus > How to focus on the things you are 100% in control of and dramatically increase your motivation to keep going for long enough to see the result you want to see.

Week 3-4: Accountability and one to one > we look at what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you so we can overcome any obstacles that you face. This is where we have a one to one. 

BONUS:  Beliefs > How to drastically transform your beliefs and mindset so that you can live a life you LOVE and do what makes you happy (rather than beating yourself up for eating ‘so called’ bad foods, not exercising as much as you want to, or relying on the scales to determine your self worth)

EVERY WEEK: > live Q and A where you get to ask unlimited questions


Access to 3 ladies only sessions a week, mornings, daytimes or evenings (mix and match to suit your lifestyle)


Live workouts you can follow along from home in as little as 5 minutes just in case you wanted to do more or could not make a session..

Ready ?

Reply with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’

And I’ll get you all of the details. 

Our next intake is from 1st or 8th Feb.

Matt ‘ready’ Fruci

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I can’t stop eating….

 “not for Dora”

^^ I tell my daughters as they go to give our begging Labrador more food…

“Dora…get down”

^^ I say to my Labrador as I turn around for one second and notice that she’s now licking the high chair haha

Ever wondered why your dog jumps at food every chance it gets despite the fact it may be getting overweight? 

Because dogs have a very small Pre-Frontal Cortex and therefore don’t have much in the way of self control or long term thinking. 

Your Pre-Frontal Cortex (the front part of your brain) is where your willpower comes from. Its where your motivation comes from. 

Ever tried to tell a toddler they can’t have that ‘food’ or play with [insert toy] now but maybe tomorrow? 

They don’t understand what “later” or “tomorrow” means. 

They just want it. NOW. 

Why do you think that is? 


their Pre-Frontal Cortex (which allows them to think more long term) doesn’t develop until they are about 5-7yrs old. 

At which point you can reason with them more like you would with an adult. 

Why am I sharing this ?

Well…it turns out scientists have figured out that STRESS and TIREDNESS in and of itself literally TURNS OFF your pre-frontal cortex.

And who doesn’t have a poor nights sleep?

Work, stress, worry, anxiety

Think about that for a second. 

This means the more stressed and more tired you are the more impulsive you’ll behave therefore making it HARDER to stay on track with your long term goals (like getting your old body back). 

This might sound like a no-win situation but it’s actually good news because the REAL problem is not that you lack willpower, its that you’re probably more tired and stressed than you realise. 

Have kids? 

Moved house recently? 

Have a stressful job? 

Work long hours? 

Don’t sleep like a baby at night? 

Need multiple coffee’s to get going in the morning? 

All of these and more a literally just symptoms of the real reason why you over eat/make poor food choices when you know you shouldn’t. 

If it wasn’t clear enough yet.. ..

the real reason you eat emotionally, over indulge or make poor choices is because you’re tired, stressed or both. You may not even realise it.

So what can you do?

1-Meditation (which is literally sitting and doing nothing) reverses ALL of that. I recommend Headspace or Insight Timer (apps) if you want to make a start today.

In 2017 a team of researchers looked at all the research on diets, exercise and meditation in relation to weight loss and what they found was startling. 

They noticed a trend that diets + exercise alone led to short term weight loss but in the long term, people tended to gain back the weight. 

Whereas programs that included a diet + exercise + meditation not only led to short term weight loss but people also kept the weight off long term. 

Meditation can be as simple as deep breathing. Having a coffee on your own.

Or even waking up and taking 10 deep breaths in before starting your day.

Taking time for YOU

As without you?

What happens?

2-Exercise – 

Exercise can be the domino in the equation of ‘feeling good’

Endorphins released..

We feel better

Eat better

Gain confidence that we can do this..

Prove others wrong

Clothes feel a bit looser

Arms start feeling more toned..

Less breathless climbing stairs

More stamina to handle life…

And if you’re looking for somewhere to start with exercise?

Try this:


Our 28 Day Kickstart Programme for Ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Burbage and Devizes who know what to do but still don’t do it..


We start from 1st Feb (flexible start date)

Want more details?

Just message me with ‘Marlborough’ Devizes’ or ‘Burbage’

And I’ll get you the details 

Matt ‘toddler tantrums’ Fruci

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My FitBit Said I Should Have Lost 10lbs….

No, I’m not blaming Mrs Fruci again here 😉

Believe it or not, but as much as I talk a good game, some days I still only hit around 5000 steps a day…

And that’s WITH conscious decisions to walk more and park further away.

Either way, the fact my phone tells me how much I haven’t moved motivates me to move more…​

Which is great :-)​​

But how much should you trust your FitBit & calorie counters when it comes to exercise & weight loss?

You see, many of the ladies I work with have been previously been told by an app or their FitBit that they should lose ‘x’ amount of weight in 10 weeks…​​

Only to be left confused and frustrated…​​​​when it doesn’t happen.

“Is it me?”

“It it my metabolism?​​​​”

So what’s going on?

​​Well, ​​something that I don’t think helps with developing a positive relationship with food is being told you can eat more if you’ve walked a bit more or done some exercise..

I mean, it’s true that you’ll burn some more calories, which is great…

But your body is pretty clever at compensating for these extra few hundred calories…

You might subconsciously fidget less after exercise…

Not move around as much.

You might just eat more than you think…even if they are ‘healthy’ foods.​​

You might eat the same ‘calories’ according to an app

But ‘absorb’ less because of the fibre content.

Either way, walking a bit more to justify a few extra calories according to an app / FitBit doesn’t really work when it comes to weight loss..

Your body is just toooooo clever

Just consider this:

1* They’re based on “averages” and could be up to 45% out…

2* You could burn over 100 calories LESS during the Follicular phase than the Luteal phase of your menstrual cycle

3* You didn’t sleep well – just one poor nights sleep can reduce how many calories you burn by 5-20%

4* Those with a certain good bacteria in their guts can burn up to 150 calories more per day (luckily, this can be changed through your eating habits )

5* Could your “tablespoon” of olive oil be more like 2 tablespoons of olive oil? Or as is the case with my beloved peanut butter, could your tablespoon be heaped and actually more like 2 tablespoons? Either of these done daily for a year could add up to 10lbs extra in a year….

6* Your body might be becoming more efficient to the exercise you’re doing…put simply, I burn a lot of calories when I swim because I’m rubbish at it…when you get better and fitter, you’re generally more efficient! My advice here? Make sure you’re progressing, be it through time, intensity, steps, hills etc. Let’s face it, humans are happiest when they progress anyway! 

7* We should celebrate exercise as something we GET to do to be strong, fit, and enabling for us to do the things we want to do..not some punishment for eating a bag of crisps…

And it’s for all these reasons that I like to shift your focus to things you really can control.

​​My tracker certainly helps me move more and this can only be a good thing.

But when it comes to obsessing over how much you should lose based on this? I’d say the stress of worrying about this is hampering your fat loss… 

Which is why we use our Fitness, Food, and Focus system to help you track your progress. 

1 point for hitting your food
1 point for hitting your fitness
1 point for you focus (taking time for you…me time…headspace app..)​​

You see, this way you know whether you’ve done the things you need to do to get the things you say you want. 

In other words, it helps you separate the FACTS from the FEELINGS and makes it a very simple question:

Did you do the things you know you need to do today?

and this is exactly what we do in our

28 day kickstart programme for ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Burbage and Devizes who know what to do but still don’t do it..

Want more details?

Message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details. 

Matt ‘Computer says noooo?” Fruci

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So I got this message from Laura last week:

“been waiting to see nurse before messaging you and saw her last night 🙂 

I’m just so happy because 2.5weeks ago she was threatening on putting me on medication 

but I persuaded her to let me come and see her after holidays, and making right food choices whilst away lost 2lb 👊 

you were in my head 😂

Well done, Laura…

So how did Laura do it?

Here’s what else she said:

“I started in January on 3F’s (this is our Food, Fitness and Focus Accountability Manual)

 am now a stone lighter, dropped 2 sizes and although diagnosed with type 2 diabetes again after 5 years in normal range at the end of April I stepped my game up and went very low carb as was trying to not go on medication as reading levels start of May was 9-12 most days. 

In the last week they have dropped to 6.6-7.6 and they are happy for me NOT to go on medication and lost another 4.5 lbs in last 3 weeks😊 

Thank you so much for your Instagram fb messages of daily positivity it has kept me going when I’ve wanted to reach for something else”

Go Laura!!

Breaking down mammoth, overwhelming goals into daily, DOABLE tasks

In the areas of Food, Fitness and Focus..

So, I guess I should probably go into them a bit more:

FOOD – at the end of the day, it’s energy in vs energy out…how you do this? Depends on your lifestyle..

That’s why we make this daily habit personal to you

Whether it’s a lower carb, veggie, vegan, higher carb, low fat, high fat, high protein flexible meal plan


Simply writing down what you eat and reporting back to me so I can help you overcome obstacles

And – most importantly – keep going when you’d normally given up…

The most important thing to remember?

The best diet in the world is the one you will do…

FITNESS – I won’t bore you with benefits of exercise…

All I will say is how you FEEL will impact what you DO and what you DO will impact your results.

One of the easiest ways to feel better?

Make everyday tasks easier, meet new people, delegate decisions on what’s the best and safest exercise to do 

(even if you have knee, hip or joint issues)

FOCUS – I’d honestly say this is probably the important part..

Simply because if you feel

Like 💩

You may drop back in to doing deep rooted habits that your body has learned to combat stress..

It may have been that in the past

You had some bad news…

Maybe grief, lost a job, family issues…

And wine / chocolate / cakes / biscuits / crisps/ food in general

Just made you feel better THAT DAY..

Problem with this?

Your body remembers this

And every time you repeat it?

You strengthen this pathway in your brain

Making it ‘feel’ like a craving..

So what’s the quickest way to disrupt this?

Make a list of 5 things that make you feel happy (and I mean ‘really’ happy, not just happy for a split second)

Here’s 5 of mine:

1 . Make my daughters laugh

2  . go for a dog walk

3  . Watch comedy

4  . time with family / date night with Mrs Fruci (off to Rick Steins soo, actually…baby free, of course)

5 . drink a coffee and DO NOTHING. Just breathe

Then when you feel low?

Try one!

I can’t say it will definitely work for you

I have no idea about your exact situation..

That’s why I believe everything has to be personalised to you

So that – just like Laura – you can find what works for you.

And that’s what we do in our kickstart one to one coaching session inside the 4-Week Kickstart Programme

Which is starting again next week Monday 3rd June.

We only have 6 spaces left for our Marlborough and Burbage Programmes

For more info?

Just comment below or message me with the subject line ‘4 week’ and I’ll get you the details

Matt ‘coffee makes me happy’ Fruci

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What Karen & Sue Said On Facebook…

So last week,

I asked the question:

“What would you need from our ladies only Kickstart programme, me and the team to get the results you want?”

And here are some of the replies I got:

“exercise that I can do”

“ A programme that I can follow without overdoing it. My fibromyalgia can make it difficult with pain and fatigue, but I can also overdo it.”

“I need to lose 3 stone. I hate the way I feel and look. I was never overweight until a few years ago. I want to be get my confidence back”

“I need you to help me get my $#*! Together…I have no motivation. I am a vegetarian and so far I feel like I am hitting a brick wall with everything”

“I need to get fitter. I’m nearly 60 and I know what I should do but just don’t do it. Can you do it for me?”

“Following a shake plan is the only thing that works for me but I need something that is actually sustainable” 

My point in sharing this?

Everyone has their own ‘why’ for doing this

and there is NO one size fits all answer…

^^^ which is why we have our kickstart meeting to put together a step by step, day by day plan for you…to give you clarity on the first step to take. Rather than feeling as confused as walking into a gym with hundreds of high tech machines….

It’s a bit like what Sue said last week:

“I was chatting to Matt after class today about my struggle having shakes after a lot of failed slim fast diets.

So for breakfast & sometimes lunch I have 100g fromage frais 54kcal/100g & 8.8g Protein + a flavoured whey protein-100kcal/25g serving & 19g Protein. Tip – eat using a teaspoon- it takes longer. It keeps me full and saves calories for later. I definitely recommend it; I’ve lost nearly 4 stone since June

You see, for some people

They would say 

“I could never do that”

For others?

They’ll give it a go.

The truth?

It’s not ‘magical’..

It works for Sue…

She’s 4 stone down..

It allows her a hit more flexibility to enjoy her food more in the evening…

And she’s now running 5Ks faster than ever…

But the principle behind this 

Is simply finding something that fits your lifestyle.

Whether that means something quick and easy (and filling)

 something that the whole family can eat


overcoming stress eating..

That is pretty much why I always say 

That if someone says they have ‘the secret’ to weight loss, fitness, menopause etc..

I’m sorry to say this..

But I can guarantee they don’t..

I’d prefer to just say it how it is…

You’ve  probably been bombarded with enough ‘magic’ potions throughout your life that claim to be the secret to fitness / fatloss.

So I’ll just leave you with what Karen said:

“Join us! It works, it’s fun , you have nothing to lose, except weight, and gain self esteem.”

So if you want to join Sue, Karen and co on our Brand New February 28 Day Kickstart

(specifically, for ladies over 40)

Then message me with ‘Devizes’, ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details..

Matt ‘small habits, compound effect’ Fruci

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So I got this message last week from Mary

“I have been reading your emails for a while now,  I have not contributed in any way, you are a little too far from me to attend easily.

Your emails though are inspiring and encouraging I wanted to take a moment to let you know that.

I hope your generosity of knowledge and of encouragement repays itself to you and your family.”

Of which I added to my 3 wins from the day (I start each day writing down 3 things that went well the day before to start my day off on a positive note)

But this just prompted me to perhaps remind you of the possible ways we can help you (even for free):

1 – if you haven’t already, you can grab a FREE copy of my book: Shift, which goes over the 6 principles we use inside out 4-Week Kickstart Programme 

Go here to get it >>> 

If you want a hard copy? You can grab it from Amazon  (you just have to cover shipping and handling) 

2- I’ve put together over 80 daily, short, impactful podcasts to inspire and motivate you on doing the things you know you need to do..

ALL for free…

These include interviews with research doctors in fatigue, compounds found in vegetables and fruits, healthy ageing and heart disease, AND gut health (including an interview with Dietitian Mike Sweeney, who’s helped 1000s of people in clinics overcome IBS and bloating)

if you have an iphone:

If you have an Android:

3- My brand new book is now out on Amazon (pretty much cover the printing, shipping and handling and I can send it over) which gives you a small habit to add in each week so you can overcome the overwhelm of all this nutrition and fitness stuff.

Here is the link 

And if you’re the type of person who needs more accountability and support to help you do the things that you probably know you need to do..

A one to one coach to help motivate them…and keep them on track over 4 weeks…

And have clarity with a step by step, day by day plan…

Then our 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough and Devizes for ladies 40+

Might be for you…

If you want more details?

Just reply with ‘Marlborough’ or Devizes’

And I’ll get you the relevant details.

We start from next week..

And are taking on 8 ladies for this. 

Matt ‘kickstart’ Fruci 

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5 food buzzwords to watch out for..

So last week

A few more fast food outlets have jumped on the ‘vegan’  / plant based movement..

With vegan menus.

Following the likes of Greggs with their Vegan sausage rolls…

And for inclusion and choice?

This is great…

But the issue here?

Is this ‘plant based’ diet just going to turn into another junk food diet?

You see, the research only shows that plant based diets are superior if they are compared to 


Which contain things like Cheeseburgers from McDonalds with McFlurry’s …

Anyone could tell you that eating lentils, beans, vegetables, and fruit will be an improvement to this..

But my point here?

A cheeseburger is still a cheeseburger…

A cake is still a cake

Whether vegan, gluten free, dairy free…etc.

They’ll probably be delicious…

They’ll probably be easy to overeat..

So I get that it seems confusing right now

Especially when you throw in:

 ‘natural’ ingredients, “NO sugar…only coconut sugar”..

It’s minefield right now…

And some food manufacturers are taking advantage of this, potentially leading to you making choices that might not be as beneficial as you thought (both for your waistline and your bank account):

1. “Vegan” – Despite the word being associated with ‘health’….Marketers can put vegan on ice creams, cookies, and even crisps (which should be vegan anyway) to make the seem better than the original

2. “Gluten free” – Just go down the gluten free isle and have a look at the calories…a biscuit is a biscuit…

3. Coconut sugar / beet sugar / brown rice syrup etc. – these are all just the same as plain old…sugar. Now, there’s no reason to avoid sugar but just so you’re aware of what you’re buying

4. Agave syrup – Did you know this has 5 times the calories as sugar? Now, it is sweeter than sugar, so the ‘proposed’ benefit is that you might use less… It’s also a vegan substitute for honey…but is still just sugar.

5. “High protein” – although it is great that protein is being added to lots of foods that people generally eat (as this has been shown to help with healthy ageing and quality of life), just watch out because ‘high protein’ does not always mean ‘high protein’. It is relative to the product. E.g. cereal contains carbs and some low quality protein. The high protein version is simply a bit more low quality protein. Better choice? Yes. Is it really ‘high’ protein? No…

My point in all of this is that contrary to what many of the food manufactures might want you to believe, you don’t have to change EVERYTHING to get healthy and lose some body fat…

In fact, this ‘all or nothing’ / thinking it has to be ‘perfect’ is that exact reason that stops you from starting and…getting closer to where you want to be.

Just remember, Consistency >>> Perfection​​​

So, start small. Don’t forget to pack water with you today

^^ something that is SOOO simple, yet overlooked.

In fact, when I was asked the other day what ONE thing would have the biggest benefit on someone’s life that they could do NOW…

It was ‘drink more water’.

Not eat ‘organic’, not ‘ go vegan’, not ‘ditch dairy’, and not ‘don’t eat carbs after 6pm’…

And I often get the following at the start when people start using our nutrition system which does your food targets, meal plans and shopping lists for you:

“Surely it can’t be this simple?” “What about bread being bad?” “Am I really allowed wine?”

​​​​​​My answer?

Well, wouldn’t it be fun to find out if doing these simple things consistently worked?

Because the more you ban foods

And restrict everything…

The more you will want it..

Sure, you have to make compromises. 

But giving yourself permission to eat the foods you want

Have a social life 

And – dare I say it – have a bit of fun in the process

Might just mean you can stick to it for long enough to get the results you want.

Sure, including some foods and drinks might slow your progress…

But – like I said – what if this enabled you to stick to it for long enough to see the results you want?

Perhaps this is why people who kept bread in their diet actually got better results…

And finding what works for you is EXACTLY what we do inside our ladies only 4-Week Kickstart Programme in Marlborough and Devizes…

Want more details? 

Just message me with ‘Marlborough’ and ‘Devizes’

And I’ll get you the details. 

Matt ‘food jargon’ Fruci

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I nearly stayed in bed today….

So I got a message from Julie Smith after a morning session last week:

“I was particularly happy with myself today as I really felt like staying in bed when I first woke as had a bad nights sleep! 

By the end of the session I was feeling great so happy I dragged myself out of bed!”

And you know what was interesting about this?

I had literally just finished a workout as I read that.

My reply:

“Well done, Julie!

 I could say the same thing tonight. So nearly didn’t do my workout but feel amazing now! 

Interesting, that even me (someone who’s supposed to love this) still struggles with this”

And I’m sharing this because -ultimately- the fastest way to change the way you feel 

Is to do something. 

And I get it’s hard to actually do it…

But is it not hard to stay the same, too?

Matt ‘loves his bed, too’ Fruci

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Is this why they live the longest?

So wow..
3 years has passed since my first daughter was born…
Cannot believe she was 3 over the weekend. 
It only feels like yesterday that I was sat in the birthing suite sipping my 13th coffee whilst rubbing Mrs Fruci’s back 😉
And it’s a reminder of just how precious time really is. After all, it’s the ONE resource that’s truly scarce in today’s crazy world.
So what can we do to not only live longer, but live longer with good health?
Well, researchers interviewed people aged between 90-100 years
Not only did they find that their mental health statuses were 5 times better than those in their 50s….
But they also found that they:
1)  Had a good work ethic
2) A strong family bond
3) Positive thinking
4) Had a tendency to CONTROL
The researchers said they had:
a “tendency to control the environment”
Which seems to be a “desirable trait as they are true to their convictions and care less about what others think.”
^^ Read that again…
and my question to you is this:
Where could you possibly focus more of your attention on the things you can control?
You see, one thing I often get from the ladies inside our 4-Week Kickstart ProgrammeIs about how family members or their other half
Isn’t quite getting involved..
And they want to help them, too. 
But they feel they can’t help them.
And I get that.
Doing what I do as a job?
I get this 100%..
As I have spent the past 11 years of my life coaching people…
Trying to help people make changes. 
And one thing I have learned?
You cannot 100% control what someone else thinks or does…
But you can 100% control what you do..
And it just so happens that this is the BEST way to influence others..
Because telling someone to do something they don’t want to do..
Will make them want to do it EVEN LESS..
Be it eat vegetables, exercise or lose some weight..
The good news is that demonstrating the results that YOU achieve will inspire people..
That’s exactly what’s happened with our Kickstart Programme..
When the ladies share their results
Or talk to their friends.
They get inspired to change, too..
So, in summary?
Focus on what you CAN control today.
Rather than…
stress about the things we can’t control. Waste all of our energy there. 
And end up having no energy or willpower to control the things we CAN control…
Like your food, exercise habits, thoughts about how you look / feel, confidence in yourself, patience with loved ones…
Which is crazy, right?
Anyway, we are opening up our 4-Week Kickstart Programme for ladies over 40 in Marlborough and Devizes again this week. 
This is for ladies who know what to do 
But need a step by step, day by day plan to kickstart their healthy habits and start to feel better. 
Want more details on this?
Just message me with ‘Marlborough’ or ‘Devizes’ 
And I’ll get you the details. 
Matt ‘time machine’ Fruci

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‘I’m always bloated’

So I had a question the other day about bloating and gut health:

“I’m always bloated even when I am eating ‘healthy’”

And this is something that can have  huge impact on the quality of your life..

Bloating, flatulence, urges to go to the loo  etc. T

These are all life changing that can stop you doing what you want to do but also from absorbing nutrients you need to have more energy. 

Well, just make you feel at ease about this sensitive topic…

I’ll say now that for the first 20 odd years of my life?

I’d have to go for a poop (pretty urgently) after eating…

So, I guess you could say

I really am full of 💩​​​​​​​​​​…

But anyway, here’s a few things you can do to help (and a little trick to help with lactose intolerance):

1) Avoid spicy food – This can speedy up how quickly foods goes through you…

2) Limit caffeine  – Can increase stress hormone, leading to gut issues…

3) Chew MORE – Sounds simple, but when comparing those who chewed their food 10 times compared to 40 times, chewing only 10 times led to increased malabsorption  with can irritate the gut due to size of the food from malabsorption. 

4) Drink more fluids – If you have eaten more fibre or had a large meal…drinking more water can help, especially if you feel bloated / blocked. 

5) Only eat whilst sat down – you will be more present, you may eat slower and avoid high volumes of eating

6) Try meditation or yoga – in fact, yoga was shown to be just as effective at reducing symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome as a diet low in fermentable foods (like beans, wholegrains, brown foods, cereals)

7) Take the 5 day challenge – this might seem contradictory to what you normally are told..

That is to limit fermentable fibre in your diet…


Such as beans, potatoes, brown foods  / wholegrains, cereals etc.

I go into detail on this with UK Registered Dietitian, Mike Sweeney in this podcast episode here:

(He’s helped thousands of people with digestive issues with his clinics in the NHS)

If on iPhone,

If on Android,

I will say that sometimes IBS / bloating can occur from simply a high volume of food in one sitting. 

Maybe you eat too many ‘free foods’ and not enough water?

Maybe someone buys you a load of purple Quality Street (guilty haha)..

So I guess once again..

It is coming back down to doing the simple things..

And doing those simple things very well, consistently. 

Just like we do inside our 4-Week Kickstart Programme

Specifically, for ladies 40+ in Marlborough, Devizes and Burbage

If you want more details?  

Just message me with ‘Marlborough’, ‘Devizes’ or ‘Burbage’ and I’ll get you the details.  

Matt ‘full of 💩’ Fruci