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‘But I have no willpower’

“So I am doing it for him and others just not very good with myself! I know I have willpower but not when I have too much going on. I eat healthy for a day or 2 and then give in to the chocolate“

This is something I get a lot from ladies I work inside our Fit For Life programme. 

Making sure the family are sorted 

But forgetting NUMBER ONE.. Especially with balancing work, meeting friends, working extra hours, emails etc..

You do the best you can. Make ‘healthy’ choices…

But I get it’s difficult. You have people relying on YOU. And you put a lot of pressure on yourself to do this. After all, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, right?

I mean, it doesn’t help that us guys are pretty forgetful creatures, often forgetting to do the little jobs like taking the bins out on your way out and shutting cupboard doors in the kitchen after eating and drinking

^^^ Mrs Fruci will back me up on this

But here’s a few things I want you to consider:

  1. Willpower is a renewable energy source –

Unlike other renewable sources of energy…

we don’t seem to recharge our willpower.

It has no endurance, and tires whenever you make a decision to resist something…

The more you use your brain?

The less willpower you have less.

That’s why pretty much no one messes up their diet at breakfast…

They even did a study at Stanford University where they asked people to either:

Memorise a 2 digit number 


Memorise a 7 digit number 


They were given two options for food – a chocolate cake or some fruit…

Guess what?

Those who had to memorise the 7 digit number were nearly twice as likely to choose cake..


My point?

What are you doing to recharge your willpower today?


self care!

Something I do is have a nap, go for a walk, exercise (as this makes me feel good and anything that makes you feel good will make everything else easier)..

  1. If you’re not willing to do the things you need to do to get the results you want, does this mean that you’d just rather stay the same? Feel the same? With your energy? Body? Relationship with food?

And it is OK if you do.

but if you don’t?

Consider that as hard and painful as it may seem sometimes to make healthy changes that you know you should do, how painful is it to stay the same 12 months on from now? 

Still wondering and wishing you’d done something earlier? 

After all, the most effective way to do it is to do it…

  1. You eat 3 times a day to give your body energy it needs. You shower to clean your body…

yet what do you do to clear your brain? Clean your brain to give it energy? 

After all, the things you DO are based on beliefs that you hold to be true…

If you’re not creating some space in your day, even for 5 minutes….

(Try using an app like Headspace / Insight Timer)

How do you expect think clearly to help you respond to situations rather than REACT, REACT, REACT?

After all, how may times have you said or done something in  a bad mood that you wished you never did? Hours of worrying and stressing? 

Even though ‘what will be, will be” and the stress and worry only grows if you OVERTHINK and attach feelings to it….

As they say:

Overthinking = Underdoing

So, where are you overthinking on something? Attaching feelings to something and making it into a thing? Wasting energy on something that only exists in your head?


The future!!

Sure, it can be scary if you let the gorilla part of your brain take over.

“What if I fail?”

“Can I cope?”

“What if I can’t fit it in?”

But – technically – you’re just hallucinating…

As these things that you say might happen in the future do NOT exist…

and guess what?

When you’re in this state, the only thing your brain focuses on is why you canNOT do the things you know you need to do…

Which will leave you in the same position as you are now…

Matt ‘willpower’ Fruci

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Message from Wendy…

What I am about to say might not make sense…

Because it doesn’t make sense to me either..

Even though it 100% applies to me..

You see, sometimes I feel tired…

I feel like I’m not really up for it.

I want to have more energy…

And I have two options to improve my situation:

1-change my physiology – move, walk, exercise  << all things scientifically proven to change the way you feel INSTANTLY…

2- Change where I am focussing on my energy  AKA if I keep focussing on the fact I have no energy? Well, I will have even less energy..


Ask the questions:

How do you want to feel?


Ask what you would need to do feel like that…





And the reason it works for me is because it loops back around to SELF CARE…

Something that, sooner or later, will HAVE to become a priority for all of us..

And I get that it seems hard..

It is hard to exercise on cold, dark mornings..

Get back out of the house after work when it’s cold and dark outside..

(that Is actually why we created out 6 minute home workouts area inside our Kickstart Programme)

But something we often forget ‘in the moment’ is that INACTION has consequences, too..

In the way we feel

The way we talk to ourselves (especially when -rightly or wrongly – we start to beat ourselves up for not doing something)..

And this is exactly what one of the ladies said to me last week..

She had lost weight before.

But it had crept back on..

She hadn’t really noticed the weight creeping back on until it suddenly just came to her attention..

She was annoyed because she had tried so hard with rigid diets to lose the weight

And wasn’t sure if she could do it again..

But just by making the first step..

She already FEELS BETTER…

And has more energy to do the things that she knows she needs to do..

A bit like Wendy said the other week:

“I would NEVER have said I look forward to exercise, BUT I am???

What is happening !!?”

And she went on to say:

“I have mobility problems and Julie and Matt have changed some exercises to accommodate me, I have been to 2 classes and come out really happy and seem to enjoy my day more.

I have just come back from physio and she is so impressed with me, as well as how relaxed I was. I still have a long way to go 

but I really feel now I can do it”

Well done, Wendy!!


I’ll be releasing a few early bird spots for our January programme very soon (as it is that time of the year)..

So if you do want to be notified first?

Just message me with ‘January’ and I can get you the details. 


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3 anti-inflammatory foods (No. 3 may surprise you)

So I did a video the other day 

About ‘3 anti-inflammatory foods’ 

That you could add in to your diet today…

To be – well – more “anti-inflammatory” ..

But before I go in to what I actually said..

We sometimes have to stop and think about what we actually mean by ‘anti-inflammatory”..

You see, a lot of fad diets, Instagram nutritionists, and supplement companies will use this term to try and sell it to us…

Without probably knowing what they actually mean anyway..

And actually forgetting that one of the essential fats we actually NEED from our diet

Is pro-inflammatory …

^^ so we do actually NEED pro-inflammatory foods in our diet!!!

And before I go into these 3 foods…

I just want to say that focussing on SPECIFIC foods in themselves 

Is probably missing the forest from the trees..


Here are 3 anti-inflammatory foods…

Which are based on leading research right now…

None of what I am about to share is my opinion….

1 – Vegetables – yep ..full of antioxidants. Steam, fry, boil, mash, roast, microwave…however you want to do it and what works for you..

Just get them in your diet..

Digestive system / gut health

Immune system


I could go on …a ton of benefits. 

2- Oily fish – full of omega 3 which you have to get from your diet unless you supplement with omega 3  / cod liver oil / algae supplement.

Cognitive function


Healthy ageing and muscle


Protective against heart disease

Again… a ton of benefit. .

3- Dairy-

This may surprise you

But dairy is actually ANTI-INFLAMMATORY to most of the population 

(aka unless you are lactose intolerant) 

In particular, fermented dairy like yoghurt and kefir has shown to be particularly anti-inflammatory, and appears to have the strongest evidence to being positive for your gut, having more evidence than fermented veggies…

Dairy is also associated with 

 Reduced childhood obesity

 reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes

 weight loss

 bone mineral density

 Reduced risk of colorectal cancer 

 Reduced risk of stroke

Matt ‘Certified Provider of anti-inflammatory information’ Fruci

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I nearly didn’t bother…

So last week

I’m getting my two daughters ready (both under 3)

For baby ballet..

Clothes on CHECK

Socks on CHECK

Or at least they were…

One of them takes their socks off

And the other takes their coat off..

And we start again..

I reassess the situation.

And focus on ONE baby.

I get her ready 

And put her in the car.

Only to then find that the other one followed me outside..

Crawling on the grass

And now needs a full change of clothes…

At this point, I’m debating even going..

“They’re both shattered from a week back at nursery” I thought…

“Maybe we should just have a chill out”

“I’ll be late at this rate”

Basically, it is EASIER for me to think

That I’ll be too late

And they need a rest.

Because it saves the hassle of getting them ready

And getting there.

But you know what?

Once we got there…

They loved it

Full of energy

Dancing around

Good toes, naughty toes and all that (if you know, you know)…


Just like 99.9% of the things..

It’s EASIER to do thing you know you need to do

Than dwelling and thinking about the thing you know you need to do…

And it reminded me of a chat I had with one of the ladies just starting her Pre Christmas 4-Week Kickstart Programme last week.

She mentioned that she was worried that she’ll be too unfit…

That people will be looking…

She used to be a lot fitter.

And she mentioned that it was easier to put off coming to see me by BELIEVING

That she we too unfit to do…

Thing is, this isn’t true (mainly because everything is personalised to you…)

She mentioned it had been a while

She had lost weight before.

Done slimming clubs.

And can’t believe how / where she put the weight back on again…

She didn’t want to go from 0 to 100 (like most diets have you do)

She felt like she didn’t have the energy to do it all again..

Until we actually went through her THREE simple habits that she had to do each day 


So simple it would take her about 15 minutes a day…

That’s it…

And all of a sudden, the overwhelm disappeared.

The plan is clear…

She’s no longer focussing on changing the world..

But actually, changing herself first…

So she is in a better position to help others, loved ones, family, work…I could go on..

So my task for you today?

  1. What one belief / story are you telling yourself that is easier to believe than not?
  2. Is this belief / story 100% true?
  3. What could happen if you didn’t believe this thought / story? 

Matt ‘Pirouette’ Fruci

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Don’t feel guilty about this

“I feel guilty”

“That’s lazy”

“I couldn’t do that”

“It makes me feel worse”

^^^ All things some of the ladies say to me when I say ask them to really FEEL their FEELINGS


If you are tired?

What is this telling you to do?

Is it really saying ‘go a get a sugary pick me up’?


I had the pleasure of interviewing sleep researcher, Kathleen Reinhardt, from Oxford Brookes University on Friday.

Kathleen is just completing her PhD and did some recent research looking at primates and their sleeping patterns (and what us humans can learn from this)

Here’s what we discussed:

😴 Whether being a night owl is detrimental for your health

😴 3 Simple things you can do to help you get to sleep

😴 Why having a nap isn’t something to feel guilty about (and how you should do it)

😴 What to do if you work shifts

😴 How exercise may help you sleep better


😴 How many cups a coffee researchers who study sleep actually drink 😉

And much, much more

Watch it below:

I hope you enjoy it

and I would love to hear what you think in the comments

Matt ‘off for a nap’ Fruci

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Ever just get up, look at all the things you have to do and think “where do I start?”

I get it..

I actually had this feeling this week..

So many ideas

And so much in my head…

Now, writing things down has been shown to help you become aware of what you need to do. 

Prioritise what’s important (rather than procrastinating and finding other seemingly important things to do like washing the inside of the microwave…as I did yesterday haha)

But at the same time, writing stuff down can make things even more overwhelming.  

And actually, put you off even starting. 

Especially if you just use a ‘to do’ list rather than actually schedule it.

But the funny part is that a bit of ink on a piece of paper CANNOT overwhelm you…

Only your thoughts about these things can overwhelm you. Which are made up…based on what you “think” might happen in the future based on what you perceive happened in the past…

We’re animals built for survival. We like to think worst case scenario. 

It does have its benefits though. 

It saves us from getting eaten by lions after all.  

But, I get that with work, never ending emails, a lack of time, never ending to do lists, pressure from family relying on you to do everything, that it seems like there’s no point and that you just don’t have enough time.

Which is why I want to ask you this question:

If you had 15 minutes on 3 days this week, what would you do to improve your health, fitness and lose some weight?

Answer this question and start there.

It doesn’t have to be this all or nothing, start again next week, “last supper “ , F it mindset…

Get some wins under you belt, build some confidence, start seeing results and then worry about the rest..

After all, you’ll have plenty more worries and questions in the next, so what’s the point in waiting until you have more?

The best part? Worrying about doing something will only make it harder to start…

And -sure- you might not be able to ‘do it all’

But you can ALWAYS do ONE THING…

Matt “Half assed is better than no assed” Fruci

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I lasted 2 minutes (with BBC Wiltshire)

So I often talk to some of the ladies about ‘change’ and habits…

And we often go into how there are SOME compromises to be made

And obstacles to overcome in order to change the way we look and feel…

It can be scary at times…

We might have fears about whether we can do it..

Whether we are fit enough

Have enough time


But you never really know until you do it…

And from my experience of going from calling in sick when asked to doing presentations at university

To now actually guest lecturing at Oxford Brookes University….

I can say that it is never as bad as you make it seem…

And I can be that when you think of everything you have overcome in your life

And think back to all the worries and fears you had at the time and now just laugh it?

You will probably agree.

Although I must say

That the other day caught me off guard a bit..

And outside of my comfort zone..

There I am sat in my car having just dropped the babies off at nursery

Preparing to have 2 minutes of shut eye to recharge the batteries (more on that soon as I will be interviewing Kathleen Reinhardt today on her research into sleep)

And I get a phone call from an unknown caller..

Weirdly, I answer it (which I often don’t do..)

Its BBC Wiltshire asking if I would like to come on the radio to discuss the study that came out

Showing that when calories were on food

People ate fewer calories..

‘Of course I would” I said..

Not knowing that they meant…

Pretty much NOW..

Well, after the travel and news…

So I am sat there on hold, listening to the travel and news

About to go on live

Having not actually heard about the study

Whilst conscious that our exercise session is starting in 5 minutes time..

To which I then say…

I only have 2 minutes..

So I hope that I got my message across in that 2 minutes


But in a nutshell…

  1. Life is about making choices..

As Julie said in the comments of my interview:

“Life is about making choices. The more info you have the better informed a person is to make the choice that’s right for them. Providing this info can only help 👏👏”

And here’s what Rachael added:

“They should show the calories as I think most people have no idea. It’s not just the cooking methods (everything swimming in fat) but also the portion sizes, which have crept up….After moving back here from overseas I was quite shocked by the huge portions which seem to have become normalised here.”

And Rachael is right there..

Did you know that just by eating a bagel in 2019 compared to 1980 

You’ll eat an extra 150 calories or so due to the size of them…

And given that we generally eat what we are given?

Knowledge is power.

  1. “But it takes the fun out of it”

Some have said it “takes the fun out of it”.

And I get that.

But you could say 

it’s a bit like going shopping 

And saying that putting the price on items just takes the fun out of it 🤔

You would want to know the cost of your tender stem broccoli right?


When I eat out

I make the decision to either 

  1. Enjoy myself and choose what I want, accepting that it will slow progress (reminding myself that life is living…)
  2. Make a “healthier” choice (which calories in the menu does help with, especially as my Cobb salad had more calories than my friends pizza the other day…)
  3. Cut down during the week a bit (small swaps like have an white Americans instead of latte is 200 calories 🤔 do that Monday to Friday and it’s 1000 calories for the weekend)

And my point is that even if I am enjoying myself and not caring what I eat ?

A number on a menu won’t “take the fun out of it” for me…

It’s just a number…

  1. What about local restaurants and cafés?

I agree with this .

It makes it difficult for the chef to be experimental.


If I want to find out the calories of a dish at an Italian for example

I’ll just use something like Prezzo as a guide 

Even if I’m at a local restaurant.

But ultimately?

The success of any “diet”

Fitness programme


Body transformation 

Isn’t about the things you do now and then (like eating out)

But the things you do every day.

Your habits..

And doing the things you probably know you need to do 

But finding a way that fits your lifestyle 

Whether that’s knowing the bettER options when on the go 

And life is busy 

Or getting a done for you meal plan 

With the flexibility to have the foods you love..

Just like we do inside our Fit For Life Programme..

Matt “on the radio music 🎶 “ Fruci

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Perspective (what Tanya said)?

Because sometimes we all need some perspective…

I thought I would share what Tanya, who recently did her 4-Week Kickstart Programme with us said:

“I did a one month starter with Matt. I am 47 yr old overweight widow with 2 girls 11 and 15. I also have secondary breast cancer and half a lung. 

So the last 4 years have been a little tough but we live life to the full remain positive and have so much fun.

So in January I started a slimming thing and started losing a bit of weight. But had decided I would have to be a lot slimmer to exercise. Why ?? I don’t know. Anyway one day I saw Matt’s advert and just messaged. 

I was in shocked that I did it. 

I’ve had to live my life for the here and now and just bit the bullet. Matt was great and so positive and upbeat . He lifted me from the first meeting and made me believe I could enjoy exercise and all the benefits. I felt totally relaxed.. 

The classes are fab and the group of ladies are so encouraging and supportive. The support you get throughout the week keeps you motivated and pushes you on. 

I found myself looking forward to the classes and to do the exercises. People even in the short space of time started to notice my weight loss. 

It made me have more energy and lifted my mood. 

Me loving exercise… never would of believed it in a million years . 

Thank you Matt and all the ladies and I hope I can do it again soon. 

Many Thanks 

Tanya x

That is literally all I have for today…

As I think that’s enough inspiration for me to put the little things that we stress about to bed

And get on with doing the things that we want to do in life

And -dare I say it- enjoy it and make the most of it!

Well done, Tanya!

Matt ‘perspective is king’ Fruci

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Planning for Christmas?

Dinner at 5pm, bath at 6pm, story at 630 pm, tucked in by 640pm…

^^^ That is the PLAN that ensures babies are down and I can leave on time for our evening sessions…

And – as boring as it sounds – planning ahead of time

is actually a pre-requisite for success in anything. 

And not just for feeling better and getting more energy…

Think about it, we PLAN everything that is important to us: 

birthdays, holidays, Christmas etc etc. 

YET, when it comes to nutrition and exercise (something that has been shown to help people reduce depression, anxiety, medications, blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes risk…I could go on)

 we like to pretend we don’t have to plan for success with it.

Like we can wing it…

Imagine trying to ‘wing’ Christmas…(pun intended)…???

As the saying goes from Brian Moran:

“A goal/vision without a plan is a pipedream”.

Because – ultimately – we are just left with willpower…

And anything you do where you simply reply on willpower?

Is going to be more difficult..

Especially when you throw in these darker mornings and evenings

Where the hot chocolate and marshmallows is SOOO much more rewarding than getting your trainers on and getting back in your car ready for exercise…

I get that..

It’s why we have accountability partners inside our programme if you need more accountability to do the things you probably know you need to do…

(as if I wasn’t enough haha)

But with a plan?

You have fewer decisions to make..

Which means you are left with more willpower…

As Dr Pathrudu states:

“All persons with tremendous willpower have a few traits in common. First, they plan ahead.

They have a daily plan and a long term plan outlining exactly how they are going to achieve their goal. 

The majority of people don’t plan their activities and it leads to dissipation of energy and time spent moving in the wrong direction.”

It’s no wonder we are exhausted…

And I don’t mean you have to go about planning your whole life…

even if you just focus on ONE thing you will do TODAY 

That if you do?

Makes everything else easier…

For me?

It’s my workout

That is non-negotiable..

It makes me feel good..

I get more energy

I eat better

I don’t rely on food to give me a pick me up

I sleep better

I am just a better human to be around

(ask Mrs Fruci haha)

I sometimes include the babies too

Just like I did here:

And it’s why I structure that in and work around that.

Even if it is 5 minutes or so

Like this workout here:

Matt ‘One thing’ Fruci

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No, I’m not on about the fireworks

But our friends…

Who seem to be shouting so loud…

None of us can hear anyone else talking…

In fact, they would be great in a general election…


I’m talking about..

Sweet potatoes…

Because of the amount of times they seem to cause such confusion…

Resulting in ladies coming to me and saying things like:

“I just can’t lose weight. I swapped potatoes for sweet potatoes as I know they’re supposed to be better for me. I don’t really like them, though. I just eat them anyway”

And I get this a lot

That is…Your BELIEF that a certain food is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Truth is, by believing that sweet potatoes are better for you than white potatoes…White potatoes WILL make you gain weight…

Not because they’re actually more flabbifying <<< just made up that word.

But because your belief that white potatoes are ‘bad’ for you makes you think you failed

And results in you ‘self-sabotaging’

^^ which isn’t really a thing by the way because every we do, we do for a reason…so what is causing you to self sabotage?


Reaching for the biscuits 

or if you’re more exotic? The minty Aero?

And the ‘all-or-nothing’ ‘starting again on Monday’ mindset that gets in your way.

So I’m here to tell you that you CAN eat white potatoes…

And be healthy, drop some weight and feel good…

^^^ That’s if you prefer to eat them, of course. I want you to enjoy your food…

So, guess what?

Whether you eat a sweet potato or a white potato

It will have ZERO difference to your waistline…

But what about ‘sugar’ you ask?

Well, sweet potato actually has more ‘sugar’ in it

about 5 times the amount to be precise…

Does this mean white potatoes are ‘better’?


Sweet potato has slightly more fibre which SLOWS down the release of the sugar

Aren’t sweet potatoes more nutritious though, Matt?

Sweet potatoes have more fibre and vitamin A

You got me, there.


White potatoes are higher in iron, magnesium and potassium


White potatoes have been shown to be good for your gut health

^^^ which may play a role in how often you’re fighting off the lurgy…which since my daughter has gone to nursery…has been something I’ve been working on.

The real reason why your good old white potatoes get an absolute ‘mashing’ by the Daily Mail?

Well, if science says fries and pizza lead to fat gain

And fibre leads to weight loss?

The Daily Mail say white potatoes are bad and sweet potatoes are good.  ​​​​​​​​​​​

Bottom Line 

Simply swapping – or  ‘FORCING DOWN’ as one of the ladies inside our Pre-Christmas Kickstart Programme – white potatoes for sweet potatoes

Will make zero difference to your waistline..

It’s why our nutrition system is flexible

And gives you the CHOICE

To choose the foods your ENJOY

Rather than the ones you ‘believe’ you should eat to ‘be good’ and not feel ‘guilty’..

Of course, if you prefer sweet potatoes …eat them

I actually prefer them, personally. 


It does depend on what the family, boss (AKA Mrs Fruci) and social life throws at us.

Because that’s what a sustainable, healthy eating plan is about in my opinion.

Giving yourself the CHOICE to eat the foods you love…

Sure, compromises have to be made if you want to look and feel different…

But I’m not a fan of making unnecessary ones just so I ca show off to Jane in the office that I am on this new diet where I eat cauliflower rice and sweet potato pies, which makes me superior…

Because the best diet in the world is the one you CAN DO…

And – like I always say – there’s a difference between CHOOSING not to have a certain food and saying ‘”I CAN’T’ eat that food because it is bad for me”.

Matt ‘wannabe spud muffin’ Fruci